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The Legend Of Zelda: Blood Of The Holders

By coasty30
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Chapter 17: Not Alone On The Balcony

Not Alone On The Balcony

Zelda refilled Link’s teacup with the hot robust-smelling liquid and then looked over her shoulder to the open door of her chambers.

“Is he still there?” Link asked as Zelda looked out into the corridor.

“He is.” She answered, annoyed. “He is just following Mother’s orders, I am certain of that.” Zelda added, taking a sip from her own teacup. They had been in each other’s company since before dinner that night. Link and Paldnor had found Zelda speaking with council lords near the throne room. Link had been surprised to find that he would be sitting next to Zelda at dinner, and he truly didn’t believe it possible until the first plate of food was placed in front of him. After the meal, Link had left with Zelda as Paldnor, ale mug in hand, was spinning a rather thrilling story from his youth about a trip to Lake Hylia.

Zelda had invited Link to her chambers for tea on her balcony overlooking the gardens.

“I still wonder what your motives are.” Zelda said, looking out into the expansive walled gardens.

“For what?” Link asked, sipping his own tea.

“You asked Master Paldnor to come with us.” She playfully accused and Link smiled.

“I did.” He answered, placing his cup on the table.

“May I ask why?”

“Of course, Princess.” Zelda smirked at the reply.

“Stop that.” She said and crossed her arms. “Despite his good nature, you’ve known him but a few days.”

“He had offered his home and a meal for the price of nothing more than my company.” Link explained. “If you are asking if I feel indebted to him, yes I do, but this is more than the settling of a debt.” Link sat back in his chair. “He showed a kindness that becomes more rare by the year, I wish to return it.”

“Very well.” Zelda conceded. “He is an old man, libel to slow us down…”

“No more than your fellow Lord Alromon already has he is the reason that you are traveling by caravan anyway.” He cut in and Zelda averted her eyes. “During the trip from Porsail, he managed well and part of that was quite unpleasant.” She had chosen this moment stop him by slowly raising her hand.

“I’m convinced.” She said and settled her hand in her lap. “The royal traveling carriage is large and quite spacious that also means it is slow, but the central compartment can accommodate an extra person comfortably.” She explained again taking a sip of tea.

“Center compartment?” Link inquired.

“There are three, the forward most is for the maid, the center is a small alcove where the entrance is, and the aft is the royal chamber and is, of course, the largest.”

“Of course.” Link echoed and Zelda sat back in her cushioned chair.

“I would prefer not to use it at all. I had planned to ride to Nautalin; we would be there within two weeks.” Her anger started to show. “Now we shall need all luck that goddesses will grant us to get there within three.” Zelda quickly drained her teacup. “And even that depends on good weather.”

“Goddesses willing.” Link uttered.

“Goddesses willing.” Zelda repeated with a smile, letting her frustration subside. The evening was warm with a clear sky, the moonlight softly lighting the horizon. Link closed his eyes and inhaled the fragrances from the new spring blossoms in the gardens. Besides Zelda and himself, he could feel three other heartbeats; the two guards and a third, probably the maid, just outside in the corridor.

“Link.” Zelda called and Link slowly opened his eyes.

“Yes, Zelda?” He answered, his attention mostly on the third heartbeat; it was familiar.

“During the ceremony tomorrow, you’ll...” She started, but saw that his attention was elsewhere. “Link!” She uttered a little louder.

“The lead steward explained it several times.” Link finished for her as his full attention was with her. Zelda nodded and took a deep breath.

“I apologize for the ceremony, but it is unavoidable.” Link saw her sigh again and felt her mood change in her heartbeat as she sipped her tea again.

“You’re not looking forward to the celebration.” He stated and Zelda met his eye over the rim of her teacup and she sighed again as she put her cup down on the table.

“The whole kingdom will be celebrating the day I was born.” Her voice was soft. “You don’t even know when you were born.” She said and Link could feel her guilt and gave her hand a light squeeze.

“Worry not about that.” Link said with a bit of sternness in his voice, hoping it would cause her to move on and the look that she gave him showed guilt in the deep blue of her eyes.

“Very well, if it does not bother you.” Zelda said softly.

“It doesn’t.” He answered more for her sake, and Zelda showed him a soft smile.

“I fear that I just had the most trouble-free negotiation I shall have in a while.” She said, softly yawning.

“How so?” Link asked, glancing at the extra guard.

“I met with three council lords earlier today.” She explained. “Already they are seeking my support.”

“Should they not?” Link asked with a shrug.

“I’m not even on the Council, and after speaking to those three lords I am not certain I want to be on it anymore.” Her companion’s face said more than any words he could say, he wanted to hear more. “From what they told me, I do not believe that my appointment is cause for much ill will in the council hall, and the few that support my appointment are only doing so to win my support in the council.”

“It sounds confusing.” Link said and Zelda nodded.

“I fear that it will become even more confusing before long.” A chill ran down Zelda’s spine. “Lord Frulif wants to bring a motion before the council to remove Lord Alromon from the council.” She admitted and Link noticed one of the heartbeats quicken, but Zelda had his attention.

“Why?” Link asked and Zelda took a deep breath.

“He’s the steward of Nautalin, and the council resides in his city. Lord Kildansic claims he is corrupt and that he does not participate in council.” She explained as Link listened.

“What do you think?” Link asked and Zelda signed.

“I am not certain, if what Lord Kildansic says is true, than he should be. However Lord Harrensol has said that Lord Alromon is tolerated because he can be persuaded.” Link’s look was confused at first but then realization shined in his eyes.

“I believe bought would be the better word.” He said, but Zelda slowly shook her head.

“Not in the way you would think.” She countered and then looked in his eye. “It is possible that I might have to rely on him in the future.” Link returned the look.

“I trust your judgment, but time has taught me to me to be cautious of those who cannot be trusted.” Zelda nodded. “I told Lord Kildansic I would think on it during the journey. It will be long enough.” With that statement Zelda rolled her eyes. “What is it like out on the field?” Link smiled.

“You will miss your bed and cry yourself to sleep no less than once before you are used to it.” Zelda was taken aback by his answer. “That is the truth.” He said, reading her look.

“I thought it would be an adventure.” She said. “I remember...” She started, but then glanced at the guards before she lowered her voice. “I remember when Impa and I were on the run.” She whispered to him. “But I always had a sympathetic roof over my head.” She said and Link could again feel the guilt in her heartbeat. “I always had Impa with me or I was…” She hesitated. “Him.” Zelda said her face turning light shade of red and Link couldn’t keep himself for letting out a small laugh.

“Do you still?” He started to ask but Zelda answered before he could finish.

“Yes, but rarely and not in quite a while.” This time Link filled the teacups as Zelda talked. “Thank you.” She said as he finished. “Preparing for the trip to Nautalin has left time for little else. It is hard to keep it secret; Malinia doesn’t even know.” Link’s eyes went wide.

“I did not think you would tell her.” He said, filling his cup.

“She is the lead maid and she will be my the head of my household in Nautalin; only you know me better.” Her statements again caused one of the heartbeats in Link’s senses to quicken, this time enough to get his attention, but it was not Zelda or any of the guards. “Link?” She asked, seeing his quick change in mood. “Link?” She said again as he looked to a dark corner of the large balcony. As quickly as Link could turn his head, the quick but steady beat faded as it quickly moved away and was lost in the sea of heartbeats that flooded the lower floors of the palace. “Are you alright!?” She said it loud enough to get the attention of the guards. Link turned slowly back to face her.

“Yes, I…” He started but was unsure of what to say. “I felt something.” The guards were at the princess’s side now.

“We are fine, thank you.” Zelda said quickly, dismissing them. Link could feel her heartbeat quicken she was worried about him. She waited until the guards were out of earshot before speaking.

“What did you feel?” She asked and Link thought quickly.

“As if someone was listening to us.” He said and Link did feel a small degree of guilt for not telling Zelda that it was more than a feeling. “It was a familiar feeling.” This was true; Link had felt that heartbeat before and recently but he was uncertain where.

“You are certain?” She asked, looking in the direction that he had.

“Quite.” He answered and he could feel her heartbeat quicken more and her face redden this time with anger.

“Mother.” She uttered. “She sent someone to listen, as if an extra guard was not enough.”

“I cannot say.” Link stated and Zelda stood and walked over to the end of the balcony and looked over the edge into the gardens. Some minutes would pass before Link spoke.

“It grows late, I think I should return to my room. I wish to be asleep before Paldnor returns.” He said, coming to his feet. Zelda came from the edge of the balcony to his side.

“Very well, tomorrow shall be long and the day after even longer.” She agreed and looped her arm around Link’s as they walked to the open door. As they came to the large double doors Zelda looked to the guards. “Corporal, please have the steward come to get the tea tray.” She said softly and he saluted.

“Highness.” He said and quickly followed her order.

“Have you eaten yet, sergeant?” She asked the other guard and his armor clanked as he straightened.

“No, my princess.” He answered.

“Then go the Corporal will be back in a moment.” Zelda finished and pointed in the direction of the door.

“As you wish, Highness.” He answered, and turned and walked out and for the moment, Link and Zelda were alone.

“I shall take my leave as well.” He said as Zelda released his arm. “I bid you goodnight.” He said with a bow and Zelda put her hands on both sides of his face and kissed him quickly on the lips. Link felt warm feelings flow through his body, but Zelda’s heartbeat was steady; to her the act was an overly friendly gesture.

“And to you.” She added, and no sooner had she removed her hands than the Corporal had returned with a steward in tow, who quickly went about his duties.

“Un… Until tomorrow, Princess.” Link stuttered surprised and Zelda smiled.

“I look forward to it.” She said and watched as Link disappeared down to corridor.

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