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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 15: Chapter 14: Breaking up is hard to do

Chapter 14: Breaking up is hard to do

Tetra told herself she knew all along the Fairy would leave, but it was so sudden. Frowning, she looked back out at the cave mouth and wondered. She felt she was on the verge of figuring out something important when her thoughts were interrupted.

"She's gone, isn't she," Gonzo said.

Still distracted she said, "Yeah."

"I'm gonna miss that fairy."

"Me too." She turned away from the rail and started toward her cabin. Was she really only here for a day? Well she'd better get to work. "Gonzo, is Jasper still on board?"

"Strange that."


"I haven't seen hide nor feather of that one since we saw Aryll on board."

"Well doesn't that just complicate my day."

"She always seems to come back around sundown though."

"Good," she said looking back again. "We have some planning to do. Have everyone meet in the galley." Gonzo nodded and turned to leave when she stopped him and said, "Except for Niko. Send him to my cabin I have something special I need him to do."

Gonzo cocked an eyebrow but nodded again and headed below. Tetra looked back at the entrance of the cave. It was a bright and sunny day outside the cavern but it chilled her when she remembered the hatred that oozed off that shadow. Get focused, damn it. She turned back to the door and went to her cabin. There, she sat down at the desk and picked up the wayward box Link had left behind.

What is this thing? she wondered. She turned it around in her hands and ran a finger across the intricate carvings inlayed on each side of it. One side showed the sun at noon over the water, the other the moon near midnight. Both sides included an odd repeated pattern and mixed between were words written in a script she didn't quite recognize. They ran the entire length of the outer border and since each held the same level of detail so it was impossible to tell which side was up. Tetra pushed the latch gently with her finger. Not even a little movement, that thing was most definitely stuck. She was more surprised it hadn't popped open on its own for all the times it had fallen off her desk in the past twenty-four hours.

She needed to find an easier way to talk to Link. She certainly couldn't count on random acts of fairy magic. There had to be a way that was quicker, but Jasper seemed her only avenue for the moment. She fiddled around with the latch until she heard Niko's soft knock on her door. Setting it aside, she called him in.

"You wanted to see me Miss?"

"Yes, I have a job for you." She shifted through the papers on her desk and picked up one of his lists from the day before. "I want you to hang on to this. If anything drops off this list I want you to stop what you're doing and find me right away okay?"

"Drops off? Ummm, okay Miss, but how will I know?"

"Just read though it every half hour or so and make sure all your entries are still there."

"Alright Miss," he said as he carefully refolded the paper and put it in his boot. "Was there anything else?"

"As a matter of fact," Tetra said smiling, "I'm glad you asked."


Gonzo wasted no time gathering the rest of the crew and they now sat either staring at one another or talking quietly amongst themselves.

"So what's going on?" Senza asked.

"I don't know yet, but I think Miss Tetra may have figured a way out."

"That's good news. Where's Niko?"

"Miss Tetra had a 'special job' for him to do."

"Really, what could that little sea rat do?"

Gonzo thought for a moment, "Wash her socks maybe?" at this both started to laugh. Tetra came into the room then with her arms full of papers. Making her way to the table, she laid everything out. The rest of the crew stopped what they were doing to watch her.

"Okay everyone, listen up." She paused and frowned as she picked through the parchments.

Gonzo crossed his arms and wondered what Miss Tetra was up to. Senza leaned closer to him and whispered, "Then the fairy really is gone?"

"How did you know about that?" Gonzo asked while giving him a sly look. Senza just shrugged. "Yeah, she's gone."

"Are you two done?" Tetra said startling them both, she shook her head as she handed Senza one of the parchments to hold up. "Or is there something you'd like to share with the rest of the crew?"

Both men straightened up and mumbled out, "Sorry Miss."

She rolled her eyes at the pair and turned to the others. "It's time you all knew what were up against." She held up another page, which she handed to Gonzo. He took it and recognized it as part of the set she kept on the wall of her cabin. "This," she said pointing at the one he held, "is a depiction of our collective Hyrulian history. As you all can see it hasn't always been a pleasant one." She moved over to the parchment Senza held. "Whatever Link and I accomplished seven years ago, and no I don't have time to explain it, appears to be unraveling."

Tetra pointed to a nasty looking portrayal of Ganon in his giant monster form. "And this abomination, may soon be let loose on the world, again." She paused until the crew's murmurs quieted. "Now, as many of you have already figured out Nagori has left us to complete whatever purpose the Fairy Queen had in mind for her. The evil depicted in this parchment is really only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Please listen carefully to the instructions I am about to give you. Link's life as well as your own will depend on it." She turned back to Gonzo and said briskly, "Gonzo, the tide will be going out soon and when you take the ship out of the cave, I want you to sail around the island and give this to Aryll."

He took the letter she handed him. "Do you think she's still on the island?"

"If you saw her once it's a good bet she's still here, ask her to have Jake deliver that to Link."

"But we haven't seen Jake at all... "

"Don't worry, I have a funny feeling Jake is never far from wherever Jasper may be." She stepped closer to him and said quietly, "Stay close to her Gonzo, I have a feeling she may be in some kind of danger, I just don't know what." She turned and picked something up off the table. "Senza, take these two bottles, head up to the fairy fountain and collect a couple of health fairies. Hang on to them and keep them safe. You'll know what to do with them when the time comes. Mako, Zuko I want you to keep a special watch over Link's grandmother and make sure nothing happens to her, you understand?" they both nodded. "As for the rest of you, spread out on the island, if you see or hear anything suspicious report it to Gonzo immediately, I don't care how stupid you think it sounds. Does everyone understand what I need them to do?" The men all nodded. "Good."

"But what about Niko?" Gonzo asked.

"Niko, will be with me. Furthermore," She held up her hands and raised her voice over the loud comments that followed. "I want you all to know that I've enjoyed my time as your Captain. Please remember that you are my family and take care of one another."

"You're talking like you aren't coming with us," Senza said sounding concerned.

She smiled at him and continued, "I love you all, so effective immediately I am resigning as your Captain. Gonzo," she said looking at him, "you have the helm."

Gonzo's eyes went wide but "Wha----?" was all he got out before she disappeared from view completely.


Tetra didn't stay to watch the commotion caused by her sudden disappearance. Instead, she walked out to main deck where Niko already waited. "You ready?" she asked.

"Yes Miss."

"Are you sure?" she asked seeing how nervous he looked, "I can still send you back with the others."

"No Miss, I'm staying with you."

"You're a good pirate Niko, and now officially, you're first mate." She helped him pick up their gear and both headed for the longboat.


After being dumped on the floor, Al struggled to regain his footing even as the queasiness returned. The boat ride here was the most horrible experience he'd had to bear in recent memory. It was a blessing in disguise though, and while he was quite sure he was going to pass out, it kept him from focusing on the jumbled noises that was even now vying for his attention.

For most of the trip, his sister ranted endlessly, insisting he call her Kei. Whenever he mustered the energy to refuse, she would make the boat move in slow circles, which intensified his motion sickness to an excruciating level of nausea that was hard to endure. She was, it seemed, completely taken by the shadow or perhaps she always had been and he had just refused to see it. Either way there was no turning back now.

As he stood wavering before his sister, a growing feeling of apprehension overtook him. He knew now how Delia had been taken, with Saimon was gone, whispered voices that had lingered since his time with the shadow, returned. He tried at first not to listen but it was becoming more difficult with each passing hour. He broke out in a cold sweat as he began remembering bits and snatches of things he'd done long ago that were, as far as he was concerned, best forgotten. Seeing Senkyoku encased in crystal he knew Delia could not help but hear those voices that must be raging in her head even now. His vision was still a little blurred and his stomach burned, but most of all he worried about Saimon. The voices claimed victory over him that he had been done in and would soon, also be imprisoned.

Still, he would not give in to her demands and she became very angry. He frowned and realized he could no longer be sure that even if she did need him he would survive the day. He watched as frustration filled her until she picked him up and threw him back against a wall with her imperfect magic. Unable or possibly unwilling to defend himself, he couldn't be sure which, he hardly slowed himself before the collision with the stones and he hit the wall hard.

The world grew dim as stars filled his eyes from the impact when he heard it again; that melody from a forgotten time. The strange music still lingered at the edge of his hearing and gave him some small hope that all would be well. He had no idea where it was coming from and didn't really care. It sounded so familiar that he forced himself to stay awake so he could listen. It made him feel oddly calm. He clung to that familiarity like a warm blanket, and wrapped himself in it as protection from whispered voices and his sister's madness. Sung with love for all, even an old fugitive like him. He smiled as the insane chatter was replaced with a pleasant memory, and unable to stay awake further, he slipped peacefully into unconsciousness.


Kei stared down at her brother in disgust kill him he hadn't even tried why? to stop that blow. he is a fool to resist Maybe she had overestimated him? he is weak Well perhaps she had been overhasty he will join us. She pushed at him it burns with her foot, he cannot resist better be more careful from now on though. If she damaged him too much,PAIN the whole reason for being here would be in doubt. do it She signaled to don't look at me!! a pair of moblins PIGS on guard near the door, come closer they approached her warily, knowing any sudden moves might set her off. They lifted useless the unconscious form and removed him away from her presence.

Looking out a nearby window, she watched as the tide came in. It startled her to realize her thoughts were, for the first time in months, her own. Still watching the water she thought heard a melody. It was almost drown out by the constant chatter and miscellaneous sounds that were ever present in her mind. She strained to hear it ........ I've died She knew she could no longer trust herself to tell what was real and what was not anymore. She sat on the sill and closed her eyes to better focus on the music. The song pulled her thoughts elsewhere, it was distracting enough that she even let the image she had built to be Kei, fade away. For the first time in a long time, sea green eyes looked out at ocean. Confused thoughts filled her head, but not like the ones that regularly tormented her. It was something else and without warning a voice, she'd not ever expected to hear again leapt from below the dimmed chaos. Senkyoku and the fairy was shouting to be heard ......... Go on scream at me, it wont do you any good ............... (No!) ......... I've died...again ... (No! I will not let you go!) .......... Falling ........ (I know you can hear me!) ....... scheming little deceiver ......... (Wake up!) ......... maybe........ (Please... ) ....... I'll wake up again......... (I am still here, Delia do not let it break you again!) ............. It's over ........... (remember me---) AAUUUGGHHH!!!! STOP TALKING!!!!!!!!!!


A loud pounding on the door woke Aryll from a pleasant dream, she was a seagull, and she was flying free over the ocean. She sat up, rubbed the sleep from her eyes and feeling a little irritated she climbed out of bed and shuffled toward the door. Who could that be at this hour?' she thought. "Who's there?"

"Gonzo," came the muffled reply.

"Gonzo?" Aryll yanked the door open and looked him up and down. "You're safe."


"That's it? Just yeah?"


"Where have you been for the last three weeks?" she said stepping back to let him in. "Where's Tetra? Did you see Link?"

"Whoa, whoa slow down," he said as he came inside followed by Senza, Mako and Zuko, "I'll explain as well as I can but Miss Tetra's not with us and no, I haven't seen Link."


He shook his head, "You'd better sit down this might be a little hard to believe."

"You're forgetting who my brother is... Nothing surprises me anymore."


"Aryll?" she heard her grandmother say, "Who is that?"

"Just Gonzo, Grandma."

"Just Gonzo?" he said looking hurt, she laughed and took his hand and pulled him to the table. Once everyone was inside, she lit a small lamp.

"So tell us what you do know," she said sitting him down and gesturing for the others to find a place to sit.

"Aryll they must be hungry," her Grandmother said, "Come and help me."

"Alright." She got up and walked to the kitchen and started helping by filling some plates with cheese and fruit. "I can hear and slice cheese you know, start talking."

"Well," Gonzo said taking a sip from the mug of warm tea her Grandmother had handed him. "It all started the day after we left Greatfish...... ", Gonzo talked well into the night with she and her Grandmother listening intently. Aryll or the other pirates only interrupted him a few times. When she had a question or they had something to add. "There was one other thing." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the letter Tetra had written for Link. "Miss Tetra asked me to give this to you. She wanted you to send it with Jake to take to Link."

Aryll took the letter. "Alright, he may do it."


"Well sure, I gotta ask him first, he does have other things to do you know." Gonzo just stared at her. "Its nesting season, he's a busy father of two. Though the way Jasper keep disappearing he may not want to leave." He still just stared at her. "Never mind, I'll work something out." She shook her head and said, "So she just faded away?"


"That must have been creepy."

"Not as frightening as the fact that she left me in charge of her ship." He looked a little stressed and added, "One of the longboats was missing as well as some gear...."

"No one's seen Niko since then either." Senza added.

"Niko?" Aryll thought back to her days on the pirate ship and smiled to think of all the tricks she had played on the little swabbie. "I wonder why she brought him along?" She stood up and paused. "Where do you think she went?" she asked and began to pick up the dishes. "I mean those longboats don't have sails, right?"

"No, but you could row out." Gonzo looked over at Senza, "What's the nearest island?"


"Do you think she and Niko could row that far?" Aryll asked.

Gonzo shrugged. "I really don't know, but Miss Tetra never does anything without a reason."

"Even if they could make it that far," Senza put in, "what's there that could possibly help?"

They all looked at one another and Aryll deposited the dishes near the sink when her Grandmother said "Medli."


As Link looked out over the water, he wondered again about that wish. What could that golden-eyed man have possibly asked for that would stop a daemon? The King of the Red Lions floated just off shore, he smiled to himself and inwardly wished the King's spirit still inhabited the boat. There were a few questions he would liked to have asked. Link had been promised answers all those years ago and when he looked back at the boat the carved Lion's eyes flashed....

Standing in the rain outside the Fairy fountain, he hesitated for quite awhile before he went inside. Still it would be good to be out of the rain. He took a deep breath and walked into the glade. One last task and he would be free forever.

Before nearing the small pond, he sat on the ground and emptied his pockets. Two bottles, his staff, the ocarina and five pieces of parchments. Here lay all his worldly possessions. Retrieving the parchments one at a time, he opened each and stared at it. Four contained pictures drawn with the beauty and detail only a small child could achieve. The last, a letter and this he stared at the longest of all. He read the faded words written to remind him that each of the others had been given with the hope that he might return to them some day.

The trip to this ending had been a hard one, but would be worth it in the end. He carefully refolded each, being as careful as he could with the damp parchment and placed them in the pocket closest to his heart. With one last look around, he picked up the ocarina, closed his eyes and played the song that had brought him to this place for the first time so long ago. When he opened his eyes, the Fairy Queen looked back at him with a sad expression.

"You have found them."

"Yes," he said as he set aside the ocarina. "It was a long chase, but I finally caught up with them." Picking up the bottles, he stood leaving the instrument and his staff behind. As he approached her, the rain that had been falling steadily for months now tapered off and he stood in the small patch of warm sunshine that surrounded her.

"In this task I almost hoped you would fail, for I do not wish to complete this process. Those you have returned are not worthy of a second chance."

"Everyone should get a second chance, even these two."

"You are far more generous than I," she said, "Show them to me." She watched as he carefully he opened each bottle and set it on the ground. From each a small orange light emerged that immediately tried to fly off into the rain. Finding themselves trapped by the wall of light, they flew up and down trying to find a way out. "Kage and Kageri, you will not be able to break through the barrier I have set, the time for your atonement has come." The light of fairies known as the tekuragari dimmed slightly and returned to her for they could not wholly ignore her call.

"For your part in the corruption of the Hylian children known as Dalkin and Delia you are found to be unworthy and your life essence will be taken from you." The tekuragari seemed to shiver and their glow diminished further. "Know also that by the grace of a very forgiving soul, a second chance is here by granted. This will be the last opportunity you will receive to redeem yourselves and there by escape your fated destruction." She lifted her hands to them and they floated closer. "Before then, the taint of the shadow must be removed, for I will not allow you to return to the world outside until you have been cleansed of his touch." As she said this a sphere sparkling with iridescent fairy magic surrounded them. The Fairy Queen looked away from the ball of light in front of her and said,"Are you still willing?"

"I am," he whispered.

"You must know if I do this thing, they will not remember you."

He stared at her for a moment, put his hands over the pictures and letter in his cloak, and said quietly, "I guessed as much." He tried to sound firm, but his voice cracked anyway. "I only took up the chase when it became clear, the shadow was trying to get them back. Even if I don't survive I will rest easier knowing that they will be safe. And by keeping them safe all of Hyrule will have a chance."

"But what of your own?"

"My own?" he asked a little confused at first then he smiled and thought of his children, "They are all my children now. Though, if it isn't too much to ask, can word be sent to my wife...?"

Venus nodded and said, "It shall be done as you have asked," she turned her attention back to the sphere floating in front of her. "My fallen children, your crimes are many and you should count yourselves blessed to have this man's intercession, for your redemption will cost him much." With a twist of her hand the intensity of the light that encased them brightened one hundred fold. Tiny muffled screams could be heard from within, but the Fairy Queen was unmoved and said in a flat voice. "It is time. Do you still wish this?" He did not hesitate but only nodded in reply so she said, "Step forward into the light, do not be afraid, all will be well."

With a slow determined nod he placed his hands into the glowing sphere. He pick up the now unmoving forms and the light within the sphere began its slow journey up his arms. He gritted his teeth and reminded himself, this was for the best, they would be safe and ignored the growing pain. As the light consumed him, he looked up one last time at the Fairy Queen and said with his final breath, "Remember me and forgive them."

Venus released the pair from the light and they floated as if on a gentle breeze. "From this day forward you will no longer carry the names of Kage and Kageri, and will be known instead as Saimon and Senkyoku. You are now the guardian spirits of Dalkin and Delia and you will remain with them for as long as necessary to shield them from the shadow's call." The fairies flew away then, headed for their intended charges.

The Fairy Queen watched them make their way out over the rainy landscape and felt herself diminish. She had expended a great deal of magic and it would be a long time indeed before she would again be able to appear in her adult form. No matter she thought, she would sleep, she had earned her rest for now.

Collecting the few items left behind by the man, Venus, Queen of the Fairy kind shed a tear of sadness at his passing. She held them close and did in fact remember him, for his spirit was still within her glade. So it was, that the remnants of a good man's life became the heart of the fairy that would one day be known as Nagori.

The Fairy Queen sealed Nagori's heart within herself and drifted off into a peaceful slumber. Outside her glade, the rain however steady before, became a torrent as the skies opened up and the tears of the goddesses fell unrestrained upon the land.

On a mountaintop far away, a woman was startled her from her sleep. Thoughts of her husband had come to her so vividly she was sure he was there with her. After a moment, she realized she knew his true fate. She looked at their still sleeping children, rose from her bed, and crossed the room. She cried silent tears as she looked out the rain-streaked window, for she also knew it would never be known; how for the safety of all, the last guardian spirit left in the land, had been lost.

With a start, Link opened his eyes and looked over at the boat, and said, "What the hell was that?" He was not particularly fond of dreams with extra meanings tied to them. Link remembered the boats flashing eyes and thought, Ask a simple question...... He took a deep breath and slowly let it out. Still a little on edge he got up and walked into the shallows. He touched the carved Lion's head of his boat and said, "I know your spirit is restless... I never got to thank you for all your help... "

Over the sound of the waves, he heard a strange melody that called gently to him. He closed his eyes and listened, the melody was not totally unfamiliar to him. His father had played it often to help console he and his sister after their mother's death. His last memories of her came up to him and helped to calm the unease he still felt. No wonder Saimon hadn't told him everything. He glanced over at the still unmoving fairy atop his pack.

As Link watched, the fairy once again began to glow with that inner light fairies seemed to generate until he could no longer be seen through its brightness. Saimon flew to him and hung in the air in front of him. Together they listened and heard the music as it slipped across the waves.

"That is the song," Saimon said after a time. "You must learn that song if we are to free Dalkin and Delia from the shadow once and for all."

The loud squawk of an angry seagull pulled Link's attention away from the sad music. He looked up and saw Jake spiraling down toward him in the early morning light. The gull dropped a small package on the beach and immediately flew off. Link walked out of the shallows, sat down to open it, and noticed it was his Grandma's handwriting on the front. Inside were some clean clothes and three letters. One from Aryll, one from Orca and the last one almost made his heart stop. How had Tetra managed to get another letter to him? When he thought about it, it really didn't matter much, and he picked through the clothes his Grandmother sent. Everything was the usual except she included a hat with a small note inside.

Link, just in case you have a friend in need of a place to stay. Love Grandma

That meant she knew about Saimon all along. Which meant she had recognized Al. Which meant his list of questions for her was starting to get really long. He put the hat on his head and tucked his ponytail inside. He also decided he would wait for the sun to finish rising before even thinking about opening any of the letters.

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