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After the Pain

By FeldonLuminex
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Chapter 1: Prologue

Long ago, when the land was barren... wait... you already know how Hyrule was made. Forget that, let's just tell you the stuff you DON'T know.

Zelda, Link and all the others you have ever met in the adventures are finally completely together again and with nothing evil left in the land, they are just all lying around a nice big shady tree. Worries float away as they talk and laugh at how they used to fight anything evil that threatened the land. Even how some of them became to be at that time in that place for almost no reason, even Marin, Ruto, Saria, and Shadow Link (he is, yes truly, a good guy now) is a mystery, as though Din, Farore, and Nayru just felt very giving at the time. They just lie there talking, unaware of the dangerous goings on in their land, unaware of the ones that are watching the reunion, unaware that their greatest enemies are once more joined together under their very noses, waiting, biding their time, gaining more power than you could imagine.

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Koroks Rock says:

Ok, so you've established your basics, which is fine for a prologue (which you misspelled, btw, so i fixed it)- just be sure that you use language appropriate for the rating you gave it, PG, and if you have something to say to me or otherwise outside the story, go ahead and use email or the comment system once the fic has been approved.