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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 27: Chapter 26: Five Arrows...One Broken

You knew there was a bad guy out there somewhere, I think I mentioned him earlier...bout time he put in an appearance...must suffer from stage fright - Or maybe the author chick hates his guts...either way – you’re in for …another almost fight scene… yesh – though the fight itself isn’t the main purpose of the action (0.o) But you’ll understand better near the end…Some people just don’t have a clue.

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Chapter 26: Five Arrows…One Broken

The Hero of the Winds stared at the bottle that held the tekuragari. Kage's glow remained that sickly orange color and Link gave the bottle a little shake. "By Din, what have I unleashed? You never left me did you? Why Kage?" While tempted to smash the bottle, Link knew that would only set the little monster loose again.

He understood now what Tetra's little package meant and if he'd had his head screwed on straight, he would have figured it out sooner. Pirate code. Tetra's simple code. He knew it backward and forward. Five broken. Each one represented a person important in his life, and a warning... Gods could I have screwed this up any better?

Even with his ability to harness Cyclos's winds to move himself around the sea quickly, something told Link, his little sister was in danger right now and no matter how fast he moved, he'd never reach her before it was too late. Link stared off in the direction the gull had taken. His only real hope of finding Aryll, lay with her friend, Jake, they always knew where to find her. Link wanted to be wrong, but he knew he wasn't.

Tetra all but spelled it all out for him and he didn't believe her. He'd let himself get just as wrapped up in his own anger as Tetra did and chose to ignore his instincts. Now, Master Sturgeon was dead. His Grandmother and Master Orca were missing. Aryll was out on the ocean somewhere with the other tekuragari, while Tetra skipped through time like a rock on water. Playtime was over as the situation went from annoying to deadly in less than a day.

Link's gaze shifted when he heard one of the timbers of his home give off a pop as the wood continued to smolder. He needed to move and, Link supposed, he should be grateful no one was out as he shoved the bottle back into his pack. At least he'd be able to keep track of the little monster. Link pulled his pack closer to himself and noticed Master Sturgeon's book was still there on the ground beside it.

After some hesitation, Link picked it up and ran his hand over the gold lettering on the front. After being through that fire, you'd think it'd be singed or damaged somehow, but it wasn't. The inlayed script was not one he was familiar with, but he decided it might be useful, if only for the illustrations. Link reached into his pack and pulled out one of his own books then slipped Master Sturgeon's in its place. He put his pack on and was surprised to find that the large book did not seem to add any weight at all.

He was about to rise, when Link thought he heard a shaky voice in his head say, (Be wary...)

Link felt it then. A weird something that was so completely out of place, he knew it meant trouble. Link sat back against the tree with his hands in his lap and tried to focus on that. Whatever it was, felt very near and after a moment a shadowy figure approached him. Al had named it Hitokage, the shadow soul. Link stared at the figure and blinked. No wonder Al was afraid.

The shadow's face appeared to be a perfect copy of his own. Right down to the smallest detail, except for those eyes. They were all darkness and wrong and Link could tell, they were completely without mercy. When it spoke, Link was startled to discover it sounded like him as well. He'd fought and defeated some obnoxious monsters in his travels, but this one actually unnerved him.

"It was good of you to send the Guardian away," the creature said. Link continued to stare. It was just too weird hearing his own voice coming out of the shadow man's mouth. It stopped a short way away and grinned horribly as it said, "It will be so much easier to take you, or if you choose poorly, destroy you before you learn too much." It chuckled and pulled out a staff that looked a lot like his own except, Link noticed, it lacked the emblems. "I'd have gotten around to you sooner, but there was an opportunity for mischief, I couldn't pass up. Besides you've managed to untie yourself, and I'm a bit bored now," it said when it continued forward. The creature raised the staff and said, "Let's see what you're made of little hero."

The world started to move in slow motion and Link recognized that feeling. It was something he'd not felt since his fight with Ganondorf. The feeling of being outmatched, in over your head...out right panic. He didn't like it and this time, he was alone. The scar that ran the length of his left arm felt hot and Link absently flexed his fingers. Even though fairy magic healed it during that battle with Ganon, it still ached sometimes. Link wondered idly if the mischief the shadow spoke of had anything to do with Tetra and found himself thankful she was not on the island.

Link managed to tear his gaze from those blood red eyes and watch the staff as it rose. There was no doubt in his mind what would happen when that staff hit him...


Jolted back to reality, Link pulled out his own staff, barely in time to deflect the first blow. He ducked as a shower of red sparks cascaded over him and he rolled away through the bushes. The leaves above him caught fire when the other's staff struck the bush in an effort to find him. Link scrambled to his feet and headed in the direction of the beach. Whatever that nightmare was, Link wanted to keep it as close to the shore as possible. His shadowy self walked toward him as it idly spun its staff.

"Running? How can that be?" the shadow said in mock surprise. Link continued to move closer to the water. "So, the little hero has armed himself and with the Kibou staff. Well, how very ironic, I could show you the true power of that staff... but..." the shadow smiled, but this did little to hide its contempt. "It appears you won't live long enough to learn how to use it properly. It really is a shame. I could use a little help."

Link did not respond but continued to back away and tried to empty his head. He found this difficult to do, when every part of his being screamed for him to get the hell out of there. It was all he could do to stay put. As the shadow approached, Link focused on the shifting darkness that made up his adversary's body. he got the distinct impression that if he looked into those blood red eyes again, he wouldn't be able to look away. I should never have come here, Link thought, this is just the thing I was trying to avoid.

Distracted for only that moment, Link almost didn't see the others staff in time. He winced, and danced back as he just barely managed to deflect another blow. The shadow's staff had only grazed his arm, but the scar there felt as if set on fire and Link's arm throbbed. Irritated with himself, and he was quite sure he'd met his match, Link started to take another step backward, until Orca's voice floated up from his memory.

*assume structure*

Structure...the word tumbled through his fear and Link automatically stopped backing up. Don't think, just do. That was what he'd been taught, so Link set his stance firmly in the sand, found what he hoped was center, and waited.

"You cannot defeat what you do not understand," his shadowy self said as it approached.

Link shuddered but did not answer as waves of blackness slid off the shadow toward him. They reached out toward him from the shadow, but Link didn't move from his chosen spot. Instead, Link focused all his attention on the staff that now moved at an unnatural speed in front of him.

*intercept and destroy*

The barest movement in the others arm, showed the direction of the next attack, Link parried it, then another and still another. After awhile, Link, was able to disrupt the other's flow and fell into an odd broken rhythm. Eventually, Link lost track of the number of hits he had deflected.


"I'll take that old man apart when I find him," the shadow muttered as it pressed its attack. Link could hear the shadow's irritation, but he ignored it.

(Just the staff, don't lose track of the staff) the tiny voice said.

Good advice.

Link took three steps back, but stopped when one of his feet bumped against a fishing boat. With nowhere to go, all Link could do now was keep his shadowy self at bay.

Not good.

He would tire eventually and that would be that. Still Link managed to keep up the defensive posture.


Link felt, as well as saw the tension and frustration as it built within the shadow. It wanted something more from this battle that Link wasn't giving it. He had no idea what that might be, so he continued to defend. Somewhere Link's consciousness became aware of the emblems on his staff now glowed very brightly.

(no magic, no magic, no magic...) the small voice in his head repeated like a mantra.

Okay, no magic.

Random thoughts of his home and family flitted through his head and he found this oddly calming. The shadow was nearing its breaking point and Link decided he'd better figure out how to get out of the way...somehow.

(Watch the staff... wait for it...) the little voice said and unexpectedly there it was.


Gotcha, Link thought and dropped beneath the other's weapon as he brought up his staff just far enough to catch the back swing. The rapidly spinning weapon ricocheted back toward it owner with frightening speed and the shadow's face took a glancing blow from his own staff. Link almost lost his grip on his staff from the impact, but it produced the desired effect as the other was startled enough that Link was able to return to his feet and bring his own weapon down behind the other's knees. The shadow didn't fall but was forced to leap backward to keep its feet.

"So, the little hero thinks himself more than a swordsman, you have potential. You could be so much more than you are now."

Link wasn't entirely sure what the shadow meant, but still did not reply. He moved in a half circle around it and now had the room he needed. So Link centered himself once more, planted his feet and waited. When the shadow realized that he was still going to fight, it growled and spat, "You're going to regret that!" And came at him again.

Link noted the shadow's accuracy was down but the sheer intensity of its attack took him aback and Link struggled to keep up.

(Watch the staff...)


Again, the shadow man left itself open and Link was able to catch that back swing and send it ricocheting back. This time Link only managed to bring his own staff down on his opponents elbow. There is no way that was going to work a third time, Link thought. He needed to end this, but for the life of him, he had no idea how.

(Watch the staff, watch the staff, watch the staff) the voice kept up the reminder as Link struggled to find a way out of his current situation. The only way appeared to be an all out assault, but Master Orca's reminder was stuck in his head. As they fought Link realized the shadow was leaving itself open on purpose and every time Link took the offensive, his thoughts felt a little cloudier.

(Watch the the staff...)

"You feel it don't you..." his shadowy self said with a devilish grin. Worse, the shadow's voice turned deathly calm and now worked its staff with ease. It wanted him to attack.

(Watch the the staff...)

"The pitiful power you wield is nothing compared to what you could become..."

Link struggled again with an almost overwhelming need to strike his opponent. He almost couldn't hear the little voice in his head anymore. His thoughts felt gummy as his own anticipation raked at his concentration. Link forced himself to keep his mouth shut and refused again to respond to the shadow's taunts.

The shadow twisted his look alike face into a snarl and its voice betrayed its impatience as it shouted at him, "Fight me! You know you want to!" and plunged forward and unleashed a new torrent of strikes.

(Watch the staff...)

Link knew he was in trouble. His arms and legs were moving on instinct now...just one good hit, he thought and he almost glanced up...

(NO! That would be the the staff...)



Tetra righted the chair and leaned over the unconscious pirate. She patted his face in an attempt to wake him up. "Hey," she said in a hushed voice. She didn't want to wake Aryll, who lay curled up in her bunk. "Hey...come on you..."

Gonzo groaned and slowly opened his eyes. With surprising speed, he sat up and glomped her in a hug that threatened to crush her ribs.

"Gonzo..." she managed between squeezes. "Gonzo..." He was crying. "Oh for love of...GONZO!" He let go and looked at her with the stupidest grin she had ever seen on him. It was infectious because she could feel her own smile as well and asked, "Feeling better?"

"Yes..." He pulled off his bandana wiped his face. "Thank the Goddesses you're back."

Tetra felt her smile fade, and she looked at the Captain. "I resigned remember?"

"But, I thought..."

"Yeah? Well think again." Tetra looked at Aryll and said, "I'll have to leave and soon."

"But you just got here."

"I'll stay for a bit, but I can't stay in one place for very long. Besides, I can't help Link if I stay here."

"Is there anything you need for us to do?"

"You're doing fine Gonzo. I know I left you in a bit of a lurch, but you're up to the task. Look, you haven't sunk the ship yet right? Just keep an eye on that one," Tetra said pointing at the sleeping girl.

"Yeah, well you can see how well I'm doing in that area," Gonzo said as he looked over at Aryll as he got up. "I should have kept better track of her. I might have noticed she was having the life sucked out of her."

"I don't really think you can blame yourself for that," Tetra said as he helped her to her feet. "Gonzo has Aryll ever mentioned anything unusual about Jake and Jasper?"

"Other than the fact that that at least one isn't really a seagull? No, not much really."

"It's funny, but I get the impression that neither started life as one," Tetra said and saw the surprised look on his face. "I just don't have a clear idea of why they're seagulls now." She knew the answer was a simple one and it irritated her that she couldn't see it. "And Gonzo, don't tell Aryll this, but her Grandma and Master Orca have gone missing."

"What? Where are Mako and Zuko?"

"Don't know, Link didn't mention them, but he may not have known they were on the island."

"When did you see Link?

"I don't actually have time to explain all that. Trust me, I've seen him more often in the past three days than I have in the last six months."

"You think I should take her back to Outset?"

"That's up to you, but if you do you might want to have a look up in the Fairy Wood to be sure her Grandma and the old warrior aren't there."

He nodded, "Where did you leave Niko?"

"Oh, he's at the Forest Haven," Tetra smiled to think of Niko as the lone protector of the koroks and the Great Deku Tree.

"We could swing by there and pick him up."

"No, he's fine and needed where he is."

"Well, I find that hard to believe, he can be pretty childish sometimes."

"What do you want him back here for? Is the laundry starting to pile up?" Tetra asked hotly. She was starting to get irritated with his attitude.

"Actually no..." Gonzo said and looked a little sheepish. "Seems Aryll did quite a bit of it today. She collapsed after wearing that thing and doing a ship full of laundry. I think it was the crystal's doing. She only had it because Jasper brought her," Gonzo said as he put the bandana back on his head.

"Why would Aryll be doing laundry?" Tetra asked. Gonzo cleared his throat and ignored the question, so she asked a different one. "What did you do with it?"

"I left it on the top of Ice Ring."

"As good a place as any I guess." They both fell silent until Tetra grabbed her left arm and yelped in pain.

"What's wrong?"

"Damned if I know, but my arm feels like it on fire," Tetra said and she rubbed it absently. The burn subsided and turned to a dull throb. Something must be happening on Outset, Tetra thought, I'm falling behind again.

"It's been a good visit, Gonzo, but I can't stay any longer, so listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you."

Gonzo nodded.

"First, that crystal you dumped on Ice Ring has a creature in it called a tekuragari, nasty little thing that will kill you if you spend too much time with it. That's what made Aryll sick. Jake said there are only two and one was captured on Outset, but I don't know where it's being held." He opened his mouth to ask her something and Tetra said, "I don't have time to explain how Jake told me that, so it will have to wait." Tetra rubbed her arm again, "Second, get the hell out of this area. I get the feeling Aryll is a potential target for tekuragari, but I still haven't figured out the why part so better safe than sorry. Where you go is up to you, so use your best judgment."

"That manfish seemed to know something about the crystal," Gonzo waved off the questioning look she gave him. "Never mind any of that, what else."

"Jasper and Jake, there's way more to those two than meets the eye, so...I don't know get Aryll to talk to them and see if she can figure out what they are up to, assuming, either shows up. Fourth, I need to change. So get out."


It dawned on him what she said and he laughed and exited the room. Tetra pulled out some clean clothes and changed quickly. She picked up her pack and was about to get Gonzo when she heard, "Tetra, will you be with Link from now on?"

Tetra turned to see Aryll sitting up on the bed. The girl's eyes were not all the way open and she said with a dreamy voice, "I know that will make him happy."

A knock on the door distracted Tetra and she yanked it open. The half-awake girl on the bed continued, "Stupid dope, I wonder why he just doesn't tell you?" Aryll smiled and yawned when she saw Gonzo come back into the cabin. "Hoy Gonzo...I mean Captain..." Aryll said and sank back into the pillows. She pulled the blankets closer around her neck and mumbled, "Besides he's so unfocused when you're not around."

Tetra raised and eyebrow. "So do you think she'll remember any of that later?"

Gonzo shrugged. "I have no idea what goes on in the female mind. Uncharted waters."

Tetra rolled her eyes at him and pushed him out of the way of the door. "Whatever, just make sure you stay with her until she up and around again, and Gonzo try not to wait too long to tell her how you feel."

"Sound advice." Gonzo said with a little laugh.

Tetra turned back and said, "If that remark is related to the current state of affairs between myself and Mr. Namaki, I assure you he has been made well aware of the situation."

"Situation is it now. Well, that is a big step for you two. Not that I'm one to give advice, but I'm sure you covered it in your usual straight forward manner."

"You are so lucky I have to leave," Tetra growled. He was enjoying his I-told-you-so a little too much.

"Hey! Watch how you talk to the Captain now."

"Thirty-Six hours Captain, meet me in the crows nest."



Tetra took two steps out of her cabin and stopped. Where the hell am I going? I'll never get used to this, she thought. She placed an image of herself in the watchtower on Outset Island, firmly in her mind and with a strange waver of the air...she was. Tetra stood overlooking the bay and gasped when she saw the smoking ruins of Link's house. Worried, she looked around for any signs of him. Something moving on the beach caught her attention, so she pulled out her telescope and saw Link and someone else fighting furiously near the water.

She focused the telescope on Link's opponent and when she realized exactly what it was she was looking at, she dropped down to the floor and shuddered. What would dispel a shadow she thought? Light. Tetra pulled out the bow and notched an arrow. She focused the magic and the tip came alive with a brilliant light. As soon as she loosed the arrow, a burning pain engulfed her hand and she almost lost her grip on the bow. Tetra looked over the edge at the combatants. Link was still holding his staff, but it was clear he was tired. The arrow must have gone off to the right, probably in the water. Crap, she thought and notched another. She ignored the pain in her hand as she tried to remain steady enough to focus her magic. Tetra was about to let it fly when she heard a voice behind her.

"Ju really chould wait."

Tetra spun around, arrow still notched, toward the voice. A boy with messy blonde hair and amber eyes leaned against a post on the other side of the watchtower. Tetra recognized that accent and fumbled with the bow and asked, "Where in the nine hells did you come from?"

"I was here all zee time, ju were just not payink attentchun," the boy said.

His tone was light and Tetra again felt that weird familiarity she experienced with Jinchi, but with this one it was stronger. She stared at the boy and asked, "Jasper or more rightly, Chiyuu perhaps?" He nodded and bowed with an odd flourish. Tetra also noticed he held the arrow she just let loose. "Did you? But how?"

"Zat ees not important. I came to warn ju," he said as he walked to the rail. "Ju mus let zat fight alone, Preencess."

"I don't understand, you mean I can't use any magic?"

"Note essactly, but ju mus let Leenk ween or loose on his own."

Tetra almost collapsed when her leg buckled and was suddenly in great pain. "Damn it!"

Chiyuu cocked his head and looked at her strangely. Just like that, he seemed to reassess her importance to the situation on the beach. When the pain slid back to a dull throb, Tetra looked back at the fighters. The shadow was moving Link around closer to the water. Link limped a little and Tetra felt his exhaustion.

"Damn it! I know there has to be something I can do! You know I don't have time to figure it out so just tell me what it is!"

Chiyuu looked down at the beach again and appeared to be having an argument with himself. He shook his head, then shrugged, and said to her, "Lend him jour wisdom preencess. Wees zis he may be able to rezist zee temptations being laid before heem."

May be able to? Tetra looked down at the beach again. Fine, she thought and ran a quick survey through her head on how she might do something like that. She was startled when her own Mother's voice answered.

Well, I see you are fine grown, little Miss, listen carefully and do not hold anything back.

Tetra nodded and listened to the instructions. When she opened her eyes again, she found Chiyuu already sat at the center of the watchtower, waiting.

"Jour connecktion wees zat one ees much stronger zan I thought. Dis weel help."

Tetra sat with her knees touching his and as Chiyuu took up her hands, Tetra felt an odd flutter within herself. The strange sensation of familiarity returned more intensely than the last time and she teetered on the brink of some realization. She lost track of it suddenly and she didn't understand how either of the pair were able to do it, but he regarded her now with amber eyes that were no longer a child's. When Chiyuu looked deeply into her eyes Tetra decided she'd have to figure that out later.

"Close jour eyes and think of him. Eef jou open zem too soon ju weel break de leenk," he said and Tetra nodded in reply. "No matter what ju see, ju must stay focused on zat one ting."

Tetra took three deep breaths and as she exhaled the last, she found herself floating above the two combatants and like water running down a drain, she felt herself pulled into Link. Her consciousness settled next to a much younger thought, it ran from her and was replaced by another, then another. This continued in rapid succession until his thoughts streamed by her in a river of confusion. It took her a few moments to figure out she how to stop one when she focused on it. However, she didn't now how to pick out the ones she wanted to see. Most she focused on brought up memories of his family and his feelings associated with them. She mentally tagged them to keep track of their whereabouts.

In almost no time, she was sifting so quickly, that when she inadvertently brought up the memory of a redead, she almost lost contact. Even Link's distant memories of that undead creature's scream made her blood freeze and she cringed. Link had had to face some terrifying things in his life, but he had always won over.

She felt she'd collected almost all the memories she needed and plucked up one more. Tetra was startled when she saw it was a memory of her. She was looking out a window but from his view of her, Tetra couldn't tell where they were. It looked familiar, but it wasn't recent and had the fuzzy quality all the older ones held.

Link's feelings surrounding it were calm and contented. Tetra heard an odd discordant melody float up through the morning air. So familiar, but still could not place the scene within her own memories. That only lasted until her remembered self, looked back toward Link.

When that Tetra looked into his eyes and spoke she instantly remembered the scene. It was the day when everything between them changed and not for the better. With a jarring snap, Tetra found herself back in the watchtower. She understood now what Chiyuu meant. Monsters she could handle, memories of her own cruelty were far more painful.

"Send me back," she whispered.

"Arju chure ju want zees?" the young man asked her. "Jou will need to face the truth of jour own feelinks and it will be much harder to reach heem seence the leenk was already broken once."

"I don't care. I'll do what ever I have to," Tetra said. She needed to go back. "I won't let him face this alone."

Chiyuu smiled. "Zen Preencess, we chall do eet again. Ju chould have no trouble recalling zee memories ju haf already collected."

Tetra nodded and closed her eyes. Once again, she was back in Link's head. She was more surprised when she found herself looking at the enemy through Link's own eyes. It looked just like him, except the shadow man sported a pair of blood read eyes.

(Watch the staff)

Where did that come from? she wondered. She tracked the voice back to its source. A bottle in Link's pack was glowing an odd orangey color and when the voice spoke, it would glow just a little brighter. Tetra refocused on Link and felt his heart was beating very fast, and his breathing felt a bit labored.

"You feel it don't you..." Tetra heard Link's shadowy twin say, "The power you wield is nothing compared to what you could become..."

Tetra could see the anticipation in the other's eyes it didn't want him dead. It wanted him. It was trying to get Link to think like it. The shadow's whispery voice flowed through Link's mind with an oily slickness that made her feel sick. It would suck you in if you weren't careful. She shook it off and tried to reassure Link and showed him one after another his memories, Your strength comes from your love of family and home, don't give that away.

His opponent's voice betrayed its impatience and the shadow shouted at him, "Fight me! You know you want to!" and plunged forward and unleashed a new torrent of strikes.

Tetra sensed Link's conflict but it only took her a moment to realize, the last memory she's pulled up was at the center of his turmoil. The discordant melody from it, now floated around and jarred his senses, distracting him from the fight. Tetra knew Link was in real trouble as he slipped closer to the edge of his tolerance. He was being overwhelmed and Link wanted to strike out so badly and he almost glanced up into those eyes.

(Watch the staff...) the little voice cut through the sound of the melody and Link steadied again for a moment. It didn't last long though, as Tetra felt Link's eyes wandering closer to the shadow's face everything around her had become clouded in shadows. The sound of that whispery voice crept in and swirled all around her.

(NO!) she and the little voice shouted in unison (That would be bad... ) The darkness subsided briefly but she was losing him. Tetra wasn't sure how she knew it, but she did and she couldn't shake the sense that Link's inability to hear her was her own damn fault. Please hear me; I lied when I said I didn't care. But knew her voice was only barely audible above the shadow's call. Tetra felt her world coming apart when she suddenly remembered what Chiyuu told her.

...Lend him jour wisdom...

Nothing else was working, so Tetra called to the Goddess Nayru's power within Triforce of Wisdom embedded in her hand. Never before did she allow herself to delve so deeply into it. She was aware now the true power of her piece of the Triforce lay rooted in the truth of her heart. By denying that truth, she'd made herself weaker and easier to control.

Now Tetra was angry and pulled in even more of the golden power. She'd never felt so much raw strength as her purpose, now fueled by her fury, gave her hope as Wisdom displaced her fear and despair. "I will not let this happen! I will not back down from the shadow again!"

Changing her focus Tetra shouted in Link's head, "You dolt of a fairy boy! You can't leave me now! Snap out of it! You should listen when a girl is trying to tell you she loves you!"

The sudden silence made Tetra jump and she looked around nervously. She jumped again when she heard a strange breaking sound somewhere behind her and feared the worst. When several others, all of whom bore a striking resemblance to the Link, joined her, Tetra thought, where the heck did they all come from?

Only one came forward and he held an exact copy of the staff Link was using now.

Tetra waved slowly at the newcomer and heard Greetings Princess though she was sure he'd not said a word as he passed by. He stepped into and Tetra watched in surprise as he just dissolved into Link's stream of consciousness. Tetra realized during that whole fight, Link hadn't said a word. He spoke to Hito for the first time saying, "The choice has been made shadow, leave here now."

She heard the shadow growl at Link as it began its assault anew. Link smiled and as Tetra heard the word 'break' and her connection was gone. She landed back within in herself with alarming speed and Chiyuu steadied her for a moment.

"Arju alright?"

Tetra didn't answer instead, she scrambled over to the rail and pulled out her telescope. Whatever happened, happened quickly because now only Link stood on the beach as a cloud of acrid looking black smoke cleared. After a moment she saw him sag to his knees and lean heavily on his staff.

"What happened? The last thing I heard him say was the choice had been made," Tetra said and looked back at Chiyuu. "What choice?"

"Leenk's, he was too jung when his time came to face zees chadow. Eet was zee one blessing granted by zee Goddesses that Ganon could not touch." Chiyuu walked over near her and looked at him. "Zee danger hast past, but zat dos not mean Hito will not try again."

"But where did the chadow...Goddesses help me, you've got me doing it," and she looked at Link again. "Where did it come from?"

When no one answered she turned to ask again, but there was no one there.


She climbed down the ladder made her way across the beach. Tetra noticed the moon was starting to set, that fight lasted longer than she realized. I'm running out of time again, she thought. Link still on his knees near the water's edge, did not look up and she knelt down on the sand next to him. The only sounds she heard, consisted of the surf and Link's still labored breathing.

"I meant what I said," Tetra said quietly, "Any chance we can try again?" Link didn't answer, he looked over at her and smiled, but his smile faded and he fell over face first into the sand.

"Link! Are you alright?" Tetra turned him over to check for damage but as she leaned over him, he reached up and pulled her down. For a moment her anger flared, but it disappeared just as quickly. "You're going to pay for that, Namaki," she said and brushed some sand off his forehead.

"Just testing, Princess."

"Augh! I ought to..." but she didn't really want to, so she kissed him instead. This part was going well when Tetra was struck by a passing thought and she sat up and asked, "Geez, how could I forget?"

"Forget what?"

She looked down at a now thoroughly confused Link. "I still gotta find Jabun," Tetra said as she looked out at the water. "Where's the King of Red Lions?"

Link sighed and sat up. "Probably near the dock."

"Well, come on let's go." Tetra got up and tugged at his sleeve. "Why are you still on the ground? Come on."

Link leaned heavily on his staff as he stood up and winced. Seeing him up, Tetra started to walk away when the ground beneath her feet started to shake and she was thrown backward into him. She turned to face him and said, "You did that on purpose."

"You think?" he asked.

Tetra noticed then he still wasn't moving. "Fine I'll slow down," she said and looked back at him again. "Can't you hobble any faster?"

"Remind me again what's in this for me?"

So she did.

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Koroks Rock says:

Heh heh. Excellent story, your action and thematics are great. My only complaint was that you forgot to use BBcode for italics... i fixed the <i> tags for you.

achitka says:

ooo sorry about that - I have a bit of a nasty cold and I forgot to do that....hopefully there weren't too many - i dont remember, but I thank you for the corrections.

madiboo says:

I just love this! Keep it up. You're doing so well on this story!