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The Legend Of Zelda: Blood Of The Holders

By coasty30
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Chapter 5: Hyrule Palace

Hyrule Palace

Preparations for the princess’s celebration, which was now only a few days away, was the main priority for the palace servants. Everywhere Zelda looked, she saw them slaving over important details, getting everything set to perfection. The corridors of the palace were teaming with servants preparing for the noble families, some of whom had already arrived. There was still no word from Impa, and with only a few days until the celebration, Zelda would have to name her guardian at that time. The princess still had hope that Link would receive her message, but would he come? Zelda cleared her mind; she was on her way to her personal study to meet an old friend and receive and item that she had been anticipating for several weeks. The Triforce of Wisdom had greatly increased Zelda’s already vast thirst for knowledge, and she would often meet with royal scholars sometimes well into the night. Unlike the doors to the royal apartments or the throne room the door to the study was no different from that of any other, Zelda had found the empty room two years ago and asked her father for the use of it. With her king’s blessing she had immediately started filling the room with shelves for books and a desk and it wasn’t long before she was studying history and practicing alchemy with several royal scholars. Zelda also used the study as a sitting room on the rare occasion when she would receive guests, and this was one of those times.

Zelda reached the door of her study and took a minute to straighten her gown, and she opened the door to see a friendly smiling face of a good friend. Renell Cormenal, was the tall dark-haired son of the royal blacksmith, and his family had a small apartment within the palace walls. Renell and Zelda had known each other for most of their lives and were good friends; he’d even developed a friendship with Link shortly after the Kokiri boy had come to live in the palace. Zelda smiled wide as she walked into the room, and embraced the young man.

“It’s good to see you, Renell.” She said before giving him a quick kiss on his left cheek.

“It’s good to see you too, Your Highness.” He replied, returning the affection.

“Stop that Renell, unless you wish me to call you apprentice smithy.” She said sarcastically.

“It would be a great honor, as long as you included to Master Sword Maker Biggoron.” Renell answered. “And I have you to thank for that.” He added, and Zelda put her hand on his shoulder.

“Do not thank me, Renell. Your talent speaks for you.” Though she still smiled, her voice was serious. “In time, with his instruction, your skill will make you a legend.” Renell looked at her and for a moment Zelda thought he would thank her again but no word could express the gratitude she saw in his eyes. “Have you seen your parents yet?” She asked.

“Not yet. I came directly here, with this.” He answered, tapping the leather case.

“You did not have to do that, Renell; it’s been months since you seen them they miss you.” She told him, her tone sympathetic.

“And I them, but Master Biggoron requested I take this directly to you before I do anything else.” The young smithy replied. Zelda nodded and after another moment of silence, the apprentice moved on.

“Has Link arrived?” He asked with enthusiasm, and Zelda’s smile faded slightly.

“No, not yet. I’m very hopeful though.” She answered.

“He’ll come. I know it.” He said, trying to ease Zelda’s concerns. The princess’s smile returned for her friend’s sake.

“Thank you.” She uttered with gratitude.

Renell‘s voice betrayed his homesickness as he spoke again. “It is an honor to be an apprentice to Master Biggoron, and I thank you for arranging it, but there are no trees in the mountains and it’s either very hot when we’re at the forge or very cold when I’m outside the cave.” He breathed deep before finishing. “I have learned much from Master Biggoron and I want to learn more from him, but I will enjoy this trip home.”

“As you should.” Zelda said, putting her hand on his shoulder. The two conversed for a few minutes more before Renell finally removed a long leather traveling case that he had placed beside the table in the study.

“This is it?” Zelda asked, her voice filled with anticipation.

“As you requested.” He answered and placed the case on the table.

“I hadn’t heard anything in several weeks, I was wondering if it would be ready.” She replied. Renell immediately brought his hands up in defense at the Hylian princess’s comment.

“Master Biggoron would never allow that to happen, especially with this.” He said, tapping the case.

“Oh? Why is that?” She asked. Renell shrugged.

“Your note said you wished this to be kept quiet.”

Zelda nodded. “Master Biggoron is not good at keeping secrets, especially about the blades he makes and this one… He’s out done himself. May I see it?” She asked, not hiding any excitement.

“Before you see it, I must tell you this is unlike any blade I’ve seen before. Master Biggoron told Darunia of the Gorons of what you ordered. Within days, a Goron courier arrives with raw iron ore from the deepest pits within the mountains.” Renell watched Zelda’s surprised expression. “Master Biggoron insisted using the fires from the volcano within the mountain; it was so hot I couldn’t see what he did.” Renell started to undo the leather ties at the end of the case. “That is not all. A few days later, another courier arrives with a skin of water.”

“Water?” Zelda uttered in a confused tone.

“To cool the metal, it was sent by the Zoras from Princess Ruto herself. Her note said it was from a sacred spring and was of the purest anywhere.”

“Goron steel, Zoran water, fires of the Death Mountain...” She stated repeating Renell. “I’m not sure of the significance.” Zelda added.

“That is not the end of it, Highness.” Zelda gave him a harsh look for his formality. “My apologies. While Master Biggoron was forging the blade, a fairy…”

“A fairy?!” Zelda interrupted in the same confused tone.

“She flew in and went right to the forge. I didn’t see what happened, but Master Biggoron said she shed a tear it to the molten metal.” Renell sighed.

“Do you know what the fairy’s name was?” Zelda’s question surprised Renell.

“Her name? She flew in and then flew out; I never got the chance.”

“May I see it now?” Zelda tried not to sound inpatient, but her enthusiasm bled through.

“Yes, of course.” Renell said and pulled out an odd-shaped object wrapped in a cloth. He slowly pulled the cloth away uncovering a sword in a scabbard. The hilt was big enough for a two hands and a golden Triforce was partially covered by the scabbard.

“Princess Zelda, I present to you the sword Aria.” Renell announced, holding the scabbard and offering the hilt to Zelda.

“Aria...” The name of the blade was tested on her tongue before the princess grabbed hold of the hilt and slowly removing the sword from the scabbard. The blade had a melodious ring as she removed it; Zelda’s eyes were fixed on the blade. “Goddesses, it’s magnificent!” The blade was the shape of an elongated leaf and reflected almost as good as a mirror.

“Master Biggoron named it Aria, he didn’t say why.” Renell added as Zelda admired the blade.

“It’s an old tradition, naming a weapon gave it power; a soul almost.” Zelda answered, as she inspected the blade further. “It’s inscribed.” She said running her slender fingers along the inscription inside the bleeder. “Ancient Hylian.”

“I don’t know what it says.” Renell admitted, and Zelda immediately translated.

“All of Hyrule came forth to make me, Aria is my name and only Link shall take me.” She said, never taking her eyes from the sword and finally she ran her fingers over the golden Triforce symbol before returning the sword to its scabbard. “You must be tired from your journey.” Zelda said placing the sword on the study table. “And you should visit with you parents; your mother will never forgive me if you do not.” She added, putting her hand on his shoulder.

“If you insist, Princess.” Renell said with a playful bow, which earned him a soft jab in the side.

“I also insist you be on time to the celebration.” Zelda said now her tone soft, and Renell became hesitant. “What is it, Renell?” Zelda asked concerned.

“Will Miss Malon be there?” He asked making Zelda grin wide.

“Of course, Renell. She’ll be there.” Zelda answered. “I will see you later.” She said as he picked up his things minus the sword Aria. Zelda hugged him and kissed his cheek. “Give my best to your parents.” She added as he left.

“I will. Good day, Zelda.” He added as he closed the door, leaving Zelda alone in her study. Her attention was immediately drawn to Aria in its scabbard on the table, and she slowly removed the long, finely made blade. She was surprised by how light the weapon was, the hilt was big enough for two hands but it could be easily used with one. Zelda’s nursemaid Impa was of the Sheikah tribe and had shown Zelda how to use a blade, and she proceeded to go through some of the old lessons that her old nursemaid had taught her. Sheikah blades were normally short light and one sided, but Zelda found Aria very easy to wield, and after a moment, the blade felt like it was an extension of her arm. The motions she made were slow and fluid, merely exercises; Sheikah techniques were more defensive than attack, and as the blade cut the air there was a sight melodious whistle that followed making the movements seem more like an intricate dance than an actual fighting style.

She began to move faster, exercising her skill more and it seemed that Aria whistled louder and there was a slight vibration to the blade as she moved. The sound and motion of the blade continued as she moved, and now Zelda moved from the lessons her mentor taught her to the moves she learned from watching Link. Slashes and parries followed and now Zelda was wielding Aria as if the blade was made for her, and as she brought the blade to a stop and concentrated. The princess cleared her mind and focused her thoughts to the tip of the blade. She felt her awareness go into the blade and the melodious whistling filled her ears as she closed her eyes. The world outside was now alien to her; it was just the Hylian heir and the blade. Zelda could no longer distinguish where her hand ended and Aria began. She slashed quickly and broke her concentration; a bright flash and small sparks flew by. She had to grab hold of the table to steady herself as her mind cleared and the room fell silent. Zelda had to stop herself from dropping Aria on the stone floor. She returned the sword to the scabbard and placed it gently to the table. Zelda allowed herself a few quick breaths before turning to leave the study, and as she reached for the door handle Zelda was surprised to see the large slash across the door and door frame and upon closer inspection into the stone wall.

“Bravo, Master Biggoron.” She uttered, as she left.

Zelda again navigated the corridors of the palace; the closer she came to the throne room, the more guards she would see and they would snap to attention and salute as she passed. It was midday and she hoped to see her father before his daily duties would keep him occupied. The throne room dated back nearly a millennium and was the grandest room in the whole of the palace, with a high ceiling brandished with the banners of the noble houses signifying all had a voice in this room. The room was made almost entirely of polished marble and had huge columns on both sides of the center isle. Zelda saw her father talking with Sir Corumon, the captain of the palace guard. King Davos VII was revered as a highly intelligent man and a benevolent king; he was also a mountain of a man. Despite being in his late forties, he still stood tall in his armor and fine robes, and the sight of his daughter never failed to bring a grin to his bearded face.

“Zelda. It’s good to see you, daughter.” He said as she walked up.

“Father.” She replied, wrapping her arms around him. Sir Corumon took this moment to excuse him self from the throne room.

“I’ll return to my duties, Your Majesty.” The captain spoke. “Princess.” He added bowing, and left through a rear door. The king took a step back to regard her for a moment.

“What happened?” He asked, pointing to her waist, and she looked down at her dress. The fine fabric that her dress was made from was slashed at the waist and exposed part of her underskirts.

“Nothing!” She said quickly gathering the loose fabric and holding it closed with her left hand.

The king gave an annoyed grin. “Just don’t let your mother see that nothing. She’s still rather steamed about the council.”

“How steamed?” Zelda asked.

“She’s still not talking to me much.” He answered, sighing sadly. Zelda’s heart sank. She knew this was an old argument between her parents, and the queen wished different things for her daughter. Despite Zelda’s upcoming appointment, her mother still looked for suitors for the princess. “I thought telling her everything would change her mind.” He added, shrugging.

“She would have, if she believed the story.” Zelda said in an annoyed tone; she couldn’t help but be annoyed at her mother for her ignorance.

“Rimeena loves you and she had plans for you. I let you choose your path despite those plans.” Davos looked at his daughter. “Do not worry; you will be receiving letters from her within a week of your arrival at Nautalin, and they won’t stop until you come to visit.” Zelda looked at her father. “Count on it.” The king was usually right about her mother, and Zelda smiled. “She’s very predictable.” She agreed, chuckling a little. The two laughed but for a moment; blaring trumpets brought them both back from their fit.

“Who’s arriving now?” Zelda asked.

“There are so many announcements these days, I haven’t a clue.” The king answered.

The doors to the throne room opened, and the head steward took his position but before he called out any names, Zelda recognized the scarred face that her mother stood next to.

“Lord Halon Alromon, Hero of the Gerudo Campaigns, Lord of the Port City of Nautalin.” The steward called, and the queen escorted the lord across the throne room, and several armored men filed in behind them, but one individual caught Zelda’s eye. Among the soldiers was one slightly shorter man dressed in robes of bright red silk and had a yellow scarf wrapped around his neck and head and as he approached with the group. The princess also saw the hilts of two curved swords at his back and a small curved dagger at his waist. Zelda was unable to make eye contact with the strange man that had entered with Lord Alromon. The group had approached them and Queen Rimeena had assumed the role of grand hostess of introductions. Zelda found this an annoying aspect of her mother since the king knew Lord Alromon well.

“Lord Alromon, His Majesty King Davos VII.” She said. Lord Alromon answered with a bow.

“Always an honor, Your Majesty.” Alromon replied as Davos clasped wrists with him.

“And it’s always good to see you, Halon.” He answered back. “You’ve met the Princess before.” The king asked, gesturing to Zelda.

“Of course, we met some time ago.” Lord Alromon answered, looking to Zelda who gave her best fake smile.

“Only once before, and ever so briefly.” The princess said, mimicking some of her mother’s giddiness. Memories of her previous meeting with the Lord Alromon came back to her, she was fourteen and he was being honored for defeating Gerudo raiders. The scar on his face was still fresh looking.

“I look forward to being on the council, Princess.” Lord Alromon said, taking her left hand and pressing his lips to it.

“I look forward to sitting on the council, Lord Alromon.” She answered retracting her hand as quickly as courtesy would allow.

“Have you chosen who will be your guardian yet, my princess?” Lord Alromon asked her. The tone of his voice was soft and flattering, causing Zelda to tighten her right hand holding the slash in her dress closed.

“I have. He is an old and dear friend of mine.” She answered, trying hard to hide the longing in her voice.

“I would like to meet him.”

Zelda felt now uneasy and slightly foolish; the one who would be protecting her had yet to arrive, and she wasn’t even certain if Link knew she wanted him to be her guardian.

“He hasn’t arrived yet.” The princess answered, feeling slightly embarrassed. “But I expect him any day now.” She added trying to sound as convincing as she could. Lord Alromon nodded at her statement.

“He should be someone you trust dearly, for in his hands will be your life.” He said and with a wave of fingers, the red clad man stepped forward. “Allow me to introduce my guardian.” The guardian bowed as he was introduced. “This is Siam, master practitioner of the serpent arts.”

“Your Majesty, Princess.” Siam said to the king and Zelda. “It is a great honor.”

“I bid you welcome, Sir Siam.” Davos said. “And I thank you for you service to this land.”

“It is my honor, Your Majesty.” Siam answered.

“I have brought the Nautalin Elite Cavalry to escort the princess’s caravan to city.” Lord Alromon said as Saim stepped back. Zelda was surprised at this; she had already made arrangements to travel light and arrive in Nautalin sooner to be present when the council convened on the eve of summer solstice.

“Lord Alromon, I thank you, but arrangements have already been made.” Zelda said, keeping her voice soft and melodious.

“Zelda, what are you talking about? I have heard nothing of this.” Queen Rimeena stated with a hint of anger.

“I had arranged to travel light, my guardian and I would ride to Nautalin.” Zelda explained.

“What of your servants?” Lord Alromon asked.

“Lord Harransol has graciously offered the services of his servants. I wish to be in Nautalin to sit with the council as it reconvenes.” The queen gave her daughter a blank and confused stare. “If I travel light I can be in Nautalin within a week with fair weather, in a caravan the trip shall be every bit of three weeks.” The princess continued, mostly to her mother. “With a caravan, I would barely make it in time and only if the weather remained fair; if the rains come the road will be mud.”

The queen shook her head the whole time the princess talked. “Nonsense!” Rimeena finally answered. “You are the princess; you will travel like one.” The queen’s tone signified she was ready for an argument.

“Mother, I’ve made arrangements, and my guardian...”

“…Is not here yet.” The queen cut in. “The good Lord Alromon has brought his most elite to ensure your safety…” She gestured to the soldiers behind Alromon and Siam. “To not accept would be a terrible insult.” Zelda’s anger grew and her face reddened; her mother was a better negotiator then Zelda gave her credit for. “Surely you do not wish to do that?”

Zelda nodded. “No, I don’t.” She relented. “Plans go astray.” Zelda added through clenched teeth.

“Then let us speak no more of it.” The finality in the queen’s tone signified the end of the argument, but it was at time like this that Zelda found her mother very hard to love. “Now that we’ve settled the matter, Lord Alromon has a question to ask of the King.” Davon’s attention turned to Lord Alromon.

“Halon?” Davos asked him.

“Yes, Your Majesty. I request to have access to royal archives, I’ve been doing research on Hylian history, but the Nautalin Library is…limited.”

The king nodded. “Of course, feel free to research what you need. The scholars also make copies of anything you need for the library of Nautalin.” Davos added extending his hand to Lord Alromon, who eagerly accepted it.

“My gratitude, Your Majesty.” Lord Alromon said with a bow, and Queen Rimeena stepped in between them.

“The honorable lord is probably exhausted from his journey.” Rimeena said, meeting eyes with the king and reveling in her minor victory over her daughter.

“My men will require lodging.” Lord Alromon added and the queen was quick to answer.

“They shall find the barracks quite comfortable, and the stables more than adequate.” She replied, her pride shining through. “May I show you the way to the guest quarters?” Rimeena asked and took hold of Lord Alromon’s arm and began to lead him towards a pair of door on the western side of the throne room with the mysterious guardian Siam and the whole of the elite troop of soldiers following behind. Within minutes, all had bowed to the king and filed through the doors leaving the king and Zelda alone again. The princess relaxed her arm and the slashed portion of her dress fell to her side fully exposing part of her undergarment.

“I could have used your help, Father.” Zelda said staring at the now closed double doors.

“If you are to sit on the Council of Lords then you must speak with your own voice, and demand it be heard.” Davos’s statement had made Zelda feel embarrassed; she’d relented to her mother’s will with hardly an argument.

“She backed me into a corner; I couldn’t deny Lord Alromon’s offer, not in front of his soldiers. Not without insulting them.” Her fists were clenched as she talked and the slash in her dress hung low.

“And you compromised?” The question was more of a statement.

“No, I relented. Mother has that effect.” Zelda answered, allowing her anger to drain, but her regret lingered.

The king put his hand on his daughter’s shoulder. “The vast wisdom of the Triforce, and you are speechless when speaking to your mother.”

“How do you deal with her?” She asked, causing her father to laugh.

“I learned early not to get in between you two.” This time, both father and daughter laughed, and Zelda hugged him. “But your mother was right on one point.” Zelda looked at her father. “Link is not here, and we do not know if he’s even coming.” These words caused a cold shiver to go up her back.

“I have hope, Father; there are still some days left. He may yet show.”

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