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The Legend Of Zelda: Blood Of The Holders

By coasty30
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Chapter 15: A Little Company

A Little Company

It was rare that Zelda would be back in her room this early in the afternoon; she was normally busy in her study or attending to royal duties retiring late in the evening. She changed clothes after spending the earlier part of the day sweating profusely into her underskirts, causing her to feel very uncomfortable. Despite her discomfort, her head was much clearer and had only a mild throb; Paldnor’s coffee had worked, though it tasted vile and was thick as tar. Zelda had chosen a lighter dress with mild pastel colors and had spent several minutes looking at herself in a polished silver mirror. Malinia watched from behind when a soft laugh escaped her maid’s lips.

“What?” Zelda asked, not turning from the mirror.

“Just a little surprised, highness.” She answered in her high-pitched tone.

“Why is that?” Zelda was now confused.

“I’ve never seen you spend that much time in front of that mirror.” Malinia answered, still smiling.

“Nonsense! I’ve hardly ever worn this dress before and simply wish to insure it fits well.” She answered, still checking herself.

“I’ve never known you to be so concerned.” Malinia’s laughter now bled through causing Zelda to turn her attention to her maid, but a loud knock upon the door caught their attention. “Expecting someone, Princess?” Malinia asked.

“Not yet, later in the day I plan to meet with a few lords, but not for at least an hour or so.” Zelda answered as Malinia walked to the large double doors.

“Yes!” She called as she opened the door a crack and peered through. The face of a young guard greeted her.

“The Lord Alromon to see the Princess, Madam.” The guard said softly, but Zelda was able to hear him.

“I’ll see him, Malinia.” Zelda called and Malinia nodded to the guard. The double doors flew open and cloaked figure and scared face of Lord Alromon entered the room and immediately bowed to her.

“Good day, Princess.” He said, his cloak flowing around him.

“And to you, Lord Alromon.” Zelda returned courteously with a nod of her head. “To what do I owe the honor?” Lord Alromon looked at Malinia and then met eyes with Zelda.

“May we speak?” He asked and Zelda knew what he wanted, and she looked to her maid, knowing that Malinia knew what she wanted. The maid nodded and quickly left from the room closing the door behind her. Zelda was now slightly agitated with the Lord Alromon.

“I normally do not see guests in my room, Lord Alromon.” She said as cordial as she could.

“My apologies, Princess. I heard you were not feeling well.” He said and Zelda nodded.

“I am better now; a mild ailment brought on by a bit of over indulgence.” She explained as Lord Alromon walked around the room.

“You were celebrating?” He asked, inspecting the room as he walked around causing Zelda more agitation.

“In a way, the man who will be my guardian arrived yesterday.” She explained watching him.

“Yes, I’d heard.” He was now standing near her polished mirror. “I also heard that he broke into the palace.” Zelda smiled.

“That’s just Link.” She answered as if that was all the explanation needed.

“There was a time when such an action was punishable by death.” He said not hiding the sternness in his voice.

“Times are different now, not to mention he was an invited guest. How he got in is of no consequence.” She did not try to hide the pride in her voice.

“You have faith in him?” He asked not looking at her.

“He would not be my guardian if I didn’t, Lord Alromon.” She now wanted him to leave but proper etiquette meant she would have to entertain him for at least a little while longer.

“I would like to meet him.” He said, turning to face her, his cloak flowing around him.

“I shall arrange it, Lord Alromon.” She answered, putting her arms behind her back.

“Excellent.” He answered with a bow and reached into his cloak, revealing a bottle with a cork stopper. “I brought this to help you feel better.” He handed her the bottle and Zelda noticed the faint glow coming from it. “One of my men caught it. Mischievous little vermin was spooking the horses some days ago.” Lord Alromon explained as Zelda inspected the bottle’s contents. Inside the bottle was what at first looked like a small ball of light with insect-like wings, but on closer inspection, Zelda spotted a small figure with shoulder-length red hair sitting in the bottle in a raggedy garment, looking distraught. “The thing.”

“She!” Zelda corrected, cutting him off.

“Princess?” He asked.

“She, it’s a girl.” Zelda said meeting eyes with the creature in the bottle.

“She...” Lord Alromon started, an annoyed hint in his voice. “…is lucky she has use, or my men would have fed her to the dogs.” Zelda’s heart ached for the fairy. Though mischievous fairies did help injured and weary travelers, and this fairy is not only bottled but being tormented. “I hope SHE helps you feel better.” He said with a bow.

“Thank you, Lord Alromon.” Zelda said, taking her eyes off the fairy for the first time.

“Good day, Princess.” He said and turned to leave.

“And to you.” She added as he left feeling a better now that he was gone. Seconds after Lord Alromon had left, Malinia slipped back into Zelda’s room. Zelda returned her attention to the little fairy in the bottle and immediately began tugging on the cork stopper.

“Princess?” Her maid asked, looking at her with confused eyes.

“A moment, Malinia.” Zelda grunted, pulling on the stopper as hard as she could as it slowly eased out. A few heartbeats later, Zelda managed to yank the out the stopper and open the bottle and instantly the fairy’s light grew brighter she flew out of the bottle little wings fluttering vibrantly souring quickly around the room.

“Goddesses!” Malinia uttered in surprise. Zelda smiled as she watched the fairy that now looked like a winged ball of light fly around in large circles before hovering in front of her.

“It’s wonderful to be out of there!” Zelda heard the tiny voice say. “Thank you.”

“You are welcome.” Zelda answered as the fairy stretched. “What is your name she inquired causing a wide eyed stair from the fairy.

“I’ve never been asked that before, not by a Hylian anyway.” She answered fluttering over to sit on the windowsill and Zelda saw the little fairy make a wrinkled face. “I smell like spoiled mead.” Zelda tried hard not to laugh.

“I would think that is what was last contained in the bottle.” A set of tiny eyes looked up at Zelda and her luminescent little body grew brighter.

“Who are you?” She asked, and then looked towards Malinia. “And who is the old woman who doesn’t speak?”

“Old Woman!” Malinia spat surprised as if she’d been slapped.

“I asked your name first.” Zelda stated, fighting the desire to laugh.

“Very well, my name is Aera.” The fairy answered.

“A pleasure to meet you, Aera.” Zelda said, bowing. “The old woman is Malinia.” That statement earned a hard look from her maid. “I am Zelda.” In the silence that followed, Zelda remembered what Link had told her about fairies and the clans and tribes they lived in. “Are you a Deku?” She asked, and like a flash she flew from the sill, wings fluttering inches from Zelda’s face causing her to flinch as the speed of Era’s dragonfly-like wings blew loose strands of her hair away.

“DEKU!!!” Aera’s little voice yelled, and Malinia moved closer as if to swat the small winged woman, but Zelda raised her hand stopping her. “Do I look like a Deku?!”

“I cannot tell?” Zelda said, slowly backing away; Aera’s reaction didn’t totally surprise her. Link had often said how the clans were not always on good terms with each other.

“Well I’m not a coward.” Aera explained, crossing her arms.

“That much is certain.” Malinia said, before Zelda could speak.

“I am of the Great Fairy Clan.” Aera’s voice held a great deal of pride. “Dekus don’t like to leave their forest, they have no sense of adventure.”

“My apologies, Aera.” Despite finding the fairy entertaining, Zelda did feel some sincerity in her apology.

“Very well I accept.” Aera answered. “So where does it hurt?” She asked flying slow circles around the Zelda.

“Beg your pardon?” Zelda asked.

“What ill do you suffer from?” Era asked and Zelda shook her head.

“I suffer from no ailment.” Zelda said, though she still had a mild throb in her head and a knot in her stomach with a strong desire to take a nap. “I thought you might like to go home.” She met eyes with Aera for several heartbeats before Aera slowly flew over to the maid.

“What of the old woman?” Aera asked, hovering some feet away from her and Malinia looked coldly at the fairy.

“Alas, I doubt that even your magnificent abilities can cure old age.” More cold looks came at Zelda from Malinia, and she hoped that her maid would accept her apology later.

“You need nothing from me?” Zelda couldn’t tell from Aera’s voice whether she was confused or disappointed.

“You can go home.” Zelda said, pointing to the window. “I advise you to stay clear of travelers, or find yourself in a bottle again.”

“That would be a terrible shame.” Malinia added, her voice holding no sincerity.

“Yes, that would.” Aera said, oblivious to Malinia’s mood. “I should get home; I am sure they miss me terribly, and I am in desperate need of a bath.” She explained coming near Zelda again. “Are you sure you need nothing?” She asked Zelda.

“I am well, give the Great Fairy my best.” She answered Aera, who hovered for a moment before flying to the window before flying out of it she turned and flew quickly at Zelda as if attacking her. Flinching, Zelda jumped as Aera flew quick circles around her and in a matter of a second the throb in her head had melted away; it was the same with her stomach and fatigue. Aera also flew circles around Malinia and Zelda saw her close her eyes as if a great burden had been lifted off her shoulders, and then Aera again flew too the window and stopped just outside of it.

“Farewell!” She called with a wave and did a quick loop and flew down to the gardens. Both Malinia and Zelda looked out the window and down at the gardens to see the fluttering ball of light that was Aera flying into a fountain. Zelda had to squint to see the little figure washing itself in the garden fountain. Zelda smiled and let a small laugh slip through her lips and looked to Malinia, who did not share the Princess’s mood.

“Fairies have clans?” Malinia asked as Zelda looked down again at the gardens.

“Oh yes, and the Dekus and Great Fairies hate each other, at least Link told me they did some time ago.” Malinia gave a look of disinterest as Zelda explained. “Oh sorry about the ‘old woman’ remark, Malinai.” This time, the maid raised her hand to stop her princess.

“Oh, don’t bother Zelda. I found the little thing funny too.” Malinia said, stretching her legs. “Much better than the arrogant lord who brought her.” She spat. “My sore bones feel better; fluttery little bug did some good.” Malinia added, looking to Zelda who finally stepped away from the window.

“Sore bones Malinia, your not old.” Zelda said and her maid gave her another look but this look was much more lighthearted and she was about to speak but a knock on the door stopped her. Malinia walked to the doors and opened them and an armored guard was on the other end.

“Yes?” Malinia asked and the guard snapped to a salute.

“Council Lords are here to see Her Highness.” He said and Zelda stepped up to the doorway. “They are waiting in your study, Highness.” He said as she walked up.

“Thank you, Corporal.” She said and the guard bowed, turned on his heel, and walked down the corridor. “Now I am expecting them.” Zelda said, and she hugged Malinia. “I’ll see you later, Malinia.”

“Of course, my princess.” Malinia said as they separated and her maid took an extra moment to smooth Zelda’s dress. “You’re ready now.” Malinia said with a smile.

“Thank you.” Zelda said as she left and walked down the corridor toward her study.

Once again in the polished corridors of the palace, Zelda made her way to her study. She avoided the main corridors that were adjacent to the gardens and used the older inner corridors. They were narrower and used more by the servants and guards; this meant that Zelda had less of a chance of encountering visiting nobles eager to speak with her. Few windows and wall-mounted lanterns provided the light in the corridor, but the sun had now moved into the west and the window did not provide much light. The gloom from the lanterns caused large shadows throughout the corridor, and as she walked down corridor, a small feeling of unease came over her. The only sound in the corridor was Zelda’s shoes on the smooth stone, and after she stopped walking silence. Looking over her shoulder, the corridor was much the same behind her as it was in front, long shadows. The smell of fresh bread in the corridor told Zelda she was near the kitchens, and a few yards and flight of stairs from her study. The feeling was similar to how she felt when the guards watched her in the garden, as if everything she did was being watched and assessed. She once again started moving down the corridor, but her pace was much quicker. She climbed the stairs, but still felt as if a set of eyes watched her, though she saw no one, and now the door to her study was in sight but there was no sense of relief, not until a palace guard on his rounds turned the corner and immediately saluted her. Gathering herself, Zelda nodded her head in acknowledgement and took a moment to breathe before coming to the door. The feeling of unease slowly ebbed away as Zelda opened the door. Six men were in her study, the three older men were sitting but quickly stood as Zelda entered; one of the men was having trouble getting to his feet.

“Princess! It is good to see you.” One of the men who had been sitting said, and Zelda felt all eyes on her.

“And you, Lord Harransol.” Zelda answered to the white-haired man who’d been sitting closest too her.

“Allow me to introduce to you Lord Quanol Frulif.” He said, gesturing to the short man with brown and graying hair. “And Lord Jovius Kildansic.” Both men bowed as Lord Harransol introduced them. Lord Harransol then turned his attention to the three younger men. “With us are our guardians, Sir Baldiror Noenis.” A man slightly taller than Zelda stepped forward. Sir Baldiror Noenis looked like an epic painting or mosaic, his hair long blond and unbound. He wore chain mail that was bright and shined in the light and his tunic was whiter than a maiden’s wedding dress.

“Princess.” He said bowing low, and Zelda bowed as well.

“Sir Balidor is Jovius’s Guardian, for Lord Frulif, Sir Cintric Longhammer.” The tallest of the six men, Sir Longhammer, was by far the most imposing. His clothes were mostly sewn pelts combined with ragged looking chain mail his hair and beard were dirty brown and his face had scars and tattoos including a large diamond shaped purple tattoo in the center of his forehead. Zelda recognized this as being the mark of a man who was the father of Gerudo warriors. Strapped to his back was a large wooden war hammer that had small jagged spikes on it. His face at first looked old and menacing, but the smile that he gave Zelda instantly softened his appearance and to Zelda, he looked almost grandfatherly.

“Pleasure, Princess.” He said and bowed also and Zelda saw on his shoulder a fat gray carrier pigeon.

“Finally.” Lord Harransol continued. “My guardian, Sir Degornic Dirtil.” This man was the middle-aged of the three guardians in height and age, his face was clean-shaven and except for a brief nod, he made no other movements. Looking closer, Zelda noticed that one of his eyes was blue while the other was green and he carried a bow with a quiver full of arrows. “Gentlemen, you have our leave to go.” The three men bowed in unison and again individually as they passed Zelda.

“Impressive.” Zelda said as after the door had closed; she all but forgotten the unease she had felt in the corridor.

“Your guardian should be someone you trust. Degornic is my old friend’s nephew.” Lord Harrensol said as Zelda walked to the table and sat down; the other three lords followed suit.

“How was your journey?” Zelda asked as they all sat down.

“The road is not kind to old bones, Princess.” Lord Kildansic answered. “My younger colleagues enjoyed it more than I, but I am glad to be here.” He finished and winced as he settled in the chair.

“I have trusted servants ready at Nautalin until you can establish your estate.” Lord Harrensol said and Zelda nodded.

“Thank you, Lord Harrensol. I am most grateful. There are some changes to my plans and I shall not need them as long as originally planned.” Zelda explained.

“Very well; they are at your disposal as long as you need them.” He answered and again Zelda smiled.

“I thank you.” She said. “Lord Alromon has arranged for a caravan for me to Nautalin.” Zelda saw that the mention of Lord Alromon’s name had an adverse effect on her guests.

“Halon.” This was the first time that Lord Frulif had spoken and the distaste in his voice was unmistakable.

“Lord Frulif?” She inquired confused, but it was Lord Harrensol who answered.

“Halon is not… An active member of the council.” He started. “He often does not even show up when the council sits.”

“And when he does decide to present himself all he does is warm the seat of his chair!” Lord Frulif uttered with the same distaste. Zelda was surprised to hear this; she had not heard of someone speak ill of Lord Alromon so openly.

“Can he be removed?” She asked, more in an attempt quell heated tempers, but Lord Frulif angrily shook his head.

“He is the steward of Nautalin the home city of the council, and he has friends in the council.” He answered with fire in his voice.

“Not to mention a small army.” Lord Kildansic’s horse old voice added.

“Army?” Zelda said, feeling even more confused.

“The City Guard; he brought many of them with him. They swear allegiance to him.” Lord Kildansic explained, but Lord Harrensol raised a hand to silence the old lord.

“Not to worry, Princess.” He started, trying to lighten the mood. “Lord Alromon may not be active, but he is dependable. Or his vote is.”

“For a price.” Lord Frulif spat.

“An argument for a later time.” Lord Harrensol said, his voice no longer passive. “We here to welcome the princess, and we cannot spend this time bickering.”

“Of course.” Lord Kildansic answered and Lord Frulif nodded in agreement and Zelda nodded approval as well.

“Now, have you selected your guardian yet, Princess?” Lord Harrensol asked.

“I have, he’s an old and dear friend.” Zelda answered.

“Is he skilled with a sword?” Lord Kildansic inquired.

“Quite skilled.” She answered and found her eyes wondering to the corner near her bookshelf where Aria, the sword she would give Link, was still tucked away in it’s leather satchel.

“Excellent, he will of course be honored with you.” Lord Harrensol explained. “What is his name?”


“His surname?” Silence followed as Zelda waited.

“I don’t know it.” She said. “He was raised by Kokiri in the Lost Woods.” Zelda explained and she felt the three sets of eyes on her.

“The trust you have in him should be without question.” Lord Kildansic stated. “Your life may very well depend on him.”

“I trust him with my life.” She answered wanting to say more of Link’s past deeds. “He has proven himself countless times.” The three old men nodded.

“He will need a title, and a full name.”

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