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The Legend Of Zelda: Blood Of The Holders

By coasty30
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Chapter 14: A Hero's Clothes

A Hero’s Clothes

Link scratched his neck, the chain mail under his new jerkin chafed terribly, and the sickness he felt from the night before did not help. It was past midday when Link had finally risen from his drunken slumber, his head and stomach protested terribly and his eyes stung from the sun pouring in through the open window. When his eyes had finally adjusted, the sight had instantly cured him; he didn’t even hear the sound of his Kokiri sword clang loudly against the stone floor. On a rack at the foot of his bed was an entire new wardrobe, a green jerkin and leather britches similar to his own but new and of better quality, with a new long brown traveling cloak draped over the shoulders of the jerkin. Next to the rack were several other jerkins of the same color and at least two extra pair of riding britches and two mail shirts. This day had also been the first time in months that he had bathed in something other than a cold stream. The servants offered to help him dress but Link had declined; it had taken him a few minutes to dress in the mail and he felt a little heavier afterwards. The feeling of new clothes and his reflection in the mirror brought a smile to his face and seeing Zelda again and thought of having to be around her warmed his heart. He looked at himself in the mirror again and his belt buckle caught his it was emblazoned with the symbol of the Triforce and the new cap that was the same as his old one also had the same symbol in the center of the head strap. The itch behind his neck broke the spell the chafing from the mail shirt was starting really irritate him and Link made his way down the polished marble corridors of the palace. He’d lived there long enough to know the mood of the place by watching how the guards and stewards moved about their chores, and by their reactions Link could see tensions were high. Heartbeats were a flutter all throughout the palace in every corridor stewards and maids went about their duties of readying the palace, the calmer were clearly nobles who were there for the celebration and strolling the palace and grounds. Link walked around for several minutes before he decided that he would seek out where Paldnor had disappeared too, and then he would find Zelda if he was to be her guardian he would have to constantly know where she was, a though that made him excited and a little nervous.

The dining hall was near empty by the time Link had arrived a few maids were clearing the enormous tables. One of the maids had asked if Link wished to have something to eat he declined knowing the maids were far busier with the palace filled with nobles for the celebration. The maids had told him the princess had been by earlier but she did not stay long and would most likely be in her study this time of day. He thanked the maid and left the dining hall into the large corridor. Scratching his neck again Link stopped to adjust the mail shirt that he wore under his jerkin, and he closed his eyes and cleared his mind, heartbeats filled his senses. The palace was filled with hundreds of people and every spare room was filled, and it took a moment for him to find the one he wanted, it was strong and steady and was very distinctive as if calling to him. Link could also feel something else near by at first he thought it was another person next to her Paldnor perhaps, but within a moment he felt the old man’s heart beat in a different part of the palace surrounded by many others. Link realized that there was a presence with Zelda and his concern started to grow but the beat of her heart remained steady easing his concerns, but enticing his curiosity what was this that was with Zelda it was a mild melodious hum to him a comforting feeling.

“Link?” The sound of his name brought him out of his thoughts. When he opened his eyes the light stung them briefly and when his vision cleared he saw the face of a man he did not recognize, but immediately memories of mischievous adventures throughout the palace entered his thoughts.

“Renell?” Link uttered still slightly unsure of what his eyes were showing him and as Renell came closer and the clasped hands he felt how real he was. “How are you old friend?” Link asked as the two of them stood in center of the corridor.

“I’m well Link, Malon told me that you had arrived some time yesterday.” Renell answered still clasping hands with his childhood friend. “I was hoping to see you when we broke fast this morning.” He said and Link smiled and rubbed his temples.

“I had a good night.” Link uttered with a laugh and Renell smiled back.

“Be thankful you weren’t there.” Renell added.


“The queen was there, and she had many of the most noble ladies surrounding her. She was saying Impa found you in a brothel.” He finished giving Link a confused look.

“It was an inn in the town of Porsail, the Turnpike Inn and if it was not for Master Paldnor, I would have slept by a rock outside and Impa never would have found me.” Link explained.

“Paldnor?” Asked a confused Renell.

“An old man who brought me to Impa. He’s made of stories.” Link answered.

“I believe I saw him at the meal this morning, with the full attention of his majesty.” Link was not surprised to hear this for it seemed that royalty and nobility did not intimidate Paldnor.

“I wonder which ones he told.” A memory of a brief skirmish outside of a tavern ran through his mind a memory that now seemed far more distant than a mere few days ago. “You shall meet him soon.” He added, letting the memory pass.

“What were you doing in the corridor, your eyes were closed like you were listening to music?” Renell inquired and Link thought quickly.

“Remembering, some things have changed.” He answered and Renell nodded in agreement.

“Indeed they have.” Renell glanced around the corridor. “I missed these wall myself, I did not realize how much until I came under Master Biggoron’s charge.”

“You? In the caves of Death Mountain?” Link joked.

“To be taught by Master Biggoron I shall endure.” He answered with pride. “He is a poet with the smithy hammer. Oh I nearly forgot, Darunia sends his best and regrets that he will not be able to attend but he did ask me to give you something.” This had piqued Link’s interest.

“What is it?” He asked but Renell shook his head.

“Later, I promised him I wouldn’t give it too you until after the ceremony tomorrow.” The answer made Link wonder what Renell was bringing. “Tomorrow, my friend.”

“Tomorrow.” Link echoed trying to sound as if he truly looked forward to it.

“What’s wrong?” His friend asked and Link looked him in the eye.

“Not a week ago I was a peasant drifter on Hyrule Field.” He said and took a deep breath. “Now I am to guard the Princess…”

“She trusts you.”

“I know, but on the field, I had to fight to protect only myself, after tomorrow I have to listen to every sound watch every shadow for an assassin.” Link said crossing his arms, but Renell met his eye and stared at him for a moment.

“Did you forget that I grew up with the both of you, you would do all of that and more anyway.” His tone was that of an unconvinced magistrate to a criminal and Link knew that Renell spoke the total truth more so that he knew. Link had stood between Zelda and certain death before and would not hesitate to do so again if the circumstance arose.

“You’re right, Renell. I’m just…”

“Stupid?” Renell cut in, and this time Link’s stare bored into him. “Stop worrying.” He said, patting Link on his shoulder, causing Link’s new mail shirt to scrape against his already chafed neck.

“I shall try.” Link said, scratching his neck, and he saw Renell’s look past him and his smile fall.

“Oh, damn!” Renell muttered quietly and Link sensed the change in his heart beat pace broke and quickened slightly before it was drowned out by several fluttering heart beats and one very steady, very strong beat. “Your Highness.” Renell said, looking past Link. Link signed before turning around the sudden change in his friend’s mood had told him all he needed to know.

“Highness.” Link echoed as he turned to face Queen Rimeena and slowly bowing making sure his head went lower than Renell’s. Her face had a few more wrinkles then he remembered and she was heavier, but she also wore more thicker and fuller skirts and had many more adornments and gold ribbons in her graying hair.

“Renell Smithborn, as always a pleasure.” The queen said, and Renell raised his head.

“I’m honored, my queen.” He replied, his voice was more formal that Link had ever remembered it being.

“I hope the Gorons have taught you much.” She said to him, as Link’s head was still low.

“Quite a lot, my queen.” He answered. She turned her attention to Link.

“And you.” Link raised himself up as the queen acknowledged him and there eyes met she was flanked by several very well dressed noble ladies all of whom now looked at him and some were whispering quietly to each other. “You’ve come.”

“I have, my queen.” He answered, following Renell’s path and keeping his voice proper and regal.

“Impa does her duties well.” The queen said and looked Link up and down. “Let us hope you will do your duties just as well, I wish you the best of luck.” She said, taking his hand, causing Link to become confused.

“I’m pleased that you…approve…my queen.” Link uttered in surprise, and she smiled a pleasant smile and laughed softly.

“Dear boy.” She said caressing his cheek with her free hand, she leaned nearer to Link and her lips gently touched his cheek before she whispered to him. “Do not mistake my tolerance for approval.” A cold chill went down Link’s spine as the queen slowly released his hand. Link backed away from her still startled by her statement. “Those garments look good on you, boy.”

“Thank you.” Link had managed to say, still slightly shocked.

“Good day to you both.” The queen finished and made her way down the corridor with the group of noble ladies following closely behind and after a few seconds loud laughing could be heard from the group.

Few things had scared Link, but the queen’s statement in his ear after the show of affection had shocked him.

“Has she changed?” Renell asked quietly and Link sighed, allowing him time to clear his head.

“No.” Link uttered, his eyes closed. “Not at all.”

“What did she say?” Renell asked, concerned.

“It doesn’t matter.” Link answered, his uneasiness now passed.

“None of them see through that façade, that mask!” Renell’s anger leaked through. Link put his hand on Renell’s shoulder.

“Masks can be quite powerful, Renell.” He said. Renell gave him a confused look. “Besides.” He added, though the queen and her entourage were out of sight they could still be heard. “I doubt they care.”

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Kavi_Darkwolf says:

Cooly! Keep going. But you need do add periods to your sentences at the beginning. It was very hard to understand there for a while.

Linndog says:

I'm not understanding the difference in writing. It was so good! Now, it's run-ons and blandness fogging up, in my opinion, a great storyline. You have certainly kept up the creativity, but your execution leaves me wanting. Edit this and continue.