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The Legend Of Zelda: Blood Of The Holders

By coasty30
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Chapter 19: Sir Link of the Lost Wood

Sir Link of the Lost Wood

The last strap was now tight on his gauntlet. Link’s wrists flexed the intricately decorated leather. They were stiff and new and according to Paldnor of the finest quality and worth their weight in red rupees. They were another gift from Zelda that he would need to do his duties as the guardian of the Princess, who after today would reside in Nautalin and sit on the Council of Lords. The gauntlets completed Link’s preparation for the ceremony that would name Zelda to the council and he her guardian. Link looked over himself, he was already sweating from the multiple layers of fine fabric that now adorned him. The new jerkin he wore was a darker green than his faded Kokiri jerkin; he also wore a shiny mail shirt with white cotton undershirt and leather breeches. His cloak was the same dark green but had a large bright red Kokiri symbol on the back between the shoulders. The cap was the only part of his new wardrobe that didn’t feel awkward; Link had never had clothes this fine before. His friend Paldnor, who had been asleep until nearly midday, was still feeling the events of the night before a night of much ale and tall tales. He was dressed in fine green silk dressing robes; the color was very similar to Link’s new clothes.

“An honored knight could not hope to look as good as you do, my young friend.” Paldnor said, patting Link’s shoulder. Link looked at his friend in his fine robes.

“As do you, my friend.” Link said back to him. “Are you alright?” He asked, seeing Paldnor put his hand to his temples.

“Worry not, Link.” He said, immediately perking up. “I have had hangovers far worse than this. I know this because I can clearly recall most of last night and no one wishes me dead as a result of what I did.” The man answered and Link could now hear a light scratching sound. Link saw the old man leaning at a desk with a feather quill in hand, scribbling several lines on a piece of paper.

“Paldnor?” Link said.

“A letter to Pacal.” He answered, sensing the question. “I simply wish to inform him that I shall be gone longer than I originally anticipated.” Paldnor continued, his quill still scratching words on the paper. Link was about to ask more, but a knock on the door prevented him from speaking and he walked over and opened the door. A young man in courier’s uniform and riding leathers greeted him.

“Here as ordered, sir.” The courier said. Paldnor answered back.

“Ah, yes! A moment.” He called hastily, finishing his letter and then sealing it with wax. “See that this gets to the Innkeeper of the Turnpike Inn in the town of Porsail.” He explained and then handed the man a small sack. “As well as this.” The courier bowed quickly and sharply.

“It shall be done.” He answered and Paldnor nodded.

“Good man.” Paldnor said and handed him a red rupee. “For you, Goddesses protect you.”

“Sir!” The courier answered again and left putting Paldnor’s letter and sack in a riding satchel. Link watched silently until Paldnor looked his way.

“I am settling a debt with Pacal, and also telling him what I would like done should I not return.” Paldnor said, reading Link’s expression.

“I doubt there will be great danger, old man.” Link said, amazed at his friend’s statement.

“It will be an adventure and any adventure has danger.” He answered and Link nodded in agreement. “I expect the celebration to go well into the night.” Paldnor added.

“Oh absolutely, as I remember, royal celebrations always do.” Link acknowledged.

“Then I should ensure that I have all my belongings packed beforehand, especially if tonight mirrors last night.” Paldnor’s words made Link notice the rather large amount of new robes and traveling clothes that his friend had purchased in such a short time. Following Paldnor, Link checked his saddlebag for his few possessions. In the right side of his saddlebag Link kept extra clothes and the Ocarina of Time wrapped in a wool cloth. In the left side he kept his harder positions: a sack of Deku seeds, his sharpening stone, tools for making arrows, and a smaller leather satchel damp with oil. He removed the sack from his saddlebag, the smell of oil hitting his nostrils. Inside the oil-soaked leather sack was a device that amazed Link since the day he found it. At first glance, the object looked like a sharp spearhead attached to a coiled chain, but a closer inspection revealed the chain was coiled around a spindle and looped handle with three actuators. The device was called a hookshot and Link had used it several times over the years.

“That is a strange looking device.” Link heard Paldnor say over his shoulder.

“It is, and quite useful.” Link answered, taking the hookshot out of its sack to give the old man a better look.

“How does it work?” Paldnor asked his full attention on Link’s hands.

“Quite simple.” He answered and thumbed the priming actuator. Paldnor flinched at the loud sound it made when the coiled tightened around the spindle. “Think of a windlass on a well.” He explained and pointed the spearheaded device at the bedpost at the far end of the room. Taking careful aim, Link squeezed the second trigger actuator releasing the primed chain and in the blink of an eye, and a loud mechanical clang the spearhead protruded from the wood bedpost with a taunt chain trailing behind it. Paldnor’s face mirrored that of a child who had witnessed a magic trick. Link pulled the chain dislodging it from the bedpost, causing the chain retract with a metallic snap.

“Amazing, my boy!” The old man said. “So this simple little device will haul you up to wherever you aim it?” He asked as Link returned the hook shot to its sack.

“If wherever you aim it at is strong enough to hold you, or you’ll pull your anchor point down on your head.” He answered and wiped the oil off his hands. “I do not use it much, it is hard to tell if some objects are strong enough to hold me.” Link remembered how Navi would check to see if walls and trees were strong enough to use the hook shot on. “I also do not wish to damage it that is why I always try to keep it oiled.”

“Where did you get it?” Paldnor asked and Link averted his eyes from the old man’s inquisitive gaze.

“That is another story, my friend, that would take too long to explain.” He answered but Paldnor was unsatisfied.

“Do not think that will prevent you from telling it to me.” Paldnor said as he resumed packing his belongings. “How am I to tell your story if I do not know the whole of it?” He stated, the old man’s attention on his bags. Link also resumed his packing and to his surprise, he had managed to fit most of his new possessions in his saddlebag, and he rolled the remaining a new cotton shirt and two deep green jerkins in his bedroll. After he finished, Link paused for a moment; he was leaving the palace again so soon after returning. In his years of drifting, Link had gotten used to short stays at inns throughout the land, but this place was close to his heart; he knew it all, every stone and every blade of grass in the gardens. Leaving the palace again left a mild heaviness in his heart, but he was also quite hopeful. He would be by Zelda’s side now for the foreseeable future, he would go where she went and see all that she saw. Paldnor started humming an unknown tune as he packed his clothes, and Link took a final look around the room and checked his belt for his battered Kokiri sword.

“I shall see you at the ceremony, Paldnor.” Link said, opening the door.

“At the ceremony, Link.” He answered with a bow and quickly resumed his humming. Link returned his friend’s bow and stepped out into the corridor. Bright sunshine gleamed off of polished stonewalls that were adorned with bright colored streamers and spring flowers hung from archways. With less than a few hours until the ceremony, many nobles had already arrived and were mingling in the grand hall where the ceremony would take place. Making his way through the fast growing and well-dressed crowd, Link managed to get through to the gardens. Guest and nobles were also waiting out in the gardens many had just arrived from stepped out of the opulent traveling carriages that were in a line on a cobblestone path being emptied by stewards one at a time. Several people, mostly lower born nobles, arrived on horseback bypassing the procession of carriages; this was also the way wealthy merchants would arrive. Link saw the stewards rushing to meet the guests arriving by horseback and escorting the mounts to the stables. The scene would be the same for the next few hours until the start of the ceremony. Watching this made Link laugh, nobles and the wealthy were all about protocols and proper respect peasants never let ceremony be a hindrance to celebration. The neighing of a horse caught Link’s attention and coming through the gate he saw a very familiar young mare saddled in a very unfamiliar way. Epona trotted down the cobblestone ellipse, her passenger rode sidesaddle and was dressed in blue silk. Link smiled at the sight it was one that he had never expected to see. He remembered the queen had described Malon Lon Lon as a “rustic maiden”, as close to a compliment as she would get, Link knew that Malon was as out of place in the opulent blue silk as Epona was with a side saddle. Malon quickened the pace when she saw Link and within a moment she was at Link’s side.

“M’lady.” Link said with a bow. “You look radiant.” He added, offering his hand. Malon took his hand and looked him in the eye, her face stone cold.

“Goddesses’ wrath on the soul that made this dress.” She uttered as she slid from the sidesaddle.

"You cannot mean that.” Link said, patting Epona on the nose.

“I do, this dress belongs in the dungeon with the rest of the implements of torture.” A steward came and took Epona’s reins as Malon dismounted. Link knew Malon hated riding sidesaddle and the elegance of the royal court, but running the ranch and being a friend of the royal family meant showing up in elegance. Malon ran her hand down Epona’s mane as the steward walked her to the stables and then straightened herself as she winced. “This dress is big enough to fit three of me under it yet it is so tight I can barely breath.” She uttered, looping her arm through Link’s. He slowly led her through the garden to the main hall that would be the receiving area.

“It is a shame Talon could not be here. I’m sure he and Paldnor would be lost in their stories.” He felt Malon’s heartbeat change with his words and a glance at her face showed apprehension.

“I wondered how I would tell you… I even thought of lying.” Her voice was quiet as if the words hurt her.

“Tell me what, Malon?” He asked, but feared the answer and Malon’s heartbeat told him she feared to answer.

“When I see Father, he does not speak much of you, and when he does mention you…” She started to explain, but stopped suddenly.

“What, Malon?” He pressed and Malon nodded.

“He does not speak well of you.” Malon said relenting. “He’s quite cross with you, and will not tell me why.” Link’s fears were realized; he’d been foolish to think that he could leave suddenly and return years later totally forgiven especially after the queen’s arrangements had been made. “Do you know why?” She asked him and his heart felt heavy. Link knew the reason for Talon’s ill feelings these were reasons he would never reveal to Malon.

“I do not.” He lied, feeling the girl’s heart quicken and Link was unsure if she believed him. They continued to walk slowly through the garden among the other guests, and minutes would pass before Malon spoke.

“He became distant after you left.” She said and Link nodded as her words cut deep, he remembered Talon as a jolly whimsical man known for his daytime napping. “He lost his heart for the ranch.” Malon added. “I think he had plans for you.” The new clothes and mail shirt he wore felt all the more heavily on his shoulders.

“I had to leave.” Link said, wondering what his next words could be, the possible explanation he could give to his long time friend. “I had my reasons.” He added to end the silence.

“I suspected as much.” Malon said as they walked. “What right did Father have deciding your fate?” It was more of an angry statement than a question.

“No!” Link said with quiet sternness. “I will not be the axe that splits you from father; he is too good of a man.” He turned to look into her eyes. “Besides I doubt the plans were his entirely.” Malon nodded in agreement.

“Aye, but I wish I knew Father’s reason for his ill feelings.” She answered and Link relaxed feeling her heartbeat soften.

“He has his reasons.” He said sighing.

“I hope you two will make peace.” She uttered, grabbing his hand and squeezing it.

“As do I.” Link returned, silently vowing to do so. Malon relaxed her grip on his hand and her and Link continued into the main hall that was quickly becoming crowded.

“Have you seen Renell?” She asked, causing Link to quickly look around the hall. Hundreds of unfamiliar faces filled the hall, men and women of wealth and high birth; their heartbeats rang in his ears and it was difficult to discern one from another, for none were familiar.

“I don’t see him.” Link answered, still scanning the hall. “He’s…” He stopped, noticing that he had attracted the gaze of another. From across the hall, Link had noticed that he and Malon had caught the attention of a finely dressed old man who bore the crest of an honored knight.

“You see him?” She asked, getting his attention.

“No, I…” He tried to explain as the honored knight looked away.

“What?” Malon asked with some impatience.

“An honored knight, I’d never seen one before.” He answered pointing in the direction where the honored knight had been.

“The finest are out in their best, Link.” Malon said and Link lowered his hand.

“That they are.” He agreed, trying to find the old knight among the gathered. “I guess Renell has not arrived yet.” He mentioned, remembering who he was supposed to be looking for.

“I guess we shall find him later.” Malon said as a steward approached.

“M’lady.” He said bowing. “Sir Link.” He said addressing Link.

“Sir Link?” Both he and Malon echoed confused.

“Aye, your presence is requested in the royal receiving room.” He said and then gestured to the far end of the hall. “This way, sir.”

“Very well.” Link answered. “My apologies, Malon.” He said and Malon managed a labored curtsy and Link bowed in response.

“That hurt.” He heard her utter through the clenched teeth of her smile. “Until later.” She added in a more jolly voice.

Link followed the steward through the thickening crowd to the large double doors that led to the royal receiving room. He was quite confused, for he’d never been addressed like that by one of the palace servants before as someone of importance and not a peasant. They arrived to see servants and maids doing their last minute duties before the ceremonies began. The steward was quick in leading him through the near chaotic preparations that were doubtless happening throughout the palace. He led Link to a room that was normally sealed and used only during celebrations and royal weddings. The room was small and the walls were lined with red and white hangings and had only a few finely crafted pieces of furniture consisting of a stool and a tall mirror, the only other objects in the room were statues of the goddesses. Link recognized the room immediately; it was the known as the maiden’s hollow. It was where the bride was prepared for the wedding ceremony.

“Hello, Link.” He heard the pleasant voice of Malinia, Zelda’s maid, say.

“That would be Sir Link now, Malinia.” He saw the face of Zelda’s reflection in the polished mirror. She had her arms raised as her maid was fastening gold jewel-encrusted ornamentation to her gown.

“I’ve been knighted?” He asked and Zelda smiled.

“All done.” Malinia said standing up.

“Thank you, Malinia.” Zelda said embracing her maid.

“And it is good to see you, too.” Mailina said, hugging Link.

“You too, Malinia.” He said to the woman as she turned to leave. Link watched her leave and looked back towards Zelda after the maid had left. The princess was stunning in her gown, the pure white of her dress with the gold and jewels with a colorful embroidered sash, and gold filaments running through the locks of her hair. Their eyes met, Zelda’s make-up made her face look fine porcelain and highlights above her enhanced the beauty of her face.

“I apologize for the title, but the alternative was worse.” Zelda said walking up to him.

“The alternative?” He asked, glancing around the small room.

“I spoke with three council lords, they wanted to give you a fake lineage, a wealthy merchant who owed a favor.” She spat. “I wouldn’t allow it.”

“Thank you.” Link answered.

“Of course.” She said and kissed him on the cheek.

“Sir Link.” He said, blindly.

“Sir Link of the Lost Wood.” Zelda finished, earning a surprised look from Link. “You will be after the ceremony, of course.” She added and Link found himself glancing around the room the eyes of the goddesses on him feeling awkward.

“This room, is it?” He started and Zelda stopped him.

“Mother’s doing.” She said, gesturing to the wall hangings. “Her last statement of protest; white for marriage and purity, red for war. In the eyes of the goddesses, only my mother.” She finished. There was no smile on her face and the make-up enhanced the depression on her face and her heartbeat was tense.

“Zelda.” Link said, putting his hand on the gilded gold plate that adorned her shoulder.

“After the ceremony, Link, you cannot leave my side unless I give you leave or release you from your vow.” She explained, covering his hand with hers.

“I vowed to protect you a long time ago.” He said, looking meeting her depressed look. “Before the goddesses who watch over us, no harm you suffer will go un-avenged.” He said quietly and saw a small smile return to her face.

“With all that I, no, that we have been through, why am I so scared of sitting council in Natalin?” Her question was nearly a sob.

“I have concern too.” Link revealed. “Together we shall overcome it.” She looked deep into his eyes. “As we did before.” He finished and he felt her heart beat very strong.

“We will.” Zelda added, nodding. “It will be time soon.” She uttered composing herself. “The clerics will be starting soon and father will be giving his blessing on the proceeding.” She explained. “We had best be on our way.”

“Zelda.” Link said getting her attention. “Happy birthday.” Her reply was so quick that Link was quite surprised as she wrapped her arms around him so tight he did not need his heightened senses to feel her heartbeat.

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Koroks Rock says:

woo hoo! i love your vivid descriptions, they are the highlight of my days. It's amazing how well i can picture what is going on in the story, as though I was watching it happen before my eyes.

aquawolf says:

Wow, if I dodn't know better I'd say this fic was addictive.^^

It's really well written, one of the few rare gems you can find if you look hard enough.

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Y'know, Coasty, I like the way you let Link have enough time for Zelda and Malon. I respect that. I can hardly tell if you're a Malinker or a Zelinker.

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Go Coasty, I agree with KR, and if I'm correct, that's the first time I've agreed with them completely.