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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 17: Chapter 16: Meanwhile...

Meanwhile....back in Al's cell

Al woke up to a pounding headache and a loud buzzing in his ears. He sat up slowly and leaned heavily against the wall. Reaching back he gingerly felt the back of his head and though it aggravated his headache a little to open his eyes he did and looked around. Dirty straw, and a nasty looking bowl of water, at least my little nap took care of the seasickness he thought. He closed his eyes again and gingerly rubbed his temples and ignoring the buzz, decided that he probably hadn't suffered any lasting damage. That was when he noticed it or rather the lack of it.

Everything was blissfully silent. The constant onslaught of voices and sounds were considerably dimmed. It was almost like Saimon was still there with him. Unbidden tears sprung into his eyes and he heaved a great sigh of relief for he did not wish to rejoin the shadow. He despaired of being able to resist its call; the maelstrom of sound almost overwhelmed him on Great Fish. He realized that in this place, it was stronger than anywhere he could remember and after sending Saimon off with Link he knew he could only last a few days at most alone.

This made him think again of the strange and wonderful music he heard just before he lost consciousness. It still lingered there in his head, pulling and rearranging the fragile strings that made up his unpredictable memories. The song was trying to tell him something important. He tried to help it along as its magic struggled to somehow fill the still gaping holes in his memories, but with what he still wasn't sure.

He looked at the door. She would be coming soon and this left him so little time to prepare. He could just leave for neither of them could truly hold the other against their will, but that would mean he'd given up on her. He wasn't ready to do that just yet. He stood and wondered if Delia could hear the music too. Maybe this time they really could throw off the shadow for good. Everyone deserves a second chance, he thought, even us. Al looked through a small barred window in the door and spotted his hat and other things. There was no one around so he quickly unlocked the door walked out grabbed his hat and returned to the cell. Kicking the dirty straw out of his way he sat on the floor and thought, let em stew on that.

------------------------ ...back at Outset

Gonzo paced nervously. He felt lost as he watched the rain pelt the windows, what was he supposed to do now? Once Aryll sent off Miss Tetra's letter with Jake, he'd lost all direction. The others sat around the table. Senza and Nudge were talking quietly, when one turned to him and asked the question he'd been dreading.

"So what do we do now?" Senza asked.

"We figure out where Miss Tetra is going," Gonzo said.

"Well, she has to be on Headstone, everything else is just too far away," Nudge said.

"Maybe, but we're only guessing and who knows if she'll be there once we leave here. Besides, we can't even leave Outset until Jake gets back."

"Why not?" Senza asked

"Like Aryll is going to abandon those nestlings," Gonzo said.

"Gonzo, it's not like she has to come with us."

"I'm captain now and I think she does," he said and thought of what it must be like for her as she sat in the rain with a blanket over her and the chicks to keep them dry. "I just hope she doesn't catch a chill."

Senza elbowed Nudge and both laughed.

"Very funny," he said, as he blushed a little. To change the subject he asked, "You get the fairies?"

Senza reached into a small pouch and set the bottles on the table. The bright pink lights pulled everyone's attention until the pirate gathered them up and replaced them in the bag.

Gonzo turned and pulled Mako and Zuko off their chairs and said to Link's Grandmother, "Ma'am?"

"Yes Gonzo?"

"You won't mind if we leave Mako and Zuko here on the island too look after some things for us do you?"

"No they're welcome to bunk in the loft."

"Thank you," Gonzo said bowing. Mako also said thank you and Zuko mumbled something unintelligible as both bowed then headed out to the ship to get some of their things.

"So Aryll will be going with you?" she asked.

"Yes," he faltered for a moment, he didn't want to worry her. "Yes," he said again. "She'll be able to help us if Jasper comes back to the ship once we leave."

Grandma Namaki nodded as she poured herself some tea. "Thank you, Gonzo, I know she'll be safe with you."

Something in the way she said it made Gonzo think she knew more about the situation than he did. "Is there anything you can tell us that might help us find Miss Tetra?"

"Gonzo, let me tell you a story," she said sipping her tea. "A long time ago on this very island, lived a man, his wife and four children..." She talked for quite a while and they all listened to the old woman with rapt attention. As she finished the tale, she poured more tea for everyone then sat contented back in her favorite chair.

Gonzo, still confused, asked, "Pardon me ma'am, but where do you think Miss Tetra might be headed?"

Grandma Namaki looked up from her cup as Aryll came back into the house and said with a knowing smile, "The Tower of the Gods."

------------------------ ...back in the Tower

Kei cocked her head as strange music from an unknown source continued to invade her thoughts. She tried very hard to resist it but felt so tired. Just a little rest, she thought and the music began to fade.


Delia started when she found herself staring unblinking out a window. She struggled with the silence, for it came not with relief, but long missing images of her childhood. She was never quite able to remember everything all that Kei did, and while this disturbed her; she worried more about what she might do now.

Being Kei as a child had been her choice but for the most part her recollections of that time drew mostly a blank; until now that is. The longer Kei was in control, the more she remembered thoughts and feelings brought out of the shadowy places in her head. Where they'd hidden themselves all these years, she'd no idea. However, they were back and with disturbing clarity. It was hard for her to reconcile that so many had died because of the things she and her brother had done.

She also knew that was only part of what Kei wanted from her. They'd finally caught up with her brother and with Mei within their grasp, Hito would be preparing. The shadow man wanted its pet daemon back. The sound of the waves hitting the walls below, interrupted her thoughts so Delia leaned forward and put her head on the cold stones. She closed her eyes and listened. The sound was so calm and soothing she realized just how much she missed that rhythmic sound.

Dalkin's re-appearance was fuzzy but she was sure he was without Saimon. Where could Saimon be? She paused when she realized her brother was awake. Delia sat on the wide sill and wondered. She didn't know how Al was doing it but even without Saimon he seemed determined to defy Hito. She smacked the back of her head against the cold stone. She should never have tried to dabble with magic she'd no skill for it. Her mother always told her you either made it your life or you risked invoking what she liked to call, the law of unintended circumstances.

Reaching up she lightly touched the crystal pendant. It was warm. Senkyoku was there, ever her companion and friend. When the voices came Sen always helped to ease her fear and help her cope. She knew she should have listened but the latest bout caused fear so real she panicked. Leaving everything and everyone she loved behind, she ran. Now because of her foolishness, the fairy was trapped in that crystal along with all her hope. She wondered at first why Hito let her keep it, but she soon realized it was to prove to her...she had no hope.

In hindsight she grimaced at the excitement she felt at thinking her escape complete, only to realize that this was exactly as the shadow intended. She shuddered as she remembered how overwhelmed she felt when Sen had been locked away. Delia watched the ocean a little longer and sent a silent prayer to the goddesses to put an end to her quickly for she knew her existence here would be the undoing of this world. Hito knew her that well. A whispered voice made her turn, but there was no one there and Delia realized, whatever respite she'd been granted would probably end soon.

This has to end, she thought, and hopped down from the sill. Delia made her way as quickly as she could to the makeshift cell Kei prepared for her brother. On her way, she rebuilt the illusion of Kei and upon arriving she waved the Moblins off. They edged away from her and headed further up the hallway. More than a few of the pig like beasts met a nasty end at Kei's hand. Delia looked through the window and smiled when she saw Al wearing his hat. She unbolted the door and went inside.

He looked at her warily, not knowing what to expect. Delia hesitated only for a moment then let the illusion slip away. His eyes went wide but he said nothing. A loud crash behind her made her jump and she turned, but again there was nothing there. She turned back to him and could tell from the look of understanding he gave her he knew what happened. He stood up and approached her cautiously. When he hugged her, it was almost more than she could bear.

He pulled back a little and lifted the pendant from around her neck and put it in his pocket. Delia didn't want to lose her last connection to Senkyoku, but knew it was for the best. If anyone could free the guardian fairy it was Dalkin. She took a step back, she knew Kei would realize the pendant was missing, so she picked up some of the straw and tried out more of her newly acquired magic. She struggled to concentrate but still managed to produce a decent look a like. Dalkin smiled and touched it lightly and supplied the missing ghostly inner glow.

It may not work for long, she thought, but it might just last long enough. Dalkin sat back down to let her know he wasn't going anywhere, his face hidden behind his large hat. She closed her eyes and put the fake pendant around her neck and restored the illusion of Kei as she did. More sounds began to fill the air and she looked at her brother one more time, and fled, for she did not want Kei to take control before she left him.

Back at the window Delia sighed as she listened to the sound of the breakers. The normal world slowly dimmed but before she let herself retreat once more, she did not want to let out any hint of what she'd just done. Delia needed to keep it hidden from Kei, but how? She felt a moment of panic which subsided as a warm feeling filled and calmed her. Delia pulled that bit of herself closer and examined it.

She knew now what needed to be done and with a purpose she'd not felt for some time, she mentally wrapped up the parts of herself that were her self into a small package. All her broken memories, all the ones that mattered to Delia she placed inside. Sealing it, Delia knew it would not be possible to retrieve them again without help. She felt the covering one last time and she knew what it was that made it so strong. Something she thought lost forever and though it was not whole, it had been with her all along. Sure now that her memories would be safe, she let Kei take control.


Kei found herself still staring out at the ocean, *drowning* she fidgeted, time passed she could feel it, but how much? *lost* She looked away from the window as she realized her brother was awake. *fool* Something was wrong. *idiot* She ignored the sound of breaking glass and looked back out the window. She scanned the water in a vain attempt to figure out the source of the music she'd heard earlier. *catch me if you can* It was gone now though.

"Be wary Kei," an oily yet silky smooth voice behind her. It made her blood burn and freeze all at once. Turning slowly, she faced the source of all her torment, all her joy. "There is fairy magic in the air." *remember* She felt her eye twitch *nooo!* "Mei is here?" she only nodded *evil* "There's been a slight change in plans." She still only looked at him. "The Princess, it appears is no longer a captive." His voice held a level of irritation that made her jump when he moved closer. "and I will have to wait until the current cycle of days to complete before I can ascertain where she run off to." When lightly touched her face. *run* Kei shrank from his touch and he frowned. *unworthy* A feeling of intense self-loathing washed over her. *wickedness* and though she yearned for it, *please* she feared it far more. "I will return to you then, be sure your brother is ready."

Head bowed she nodded. *betrayer* When she looked up again he was gone. She sat down with her back against the wall and rested her chin on her knees *sorrow* she wrapped her arms around her legs and began rocking back and forth, still on edge she tried to cover her ears in a futile attempt to shut out the sounds *quiet!*

-------------------------------------------------------------------- ...back at Headstone

Niko watched and worried as Miss Tetra began to slow down. Though she warned him this might happen, seeing it was really making him nervous. They were still too far from the beach for him to even think about carrying her. When Miss Tetra realized what was happening, she abandoned her oar to him. He rowed furiously and yelled at her to help her stay awake, but she was drifting now and Niko rowed even faster, putting forth great strokes as he glanced back toward the beach.

When they hit shore, he hopped out and helped Miss Tetra out of the boat. Looking back, he noticed the boat starting to drift, he cursed and ran to the boat. Once he'd dragged it as far as he could onto the beach, Niko ran back draped one of Miss Tetra's arms over his shoulder. As the sun peaked over the horizon, he caught the glint of something shiny near his head. Niko looked toward it and realized it was coming from Miss Tetra's hand. Without warning, a bright flash of golden light blinded him and engulfed them both.

When Niko opened his eyes he knew he was not on the beach anymore, it was too dark. Niko's head felt a little floaty and he wondered where he'd ended up. A sharp pain in his head made him groan when he turned it.

"You're awake," he heard a familiar voice say. "I was starting to worry."

Focusing on the voice, he saw a woman dressed in a long flowing gown. Her hair was held back in an intricate braid and she seemed to float as she paced a short line. Niko blinked. While the woman in front of him looked a lot like Miss Tetra...that was so not Miss Tetra. Niko sat up and winced again. He opened his mouth to ask her where Miss Tetra was but all that came out was, "Wow."

The woman smiled and helped him up. "You did it Niko, thank you." He blushed furiously and stared at his feet. He'd never had such a pretty woman speak to him so kindly. When he looked up again she did a small turn and said, "Well, what do you think? A bit too fancy for everyday neh?"

"Uhhh..." was all that came out as he nodded.

"It's not very pirate like huh?" She laughed and showed off one of the delicate slippers hidden by the gown. "I'd like to know what dolt thought these were necessary."


She raised an eyebrow at him. "Snap out of it swabbie, I'm still Tetra you know."

There was no mistaking that tone. Niko nodded and said, "Sorry Miss." He shifted nervously again and said, "How long are you gonna stay like that?"

"Not too much longer, I hope." As she said it, her clothing shifted and became less dramatic in appearance. Now she wore just a simple linen shirt and skirt. Her hair was unbound and Tetra growled, "Ugh, when am I gonna learn?" she asked and continued to mutter to herself as she said, "Din, I loathe dresses, stupid things always getting in the way." She reached down and picked up her knife. Tetra sliced the thin material to just above knee, frowned and ripped a portion off which she used to tie up her hair. "Better."

Niko decided it wouldn't be a good idea to comment on the change and asked, "What now?"

"We need to find Medli, she's bound to be here in the Earth Temple but first let's the gear out of the boat," she said. Niko shrugged and followed her out of the cave.

------------------------ ...back at Great Fish

Link continued to practice the Flight of Gulls the rest of the morning. It had been a while since he'd put in any real practice and was starting to feel like he'd regained some skill with the form. He walked around to work the kinks out of his muscles, when he tripped over a something half buried in the ground. Wiping the dirt off his face, he looked at the offending stick. Link sighed, he was quite sure it hadn't been there a few minutes ago. "Doesn't anyone use treasure chests anymore?" he said as he worked it loose.

After a quick inspection he decided it was about the right length so he balanced it on the back of one hand, not bad he thought. He stood up then and moved the stick from hand to hand in a slow series of circles. Gradually he sped up the movement until the stick was a rotating pretty fast. Saimon meanwhile was getting impatient and began to fly in and out of his face in an effort to get him to move it along.

Link noticed that Saimon somehow managed to fly in and out without ever being hit, So he shifted the direction of stick's movement to include the fairies chosen path. Saimon simply adjusted his flight and flew past the stick with ease. Link smiled and began to incorporate the Flight of Gulls form movements in with his stick handling. This part of the form was something his dad said was the most important part of his training with Orca and to pay special attention and whether Saimon knew it or not, he made the perfect target.

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