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The Legend Of Zelda: Blood Of The Holders

By coasty30
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Chapter 31: Through his keen Eyes and Weathered Ears

Through his Keen Eyes and Weathered Ears

The goddesses blessed Degornic Dirtil with eyesight that both his friends and enemies alike compared to a hawk, hunting its prey high over the grassy plains of Hyrule Field. Time had not dulled his eyesight either, or the speed at which he could draw, notch, or loose an arrow at his target. His ears were another matter; once as sharp as his eyes now time had started to dull them, and for the first time in his existence, he would have preferred his ears over his eyes. Sir Degornic Dirtil followed Lord Savin Harrensole along a narrow arched corridor after leaving the main hall; the Lord Councilor was muttering happily to himself but too low for his guardian to understand.

“You seem pleased, M’lord.” Degornic said in an attempt to get Lord Harrensole to speak louder.

“Oh yes, quite.” He answered loud enough for Degornic to hear him clearly. “All worked out very well.” He added, rubbing his hands together in a conniving way.

“And what is it that worked so well, M’lord?” Degornic asked and he watched as Lord Harrensole’s hands fell to his sides and he looked back at his guardian with a suspicious eye.

“It is nothing that concerns you, Degornic.” Lord Harrensole answered, his tone carried the hint of annoyance and suspicion. “A situation has merely unfurled as anticipated and that is all.” The sense of finality in his voice told Degornic that Lord Harrensole believed that his explanation was more than adequate, but the keen-eyed guardian had questions he would coax out of his master. This was often how he was to Lord Harrensole whom he served despite his utter distaste for the Lord Councilor, whom he had seem many times display a total lack of honor and integrity and showed loyalty to only those who could increase his wealth and power.

“Tell me, M’lord, whom shall suffer as a result of your success today?” Degornic asked in a fatigued monotone the same way he always addressed Lord Harrensole who again looked back at the guardian following him.

“They are suffering nothing more than hurt pride and the bitter taste of realization of a mistake.” He answered, his voice now smug. “A mistake soon to be corrected.” He finished and Degornic knew immediately that he spoke of the Lady Princess.

“Your lack of honor is truly remarkable, M’lord.” Degornic said, his tone the same monotone droll and for the third time Lord Harrensole looked over his shoulder at his guardian. “You offer your home and friendship to the Lady Princess and then pounce upon her youth and inexperience.” He finished and silence followed. Normally he would see the back of Lord Harrensole’s ears and neck turn red with anger before he would speak in his defense, but this time there was no change in color and it took Degornic’s aged ears to hear the hushed laugh of his master.

“No, Sir Guardian. It was not I who reminded the fair Princess that her place is not in a domed hall.” He uttered quietly and Degornic had not heard the entirety of what he had said.

“Pardon, M’lord?” Degornic asked, his voice harder than normal.

“I said that it was not I who put the princess in her place.” Lord Harrensole’s tone mimicked that of his guardian’s. “I believe Lord Hiric Dodus took full advantage of the openness of the Council Chamber, for he was without mercy.” He said to his guardian who now was lost in thought running through the list of Council Lords in his mind.

“Dodus....” He uttered quietly. “Dodus…” He said again. “…Of the Shipwrights.” He called out louder than he intended.

“Quite right, Sir Dirtil.” Lord Harrensole answered causing confusion in the mind of his guardian. It was impossible to watch over Council Lord without hearing what was said in the Council Hall and since Guardians would speak with each other and Degornic was usually well versed in what was being said and the rivalries that some Lords shared. Degornic’s confusion stemmed from rumors that he had had heard from other guardians, whether they told him willingly or uttered in a drunken haze, that the arrival of the Princess caused a rift in the council but that the Shipwrights Guild was supporting the Princess’s appointment. Degornic decided to remain silent and hide his knowledge of this from Lord Harrensole and let the Lord Councilor talk. “The Lord Councilor wasted little time in relating the Princess to the House of Red Lions.” He finished with a mild laugh.

“The House of Red Lions?” Degornic said, quietly thinking of the histories that he had been taught of the past of Queen Zelda I and her forced marriage to the Earl Daphnes Nohansen, patriarch of The House of Red Lions. “The royal family has never carried their crest.” He uttered, not realizing he had spoken aloud.

“That may be true, Sir Dirtil, but it matters little against what the other Lords believe.” Lord Harrensole explained as though he was talking to someone who was unintelligent and Degornic maintained this façade, hoping it would coax more information from the Lord Councilor.

“Where are we heading, M’lord?” Degornic asked, already knowing the answer.

“Is it not obvious, Sir Dirtil?” He answered annoyed. “Halon Alromon is expecting me and I am doubtless that he wishes to discuss more about council.” Lord Harrensole explained in his annoyed tone. Degeornic remained silent quite certain that Lord Harrensole was plotting against the Lady Princess.

The two continued to walk with Lord Harrensole leading the way, and Degornic following down the high vaulted corridors that led to the apartments of the city steward where Lord Alromon resided. Degornic kept watch the whole time, though no soul had ever dare attempted to harm Lord Harrensole; honor stated that he do his duty and protect a man that he felt was the foulest of creatures that the goddesses permitted to walk on their world and breathe their air. Cursing his uncle who had used him to pay off his debt to Lord Harrensole, Degornic had served years under the corrupt council lord with gritted teeth. The lord councilor had never been openly treacherous or else honor would allow Degornic to walk away from his duties as the Lord Harrensole’s guardian, but his master was not stupid and knew what business to keep secret from his guardian. Though his family carried great prestige, House Harrensole was not known for its wealth until Savin Harrensole was named High Councilor of Tax Collection and in a short time had quietly attained great riches and was successful in hiding his sources.

They turned the final corner and Degornic was surprised to see Lord Alromon standing outside of the doors to his chambers, with his slender silk-robed guardian Siam standing by him with only his serpent eyes visible through his silk wrappings. Two thin curved swords were strapped to his back. The two of them appeared to be waiting for Lord Harrensole to arrive and Lord Alromon’s scarred features gazed at them as they approached.

“Welcome, Savin.” Lord Alromon called his tone not at all welcoming as he crossed his arms across his chest. “I expected you to be more prompt, but nevertheless you’re here.” He added as Lord Harrensole approached him with Degornic following behind.

“M’lord.” Degornic said with a slight bow, giving Lord Alromon the courtesy his position entitled him to and no more. Lord Alromon gave the guardian a side glance before tuning his attention back to Lord Harrensole Degornic, then locked his two-toned gaze with the serpent stare of Siam. Degornic had to force himself to not crack a smile for he had a duty to perform that he took great honor in carrying out; when the opportunity was right, he would not have to wait long.

“I would speak with you alone, Savin.” Lord Alromon said moving to the doors of his chambers.

“Of course.” Lord Harrensole answered nervously and turned to his guardian. “Degornic, you have my leave until morning.” He added quickly with a dismissive hand gesture.

“Of course, my lord.” Degornic said with a bow, again showing only the courtesy that the Lord Councilor was due and no more and slowly stepped away from Lord Harrensole waiting for the proper moment. It would come soon for Degornic’s keen eyes saw the minute nod that Lord Alromon gave to his guardian and the robed Serpentine Practitioner’s acknowledgement was just as subtle but Degornic’s eyes saw it all. The moment was near as both guardians watched their masters pass through the double doors leaving the two men alone in the corridor. One green and one blue eye again stared into a pair of mysterious serpent eyes, with dark vertical slits in the center that gave the impression a hideous reptilian creature was underneath the silken robes. Siam moved first slowly walking passed Degornic. The time was now.

“I have a message from Sir Link of the Lost Wood.” His words produced a garbled low hiss from the robed figure there may also have been words, but Degornic’s weathered ears failed to hear any as he turned to see Siam’s back to him. “Eavesdrop on the Lady Princess again and he shall send you to meet your master.” An enraged hiss and the flash of a dagger was all the warning that Degornic had but all he needed. Siam moved with the speed of serpent striking its prey, but was stopped by the tip of Degornic’s bow, fully drawn with a jagged arrowhead notched and ready. “Of course, I do not mind doing it myself.” He added and Siam slowly lowered his curved dagger. Degornic held his bow at the ready as the two locked gazes for a third time. Minutes passed and the archer’s hand held the string firmly. Another low hiss followed that Degornic barely heard as the robed guardian turned and left the corridor. “A good evening to you, Master Siam.” Degornic said giving the guardian the courtesy he was due… and no more.

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