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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 10: Chapter 9: Messing with Murphy's Law

Remember, what you're about to read is only impossible, if you think the laws of motion, gravity and common sense hold any sway in my world.


Chapter 9: Messing with Murphy's Law

Link stared up at the trees. No matter how hard he tried, he would never figure out that woman. Each encounter with the volatile pirate captain left him even more confused than the last. I'm doomed, he thought.

When he found Tetra's ship in Jabun's cave, he wanted to find her, just so he could say I told you so. Back then, he was still a little angry, so even when his intuition nagged at him, he found ways to ignore it. When she didn't turn up after a few weeks, he started to worry and it irritated him he felt that way.

Still, something wasn't right. Tetra, never apologized for anything, which made him suspect she was holding something back. He tried to shove thoughts of her out of his head, but couldn't shake the feeling she meant to tell him something else. He had no idea what it might be and the whole mess left him with an unusual sense of dread. I think I'm the one who needs a holiday.

Hoping to distract himself, Link sat up and gingerly looked into his pocket. Saimon, still asleep, glowed dimly in the moonlight. With usual fairy brightness gone, Link saw what looked to be the tiniest person he would ever come across. Dressed in a miniature yellow tunic, the fairy slept with a tiny hat pulled over his eyes. Fragile looking wings tucked neatly behind him. Link couldn't resist and used a blade of grass to wiggle just under the fairy's nose. Saimon smacked at the grass but didn't wake up.

For fun, Link did it again. This time Saimon yawned and looked up. Link smiled and Saimon waved sleepily, closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Link sighed. It was going to be a long night, might as well get some sleep. Link pulled his dirty shirt over his head being careful not to dump the fairy out of his pocket as he arranged the shirt by a nearby tree. He pulled out his spare shirt, put it on and settled down and quickly fell asleep.

Link started awake to the sound of a weird high-pitched squeak and opened his eyes, just in time to see Saimon shoot past him, spinning wildly. Link sat up, but immediately had to duck to keep from being hit in the head by the out of control fairy.

"Hey! Watch it!" he cried as he ducked the fairy again.


Link heard the fairy cry as he went by him again. Refusing to land, the fairy righted himself for a moment, only to change course, lose control and spin helplessly in midair. Link was starting to worry he might hurt himself, when without warning, Saimon spun vertically up into the air. He came down so fast, Link thought he'd hit the ground. Somehow, Saimon managed to pause midair, shoot himself horizontally: straight into Link's chest.

"Yow!" Link cried and watched as Saimon slowly began to fall backwards. Link caught him before he fell too far and held him up in his hand while the fairy recovered. Saimon shook his head and looked as though he was about to take off again.

"I wouldn't try that again if I were you," Link said, "I noticed one of your wings has a tear in it."


"Uh oh." Link watched as Saimon took off again, or at least tried to. "I wonder why I can't understand you."

"Ack! Mas mijhas! Mas bondi mijhas!" the fairy said frantically. He quieted abruptly as he seemed to realize his problem. He folded back his wings behind him and looked up at Link as he said in a much calmer tone, "Sequi voli mui fanz?"

"Sorry Saimon I didn't catch any of that." Link pondered over the dilemma. With Al's gossip stone missing, he couldn't understand anything Saimon was saying. Then how had Tetra been able to? The ocarina? Link pulled it out and showed it to Saimon. The fairy only shook his head and waved his hands. Something else then? Saimon climbed carefully up Link's sleeve and sat dejectedly on his shoulder.

"Well I'm not sure how to fix this, but we should probably get back to the cave. I wonder if fairies can read." He pulled out Gonzo's letter and a bit of pencil. Using his pack for a makeshift table he started to very slowly print out the words 'get back to cave' in old Hylian. He had to stop several times and think on the letters, he only hoped he remembered the words right. Saimon perched on his ear and watched with great interest, then started laughing. It was a high-pitched, squeaky sound with an irresistible quality that made Link smile.

"Nice. Look you, I only started learning this six months ago. Work with me, okay?"

Saimon giggled a little more then said, "Ese iste junge." And shook his head as he looked over the words Link had written, he twittered again then nodded and said, "Link."

Surprised to hear his name, Link paid closer attention. Saimon said something unfamiliar that sounded like 'guys'. But when the fairy repeated it, he drew out the word, now it sounded like GEIS. The fairy pointed to the next word and said "Bacce." When he drew out this word, it sounded a lot like BAKA. The fairy laughed again, skipped the third word going straight to the last, and said, "Vettre." This he also drew out. This time it sounded like BETTRA.

"Geis baka bettra?" Link asked.

Saimon nodded.

"This is fun and all, but how is this helping us?"

Saimon made a calculated leap and landed in Link's pocket. He rooted around for a bit then came up with the gossip stone. The way he was struggling, Link could tell it was too heavy for him and pulled it the rest of the way out.

"Geis baka bettra." Saimon said again, drawing out the words as he pointed to the stone.

"You want me to say that into the stone?" Link said also pointing. Saimon nodded vigorously then ducked deeper into the pocket. "Okay... " Link held it closer to his face and repeated the words.

"Geis baka bettra."

There was a low rumble in the distance, a flash of blinding light and the next thing Link knew, he was falling and fast.

"What the..?!"

Great Fish was below and coming up fast. He cursed as he swung one pack strap over his arm, braided cord for the gossip stone clenched in his teeth. He yanked out the Deku leaf and opened it to the wind. It broke his fall, but he was a lot heavier than when he received the magic leaf at twelve. He noted he started to drift out over the ocean.

He let himself drop again until he was closer to the ground and let the leaf open again. He glided over the water and when he was sure he was over an area with no hidden rocks, closed the leaf and dropped feet first into the morning tidewater. He popped up and made his way to shore. Breathing hard with the effort, Link laid down on the sand with a wet sounding plop.

Saimon poked his head out of Link's pocket, dripping wet and looking very angry. The fairy marched up Link's chest until he was right in his face. "Idge Hylian povo! Jou vonda nos esfolge mui?" Link just smiled as he propped himself up on his elbows and listened to Saimon's tirade with growing amusement.


Tetra woke up and felt more refreshed than she had in weeks. She looked over and saw Senza's tall frame silhouetted in the doorway.

"Miss?" She sat up. "We're there."

"I'll be right up."

He seemed to nod then closed the door.


"Happy birthday, Princess."

"Oh no you don't," she said waving a finger at the sea fairy. "You have some explaining to do." Nagori laughed and pulled a blanket over herself. "But, I suppose that will have to wait until we get this baby stashed."

Since she was already dressed, she lit the lamp and picked up the small hand mirror. She was surprised to see she had blood on her face. That meant her meeting with Link in that damn garden was more than just a dream. She went to the basin and washed it off, she looked back into the mirror and her reflection stared accusingly at her. "Yes, I know, I should have told him. I will. Eventually." Angry at herself she yanked the damp kerchief out of her pocket and rinsed it out.

She noticed too late, there was still some blood on her shirt. She growled at it and headed up on deck. As she looked out over the bay behind Outset, she realized the ship's mast was the main obstacle to getting her ship where she wanted it to be.

"Hey guys!" she said waving her arm. Gonzo looked up from what he was doing and came over followed by Senza and Nudge. "Any suggestions?"

"It looks like we'll have to step down the mast," Gonzo said as he looked it up and down.

"How long would that take?"

"Well it's only been done once, that I know of and that was years ago. It was just after I signed on. Nudge was here though." Senza offered.

Tetra looked over at him. "Well?"

"Five hours, or four if we skip a few steps."

"Nagori how much time do you think we have before the 'magic' finds us again?"

"Three hours Princess, maybe less."

"Great, why did you let me sleep so long?" The three men exchanged glances and started to laugh. Tetra smiled. "Alright, alright point taken." She looked up at the mast, then back at the entrance to the cave. Tetra noticed that Nagori sat quietly. No sound, no laughing and no advice to give, maybe this was part of the price she had to pay for letting herself be led around by blind hatred.

She already knew what needed to be done; she just didn't want to do it. Tetra looked back at the cave and dreaded the order she was about to give.

"Gonzo, I want you to sail her as close to the cliff as you can then...." She cleared her throat. "Then cut down the mast." All three gasped in disbelief.

"But Miss Tetra... "

"I don't have time to argue about this." She looked back at the cave. "We need to get out of sight. I'm not entirely sure why, but I trust Nagori, she's been right about everything else."

Gonzo recovered himself enough to say, "I know but --"

She rounded on him and growled, "That's an order, so just do it." She walked off without another word and sat quietly near the prow. Only occasionally did she glance back at her crew to make sure they were still working. She listened to the sound of the sea as it splashed against the ship. It was something that always calmed her. As the cliffs of Outset drew closer, Tetra was suddenly filled with doubt. "I wish I could be sure I'm doing the right thing," she whispered.

Nagori, still perched on Tetra's shoulder, used her ear to steady herself and said, "You fear for your family's safety." Her tiny voice was calm. "What does your heart tell you?"

"That I'm an idiot."

"No, that is your head."


"Yes, our Mother told us that you have closed off your heart. She also told me, I must help you find the kindness that once dwelt there. This is the only way to break the spell that holds you."

"Any chance you can give me a hint?"

"The walls of your prison are of your own construction. Unless you find a way to break them down, you will remain trapped."

"Miss Tetra?" Nudge had come over; she didn't look up. "Miss?" She closed her eyes. "Princess?"
That got her attention.

She looked over at him and said, "I'm sorry Nudge, just daydreaming, I guess."

"It's alright Miss, but before we chop down the mast, there's something you should see." She nodded and followed him over to where the others were crowded around something lying on the deck. The crowd of pirates parted and Tetra found herself looking at the large metal band lying there.

"What is that?"

"This..." Nudge said gesturing down, "was covering that." He pointed up.

Her eyes followed his hand up the mast. What Tetra saw made her smile and she hugged him. She climbed up the ladder to inspect what appeared to be a large hinge placed about midway through the mast. There was no point in questioning why it was there, it was. She'd run across stranger things than this in her treasure hunting days. The hinge showed surprisingly little rust and was secured with the sturdiest lock she’d ever laid eyes on. Tetra reached across, hefted the lock in her hand and said to it, "You are a problem."

Nagori, still on her shoulder, floated down her arm and looked carefully at the lock. "Please do not move Princess," the fairy said and plunged two of her tiny hands into the lock, while the other two strained at the hook. Tetra stole another glance at the island, and back at the crew. No one was paying attention to the rudder. "Oh, for Din's sake," she muttered and shouted down at Senza, "Tide!" The big man's attention snapped back to his duties and he grabbed the wheel adjusting their course. Tetra grimaced; her arm felt like it might drop off when the fairy let out a satisfied laugh. There was an audible clack as the tumblers gave way and the pad lock opened.

"Nagori you did it!"

"Yes," The fairy said with a most satisfied grin on her face.

"All right!" she shouted to the pirates on the deck. "Let's get this pole down before we smash it into the rocks!" Tetra looked at the cave entrance and noticed they'd picked up some speed with the tides movement. Though her men were working quickly, she could tell it would not be fast enough and she roared at them, "MOVE IT PEOPLE! SOMEONE GET SOME ROPES UP HERE!" Sailors scattered. "YOU THREE," she said pointing, "CLEAR THIS AREA, I WANT EVERYTHING OUT OF THE WAY!" Lucky most everything is still below from the journey here, she thought.

Mako and Zuko appeared on deck with some rope; Tetra reached down and grabbed a length of it. She looped an end through the ladder, then climbed a little higher and secured it nearer the top of the mast. Gauging the length, she knew they'd need a little more play, so she had Zuko tie another length on. Mako tied his rope a few yards below hers and threw his end in the opposite direction. She looked up again; they were almost there.

"Okay everyone, split up and grab the ends!" She glanced down and realized she'd forgotten to remove the lock. "Mako, pop that lock off and hurry!" Mako reached out and tugged at the lock, it didn't want to come free. "Put some muscle into it!"

He growled at it as he worked it free and she felt the mast become less stable.

"Everyone ready?"

"AYE!" Gonzo shouted back.

Tetra used the ladder as a brace and gave the mast a little push. The line secured in the other direction pulled tight as the mast began to tip. Pirates on the other side pulled back to stop the mast crashing into the deck. The mast stopped moving and she realized she had forgotten one very important thing. The ladder. It was secured to the crows nest, and that was being pulled toward the deck. Muttering to herself, she swung herself back around, yanked out her short sword and started hacking at the wood. "Keep pulling!" she shouted. The added strain was enough to make the ladder snap sending wood fragments shooting like darts in all directions.

Tetra lost her balance and her hold on the ladder as it broke free. She fell, but managed to catch hold of one of the ropes and swung herself back to the now shortened ladder. The mast wobbled from her actions, but didn't break. She let out a relieved sigh as she watched it lowered to the deck with few problems.

None of the pirates moved, or breathed while Senza and Gonzo struggled with the wheel. Both men strained to keep an even keel and keep the ship from ramming into cliff face. As the ship plunged through the water toward the cave, there was a tense moment when the ship, caught in a swell, scraped the side of the entrance.

Once the ship passed all the way into the cave, she ordered the anchors dropped. The ship lurched to a halt as they caught on the rocks below. The first rays of sunshine started to come up over the horizon and something made Tetra look behind he toward the cave entrance. There was a murmur of surprise from the crew when they heard the sounds of a very angry octo in the distance. A dark shadow, followed by a cold wind, swept past the cave entrance and blocked out the morning sun.

Tetra shuddered and closed her eyes. She could feel the vileness of it as it lingered near the cave mouth. She gripped the broken ladder in an effort keep from falling into that blackness as it tried to overtake her. Tetra realized, now it was hunting her and she retreated further within herself. She did not look back, she knew where she was going. She followed the twists and turns of her past and came back to the place she'd hoped she would never have to return to.

She was determined to keep them safe, whatever the cost to herself. It only seemed to want her, so let it try to find her here. This was the fortress she had built for herself; it had sheltered her more than once. When she called to the ocean, it answered and just as it had seven years ago, it covered her, shielding her from the shadow's senses.

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