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The Legend Of Zelda: Blood Of The Holders

By coasty30
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Chapter 18: The Serpent's Servant

The Serpent’s Servant

Celebrations throughout the land of Hyrule began as the sun rose. In Hyrule City, the revelry began with performers and musicians in the streets. In the palace, the birthday celebration for the princess was but a few more hours away, but invited guests were already beginning to arrive. Celebrations of such size had become more frequent over the years; less magical creatures prowling outside of the walls meant more travel and commerce between towns and cities. The rise in commerce brought more prosperity to the land and much greater desire to celebrate.

The palace halls were quiet despite the revelry in the city streets, and the servants were rushing to complete tasks for the grand feast. Guests were spending the hours before getting primped and pampered by servants and stewards, who were hauling buckets of steaming water to the guest apartments for baths. Lord Alromon was in his chambers preparing for the celebration, adjusting his robes of maroon and black silk in the mirror. He had dismissed his servant when his guardian, Siam, came into the room; neither he nor the servant had seen how, and now the silent-robed guardian was perched in a chair in the corner, his serpent-like eyes watching his lord.

“So… Lord Kildansic, I shouldn’t be surprised.” Lord Alromon said, adjusting his robes. “He appealed to the princess even before she is on the council. I did not think him that creative.” Siam’s gaze was still on Lord Alromon.

“You are unconcerned?” He asked in his raspy hiss.

“I am more amused; such a stunt is quite a break from the wall of fortitude that is Lord Kildansic. Not so for Frulif, he is a follower.” Lord Alromon explained as he looked in the mirror. “If the princess does support them though, I could very well lose my seat in the council chamber.” He admitted.

“What is it you wish to do?” Another question came from Siam.

“Keeping my council seat is a necessity for now.” He answered as he continued to dress.

“The good Lord Kildansic could run into some…trouble.” Siam suggested with a small grin, but his lord answered quickly.

“No!” He said sternly. Siam did not react. “There would be too many questions, suspicions. That will put the guardians on their guard and make them more difficult to deal with.” Siam hopped out of the chair silently moved closer to his lord.
“What will you do?” He asked and Lord Alromon smiled in the mirror, the scarred skin on his face stretched.

“According to council law, only a full council can chair a vote to remove a lord from the council, and I am ever so sorry to say that the caravan carrying the princess and myself to Nautalin will be…delayed.” He said a quiet laugh followed. “The motion must be put before the council when it convenes if it is not Lord Kildansic must wait until the next open council, and by then it shall not matter. That is why he appealed to the Princess, He plans the motion as soon as the council convenes.”

“What do you wish me to do?” More questions form Siam.

“The men and myself can take care of that. You, my friend, have a different mission tonight.” He turned to look towards Siam. “I am counting on you to get it.” “I shall.” Siam answered. “There may be problems with clerics.” This statement made Lord Alromon think before speaking; he did not think for long.

“Do what you must.” He said with a wave of his hand.

“As you wish.” Siam’s answer caused a cold shiver down Lord Alromon’s spine; his guardian had no qualms about cold-blooded murder.

“How will you get it?” He asked and a moment of silence passed.

“My people have ways of moving in silence, and if the sword inflicted the wound it seals him. In mighty Volvagia’s name, I will obtain the blood.” The statement ended, removing any doubt that Lord Alromon had in his guardian. Siam rarely mentioned the fire serpent’s name, and Lord Alromon knew that his guardian worshiped the creature as a god.

“How can you worship that monster?” The question was one that he’d always meant to ask his enigmatic guardian.

“Monster?” He stated in his hiss. “How is it you believe three virtuous wenches spawned the whole of your race.”

“I believe in what I can see and touch, and not what a starry-eyed Farorian Priestess tells me.” Lord Alromon answered.

“As do I.” Siam hissed back.

“You’ve seen Volvagia?” He asked skeptically.

“And touched him.” Siam answered. “All in my order have.” Confusion was on Lord Alromon’s face. “Many years ago, when I choose to live in shadow, his fires provided the gateway.” The guardian’s shifty eyes focused on his lord’s. “The Serpentine Art is a commitment deeper than any.”

“A life in shadow.” Lord Alromon spat. “To your task, I don’t care what you must do.”

“It shall be done.” His hiss acknowledged.

“And anything that may happen as a result, I want no connection to it.” He said, and Siam bowed.

“How will you explain my absence?” Siam asked looking out window at the hills between the palace and the city.

“Nobles and royals Siam, they do not care.” Lord Alromon was putting on his rings and a pendent with the Nautalin crest on it. “Worry not about that Siam, you will not be missed I shall see to it. Just worry about your mission.”

“Very well.” He acknowledged and silently slipped out the window while Lord Alromon’s back was turned. Numerous crests were on Lord Alromon’s collar and he still had several more honors to put on. He glanced over his shoulder confirming that he was now alone.

“Now I shall find out if you are all that you say my dark friend.” He said as he continued to dress.