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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 26: Chapter 25: Shadow Puppets

A/N: Okay my lovelies, from here on out it’s gonna be a wild sort of ride – so make sure to lace up your boots, wouldn’t want anyone to trip… heh…and you thought the beginning was complicated.

I'm not sure what possessed me to think it would be a good idea to write a portion of this from a sea gulls point of view...come to think of it I have no idea what possesses me to write anything…

Chapter 25: Shadow Puppets

...Ere winter's solstice began

As they made their way up and passed the galley, the strong smell of food made Aryll's stomach growl loudly. She blushed when Senza turned and asked her, "Have you eaten?" Aryll was going to say she wasn't hungry, but her stomach spoke up first, and Senza said as he shook his head. "Come on girl, can't have you fainting away from hunger." They backtracked a little for a quick stop in the galley.

"Hey, Nudge!" Senza yelled as he came inside the dining area.

A large, dark haired pirate with a dour expression stuck his head out the doorway that led to the kitchen. He smiled when he spotted the pair and Aryll waved. She sometimes wondered why others were often afraid of him. Probably because of his size, she thought, but she could never remember being frightened of him, even as a child.

"Got any stew left?" Senza asked. Nudge nodded then disappeared from view. He returned with a bowl of stew and a piece of sweet bread. Aryll took the still steaming bowl and thanked him. She was about to sit when Senza said, "Bring it with you." Aryll nodded and followed him out the door.

When they spotted the Captain, Aryll noticed he wore a look of mild irritation about something as he examined the island through the telescope.

Senza must have noticed it as well and said as he motioned toward the forward steps, "Why don't you wait here."

Aryll sat down, being careful not to drop her bowl. She smelled the spiciness and her mouth watered. Before living with the pirates, she never realized there were so many ways to cook fish. She dipped her bread into the spicy stew and blew on it before putting it in her mouth.

While she ate, she watched Senza walk over to the Captain and wait. After a moment, Gonzo leaned in and said something to him. Bored with the pair she looked out at the island. Aryll could hardly make out the shore in the moon's weak light. She scooped up some more stew and looked up at the sky, the stars weren't clearly visible through the haze of clouds. What must it be like to be able to fly in the heavens with those stars? Sometimes she envied her gulls and the Rito in that.

Aryll pushed some stray hairs out of her face. I must look a wreck, she thought. What possessed me to wash that many shirts? Aryll glanced back over at the Pirates just as Gonzo looked over to where she sat and the pair laughed. Just what was so darn funny? Gonzo turned away again to look through his telescope at the shore of the island and Aryll wondered what was he looking for. She ate and watched him until he lowered it and tucked it under his arm. Good thing too, since her stew was starting to cool. As the captain and Senza walked toward her, Gonzo rubbed his hands together. Even at this distance from Ice Ring Island, the air held a distinct chill. She almost finished eating when they reached her and Gonzo asked, "Where have you been all day?"

"Uhhh..." Aryll thought Senza already told him. Had she done something wrong?

"I found her in the laundry," Senza said.

Gonzo turned to her and asked, "What in the world were you doing there?"

She shrugged and said in a tired voice, "Laundry?" He just stared at her. "What? You think it just does itself?"

"That would be convenient," Senza said with a laugh. "Never thought I'd miss Niko." Gonzo looked back at him and they both broke into raucous laughter.

"Pirates," Aryll muttered with a shake of her head. She finished the last of her meal and set the bowl down. "Can I borrow that?" she asked as she stood and pointed at the telescope.

"You're asking this time?" Gonzo asked and laughed even harder.

"No," Aryll said and snatched the telescope and walked closer to the rail.

"So, Captain, do we go now or wait for daybreak?" Senza asked.

"Now," Gonzo said and Aryll heard Senza walk off, she assumed to get the longboat ready. "Aryll?"

"Yeah?" she answered still looking at the island.

"Has that fairy in the crystal said anything else?"

She lowered the telescope. "No, actually, but there was an awful lot of dirty shirts down there and I was pretty focused on what I was doing." Aryll handed him back the telescope and pulled the pendant out. It's glow looked a little brighter and she shivered a little from the cold. "Sen?" she asked and waited. "Are you there still?" She gave it a little shake. "Hello?"

(Who are you?) A small voice answered in her head.

That was not the same voice. "Same as before," she said carefully. "I'm Aryll."

Silence. (You are the friend of Jasper. We like Jasper) the crystal's voice said and fell silent again.

"Yeah, me too." Aryll looked at Gonzo and shrugged.

The little voice spoke again. (Did you know your name means flight of gulls?)

"No, but I'll go with it if you say so, I'm sorry but you seem to have the better of me, what's your name?"

(I am Kageri)

"What happen to Senkyoku?" Aryll asked a little confused.

(She is here, with me)

"Then there are two of you in there?" Aryll asked looking closer at the crystal.

(Not two, we are one, but Senkyoku tires easily in this place, she was not meant to dwell so long in the darkness)

"And you were?"

"Aryll?" Startled she looked up when Gonzo spoke. She'd almost forgotten he was there. "What's going on?

"Remember before I told you what Sen said about what might happen when we broke open the crystal?" He nodded. "Seems it already has."

"So what happens if we let them out?"

"I don't know," Aryll shivered again and rubbed her bare arms. "Jasper seemed to think it was very important that we break the crystal."

"Don't forget were talking about a seagull here."

"But he wasn't then..." Aryll paused when the captain raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. "No I am not crazy, Senza was there, ask him."

(Who is the large one?) the little voice said pulling her attention back to the crystal.

"That's the Captain, his name is Gonzo." Aryll held the crystal a little higher for a better view of him.

(You can free us?)

Gonzo's mouth dropped open. "Who said that?" he asked nervously.

"You can hear her now?" He only nodded. "I wonder why you couldn't before? We're gonna try," Aryll said to the pendant and smiled at Gonzo.

(You are much taller than your sister) Kageri said in a weak sounding voice.

"But I don't have a sis...." Aryll glanced up at Gonzo. His face frozen in a shocked expression, he looked pale as a ghost. Oh my. "What are you saying Kageri?"

(The Captain has the look of that family) Silence. (Do not worry Captain, the Princess has always remained safe in your care) Gonzo's expression went from shock to muted anger and Aryll got the distinct impression this was not information he'd been prepared to share with her or anyone else from the look on his face.
"Ummm...Captain?" Aryll asked.

"I have to talk to Senza," the Captain said abruptly then turned and walked away from her.

"Okaaay..." Aryll sighed and let go of the crystal. Big deal, who cares if you're Tetra's brother, he ought to try having a Legendary Hero for a sibling. She sat back on the step and closed her eyes. She pulled the pendant over her head and sagged. She felt tired as well as cold now, and it actually felt good to rest her head against the rail. To keep herself from falling asleep she asked, "So tell me why are you and Sen together in there anyway?"

(It is a long and painful story) Silence (Once you free us, you must stay as far away as possible from me.)


(This crystal is the last thread of the link I have with Senkyoku; once it is broken, I will not remember her.)

How sad, Aryll thought, "Kageri if you're fairy folk, what does that make Sen?"

(She is Delia's missing part) There was a short pause and in a quieter sadder voice Aryll heard (I can almost see my past through Senkyoku's eyes. It is not a pleasant one) another pause (I was granted a second chance. I do not wish to return to my existence as tekuragari.)

"That must have been what she meant...what do you mean by tekuragari? What is that?"

(I will not speak of it.)

"Why not?"

(It will draw the shadow's attention...Aryll of the Gulls, please remember Senkyoku for me, so I may recall her name in the future if there is need.)

"Sure, but you never explained why I should stay away from you."

Kageri's little voice continued as if she had not heard her. Instead, the little voice sounded more and more frantic. (I was entrusted with her to help make whole what I once helped to destroy, but I have failed...Master Hito will be able to find me...)

"And if he finds you, he finds Sen?"

(No, she will return to her golem,) the voice said and repeated in her anxious pitch, (Do not try to restrain me! I cannot remain with you! You will be in danger if I stay!)

"Alright, alright, don't fret," Aryll said in a soothing tone, "I promise. You'll be able to go on your way. Is there some place you need to be?"

(No, but I will need to find Kage.)

"Who is Kage?"

(My brother, he too lost his bond and is so confused. He was bound to Saimon for a much longer time. He is causing great mischief without realizing it. Hito is calling to him and if he finds him, Kage will be lost.)

Hito...Aryll thought then of the thin, pasty-faced man on Windfall. Could that guy have been the Shadow? He certainly was creepy enough for the job. His features floated up in her memory, thin, pale, and green eyes that barely concealed their brutality. Aryll shivered and not from the cold.

Aryll got up and walked toward the Pirates. Gonzo still looked angry and his frown deepened as she approached. Aryll ignored it. She was halfway to them when she stopped and held the crystal in her hand close to her face. Nope, there was no mistaking it and she shouted, "Kageri! You were with that creepy guy I saw on Windfall!"

(Not a man, Aryll of the Gulls.)


(The one you saw, that was Delia. She is now Kei.)

"That guy was a girl?"

(Yes, she is no longer whole.)

Aryll looked around and realized everyone had stopped what they were doing and stared at her. She smiled and waved at them. She made a show of straightening her hair a bit. Everyone but Gonzo returned to what they were doing so she continued toward the Captain.

"What's wrong?" he asked as she came up to him.

"Nothing, I just remembered where I saw this thing before," she said as she pointed to the crystal.

"And where was that?"

"Well about three weeks ago, on Windfall, there was this guy," Aryll said quickly as she rushed to get it all out at once. "He was all thin and pasty, bleh and asking around about Link, but he really creeped me out. So, I found a ship to take me home, so I could tell Link about it and just now I noticed that this thing was around that guy's neck. But he wasn't really a guy see, he was a she...don't ask, anyway, Kageri says that Kei is really this Delia person..." she broke off when she saw the look of growing concern on the Captain's face. "What is it?"

"Did you say thin, pasty and about yay high?" he asked and held out his hand a little above her head.

"Yeah! Why? Did you see him too?"

Gonzo nodded slowly. "Can I see that again?" he asked.

"Yeah, sure..." Aryll said and meant to just drop it into his hand but was surprised when he covered her hand with both of his.

"You're hands are freezing Aryll."

"Well, it is pretty cold here." Aryll was surprised to find his so warm.

Gonzo took the crystal while still holding her hand and dropped it into his vest pocket and said, "I know you want to help Miss Tetra and your brother," he said as he gathered up her other hand and gently held them as he continued, "but I know you understand when I tell you you're not coming."


He held up a hand. "Its too dangerous."

"What if..."

"No," he said with a growl, "and if I have to tie you to the mast myself I will, but you aren't coming."

Aryll could tell from his expression, there was no way she was going to change his mind and she sighed. "Well, I am kind of tired," Aryll said and looked wistfully at the longboat. "You guys sure know how to make a lot of laundry..." Aryll blinked and shook her head once. Why were there two of him now? She felt a little off balance and Gonzo was still holding her hands when she felt the deck being pulled out from under her. Aryll blinked again. "Oh my...," was the last thing she said as Gonzo caught her before she sagged too far. Senza came over and took the now sleeping girl from him.

"She's so cold." Senza said.

"And pale too, I have a bad feeling this is what's responsible," Gonzo said and pulled out the pendant, it sparkled in the moonlight. "Fine job I'm doing of protecting her. I don't know what the hell this is but it's off my boat tonight."

Senza nodded and turned to leave but he stopped and said, "Just be careful Gonzo, this crew is already missing a few too many sailors." Gonzo nodded and Senza walked away with girl curled up in his arms. Gonzo examined the crystal more closely. The crack in its side was longer now. It made him wonder if it were feeding off Aryll's energy. Once Senza disappeared below, Gonzo dropped the pendant into his pocket and climbed into the waiting longboat. He waved to two other pirates and they pulled at the ropes to lower the boat into the choppy water.

Gonzo manned the oars and started the journey to Ice Ring Island. He was almost there when a large fish jumped out of the water near the boat. "Hoy!" it cried to him. Gonzo, startled to hear a voice at all, almost lost an oar in the water. Cursing he pulled it back and let the boat come to a stop. "Well I'll be..." he said as he looked at the fish, "You're a manfish!"

"You got it right! First try too!" the fish said as it popped up again next to the boat. "And they all said you were too big to be smart!"

Irked Gonzo said, "I'm kind of in a hurry, so can you spare me the jabber and tell me what you want?"

"Normally I require payment in advance for this kind of information, but I'm feeling generous tonight."

"Well, isn't that nice, look fish I'm fresh out right now, so can this wait?"

"Okay...but it's just a friendly warning about that bauble you're carrying."

Gonzo lifted and eyebrow. Fish or no, it had his full attention now. "Out with it fish."

"Alright, don't get testy, but you really don't want to be anywhere near that thing when it breaks open. I would suggest dropping it overboard, but..."

"But what?"

"I don't want it near me either."

"I know what you mean," Gonzo said thinking of Aryll.

"You might just want to leave it on that Island, if you know what I mean, the cold will probably finish the job for you."

"Well that wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but what will happen if I am nearby?"

"You'd probably just fall unconscious, but in this cold..."

"I see your point," Gonzo said. He nodded and took up the oars again. "Thanks for the information, next time I'm in the area I'll leave a little something for you."

"Well, I thank you kindly then," the fish said and leapt high out of the water coming down with a splash. Gonzo continued on his way and made the shore in a few minutes. After he pulled tied the boat up, he walked carefully along the ice-covered shore. He looked up at the cliff and thought he'd best get a move on, no telling how much time was left before the crystal would finally break.

...relations lost, remembered pain

On Outset Island, a seagull watched the goings on around him with great interest. The human, he knew as Link, was against a tree. A funny shadow rested on his shoulder and the seagull cocked his head and flew in front of the human. It was darker now and the shadow should have been harder to see in the shadowy firelight, but not for him.

Strange, the gull thought, the little shadow seemed to move away as he got closer. Normally this human would stroke his head when he was this close, but it did not this time. Instead, it kept it wings tucked behind it. This made him wonder why it would do something like that. Humans never kept their wings folded for this long.

He a hopped little closer but saw the human had closed its eyes and was making a funny sound. Though he'd not heard it often, the gull knew it only came when one of their flock was hurt or lost. The gull wondered which of the faces he would not see again. He could not see the shadow any longer and wondered where it went. He would find it though. It would not escape.

When the bushes rustled the seagull half walked, half flew around them to see what was making them move. A small pair of feet stuck out from one of the bushes. He went closer. The shadow was there again, this time there was no hesitation and the gull moved quickly to the shadow and pecked at it. It tried to flee from him, but that did it no good as one of his webbed feet came down upon it holding it in place.

Why haff ju come to my island tekuragari? The gull asked the shadow in a very commanding tone. When it did not answer, the gull asked it again this time applying more pressure to the dark form.

It squeaked and answered in the old tongue (I am lost.)

Ju were forbidden to come here wizout jour kinbaku.

(I am lost) it repeated in a forlorn way and the gull noticed the bushes move again.

Ju do not fool me shadow puppet. Ju haff already caused great mischief in zees place.


The gull picked up the tekuragari in its beak. Though the gull thought it strange that the tekuragari did not resist as he flew back around to the side where the human still sat. The gull was surprised to find the human still had its wings tucked back. It was looking off at a nest further up the beach when it said, "Kage." It was only then the human looked up and noticed he was there. It used the words that the smaller human used when it spoke to him. He shifted his head to listen with his other ear.

"Hey Jake," it said, "how are the chicks? Must be getting pretty big huh?" The gull bobbed his head, but with the vile little creature in its mouth he could not respond, so the one known to him as Link continued to talk. "Thanks for bringing me those letters," It paused and again looked at the still smoldering ruin of its nest site. It frowned and continued to keep its wings folded. "I know how much you must worry about them." It moved its wings in a funny way when one suddenly came forward. The other wing appeared and it rubbed the end of one with the other and said to him, "I've got a real problem Jake. I need to get off the island, but there may be someone watching my boat. If they are, could you distract them for me for a minute?"

Before Jake answered, he went to the pack that lay nearby. The gull pushed his head in and managed to push out an empty bottle. The human raised an eyebrow, but pulled the stopper and set it in front of him. Jake stuffed the tekuragari into it, glad to get that nasty little thing out of his beak and placed his foot on top until the human was ready to push the stopper into it. The human raised the bottle looked at the tiny orange glow inside and frowned. It also seemed to know what it contained. "I am now doubly in your debt, Jake." It looked at the bottle for a moment then out at the bay and said, "I'm sorry, Jake, I hate to ask this but..." sacrifice the gull

Senza laid Aryll on the bed and covered her with a blanket. On his way out, he noticed the recently bottled fairies still on the desk. He picked one up and tapped the glass. He grunted as he put it on the bed near the pillow, and left the room. high now, Kotori dove almost straight down, and felt a thrill as her feathers skimmed the sea just inches below her. This was what she wanted, to fly. To soar into the clouds with the others like her. She saw the first rays of sunshine as thy peeked over the horizon and landed in the water with a splash. She paddled toward that light but all that flying had made her tired and like she was adrift on the great sea. She felt as if she were a tiny raft caught on an angry ocean. Almost too tired to care, Kotori struggled to ignore the ever more frantic sounding calls of another seagull in the distance.

Tossed about by the waves, she listened with only half an ear until the other gulls voice grew too loud to ignore. The voice repeated, "Ayreell, comb back, ju mus comb back." Back where, this was where she wanted to be. She bobbed around a little longer, taking in the new sun. It was higher now, and the light gave her strength. She was ready to fly again. She would reach the horizon in no time flat.

Kotori flapped to give herself some lift and was almost out of the water, when from below a shadowy hand reached up and grabbed hold of one of her feet. She struggled with that shadow as it grabbed for her other foot, she pecked at it with her sharp beak and it let go for a moment but was right back trying to catch her again. She was ready this time, as soon as she saw it she turned and caught the smallest finger in her beak and tore it off. She immediately spit out the foul tasting thing and she screamed at it in frustration. It was a standoff. Her reserves felt almost used up and she would have to land again soon. The shadow seemed to know this and waited, just out of reach of her beak.

Maybe if she could get to the light she would be safe and Kotori veered off and began to fly directly toward the sunlight. Again the voice that had called to her before was back and sounded furious.

"Ayreell! Comb back! Ju can note leave zis life zo soon! Ju mus comb home leetle kotori..."

Kotori? Aryll? Leave life? Well, that was just nuts she thought, crazy seagull. It was then Kotori remembered that Aryll wasn't and skin replaced feathers as arms replaced wings, she was falling now. Just before she hit the water, Aryll woke with a start. Grief took her and she lay and cried, for Aryll wanted to remain a gull.

When she calmed herself enough to catch her breath, Aryll looked at her hand. It shook but no feathers. Goddesses, what a nightmare, she thought and Aryll forced herself to sit up. Her head pounded and it was all she could do to stop a yawn. While Aryll realized she wasn't at home anymore, she looked around, this place wasn't familiar to her at all. Just where was she? She paused and looked around again, or was it? She rubbed her eyes and yawned again. Something tickled at the back of her brain and rose to her feet. She went to take a step and almost fell over. Aryll clutched the edge of the bed and pulled herself back into it.

"Ar ju alright, kotori?" a familiar voice said behind her. Aryll nodded and turned to see who had spoken and her eyes almost popped out of her head. "Ju look surprised to seege me."

"Jasper?" she asked and looked again. Aryll realized this boy's voice was a little lower and his hair was not at all messy like she remembered. "Oh my." She was amazed by how alike the two of them really were. "Jake?"

"Jes," he said and he smiled shyly at her. "Jord brosser was worried ford ju. Ju were very dip aslip."

"Brother?" Aryll struggled with her confusion for a moment. "I have a brother?"

"Jes, Leenk, ees gootd ju haf woken now."


Just saying his name seemed to fill in all the missing spots. "Big brother, always looking out for me." She looked past Jake out the window and wondered what else she might have forgotten. The sky was so clear now and the stars shone very brightly. Aryll felt a twinge of her earlier grief and asked her friend, "Do you think it was real, Jake? I mean was I really flying?"

The boy looked out the same window and asked, "What do ju belief?"

"It felt real," Aryll said with a sigh. "Or maybe I wanted it to be it was what I was born to be, kinda stupid huh?"

"No kotori, ju are never stoopid."

"That word you keep using, kotori, what does it mean?"

"Little bird," the boy said smile widening.

She returned the smile and said, "Jake, do you know what happened to me?"

"I cane only guess," the boy said as he climbed up onto the bed. "Ju were overcome by zee creestal. It ees tainted, and was makink ju very seek."

"Sick? Yeah, I still don't feel to good."

"Jes, ju must be more careful wees unknown mageek."

"But why would I forget everything?"

"Zee mageek ees stained wees too much darknees."

"I'm still tired though. Would it be okay if I took a nap?"

"Jes," Jake said as he held up the bottled fairy still on the bed. "Zees fairgee here, sez you will be safe to slip again."

She smiled and it quickly turned into another yawn. "Good cause I'm exhausted," Aryll said. She lay her head back on the pillow and sighed. The boy watched her until her breathing evened out and he was sure she was asleep. He hopped off the bed and turned his golden eyes toward an empty space in the corner of the room. "I can feel jour presence, ju need not lurk anee lonker."

... to speed the ravens flight

Tetra sighed as she let the illusion drop. She'd gotten pretty good at picking up tricks, but discovered, holding on to all this magic was simply exhausting. She wanted to collapse into the chair, but instead bowed to Jake and said, "Thank you Jinchi."

The boy's golden eyes showed no surprise, instead, he stared at her the way a hawk would size up a mouse before dinner. "Zo, ju haf finally found jour way out of jour box, Preencess."

Tetra bit back on tart response. No one since her mother died dared use that tone with her and she struggled to get a grip on her temper. Tetra opened her mouth to answer but her words turned into a gasp, when in the blink of an eye, Jinchi changed from boy to man. He towered over her, but she wasn't about to back down now.

Though his angry expression sent a chill through her, Tetra forgot her fear for a moment when she realized, he reminded her of someone. Someone she knew well. When his eyes strayed back to Aryll, his frown softened, but did not disappear. Tetra swallowed hard when he turned those golden eyes back on her, their intensity was frightening.

"Ju haf spoken mise truname. So ju mus know som off zee olt tongue."

Tetra nodded, amazed by the gentleness of his voice. It seemed so out of place for one so obviously dangerous. Something about that also reminded her of someone...Why couldn't she remember who? Thoughts of a Zelda long past flitted through her head and Tetra found she could understand Jinchi much better now. His words were much clearer, though there was still an accent. It just wasn't quite as pronounced.

"Many jears haf past since I last heard it spoken aloud," he said and gently tucked the blankets around the Aryll's shoulders. He laughed to himself and said, "I almost forgot I had one. I must return to Outset, I have done what I came to do. Know this, for it was not for jour sake, zat I came here. Ju have done leetle of late to earn jour title as Preencess of Hyrule."

His words stung but Tetra was in no mood to be chided and said, "I've been made painfully aware of my shortcomings and my failures. I'm well aware I've let everyone down. It's not something I'm proud of but at least I'm trying."

Jinchi gave her a skeptical look and scolded, "Zen, Preencess, ju will haf to try harder, if ju are to succeed. Why Chiyuu beliefs in ju? I have no clue. Very well, jour highness, I weel leave ju with a warning. Zee tekuragari are old and dark magik. I caught one on Outset, but zee other ees still free."

"There are only two of them?"

"Foolish girl, two ees more zan enough to kill a great many souls. Though jour connection with Leenk ees much stronger jou will still need to be wary. To be near one for too long will bring the shadow's death to ju."

"But what has Link got to do with them?"

"He ees beginning to understand just what zee shadow ees, and why it cannot be destroyed. Ayreel was lucky that I was able too find her in time. Still it would be best if ju or jour brosser remained with zees kotori until she awakens."

Tetra nodded in response and bowed once again. "I understand, and I promise it will be as you say." When she looked up, the man was gone replaced by the boy again.

There was mischief in his eyes when he said, "Hito ees steel looking for ju and Chiyuu's shield will not last much longer. Sleep well and long tonight, Preencess. For it could be a while before ju do so again." The boy turned toward the window, but stopped and added, "Ju chould also know zee chadow failed in his attempt to destroy zee new sages." Tetra could not hide her surprise when he looked back at her. His smile irritated her, where had she seen that face before? "Ju are so far behind and you must make up zee time lost to ju as quick as ju can."

"You speak as if there's no hope left at all..."

He continued toward the window and said with a sigh, "Hope, heh, jes Preencess there will always be hope." He smirked as he turned and in three steps was back to his seagull form and out of the window. Tetra stared after the gull. Well at least he hadn't completely written her off. She sighed and sank into the nearby chair.

"Chiyuu and Jinchi," Tetra said their names out loud and dredged the meanings of those words from somewhere in the back of her head. Wisdom and Courage, well weren't your parents fun, she thought.

She was almost sure the pair made up half of the four elemental guardians. Both were powerful but Tetra and the other bearers in her head only offered a vague understanding of their origins. They were an enigma woven into the middle of this puzzle that didn't fit anywhere. Tetra realized she knew even less of their obvious connection to Aryll. She could see that the girl was quite precious to them, but not why and none of the others in her head seemed to know where the pair came from.

Tetra felt the residual echo of the little girl behind that damn wall...It irritated her that she was still unable to breech the damn thing. Tetra pushed at the barrier in her head, nothing. She sat in the chair and pulled out the kagenmi. Where on the great sea did Link find this thing? She turned it over in her hands and studied the script that ran along the familiar. With the Triforce alone, Tetra had been unable to get past it, but maybe the box would provide some of the answers she needed. She looked at the mirai, it tantalized her with the possibility of seeing how this would all turn out, but more knowledge of the future held little appeal to her. After a lifetime of pre-cognitive dreams, you learn to let it lie.

Tetra turned the box over to the kako side. She wanted to open it now but knew she needed to wait. Nothing like being reminded of you failings by a bird, she thought. Tetra tipped back on the chair and looked at Aryll. Damn it she thought, I am really screwing this up. She looked impatiently at the door, just when did Gonzo plan on getting back? She didn't have time to be sitting around waiting. Damn island couldn't be that far away.

She was lost in thought when the door suddenly swung open, startled she lost her balance and started to fall but as she did Tetra tossed the box in that direction realizing too late what she had done. "Gah! Gonzo, watch out!"

"Augh!" he cried as he caught the box and fumbled with it as he watched the former captain topple over. "What the....Miss Tetra?"

"Geez, when are you gonna learn to knock?" she muttered as she rubbed her head. Gonzo came over to her and stared at her as she still lay on the floor. Tetra looked up at him and asked, "Well big brother, how do you like being the Captain?" Gonzo blinked and looked at her again. His expression went blank as his eyes rolled up in his head and he fainted dead away. Tetra sat up and sighed.

"You and me both, big guy, you and me both."

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Koroks Rock says:

Heh heh. A very good chapter, i particularly enjoyed putting tow and two together this time around. Decyphering his accent was fun too, and the ending is oddly humurous to me (probably just the vividness of the image).

madiboo says:

Love it, love it, and love it. I just can't stop reading this! I always want school to end sooner and for the computer to be open to read this stuff! You are a very talented writer!