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The Legend Of Zelda: Blood Of The Holders

By coasty30
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Chapter 11: Reunions


After their meeting in the gardens, Zelda led Link passed the guards into the palace. Many of the older guards remembered him and greeted him, but younger guards had to be pacified by Zelda upon the sight of the intruder. Leading him by the hand into the palace, they moved quickly through the corridors. All around him, Link would see the familiar sights that greeted him, everyday memories of the happier times.

“We have so much to talk about.” Zelda said as she led the way through the corridors.

“Much has happened.” Link answered, keeping up with the princess and trying not to be dragged by her. It was a few minutes before Zelda stopped before a door and turned to face Link.

“I turned this empty room into my study.” She said with pride as she opened the door, and they both stepped inside.

“Princess!” The call came from a palace steward.

“Yes, Malnorin.” She answered as he bowed.

“The Lady Impa has returned.” He said, straightening.

“Good, bring her here, Malnorin.” The steward bowed again before speaking.

“Of course, Your Highness, but she is not alone.” He said and Zelda looked confused, she glanced back at Link before speaking.

“Who’s with her?” She asked.

“An old man, Your Highness.” He answered.
Link stepped out of the study doorway. “He’s a friend of mine who I asked to come.”

Zelda looked at him with a mixture of surprise and interest. “A friend?” She said the look in her eyes asked all the questions and Link was ready with an answer.

“I owe him a favor.” He answered with a wink of his eye. The simple gesture reassured Zelda and she looked to Malnorin.

“Show them both here, and have Aleeia bring tea to the study.” She said and Malnorin bowed.

“With pleasure, Your Highness.” He answered, bowing again before he made his way down the corridor. Link stepped into the study and Zelda followed, shutting the door. A moment passed as they both stood in silence, and Zelda slowly embraced Link again, resting her head on his chest. Link felt her heart ease and he returned the embrace.

“I’ve missed you.” She uttered, and her words sent waves of guilt through him. “Four years.” Zelda added, tightening her grip on him.

“I’m sorry.” He said, wishing he could say more and slowly pulled away.

“Don’t be, it’s me who should be sorry.” Link shook his head.

“No…” He said, but Zelda raised her hand.

“The past, Link… And an argument for a different time.” She replied, immediately lightening the mood in the study. “You…” She said as she gestured to a chair at the table. “…need to tell me everything, Link.”

“Everything, Zelda?” He asked settling in the chair.

“Did you find Navi?” She asked with enthusiasm showing on her face.

“I did.” Link answered nodding. “She’s well, tending the Deku sprout.”

"Excellent.” She said, the hint of satisfaction in her voice on hearing the news.

“She’s grown a little.” Link added.

“Grown?” Zelda said, confused. “She’s a fairy?”

“Aye she is, but she grew a little.” A knock on the door interrupted Link.

“Come in.” Zelda called and stood up to greet the guests. The door opened and Malnorin stepped in.

“The Lady Impa.” Malnorin said as the tall woman entered the study, and walked right to the Princess and the two hugged each other.

“It’s good to see you, Impa.” Zelda said to her nursemaid and Impa’s hardened face became softer, showing affection.

“It’s good to see you, child.” She said before the two separated. “As you asked, Zelda.” Impa said, gesturing to Link. “He did not make it easy of course.” She uttered in her hard voice.

“I forgive him.” Zelda said, looping her arm around Link’s. “And who is this?” She asked, seeing the old man for the first time.

Link decided to do introductions. “Zelda, this is my friend, Paldnor Gorely of the village of Porsail.” He spoke. The old man slowly struggled to get down on one knee, but the princess was quick to stop him.

“Oh no, please!” She said quickly, bending down to help the old man. “There is no need; I’m not a goddess.” She added with a warm smile.

“I am honored, Your Highness.” Paldnor managed near out of breath. Zelda brought her hand to Paldnor’s face.

“I hear it is because of you that Impa was able to find Link, Master Paldnor.” She looked into the old man’s eyes. “I am Zelda Alieena Marison Davos the XXXVIIth, and it is I, sir, who am honored.” She finished and softly kissed Paldnor’s cheek.

“Oh my.” Paldnor uttered, amazed.

“Your full name!” Link shot at Zelda, his arms crossed. “I thought you hated your full name.”

“Link, please.” She said, still smiling. “That will be all, Malnorin.” The steward bowed as he left.

“You should feel honored, Paldnor.” Link stated.

“Oh, I am quite honored.” He gleefully replied, but Link continued as if he did not hear him.

“The last time I used her full name, she hit me, and it was no mere love tap.” Link said, his eyes locked with Zelda’s.

“I didn’t hit you that hard.” She countered in a mocking tone.

“My nose bled for half an hour, and then she didn’t speak to me for a week.” Link couldn’t help but laugh as he explained, and Paldnor looked to the princess, amazed.

“Really?” He said.

“I was most proud of her that day.” Impa said from behind Paldnor, and great bursts of laughter escaped their mouths, and Link felt a tremendous release of familiarity something that he’d felt only once since leaving the palace.

“This day has been far too much for an old man.” Paldnor said, yawning.

“There is an extra bed in Link’s room, Master Paldnor.” Zelda said, taking his hand. “I am sorry; that is all that I can offer as of now.” She continued, but Paldnor regained from his amazed state and stopped her.

“My princess, it is fine. Better than fine.” He said, as Zelda slowly escorted him to the door of the study. “I lived in a barn for two years, but that is a story for a later time.”

“Indeed.” Zelda said as Impa opened the door.

“I will see Master Paldnor to his room.” Impa said and Paldnor bowed.

“Thank you.” He answered.

“See that he is provided for, Impa.” She said.

“I will.” Impa answered, nodding.

“I bid you a peaceful rest, Master Paldnor. Thank you again.” Zelda said as Paldnor stepped through the door.

“And to you, Princess. Goddesses praise you.” He said and raised Zelda’s gloved hand to his lips. “I will see you later, Link.”

“Rest well, my friend.” Link said as Paldnor and Impa shut the door to the study.

Silence followed as Zelda stood in front of the door with her hand on the doorknob and Link could feel her heartbeat quicken, as if she was angry or scared.

“Zelda?” He called, and silence followed again and he watched her hand slowly release the doorknob and come to her side.

“If I remember correctly…” She said breaking the silence, and she turned around and faced Link, then crossed her arms over her breast. “It was you who didn’t speak to me for a week.” Zelda commented, the smile on her face betraying her mood.

“Ah, well, as I remember you actually broke my nose.” Link added walking to her.

“And I remember all the tears I shed pleading for your forgiveness.” Zelda replied, walking in Link’s direction.

“And how we both agreed how stupid we were.” Link said, standing in front of her.

“And to never speak of it again.” Zelda said, letting her arms fall to her side. “I see that failed.” They both laughed and she hugged Link again. He wrapped his arms around Zelda, but she pulled away before he could fully embrace her. “I just noticed you’re soaked.”

Link looked down at his clothes, a small puddle had formed where he was standing. “From the moat.” He answered, blushing.

“You must be freezing.” She said, and walked to a cabinet next to a full bookshelf, and retrieved a thick blanket and wrapped it around Link. “I tend to fall asleep here sometimes the maids started leaving it.” She said.

“I’m fine, Zelda. You don’t need to do this.” Link pleaded, but Zelda didn’t listen and gestured to the fireplace where fresh logs had been set.

“I’ll have a fire started.” Zelda started, but Link waved his hand and in an instant flames erupted from the logs in the fireplace.

“No need.” Link said, and watched the startled look on Zelda’s face.

“You’ve been practicing.” She said, gesturing to a padded chair and they both sat. “You have a lot to tell me.” Zelda stated as she reached down and removed the shoes from her small feet. “And I want to hear it all.” She added.

“ All of it?” Link asked, removing his cap and boots.

“Four years, I’m sure something interesting happened.” Zelda pressed.

Link breathed deep.

“Interesting is just the beginning.” Link said, feeling the warmth fill the room.

The sun was setting and light from the fireplace filled the room with low light. Several hours had passed and Link was still telling of his adventures and Zelda sat and listened with the enthusiasm of child listening to an exciting tale.

“The Moon!” Zelda said in amazement and Link nodded.

“I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.” He answered, nodding his head. Servants had brought trays of food and pitchers wine for them while Zelda insisted on hearing her old friend’s story.

“I’m glad you were able to get Epona back.” Zelda said, filling her empty goblet.

“As am I.” Link answered as she filled his goblet. “You don’t have to do that.” He said, moving to stop her.

“I want to, Link. I am not incapable and you are more than deserving; it is not beneath me.” She said, putting the pitcher down. Link looked her in the eye and as she sat down again.

“Your invitation, you had something to ask of me?” He inquired, picking up his goblet.

“I did.” Zelda answered with a nod. “I would ask this of no one else.” She answered, settling into the high backed chair, and put her hands in her lap. Link’s eyes were fixed her and Zelda found herself unable to speak. For months, she had wondered and practiced how she would ask him to be her guardian, and for all her practice, the Princess was unable to form the words. Zelda looked at her hands folded in her lap but still felt Link’s eyes on her. “It was so different all those years ago… After you left, life was never the same here.” Zelda was surprised at herself; she could normally keep her composure, but in Link’s presence she found her strength faltering.

“Zelda?” Link asked, feeling her already tense heartbeat quicken. Zelda quickly took a drink from her goblet and took a deep breath.

“I’m fine. I know now how the lead actress at the amphitheater feels.” She answered with a smile. “If she were naked on stage.” The two laughed for several minutes and Zelda felt some her tension ease. Link was her friend and near constant companion for some time and they’d shared several of their deepest secrets. “I need you, Link.” Zelda said, not meeting his eyes.

“Of course, I’m here for you.” Link started, but Zelda raised her hand to stop him.

“Do not accept until you hear the whole of it.” She said and then took a deep breath. “I am being granted a seat on the Council of Lords, I will need a guardian.”

“You want me.” Link finished and Zelda nodded.

“I do.” She added. Link sat motionless for a moment lost in his thoughts. “I would trust this to no one else Link.” Zelda said, taking his hand. “Link I…” This time Link raised his hand, stopping her.

“I accept, Zelda.” He said bringing a smile to the princess’s face. “You knew I would.” He added. She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

“I knew, but I had to give you the opportunity to say no.” She said sitting back and refilling her wine goblet. “We be leaving for Nautalin within the week.” She said before taking a drink. “In caravan.” She added with distaste.

“I look forward to spring rains and roads of mud.” Link said as he crossed his legs.

“Indeed.” Zelda added and drained her goblet.

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Koroks Rock says:

Excellent. I love how natural the conversation feels- nothing is forced, and it flows beautifully.

Linndog says:

Indeed, the dialogue between the two is so...natural. I really enjoy how you describe characters. Keep up the good work!

aquawolf says:

Absolutely, the dialogue is very well done, and the descriptions are also very nice. Far better than anything I've got... lol