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The Legend Of Zelda: Blood Of The Holders

By coasty30
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Chapter 12: The Third Person

The Third Person

Several hours passed as Link and Zelda talked and reminisced of old memories. Periodically, servants would bring food and more wine and some time after midnight, the two dear friends were feeling the full effects of the royal vintage. The low burning candles produced a shadowy gloom around Zelda’s study, and it was in these shadows that a third person lingered and listened. The Serpent’s art was the way of the assassin, or of the spy; quiet and unseen shadow was his armor, silence his language, stealth was his life. Siam entered behind the maid who had come to bring them food some time before and the shadows in the room from the large bookshelves provided him with perfect cover. A lifetime of being unseen and listening had given Siam an ear for what was said the ability to decipher what was vital to what was playful banter among friends was more than a talent it had become his purpose, his patience was endless.

“You still have it with you.” He heard the Princess say; the giddiness in her voice told him that the wine was taking its full effect. Nonetheless, Siam’s attention was now fully on the conversation previous experience had told him that the playfulness had ended. Slowly moving along the shadows Siam moved closer to the pair timing his movements exactly letting the conversation the two shared hide what little sound he may have made. He watched as the Princess’s companion, whom he had heard was named Link, rummaged through his battered saddlebag and brought out a small object wrapped in cloth. Siam watched as Link unraveled the cloth and revealed the instrument to Zelda: an ocarina. This was the first time the two were silent since the wine had started to flow and Siam stood silent and motionless in the shadows. “It helped you, I trust.” She said, taking the small flute from him and Link nodded in acknowledgment.

“I don’t remember how many times it helped me.” He answered, causing a burst a of drunken laughter from them.

“Mother was so furious when she found out I gave it to you.” She uttered, her golden blond hair now hanging down broken loose from the tight bounds it was kept.

“She noticed?” Link asked playfully.

“Two years later!” Again they laughed hysterically, and Siam watched and listened to the two. The rest of what was said was more playful banter, and to Siam’s seasoned ears, useless for his master’s needs, but he did have a name that had so far neither he nor his master had heard before: “Navi”. The two stood to leave and he decided to follow; he had gathered information as his master had ordered, but Siam wanted more than secrets spoken over goblets of wine. These two could very well be his enemies and knowing them would be key to defeating them, a law of the Serpentine arts that the youngest student was schooled in. Creeping slowly behind them Siam was able to see the whole of his prey. The Princess had no weapons he could see and he was uncertain how schooled she was in magical arts, Link carried a battered dagger at his belt and the saddlebag he hefted over his shoulder surely carried a surprise or two. The corridors were filled with shadows from the oil lanterns lining the walls providing ample cover while he followed Link and the Princess he would also have to hide from guards who stood in the corridor and saluted Zelda as the two passed. The talking continued as Siam followed them down towards the royal apartments, arm in arm, and they were still only reminiscing playful banter and after a few minutes, two maids came to meet Zelda at the entrance to her chambers. The Princess regained some of her regal debonair as she greeted her maids who smiled and curtsied at Link, Siam saw Zelda whisper to one of her maids he was too far to hear what was said but immediately after the two embraced and wished each other good night. One of the maids was leading Link after Zelda disappeared behind the door and Siam concluded that Zelda had whispered instructions to the maid who eagerly followed them. Following a desire to learn more of this would be defender Siam continued to linger in the shadows of the dimly lit corridor as the maid led Link to his chambers. Siam expertly used the few seconds after the maid and Link had passed through the door to slip in the room and still remain hidden. Moonlight from the window and light from the open door offered only enough illumination to see the two beds in the room the one in the darker corner was occupied. The maid busing herself turning the sheets on the bed and Link dropped the saddlebag near the open window. The maid curtsied to Link before leaving and she closed the door leaving only the moonlight. It several minutes before Link made any movements and Siam risked getting closer. Link started removing his boots and Siam slowly began to move towards the window to tell his master of what he’d heard. The sound of the worn leather boot hitting the stone floor broke the silence; the second sound Siam heard was the ring of the dagger being slowly drawn from its scabbard. Siam only had seconds to react before Link made a quick thrust with his dagger in his direction, forcing Siam back against the wall. The strike had knocked Link off balance and Siam managed to maintain his cover in the shadows, but Link still staggered in his direction.

“Show yourself!” Link slurred, walking closer. A breeze from the open window diverted Link’s attention and Siam decided to use it for his escape, grasping the stone wall. He pushed off it and flew quickly passed Link, still wearing his shadowy veil. Outside the window, Siam clung to the wall using small hooks he kept in his tunic; it took a great deal of effort to remain motionless and maintain his shadowy camouflage, and he was now restless. Link had seen through and if he’s not been drunk Siam would not have been able to escape. He waited for Link to look out the window, but after several minutes nothing happened and Siam risked a glance through the window. His eyes scanned the room and in a moment he had located Link lying in the bed, the dagger still in hand and his one booted foot still on the floor and aside from the rising and falling of his chest he was motionless. Siam watched for a few more moments, the sound of the of the man’s low snores convinced him that Link had succumbed to the effects of the wine. Siam moved slowly around the outside of the castle, his shadow veil hiding him from the eyes of the night guards. He had much to tell his master and he had preparations to make for his next task would be difficult and exhausting.

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Linndog says:

Wow, this needs a definite revision. Run-on after run-on after run-on. Also, the use of "playful banter" becomes excessive. There were also quite a few places where you ended the sentence with a preposition (it's a pet peeve of mine.) Give it an edit and let's try again.

Kavi_Darkwolf says:

Still a cool story. Cool that link wasn't stupid even though he was drunk.