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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 32: Chapter 31: The Once and Future Princess

I really gotta sleep more… Anyway, yes it’s more fun rediscovering the past. Have a cup of coffee on me and don't stay up late reading this stuff if you haven't finished your homework (or even if you have)'ll make mush of your brains (assuming it hasn't already... >.>) As previously stated I really do have a rather odd view of what love really is and should be…so just work with me on that.

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Chapter 31:
The Once and Future Princess

Tetra grunted and felt the wind knocked out of her as she smacked onto the mosaic flooring. She lay on her side for just a moment and groaned as she turned over just in time to see Link hit the piece of floor she just vacated. Of course, he somehow managed to roll himself up as he landed and came up on his feet.

"Show off," Tetra muttered. She looked around and called, "Speck?"

"Herf Prinfshess!"

His voice sounded muffled and Tetra picked up her pack. Kage fluttered up a little unsteadily and she smiled when she saw the fairy was unhurt for being squashed beneath her pack. Tetra winced at a sharp pain in her side.

"You alright, Tetra?" Link asked.

Tetra nodded and it dawned on her that, just like she was, Link must be feeling whatever pain she felt and it made her wonder just how deep that connection went. Link helped her to her feet and held on to her arm as he gave it one of his appraising stares. Tetra glanced at her elbow and noticed the red mark that was sure to turn into a nice bruise. "I'm fine, Link, really," she said.

They were back in the basement of Hyrule Castle. The only source of real light in the room came from the Master Sword, which still sat in its pedestal. Once she dusted herself off, she looked around and said, "Well, I just can't seem to ditch this place."

"Like old times, neh?"

"Why, of all the places in this castle, would the kagenmi bring us here?" Tetra asked taking a few steps forward.

"When I was on Great Fish," Link said, "Jabun told me a story. It involved the Shadow and how he used the tekuragari and the broken spirits of two children to create a shadow daemon. It also appears both of those children, are now grown and in our time."

"The Mei and Kei, Saimon was so worried about."

"Yep, the way Jabun told the story, I got the impression the shadow used the daemon to kill the two remaining Sages. They must still be alive; see how the Master sword is still...glowing..." Link trailed off and an uneasy smile crossed his face. "Tetra, you're sure we're just spectators here in the past, right?"

"I wish I knew, but that floor sure felt real," she said and rubbed her arm again. "Link, do you..." Tetra paused when she noticed the tense expression on his face. Link just swallowed hard as he took a small step back and pulled out the staff. The way he held it in front of him made Tetra think he was trying to ward something off. His grip on it so tight, his knuckles were white and he was breathing a little heavier.

"Are you alright?" When he didn't answer Tetra said, "I'll take that as a no."

"Gods, Tetra, I'm not even really here and it calls to me."

"What does?" and then she noticed his eyes hadn't left that sword. "Link?"

"Somewhere in this time, right now, something really terrible is happening and the sword wants to go out and meet it," he said and the look of helplessness in his eyes frightened her. "Wants us to go..."

Tetra thought then of what Link said he remembered about the first time he pulled Master Sword out of the Pedestal of Time. Absolutely nothing. One minute he'd entered the basement, the next the Sword was in his hand and he woke to find himself holding it up. Tetra wondered what would have happened to Link if the Sword had not accepted him as the Hero. The last Hero to pull it had his spirit sealed away for seven years. It made her curious as to whether it was like this for all of them and just as quickly decided she didn't care. Whatever was going on, Tetra intended to put a stop to it, now.

Link took a small step forward and the emblems on the staff began to glow eerily. He shut his eyes and said in an unsteady voice, "Can we leave here? It would be better if we left here."

Tetra touched his arm and resisted the urge to pull her hand back when she felt the strength of the Sword's pull. It reminded her of the power behind the Shadow's voice and the way it beckoned to Link. "Yeah, Link, we'll go soon."

She looked back at the sword as it pulsed weirdly. Past or not, it wants him. Well not today, Tetra thought as she stepped in front of Link and gave his hand a squeeze. Link looked away from the sword with some difficulty and his gaze came back into focus as he spoke to her.

"I wanted to bring you along," he said matter-of-factly and lost it again as his eyes fixed back on the weapon.

Where did that come from? Tetra thought for a moment, He must be talking about leaving me in this basement... It really was about time I let that one go too. Tetra moved her hand to the staff and felt the magic as it beat through it. The odd rhythm it created was somehow disrupting the call of the Master Sword.

"Hey," Tetra said softly, and noticed her voice drew his attention away from the Sword as it did when he fought on the beach. "As much as I hated it, I knew that it was the best place for me to be. That's why the King made me stay. I knew you'd be back, hell you survived being tossed by that obnoxious bird into the middle of the ocean, right?"

Link's eyes appeared a little less frantic when he looked at her again but his gaze was still distant. When he looked back at the sword again, Tetra got angry. She hated being ignored and yanked out her own sword. She pressed the tip of the curved blade against his throat.

He still didn't look at her she growled, "You're supposed to be helping me, remember? So snap out of it, I don't have time for you to wander off playing hero."

When his eyes stayed fixed on the Master Sword, Tetra pressed the blade hard enough against his flesh to draw some blood and Link's eyes wandered back to her. Tetra waited until she had his complete attention and added, "And if you think you have any chance of leaving me alone to deal with our other situation you are so seriously mistaken."

Link blinked and let out the breath he'd been holding. Tetra lowered her cutlass just a little and eyed him warily.

"You better now?" she asked.

He blinked again, took a deep breath and visibly relaxed. He dabbed the blood on his neck and said, "Always know just what to say keep the guys coming back for more, eh?"

"You know it fairy boy," Tetra said as she put away her sword and let out an impatient snarl. "So why are we here and why would the Master Sword be trying to get you to pull it out?"

Her answer came when a small girl suddenly appeared on the staircase behind them and ran, literally, right through them. The little girl moved with barely a sound and after Tetra inspected the parts of herself the girl passed through, she said, "Well, ask a stupid question."

Tetra noticed Link stared at the girl with his mouth open and she smiled inwardly. That girl was a dead ringer for Tetra at that age. She watched with fascination as the girl, Tetra assumed, was the Princess Zelda/Wisdom bearer she could not reach.

The girl sat unmoving in front of the Master Sword for several minutes. Dressed in rather plain clothes for a Princess, her blonde hair caught up in a knot on her head, she was humming a tune that Tetra found both familiar and not. That puzzled her to say the least and Tetra turned back to the still gaping Link and said, "That is just weird."

"You ain't kidding," Link said as he shook his head. "She looks just like you did."

"That wasn't what I was talking about, and yeah I guess she does, when I was ten."

"If you say so, still pretty spooky though."

Tetra's attention went back to the girl when she heard a gasp, and snapped back to Link when he cried out and covered his ears and fell to his knees. Both had their attention locked on that damn sword again. Tetra's eyes went wide as a loud keening filled her ears. She winced and realized the sound was coming from the Master Sword. Without warning, the blade came to life, shown very brightly for a moment, and then dimmed.

The little girl covered her mouth, though it did little to disguise the horrified look upon her face. Link lowered his hands but his breathing was ragged, as if he'd been struck. Tetra had no idea what just happened but the little Princess seemed to. Her hands dropped from her face and she said in a voice that sounded like a distant echo, "Goddesses, please don't let it be true." She bolted past them even faster than when she arrived and in moments she was up the stairs and out of the basement.

"Follow her, Speck."

"Yes, Princess," Kage said then took off after the girl and disappeared up the staircase.

That damn fairy better not lose her, Tetra thought, I've come too far to lose track of her now. She looked over at Link as he sat cross-legged and rubbed his head.

"You alright?" she asked.

"It's not as strong as before," Link said as he blinked and shook his head to clear it.

"What's not?" Tetra asked. She was starting to get that sinking feeling again.

"The call from the Sword, it's quieter now," he said as he stood and put away the staff. "Whatever was happening's over now."

"What do you think it was?"

Link shrugged, but she could see from the concerned look on his face that he had an idea or two running through his head.

"So now what?" he asked.

"We'll follow her."

"Why her?"

"She's the key, well at least for me she is. She is the only Princess/bearer that I can't speak to."

"You can talk to them?" he asked incredulously.

"Yeah, sort of..." Tetra looked at him and sighed. "Please don't ask me to explain it. I can't, but for some reason, her memory is walled off." Tetra looked at him and grinned. "Did you know you have quite a collection in your own head."

"Is that so?" Link asked as he stretched. Tetra heard the joints of his shoulders and neck crack and cringed at the sound. Link sighed and let his head loll for a moment. "That's better. You know, Tetra, you still haven't told me how or why you were in my head to begin with," Link said looking around again.

"You know I've been thinking about that, and I'll make you a deal. I'll explain that, when you explain a particular memory of a certain red headed girl-"

"You're evil, you know that?"

"Am I? I hadn't noticed. It certainly explains a lot," Tetra said and gave a sigh as she looked in the direction of the stairs. "Where is that damn Speck?"

"If he's smart, he'll be halfway to Termina..." She heard Link mutter behind her. Tetra turned back, but he wasn't paying attention and continued to mumble to himself. "Termina? Gods, I hate when that happens..."When he did finally notice her he shook his head and shrugged. "Like you said, don't ask me to explain it, I have no idea where it comes from, just sorta pops in there."

He reached back and came up with his sea chart. After he studied it for a bit he flipped it over, pulled out his nub of a pencil, and wrote something there. Link raised an eyebrow and said "Humph," after which he folded it back up and put it away.

Tetra could tell Link was following one of those random hunches in his head. Maybe that was how they all talked to one another, through intuition. Still, Tetra knew better than to bug him when he got like that, instead she watched him as he wandered away from her to examine the stained glass depictions of the Sages from the era of the Hero of Time.

Link studied each until his eyes wandered and settled on one of the four statues surrounding the Master Sword. Tetra saw something then, she'd never noticed before. Each of the four statues held a carving of a bird on its chest. The first looked like the eagle crest so prevalent in Hyrulian mythology. The second was slightly smaller and appeared to be a raven or maybe a hawk, she could be sure. The third was distinctly owl like. The fourth and the one that still held Link's attention did not appear as a bird of prey as the others did. The bird's long neck and wings appeared outstretched and were far more graceful and feminine in comparison with the others. Link frowned; Tetra didn't like that, that look always meant trouble was coming.

"You know you may be able to speak to him if you try." Tetra suggested and he looked back at her momentarily surprised, like he hadn't expected to see her there. "Sorry," Tetra said as she pointed, "there in your head, one of the many was dragging around a staff just like that one."

Link thought about that. "You really think that's a good idea?"

"I have no idea but you said you needed to know more about that staff."

"Yeah, but I was going to look in the book I got from Master Sturgeon."

"Suit yourself, but I wouldn't rule it out." Tetra said and pulled on her pack as Kage returned. "Ready?" Tetra asked.

When Link nodded the pair followed the fairy out of the basement and up into the castle proper. Tetra looked up at the statue of the Hero of Time and remembered him through the eyes of another. That statue didn't really do him justice, she thought.

The Princess Zelda in question, was one whose memories Tetra had come to rely on. She was the first bearer and also the strongest. That Zelda thought that by sending the Hero back to his original timeline, she was correcting her earlier mistake that had allowed Ganondorf access to the Sacred Realm. Instead, she realized too late, she'd only delayed the inevitable.

As they followed the fairy through the castle Tetra said, "You know in that outfit you do look remarkably like that statue, well except the statue has neater hair."

"Nice, and me without my brush," Link said. His tone was mildly sarcastic which she managed to ignore as they started up a long winding staircase. After several minutes of this, Link asked Kage, "Exactly how tall is this tower anyway?"

"Not much farther, Wind Waker," the fairy said as he fluttered around another corner.

"Hey," Link said and he caught Tetra hand to stop her. "If you can talk to all those Princesses, see if any of them know exactly what that Shadow is. I've got a few ideas, but well I don't want to guess and this whole thing is already too messed up."

"Alright," Tetra replied and they started back up the dimly lit stairwell. Portraits, pictographs and tapestries lined the walls of the tower, each showed different parts of Hyrule's long history. Tetra stopped and examined one portrait in particular; it was of a young woman who looked to be about her age. Her long dark hair framed her pale face and Tetra felt like her green eyes were looking right into her soul.

"Wow," Link said behind her, "she's beautiful, I wonder who she was?"

Tetra went to read the nameplate on the frame, but the writing was scratched off.

"The nameplate's damaged, but she reminds me of the Captain...I mean my mother when she was younger." Tetra gave Link's tunic a yank to get him moving again and they started back up the stairs. Tetra noted that Kage lingered near the portrait and touched the lady's face.

"SPECK! Where are you now?"

Kage jumped and flew up to Tetra who was waiting impatiently for him higher on the stairs, "Yes, Princess?"

"You're the guide, remember? How much farther?"

"You are here now," he said as he flew around another bend and stopped in front of a door that was slightly ajar. Link pushed it the rest of the way open and they stepped through. The air was surprisingly hot and dry, but Tetra gaped at the expanse of land before her. This was must be the castle's tallest tower and you could see everywhere from here.

Link tugged at her sleeve and Tetra looked at the girl, who must have run all the way, because she was out of breath. Her hair, which had fallen out of it carefully arranged bun as she bounced anxiously as she stood on her toes and stared out at an area just behind them. A dark cloud that hung over it and obscured even the tallest of the trees covered the forest. Link too, seemed hypnotized by the sight and he said it with a kind of reverence, "Fado."

Tetra heard Link use the name before in his conversations with Makar but she was more interested in the girl. She'd sunk down against the wall and wept as if her heart would break. Tetra was amazed with how fragile the little princess seemed to be. She was much thinner than Tetra first realized. Her pale blonde hair surrounded her thin face, which she'd buried her in her hands.

Tetra scanned the landscape. Nothing but devastation as far as the eye could see. Tetra took in a deep breath and held it. The air felt heavy, as if waiting for the right moment to burst. There was a storm coming and a big one. Tetra realized that nothing she'd ever faced was as bad as this and she wondered what it must be like to see your whole world slowly coming apart and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

So it was as the Keeper of Wisdom, that Tetra knelt in front of still crying child and reached out a hand. She was surprised when her hand met resistance. The little girl stopped crying and regarded Tetra with soft blue eyes and said after a sniffle, "Greetings Bearer."

"Greetings," Tetra said automatically and did a double take. "You can see me now?" Tetra glanced up at Link to see if he was paying attention. It took Tetra a moment to realize he wasn't moving, and Kage was frozen midair above his head. Tetra looked back at the Princess and said, "I guess you can."

"Yes, after I passed you in the basement, I knew you were there."

"Passed through me you mean, why didn't you say something then?"

"I was afraid, I could sense the presence of another, but I could not see you, then the Master Sword...its never done that before and I wasn't sure if I was safe anymore. I got frightened when thought of the Forest Sage..."

"I'm so sorry, we didn't mean to frighten you."

"I know that now. You have come a long way to speak to me; it would be rude not to acknowledge you."

"You are gracious, Your Highness," Tetra said and her eyes settled back on her unmoving companions. "Will they be okay?"

"You have momentarily stepped outside of the magic of the kagenmi. I am surprised you were able to open it. They will return to normal when you return, but I understand now that I see you have that one with you."

"That one?"

"The Hero, he must be of the Knights line or the box would not open."

"Is that so?" Tetra smiled. "Well it's a good thing I brought him along."

"You must know that by doing so you have bound yourself to him."

"No worries there Princess, I'm pretty sure I managed that a few months ago, no going back now."

The girl looked at her a little confused for a moment and a wide smile crossed her face, it added a dimension to the girl that was absent before, and she said almost breathlessly, "Truly?"

Tetra smiled in spite of herself and realized she hadn't actually allowed herself to think of it as anything beyond one more problem to work through. The little princess before her reminded her that even if the world was falling apart it wasn't all grim and bleak, and not wanting to take that bit of hope from her Tetra smiled and answered, "Truly."

"You don't sound very sure."

"I guess I'm still learning how to live with it too," Tetra said as she looked back out at the darkened forest and the joy left her face when she was reminded of why she was up there. "So can you tell me what just happened in the basement?"

"It was no accident that you found your way to me on this day," the girl said and she sounded tired, "This day was the turning point. When events overshadowed the light and darkness would again overtake the land."

"Well," Tetra muttered, "happy birthday to me."

A smile played at the lips of the little Princess as she asked, "How old are you bearer?"

"Does that really matter?"

"No, but I am curious because it is my birthday also."

"I'll be nineteen if I ever manage to get out of the cycle."

"I am fourteen this year. You must be excited, this is your naming year."

"My what?"

The Princess took on a formal tone and recited, "Every daughter of the Royal family shall be named Zelda until her nineteenth birthday, when she shall be free to choose a name for herself. Lest we forget the one who saved us all."

"There's a tradition I wasn't aware of, but now that you mention it, I have a few volunteers who seem to be willing to explain that to me." Tetra wondered why they had stopped using it. "I must say though you certainly hide your age well. I was sure you were no more than twelve."

"Two years ago the Shadow's sickness almost overwhelmed me. I only survived because a Guardian came to warn my mother. Once she recognized the danger, she was able to turn back the darkness. But the effort cost her, her life and left me as you see me now."

Tetra was amazed how calm the girl sounded. There was no bitterness in her childlike voice, just sadness.

"I never realized how much you had to bear. I thought what I went through was bad, but you..."

The Princess who was Zelda looked out at the shadow that was engulfing her land. "One of the Sages has lost his battle with the shadow," the Princess said and turned away from the wall. "I wish things had been different. I wish I were not so frail," she looked back at Link who stood still as stone. "I wish the hero had not been lost."

"He was lost?"

"Yes, his life in a sense was taken by the tekuragari when he was still very young."

Tetra thought again of Jinchi's warning about them. She still worried about their decision to let Kage out of that bottle.

"Is that why the histories say he was lost in flows of time?"

"In a way I guess that is true for I do not know what became of him, but he was special."

Tetra looked over at Link his expression frozen in a mask of concern for a Sage he knew had been dead for over two hundred years and thought, He really is isn't he.

"Each hero is born without knowledge of his destiny," Zelda spoke in the same sort of voice Tetra had felt when she was talking to Link about fairy lore, it was there all the time just waiting for some familiar word or phrase to trigger it. "Each is unique," the Princess continued, "yet somehow the same, for they are all courageous and of a kind heart. Ever willing to trade their lives for the lives of others and when faced with the choice, almost all chose the path of light."

"Almost all?"

"Yes, one who sadly was forced to make a decision, no child should have to; the young Hero traded his life for that of his brother. The stories say the boy brought his brother to the Fairy Queen. Venus granted his wish so instead of the hero's brother falling to the sickness, like my mother, he did."

"The Shadow, but how is that possible? The shadow would have had to have existed before that boy was born then."

"Yes, but even the events I have just told you of, happened a very long time ago, before my own Grandfather was born. I first learned of them from the Book of Mudora. Perhaps if you can locate it in your time you will be able to learn more. It holds the histories of Hyrule within its pages."

"That would be helpful, but my current situation won't allow for any side trips. Still I'm a little confused. Can you tell me how, if the hero died, why did Ganon fail?"

"Bearer," the Princess said with mild disbelief, "The Goddesses are not so distant that they cannot hear us when we pray to them. They would not leave Hyrule without her hero or without hope. The sickness took his body but it could not collect his soul. That, the book says, was gathered by the Three. They returned him to the world, not as a living person, but as a Guardian. That is how the Three allowed him to survive. I didn't understand the histories when I read them, everything had happened so long ago, before but I think I do now."

"So he became a Guardian?"

"He is the last of them. The shadow maybe insane but he is very methodical. The others were lost, though I do not know how. As for the Hero, I don't believe he ever understood exactly what he was or who he was meant to be. Even as his spirit was drawn to the Castle and the Master Sword in the time of Hyrule's need. Even now, there are things I can no longer remember about the Hero. Pieces of my own memories are missing," the Princess touched Tetra's hand and then Link's arm and said, "I see in his mind, his battle with the Shadow."

"Yes, I was told it was a battle Link had to win or lose on his own. Do you know what it is?"

"The Shadow is but a remnant of the first battle with the Gerudo King, and without solid form until he found the Hero's brother. Sadly, though he survived the sickness, the Book of Mudora says that the guilt heaped upon him by others for the death of his brother drove him to despair. It was in this madness he gave the shadow a home and a body. The tekuragari were more of the same. Their purpose twisted they lost the light," the paused and the Princess said as she looked at Kage, "Tell me Bearer, why do you travel with one of them."


"I didn't realize they had names."

"That's not his name, it's just what I call him."


"Because I don't think Kage is his name, and maybe if I don't use it, his true name will be returned to him and he'll rediscover the light."

"Do you think that's possible?"

"Anything is possible, Princess, if you look hard enough." Tetra sighed and yawned. "Great more yawning. You said your memories of the Guardian were missing, how can that be?"

"I'm not sure, when he first came to the castle, I was much younger, and he appeared to me to be no more than a few years older than myself. He was very handsome and he fell in love beautiful girl. This girl found him interesting but he was still much too young for her to take him seriously. What no one knew then was that he'd been that age for a number of years. I myself did not realize it until a few years later. He lived and worked as a stable hand and when the girl's father learned of his intentions, he was not pleased and sent him away. He returned after a short time to again seek out the girl, but he was older this time, and the girl's father did not recognize him as the same boy he'd sent away. I did, though I do not know how he accomplished this. After my illness, I had a chance to ask him about his family. He would only say that he had lived most of his life before coming to Hyrule with his aunts. I never met them and he never mentioned their names. He said they were never very far from him and I believe now, that they were the embodiments of the Goddesses themselves. Strangest of all and though I'm sure he was not supposed to be able to be to, he married my sister and together they had two sons. This is how my nephews came to the world."

"Your nephews? I thought that when you became a Guardian you were..."

"I told you he was special, a favorite of the Three, I do not believe they would deny him anything he asked for, not even that. I met my nephews only once, when they were still small. My sister brought them in secret and I was pleased to find she'd named her son's after my favorite pair of elemental Guardians, Jake and Jasper."

"Jake and Jasper...but I thought..." Tetra felt a little lost, she was sure their names were Jinchi and Chiyuu. Whatever, she thought and said to the Princess, "They spend a lot of time now being very bossy seagulls."

"Who are the other two?"

"There are more of them?"

"Yes, in times of need and if things get out of balance, they are called. You've heard the song we all learn it as children and Tetra realized she did know it, for it was also the tune the girl had been humming earlier in the basement, the Princess sang it now in a quiet voice that lent to it an eerie quality;

In times of peril,
four are chosen
called to guard
the hope of life and light,
yearnings answered
hold back the darkness,
until bearers of knowledge
and life release them

"She also brought this," the Princess said and in her small hand, she held the two broken shards of the Triforce of Wisdom. "My sister knew this was the only way to protect me from another assault by the Shadow. Natsumi must also be with you, for she bore Wisdom for a time."

Tetra ran a quick mental check in her head and realized there was no one with that name whom she could locate. "Damn, there's another one I have to find. Do you know why your memory was sealed away?"

"I believe it was the Guardian's doing, but the memory of the event that caused it is hidden from me also. If you look to the fields you can see his progress."

Tetra did and saw a point of light; it shone brightly but was so tiny in all that darkness.

"That's him?"

"Yes, he is chasing a daemon. He does not know it yet, but by this time," the Princess said as she swept a hand over the wall, "he is the only one left who has even the barest of chances of stopping the shadow."

"Then why are there no histories about this and how come no one else can remember him."

"There are three who remember him, the rest fell victim to the law of unintended circumstances. I don't know why for I'm not sure what he intended, but whatever magic he invoked was so strong it affected everything and anyone he ever came into contact with, including the King and myself. Possibly, even the Shadow, as there are bare spots in my memories of him as well. I cannot remember what the Guardian looked like, but I know he was handsome. I remember his children's names, but that may be because of Natsu. By using the kagenmi to come here you have circumvented that magic that has kept my memory sealed away and hides him from us all."

"Who are the three?"

"Maybe his aunts, I am unsure. I only know that there are."

"Do you know where they live now?"

"No, but there is a village near the edge of the field by the river, it was a place he visited often." The Princess sighed as she ran over to Tetra and gave her a hug. Tetra was surprised, but wrapped her arms around the girl and gave her a gentle squeeze.

"It is time for me to go back," the Princess said, face buried in Tetra's shirt, "I have to try to warn the King."

"Zelda, I wish there were something I could do, but I guess everything will be alright, because I'm here right?"

The girl looked up at her and smiled. "That's right, and you are my descendant." The Princess's calm demeanor returned and she said with confidence, "Have faith Bearer and the Goddesses will light your true path and keep you from harm." and the Princess bowed.

"As they have yours, Princess Zelda," Tetra said as she too bowed and watched the girl disappear through the arched doorway. Tetra turned back to find Link staring at her and she wondered just how long he had been doing that. "What?"

"You sure are cute when you're nice."

"Ooooo, I ought to smack you," she threatened.

He crossed his arms and smiled as if to dare her to and asked, "Find out anything?"

"Yeah, but now we have to find her sister, Lady Natsumi," Tetra said as she headed back to the door and started down the stairs. "Anyway, we'll talk on the way."

"You are very brave, Wind Waker," Tetra heard Kage say in awe.

"Come on you two!" Tetra shouted as her head poked back through the door. "We're in a hurry, remember?" and she disappeared back down the stairwell. "SPECK!"

Link looked at Kage who shrugged and zipped ahead of him to join her. Tetra heard Link's laughter as trailed he after her, and Tetra was midly disappointed that she managed to resist the urge to trip him anyway.

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