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The Love of Her Life

By DarkZelda
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Chapter 1: The first encounter.

The sun cast an arrangement of colors upon the land of Hyrule as it set beyond the horizon. Shades of red, orange, and yellow tinted the land with color, creating a serene environment. From behind the massive and majestic castle, the sun cast a golden glow, making it appear as if the entire building was outlined with golden light.

Deep inside the stone walls, a figure of noble blood stood by a window of stained glass,which made her appear as if surrounded by light as well. This was the princess of Hyrule, Zelda.

Various thoughts raced through her mind, though no one would have been able to tell what they were about. Probably about the recent war, which everyone was relived to find out would soon end.

The far off and vast kingdom of Nenduren had been sending its finest warriors to brawl with the warriors of Hyrule,sometimes trying to catch them by suprise. However,the King of Hyrule had sent a messanger who somehow made it past their defences,and proposed a peace treaty. I'm pretty sure that the people in Nenduren were very glad that the war was ending as well.

And, of course, the King of Nenduren was coming over to Hyrule sometime today to discuss a peace treaty with the King of Hyrule.

The sound of a horse drawn carrage soon became clear,a sure signal the the visiting king had arrived. Zelda let out a sigh,and headed for the window on the oposite side of the room.

"Yep, it's him." Zelda thought, seeing the elegant horse drawn carrage outside.

The King of Nenduren steped out of the carrage. He had a solem but not completely emotionless expression, and wore clothes in a deep rich hue of several different shades of blue. His brown eyes showed a kindness that would assure most people that he probally woulden't have you thrown in a dugeon unless you did something terribly wrong.

But, what suprised Zelda was who else stepped out of the carrage... the King of Nenduren's sons...

The one who steped out first was young, probally only eight or nine years of age. He wore clothing simaler to his dad's,but it was in shades of a deep and subtle red instead of blue. He has curly brown locks of hair, and his light blue eyes showed the innocence of childhood.

But, alas, it was the second one who steped out that really sent Zelda for a spin... He appeared to be about her age or so,and had wavy amber-brown hair. His deep,compasionate brown eyes showed someone who could be trusted, someone who would be very capable of caring...

At first,she almost thought he was an illusion. But, after blinking about three times or so, she was sure that he was real.

He looked up at her,and smiled. At first, Zelda didn't know weather to smile back or just look the other way. But,something in his eyes... it sent her spirits flying, yet it gave her a calm feeling...

She was snapped back into reality by the sudden sound of a bookcase falling on one's head.

Turning around,she realized who it was. It was that clumsy fairy, Melenia. Melenia was sort of a spy/messanger for Hyrule, if that'd what you wish to call her. She had wavy red hair and hot pink eyes, and she wore a simple red dress with black boots and a belt that matched. On her back were a pair of blue, glittering wings. Indeed,she was rather odd for a fairy because she looked human... well, except for the wings.

"What are you doing here?"Zelda asked,and sighed.

"I'm sorry, I was hoping not to disturb you but... I'MSORRY!!!!!!" The fairy stammered, and turned for the nearest door... but instead, slammed right into another bookcase and it came toppiling down upon her.

Zelda let out another sigh... sometimes Melenia could be such a ditzy clutz.

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  • Chapter 1: The first encounter.

Comments on this chapter

Koroks Rock says:

If you do not run spellcheck on the next chapter, i will not approve it. When you type a fic up, do so in Word, using a blank line between each paragraph. Also, put a space after periods and commas. An ellipse (the ... punctuation you are fond of) consists of only three periods, ever. It's permissable to use more exclamation points, but doing so is extravagant. The format this was in was unreadable, so I editted it and am going to allow it because it's your first fic. I'm interested to see where you will take this. Good luck!

achitka says:

Just how big is that fairy? Oh my well I'd mention the spelling - but KR already did. Ought to be a fun to see where this goes

Anime James says:

Meh. Typical handsome-guy-sweeps-me-off-my-feet Zelda that keeps popping up in fanfics. The very first paragraph made me think the story would be written well, until the details suddenly went from wide, rushing river to toilet bowl leak. And you need to put spaces after your commas.

Too many errors and unlikely bits are littered throughout the narrative... Romance and Zelda simply don't go that well together.

Hyrulean says:

I like how u described the scene......really good......^.^