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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 22: Chapter 21: The Best of Friends

A/N There was a part of this story I was avoiding when I first wrote this, viola - an incomplete chapter (well, as far as I was concerned it was incomplete.) If you haven't notice already - I have an annoying habit of slipping important plot points into seemingly random conversations...the main reason I do this is because people tend to pay more attention to dialogue than narrative...and I am lazy.

Things to remember…Jasper is a girl seagull...Tetra's biggest propblem IS NOT finding her way out of the timeloop...Aryll is far to trusting...and Fairies know down right spooky

From here on out things will start to get a lot clearer and I promise not to muddy the waters again for a bit...everyone needs a short commercial break - so - onward and forward to still vague but inevitable ending of this little drama

Chapter 21: The Best of Friends

~~~~~~~~~~ Southern Fairy Island ~~~~~~~~~~~

Aryll stared at the planks of long boat's decking as Senza rowed them toward Southern Fairy Island. The sea was calm, but every movement sent new waves of pain through her injured leg. She tried to focus on anything else but Jasper's almost constant screeching didn't help. She felt a headache coming on and snapped at the bird, "Geez! Will you lighten up already?" Undeterred, the gull continued her tirade and Aryll asked, "Remind me again why we brought you?" She stuck her tongue out and this of course only inspired more squawking.

"Is she always like this?" Senza asked.

Aryll looked up and realized her tongue was still out. She pulled it in and made a show of straightening her dress. Thoroughly embarrassed, she cleared her throat and said, "Umm, no. But she's usually the calmer of the pair."

"I was wondering how did she end up with a name like Jasper?"

"That's what happens when you name someone before you can tell the difference."

Senza grunted and Jasper finally quieted as the pirate continued to row toward their destination. The island was still a ways off and Aryll smiled as she remembered how frightened she used to be of him. He was strangely serious minded for a pirate and when she'd been smaller, his dark eyes always seemed so stern. Aryll was quite convinced he didn't really like her at all. So it surprised her when he asked, "How did you come up with those names anyway?"

"Dead relatives," Aryll replied. When he raised an eyebrow, she continued. "Remember the story my Grandma told you about the family that ended up on Outset after the flood?" He nodded. "Well, the youngest children's names were Jasper and Jake. They were twins, I think...or at least they looked so much alike that people thought they were...Never mind that...When this one and her friend started hanging around, "Aryll said pointing at the bird. "They looked so much alike that I thought of them as twins, sooo..."

"Ah." Senza said. The boat rocked in a wave and Senza must have noticed her grimace because he stole a glance back at the island. "We're almost there Miss, only a little longer. So how much of what she's saying can you understand?"
"Too much," Aryll said while she rubbed her temples. "But she's not making a lot of sense right now."

"Well, what is she saying?"

"That she's worried about Link."


"Yes," Aryll listened closer to her friend and said, "She says there is something wrong with that man, and she must mean Al, that Link left Outset with. Of course, she's not giving a reason."

"Do you think you could teach me to understand her?"

"Sure, I can try, I guess." Aryll put a hand out and stroked Jasper's head and the bird calmed a little. "My Mother always said you had to born with the knack for it though."

Jasper's cries persisted but now the gull settled into quieter tone.

"She's really upset about something." Senza said.

Aryll nodded and pulled the bird into her lap. "She keeps repeating we're not to go to the tower and that the time isn't right." Aryll held the bird up in front of her and asked, "Right for what?"

This sent Jasper into a completely new fit of screeching that made Aryll grimace. She set the gull down and watched as the frustrated bird hopped from the boat and swam to the nearby shore of the island. Once there, Jasper paced back and forth, intermittently running from the shore to the seashell shaped dome, all the while calling to her.

"Alright!" Aryll shouted exasperated, "Can we get a little closer to shore first?"

Senza smiled and said between strokes, "Bossy little thing."

"You got that right."

~~~~~~~~~~ The Deku Tree ~~~~~~~~~~

Tetra stared at the postbox for a lot longer than she realized, because Niko had to pull at her arm to get her attention. "Yeah we'll get going, but there's something I have to do first."

Damn ghost was right, she chided herself, I need to take care of this. Tetra sat down and pulled out the writing kit along with her last unopened letter. She hadn't puzzled out the mystery behind them, but she'd no more time to waste on it. She pulled out the parchment and wrote a very brief note. Tetra stared at the words as she waited for the ink to dry. It was vague but not impossible to figure out. Well, she hoped so anyway.

She sealed it with a piece of knotted string and as she neared the postbox she was hit by a weird premonition, something bad was happening, she just couldn't tell where. Tetra focused on that feeling for a moment and pulled five arrows out of her quiver. She broke one and tied the lot to the letter before she posted them.

"Was that letter for Link?" Niko asked.

"Gah! Why do you keep sneaking up on me like that?"

"Sorry," Niko said sheepishly. "But is it?"


"Can you tell me what's in it?"

Tetra stared at him, shook her head, and walked away.

"Just a hint?" he said behind her.

She didn't answer him as she continued up the hill. When Niko caught up to her, they made their way up the cliff face without much trouble until they stood before the entrance to a great cave. Tetra looked at Niko, he shrugged, and together they slogged through the shallow water into the darkness. After a few minutes, they spied a light ahead and made their way toward it. As they stepped into the brightness, Tetra cursed when she realized they were right back where they started from. The pair exchanged glances and walked back into the cave. When they returned to the same spot Tetra muttered to no one in particular, "Why does everything have to be a problem?"

"Maybe it's me." Niko said.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't really have any reason to see the Tree," Niko said and shrugged. "Maybe you can only get in if you have some sort of business with it."

"You think?"

"It's like, the tree is hidden for a reason." Niko added in a conspiratorial tone.

"You're probably right, can't have just anybody wandering in, but I don't like it."

"You'd better go, it's getting late."

Tetra nodded and after adjusting her pack, started in alone. After a few yards, she looked back and could see Niko, but there was a haze surrounding him, similar to the kind you'd see on a really hot day. When she turned back around, her mouth dropped open. Tetra's astonishment turned to delight as she found herself surrounded by dozens of fireflies. They drifted lazily around her on the cool breeze that flowed toward her from up the river she found herself standing in.

There wasn't anywhere she could easily climb out, so trying to make as little noise as possible, she waded through the water. Tetra took in the beauty of the place and when she came to a gentle waterfall, she climbed up. This was followed by a second and then the slow moving river curved into a third. Tetra found a low spot at the waters edge and climbed out onto the riverbank. She took a good look around and she thought as she looked up, This place is huge.

The sun peaked through the branches of a massive tree that stood at the center of it all and Tetra walked around its base toward what she hoped was the front. She stopped when she came to a small pond. She spotted a large lily pad out in the open and decided that this was as good a place as any to take a break. Tetra stepped on to it and smiled as it bore her weight with no problem at all. She set down her pack with a sigh. Damn time loop must be catching up with me again, she thought, and Tetra struggled with her fatigue for a moment until she sat down.

Tetra knew of the Great Deku, though she'd never met the forest guardian. Link came here often to speak to the Tree. He'd even tried to convince her to come with him a few times. She always declined his offers, not that she'd any reason to. Still, Tetra remained apprehensive at the thought of meeting one of the few creatures still alive from the time before the Great Flood that buried Hyrule beneath the ocean.

Resting her chin on her knees, Tetra sighed and gazed at the Triforce symbol on her hand. Her denial of her destiny brought her into this situation and now the tiny piece of the Goddess Nayru's power embedded in her hand was all she had left to fight the shadow. Within it rested the knowledge and wisdom borne by all the previous bearers and this was now at her disposal. That knowledge is my power, she thought, and I will not fail.

The Triforce of Wisdom shone more brightly than it had in years and Tetra recalled how it frightened her that she could lose the part of herself that was Tetra Shukkon to her fated role as the Crown Princess of Hyrule. That was the real reason she locked it away; she didn't fear the knowledge or its power, she feared losing herself to it. She tipped as she felt the lily pad suddenly rise out of the water, and Tetra was grateful to be already seated.

"Welcome," a deep booming voice said.

Completely awestruck, Tetra was unable to speak as she sat with her mouth open. Link had told her he was big but the Tree's enormous features dwarfed anything her imagination might have come up with. She shook her head when she realized she was staring and said, "You're the Great Deku Tree."

There was a hint of amusement in the voice when he answered, "Unless, young lady, you know of another gnarled old root like myself then yes, that is who I am."

Tetra smiled and stood up on the pad, "My name is Tetra Shukkon, I am...." she paused to take a deep breath before she corrected herself. "I was the captain of the Pirate Ship Hoshimawari, and I've come here to ask a favor."

"It has already been done."

"I don't understand?" she said confused. "I haven't asked for anything yet."

"Nor do I, Princess," the Tree said sounding perplexed, "but it was not until you entered the cave that I remembered what had been done three weeks ago. You see Princess, I am rooted therefore I am both here with you and there three weeks from now. The item you requested is where you asked it to be placed."

"You know I'm the Princess?" Tetra asked and groaned when her eyes strayed down and she realized her ever-shifting clothing had done so once again. She was in full princess mode complete with headgear and Tetra sighed as she said sardonically, "And here I was worried you wouldn't agree. Any chance I can get you to call me Tetra?"

The tree chuckled making his leaves shake. "As you wish, all of us on the Great Sea owe much to you and Link."
She blushed and reached into her pack and pulled out the carved box. "I was also hoping you could tell me what this is?"

The tree raised the pad a little higher until she was even with one of his great eyes. His wooden eye examined it as she held it out and the Tree asked with a touch of awe. "How unusual, where did you find this?"

"I didn't. Link did. He brought it to me for my birthday and the goddesses only know where he picked it up. Some hole somewhere I'm sure. The latch seems to be stuck and I haven't been able to open it."

"It is well that you did not."

Tetra looked at the box, but other than the ornate carvings, it looked no different from others she'd seen like it in the past. "What is it?"

"What you hold is called a kagenmi," the Tree said as the pad turned. In his effort to see all of it, Tetra almost tipped her over the edge.

"Wait!" she cried.

"My apologies Tetra, but that is truly a rare item you have there."

"What does it do?"

"A kagenmi allows the user to view the past and the future. The moon side, called kako, will show you events shadowed by the past. The sun side, called mirai, will illuminate the future, but only the future as it could happen from the moment in time the box is opened. Most are sealed by magic to assure they are not misused."

"Well, that doesn't sound very dangerous."

"It is always dangerous to know too much of your own future. The information you get from the past cannot be changed, but attempts to change the future often fail and usually with disastrous results."

"I'll keep that in mind." Tetra said replacing it in her pack. She smiled at the Tree and asked, "It seems odd to wonder but, what if I hadn't come here?"

The Trees branches did a fair imitation of a shrug. "It is a curiosity of the time loop. It is well that you were able to escape the main."

"Well you're giving me a lot more credit than I deserve. I wouldn't have gotten out at all if not for a fairy named Nagori."

"Nagori..." The Deku's large face took on a puzzled expression as he said, "A fairy of memory. This is unexpected." The Tree closed his eyes and appeared to be listening to something very far away then said with his eyes still closed, "There is trouble coming and you cannot remain here much longer." The forest guardian opened them again. When he spoke, his voice was full of concern, and Tetra got an uneasy feeling as he said, "Be very careful young Tetra Shukkon. The Shadow chasing you will not rest until he has discovered your location. I must also warn you of another danger; there is another fairy, once called Kage, he has returned to himself and will likely be sent by the shadow to find you. Venus has many children and not all are of good heart."

"A bad fairy?" she felt confused. "I never thought that possible, was he in some sort of cage. I mean how could he return to himself?"

"Kage, until recently, was bound by very strong magic but that binding has been broken."


"I do not know."

Tetra thought of Nagori and wondered where the fairy could be. As Tetra whispered a prayer to the Goddesses to help keep the fairy safe, she remembered the other reason she came here. "There was one other thing," Tetra said and hesitated. "Will it---"

"The small one may remain behind," the Tree said as Niko materialized next to her.

"Whoa," Niko said looking all around. "That was weird."

"Niko, you're a good first mate, top rate, but I want you to remain here."

"But Miss--" he said but stopped when he got a look at her. "Whoa."

"Don't start that again and no buts, I can't take you with me where I'm going, so stay here and look after any of the Koroks...who might need...looking after."

"But, will you be okay know, you start to fall asleep again?" Niko stopped when he saw the glower on her face. "Alright, but can you answer one question for me?"

"You're just not gonna let that go are you?" Tetra growled with mounting irritation. All Niko did was shift his weight from foot to foot. "Come here," she snapped and grabbed his ear. Tetra leaned close to him and whispered. Still holding the tip of his ear, she straightened up and laughed at his shocked expression. She shook her head and asked, "See what being nosy will get you?" She pulled his ear as she leaned back over and whispered fiercely, "One other thing, swabbie," and her voice held all the authoritative tone learned from years of being his Captain. "You breathe a word of that to anyone, and I'll gut you myself."

He gulped and nodded. Tetra released him and adjusted her pack straps.

"Oh and Niko?"

"Yes Miss?" he asked nervously.

"You're fired."

~~~~~~~~~~ Dolls ~~~~~~~~~~

Al stood up and looked carefully at the barrier, *touch it* while it did look familiar, he couldn't quite remember why. He reached out and thought to touch it *do it* but pulled his hand back *coward* at the last moment. Instead, he ran the flat of his hand a few inches *sucker* away from it and pulled it back again as his hand began to ache. Whatever it was made of, it would likely give him a nasty shock if he did touch it. He heard a door slam and looked up, sighed and looked back over at the window.

The field was set just a few inches short of it *hahahaha* now he had no way to check on Sen. He must have let his interest in it slip when Kei was here, why else would she cut off his view of it. He felt an odd moment of irritation *told you* and rubbed his long thin face in frustration.

He pushed his hat back on his head and tried to focus on what he had to do next. When he began to pace, the hat on his head fell forward blocking his sight for a moment and the sound of childlike laughter rang in his head. Dismissing the sound, he reached up to adjust the hat and when he took his hand away, it pushed forward again. *giggle*
Al stopped and looked up at the brim and slowly moved it back into place. When it happened again he snatched the hat off and looked carefully at the contents.

The painted straw dolls inside, had been with him since his father's disappearance. They were the only link he had to a man who face he could not remember. The dolls were a little beat up from all the time they had spent in his hat though. The only constant was that the color on their painted faces never faded. He noted the girl doll still slept peacefully, but his eyes got wide when he saw that the decorated eyes of the boy were open.

He pulled it out and returned the hat to his head. Al turned the doll over in his hands and poked at the doll's straw stomach. He almost dropped it when he heard the laughter again. He looked around wary of a trap, but the laughter had a familiar ring to it and he said to himself, "Strange, very strange." Al looked at the tiny face again. "If you're awake, can you hear me?" *laughter* The little head nodded, and Al's hands shook. So many questions were running through his head, but first things first.

"Can you tell me where Saimon is?" Nod. "Where then?" The lack of response made him wonder. "You're going to make me guess aren't you." Nod. So Al thought about his questions and asked, "Is he still with Link?" The little head shook. "Nearby then?" Nod. "Is he safe?" Shrug. This was taking too long, Kei was bound to come back sooner rather than later, but if there was a chance that Saimon was somewhere nearby he'd have to risk it.

"So, if I looked hard enough should I be able to find him?" *laughter* Nod. Al turned and looked all around him, but could see nothing new about his prison. Glancing at the window, he asked, "Outside?" Another shake. "Then....." *laughter* Al paused and looked even closer at the boy's face and asked the doll, "Saimon?" Nod. "Goddesses." Al said as he sat heavily on the floor, he was struck by a thought then and asked the doll, "What about Kage, where is he?"
(Coming here.)

"Well that can't be good." Al sighed when he realized he not only knew exactly who Kage was but worse what that represented. More and more of his forgotten past unfolded and it threatened to overwhelm him. He sat back against the wall and closed his eyes as memories long dormant began to flood back into head; it all left him a little dizzy.
He could remember it all now, from the cave, the town elders, the sages, the lights, and Hito. More frightening for him though was the reality of just where his long missing parents were and he truly wished he could not remember.

For now, he recalled the shack, the tekuragari, the rending heat, and the meal the next day. He felt sick and stared blankly for a while. Al used to wonder why it was they came after them. He simply hadn't understood, for he was not a very compassionate person. He'd always been selfish, vain and difficult to say the least, but he used to think he had some redeeming qualities. To find out how wrong that was threatened to send him spiraling into depression.

Now Al struggled as he tried to reconcile the vileness that was he as a child. He also knew, he could not even say that he'd been too young. He knew it, the wrongness screamed at him everyday he and his sister traveled. Until the day came when something snapped inside and Mei became all that was left. He could hear his other self's muffled laughter and it made him cringe. There was no way to change the past, but he determined, that now more than ever neither he nor Mei would do no further harm. When he thought he could think straight, Al asked the doll, "What happened?"

(My binding with Kage has been broken.)

"I can see that, who broke it? Hito?"

The doll shook its head. (The Wind Waker.)

"Link did this?" Nod. "But how?" Shrug.

So one of the tekuragari was free, but why would Link do that? Al wondered and decided perhaps the Hero did not realize the danger the tekuragari posed to anyone who were exposed to them.



"But how?"


"My brother?"

(No, the seagull.)

"Seagull?" He puzzled it out and remembered the lone gull that had been circling outside when he placed Sen's crystal out there. Link said that particular gull was a friend of his sister's. Al was still amazed that they could be taught to carry letters.

What still eluded him though, was the identity of the man who fought with Hito. His face was still incomplete. Still, that man must have known what he and his sister were, what they'd done, the monster they'd become. Still, he "rescued" them and took them into his family without a backward glance.

Al looked again at the field of energy surrounding him and realized he knew why it had looked familiar. It must be made up of the same kind of magic used to trap Hito in the past. That shield served to keep the Shadow contained, but Kage and Kageri managed to evade capture and the longer he and Delia were away from Hito without them, the worse the voices and disturbing sounds tormented them.

Somehow, their rescuer's disappearance and the loss of their memories of him came together with Saimon and Senkyoku's appearance to make the insanity stop. The two events were related, Al just didn't know how, but it was the only answer that made any sense. He felt he should be able to remember more and it frustrated him greatly that he could not.

His thoughts turned then to the woman who had raised them. Never once, did she imply to him or anyone else that he and Delia were not her own. Her gentleness always pulled him out of his brooding, calmed his fears, and made him feel safe. Just as if he were right where he should be. He remembered some folks would refer to her as Lady, but never in front of her. If she did over hear them, she would always correct them and ask them to call her Natsumi or just Natsu. To him, she was simply Mom. Who were these people really?

When Saimon first arrived in his world, Al was deathly afraid of the fairy. His memories of the Shadow and the Tekuragari were still too fresh. His mother's acceptance of the fairy was the only reason Al listened to the fairy at all. Thereafter, Saimon served as the conscience Al seemed to be lacking. Constantly reminding him to be more aware of his actions and how they affected everyone else around him. It wasn't until he was much older that Al realized this was the part of himself that broke when he became the child named Mei.

Saimon never wavered in his appointed task, chiding him constantly and there were times he wished the fairy would just go away. All that nagging made the fairy a little saucy, and it struck Al, just how quiet everything was. The random noises and voices had retreated to a dull buzz. A muffled squeak made him realize his hand was clenched, so he eased his grip and held up the doll. Al's eyes narrowed and he said, "You can talk and you made me do all that guessing?" shrug, *laughter* Al smiled and gave the doll a little hug.

"I have missed you Saimon."

(Yes you have, old man, yes you have.)

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