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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 33: Chapter 32: Accidental Tourists

I recently received an email asking for a specific description of what a character in this fic looked like. This is an odd sort of problem for me, since the best answer I could give is really not very specific – strangely, none of the characters exist in my head that way. Not even Link and Tetra and in many ways I rely on the reader to concoct, whatever.

I will give queues, such as age, eye and hair color, occasionally length, height (I may say tall or short) but I rarely get explicit with my character descriptions unless I think it’s important to the overall plot. Most times, I figure you already have an image of the character – so stuck in your head I really shouldn’t mess with it.

Or perhaps I am lazy (o.0) It's really hard to tell some days.. go figure.

Anyway, in an attempt to answer this randomly emailed question of the week:

What does Jasper/Chiyuu look like when he’s that 12yr old boy?

I recently watched the movie – Nanny McPhee (I love this movie btw) anyway – the oldest boy who played Simon Brown – would be the best approximation of what Jasper looks like as a boy. Messy blonde hair with amber colored eyes (there’s actually a plot specific reason for the eye color and for why they change later to just being dark eyes - similar to the boy's in the movie...see lazy >_> He is thin and a troublemaker with an unusual sense of humor…so yeah, if you are wondering what he looks like older…I would suggest age progression – Same set of stats…just…taller.

One thing to note: Jasper when in avian form is a female - dunno why - he never told me. Crazy seagull.

So my poppets – it’s on to the next:

I guess I’ll leave Link & Tetra to wander a bit longer in that box I stuffed them in…It also appears I've left the other characters to run willy nilly across the Great Sea. How very rude of me – so I best see if I can remember where I left 'em.

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Chapter 32:
Accidental Tourists

Kageri awoke, still groggy, to find herself under the protective wing of a snow-white seagull. It looked down when she stirred; clear blue eyes regarded her with curiosity, head tilted. Kageri became aware then, of another gull. Just a few feet away, this one snapped at her as she tried to stand causing her to fall backward. The white gull slipped its wing fully in front of her and Kageri heard the scolding tone the white gull used with the other.

(We talked about this. You have to, at the very least, give it a chance.)

Kageri poked her head through the feathers again and looked at the other bird. He was much larger than the white gull and he glared at her with those golden eyes when he noticed her looking at him, but did not snap at her again.

Those eyes.

Auugghhh! she thought It is him! The fairy backed away until she bumped into the breast of the other bird. Kageri sat and tried to catch her breath until realized it couldn't be. Her confusion increased when she noticed darkness surrounded her. The fairy looked at her hands and realized that she was not glowing anymore. The Goddesses must have heard her prayer, for even when she concentrated, Kageri could neither sense nor hear the shadow. The fairy sighed, at least she could do no more harm, but she needed to find her brother. It bothered her that she did not know where her brother was and if he was still running loose...the Guardians would catch him and probably destroy him.

She determined she would just have to find him first and with this in mind Kageri stepped out from under the bird into the mid morning sun. She looked up at the white bird, and then over at the other, he clapped his beak once but made no move toward her. It was clear he did not agree with the white one.

(Will you relax. She can do us no harm.)

(I told ju I do not trust zat one.)

(Noted and ignored,) then the white bird said to her, (Good morning Kageri, how are you feeling? Did you sleep well?)

"I am lost... have you seen my brother Kage?"

(No, I'm sorry I haven't. Jake?)

(He ees with zee Hero,) the gull's tone was full of irritation as he paced just a few feet away. It made Kageri nervous to have the guardian so close to her, (Zat one also, is wizout hees kinabaku.)

"Oh no, I need to find him..." Kageri said to him.

(No Kageri,) the white bird said drawing her attention back, (Kage will be fine if he is with the Hero, there's something else you're needed to do.)

"But..." Kageri trailed off as she realized she faced, not one, but two Guardians and without her glow she lacked the energy to run away. "Alright, what do you need me to do."

She heard the smile in the voice of the white bird, (We need you to help someone.)

"Where is this someone?"

(He will be on or near an island west of here.)

"How will I know him?"

(He is the Captain. You met him once not too long ago. Do you remember him?)

She had a fuzzy recollection of a large man with a red head. She fidgeted and tested her wings, no problems there. Still she was half certain the other gull would pounce on her anyway and she shifted nervously under his stare.

"I believe so."

(Good, you're not to far from there now,) the white bird said as she sat down nearby while the other still paced. (We've brought you to Headstone Island, you should be able to make the trip to Outset before sundown.)

Kageri looked around, all that water; she looked back at the white one. "Can you tell me why everything is underwater?"

(Much has changed. The Goddesses buried the land you once knew beneath the sea and only islands remain.)

Kageri hung her head, and wondered again, why the Goddesses did not just strike her down where she stood. She certainly deserved it. "It is because of what we helped Hito do. The children we stole, we cracked the seal placed by the sages."

(That's is all in the past now. To regain your purpose you must help us now.)

"Regain? But I thought..."

(Your true purpose lies deep within you, Kageri,) the white bird said and brought her head down and spoke to the fairy just above a whisper, (Senkyoku has not forgotten you and says you will find it if look hard enough.)

Senkyoku...Kageri looked out over the water again. Images of the girl child grown returned and flowed through her head like ripples on the tide. Senkyoku remembers me, so I shall try to remember her and Kageri could almost the girl's name. Still, the memories felt as if they belonged to someone else, and the fairy asked, "Is she here?"

(No, Senkyoku has returned to her golem, but she has faith in you little one.)

"Then I will have to try."

(I have only one warning, the one I spoke of earlier, may be angry with you.)

"Oh! What have I done?"

(Nothing that could have been avoided,) the gull said and Kageri could hear the sadness but was unsure what she could do to make it better. (He's lost someone he cares for and is very sad. He knows of your past and may have trouble seeing his future beyond it. Senkyoku believes that if you can help him with this, your purpose will become clear to you.)

The fairy nodded and walked warily over to the other gull and bowed.

"I know you now Guardian, you are one of the three. I am truly sorry for the pain I caused your family."

The Guardian stopped in his pacing and regarded her with suspicion but made no reply. Kageri sighed and turned toward the water. After she set a determined look on her face, the fairy took off.

Before she got too far she heard the big gull say (I hope ju know what ju are doing Kotori.)

(For his sake, so do I.)


Al sat with Kei's head in his lap.

"Fix her," was all Hito said before he dropped her there and left to find the Princess. With the shadow gone, Saimon and Senkyoku came out from their hiding places to join him.

(She is hurting) Senkyoku said as she when she touched her face.

(I know you do not like this Dalkin,) Saimon said, (but Mei must be satisfied.)

The old man was very quiet as he sat and gently stroked his sisters' hair. "I know, but it only lends to his strength, and I do not wish to give that one anymore than necessary."

(If you do not do this, she will surely die. Do not fear Dalkin I will help you.)

Al looked at his sister again as she lay there; with Saimon, he could be Mei for a brief time without having to fear losing control to him. He sighed and closed his eyes; he focused all his thoughts on the hurt and felt himself pulled into it. The mental bruise he found was the largest he'd ever seen. It pulsed angrily and he began the slow process of erasing it. He winced as the memories inside transferred to him and cringed at Mei's delight. It sickened him as his alter cackled and tried to pull them even faster. Al sent a warning thought to Mei and almost broke the connection, for he wanted no harm to come to her.

Al could see the scars of past encounters and had no wish to produce another. Few beyond his own family knew why he did this, but it kept Mei in his place, though with each person helped that one grew just a little stronger. Kei stirred and her eyes opened. Al knew that it was her and not his sister with whom he dealt for her eyes were gray and flat but at the same time weary and afraid.

"I will not hurt you Kei. I think you've been through enough for one day."

Those eyes closed again and a tear rolled down her cheek. "It's so quiet now, she can almost think again. Still, it would be better if you had just let us go."

"No, never that."

"We've grown tired old man, and do not wish to be any longer and she would be better off."

"That is no longer an option for us Kei, you are a part of Delia now, as Mei is a part of me."

"This is not life," Kei said as she sat up slowly. "It's not even reality. We didn't want to believe her, we were so sure she was wrong, but it's true, Kei should have never been."

"But you are, so now you must learn to accept this reality. Delia and I are broken in ways that just cannot be fixed and if we are ever to have peace, we must make the best of what fate has left us. That we survived at all was more of a miracle than I ever realized."

"When you speak of miracles I see an image of a man in my head, his likeness is so like Hito, then not, for there is no malice or cruelty in his smile. She cannot see him and it grieves her."

"I'm not sure why that memory is still hidden from us, though there must be a reason beyond second chances."

"A second chance? I do not believe the Goddesses are so forgiving, for they are certainly not kind."

"Our mother always said forgiveness must be freely given but redemption must be bought. Perhaps it was part of the price paid to have Saimon and Sen with us now."

"I couldn't understand why you turned from the Shadow that day, I was so angry...but then the image of the other smiles, and I forget." Kei looked around for Senkyoku and frowned when she could not locate her. "Do not let Mei 'fix me' next time Al, for we do not wish to forget."

"Do you think that wise?" he asked and started, "You called me Al."

"It's what she calls you, right? Besides, her will is dominant and it doesn't matter what Kei thinks, for she is usually wrong." Kei spotted the little doll as she walked toward her. "Mei could tell you," and she paused. "How easily I forget. You are one so you know that even when we were children I never let him near her. But she always knew, it haunted her. Some memories are so strong that even Mei cannot erase them. Yet she went on with her life and though I've always known we are the same person I used to think we were not because I didn't want to share him. I was never truly aware until that first time," she shuddered a little and said, "I always believed her too weak to survive such an encounter. But she did, with me, perhaps that is the only reason Kei exists at all..." Kei lifted Senkyoku and said to her, "and you always knew that."


"When I lost you to the crystal and the madness returned, I lost track of the light. It frightened me but it terrified Delia. For a time I thought my dreams had come true, but imagine waking up from your dream only to realize your worst nightmare was there standing in front of you," her eyes narrowed, "just hoping you'll run."

"Is that why you called?"

"I never did. Hito frightens me too much, I know what he is capable of. I thought it was her doing."

"Odd, hmmm," Al said and frowned. "You should know that when I came I thought that if I could not turn you back from the shadow, that I would simply kill you. But now that I'm here," his brow crinkled, "I've discovered I cannot, for I love you too dearly to not try again. You are all the family left to me now." He paused when she looked up and he saw that Delia's green eyes regarded him cautiously, there were things he had to tell her, bad things; "Mother passed away after the winter solstice; she seemed to lose all her strength after Jake and Jasper fell ill and died. Of all us, I never expected to outlive them."

Her breath caught and she said, "Both of them are gone?"

He nodded, "They went so quickly, within days of each other."

"But what about the fountain?"

"It was blocked by a rock slide, Jenna was so upset she took the girls and left the island and I have not heard from them. Rose stayed though, and her boys are doing fine."

"What about my girls and Sarith?"

"Your daughters are well, though Sarith was never the same after you disappeared."

"Dalkin, we need to end this, Kei tells me she won't interfere but her thoughts are so dark. She claims she is quite willing to use all the magic she's learned to help us. Now she's brooding somewhere and will not answer me. She's so angry with Hito...I don't know if I will be able to keep her from making trouble when he returns."

Al said nothing, he knew what had happened, but it was not the first time Kei had said she was willing, "You're sure about this?"

"As sure as I can be, something is different this time, and she seems more determined."

"What do you think changed her mind?"

"It's that song, I don't know where it keeps coming from but it keeps pulling at me, toward something. I just don't know what. And Hito seemed almost spooked about it, that was when he warned me about fairy magic."

Al nodded. "I know what you mean, I'm not sure either but isn't there something else it reminds you of besides home?"

Delia nodded.

"I may have found a way to unmake the deamon. Let's go to the roof, with any luck, he thought, Hito will be tied up for hours chasing after that girl. I need to find out how much magic you can handle," he said. As they rounded the last staircase Al stopped.

"That means Hito heard it too," Al said and lifted Saimon off his shoulder and asked, "Saimon, do you know where that song came from?"

The little doll nodded his head.

"Why didn't you tell me before?"

(You did not ask.)

"Well, I'm not guessing so spill it, where?"


"What's a nagori?"

(Not a what.)

"Then who? And why are you laughing?"

(She is the memory you seek.)


"We're ready Captain," Senza said as he opened the cabin door, "But there's a few things you should know before we go. Seems this place has been pretty busy since we left."

"Why am I not surprised, okay what?"

"Not only is Link's Grandma missing, but the old warrior is missing as well."

"I already knew that and I figure they're probably together. Any word on Mako and Zuko?"

Senza shook his head, "No one's seen either."

Gonzo looked back at the bed again and said, "I guess we'll have to set something up at her house."

"No, we can't do that either."

"Why, what the hell is going on?"

"Seems the house burned to the ground last night, and the warriors' brother was killed in the fire." When Gonzo said nothing Senza continued, "and here's the kicker they seem to think Link had something to do with it. More specifically the dead man's grand daughter Sue Belle, she was none too please to see us pull into port and said so."

"Great, well that doesn't leave us a lot of options," Gonzo said and his eyes strayed back to the bed again, "and if that's the case then I wonder what they'll make of this?"

"I don't know, but everyone I talked to was pretty touchy on that subject. Though there are a few who don't think Link had anything to do with it."

"Well we'll just have to deal with it as it comes along. We're still going ashore but I want you to make sure everyone is armed."

"Do you think that's wise?"

"Wise or not, we don't have time to dilly dally around here, I want to be on our way as soon as possible and maybe that will make them think twice about interfering with us."

Senza nodded and turned, but as he reached for the door latch, he stopped and turned back around, "There's one more thing. There's a boy outside, and he says he'll only talk to the Captain."

"You brought him down here?"

"He's says it's important and since he's supplying information, I didn't want him wandering off again before you talked to him."

"Alright, take him to the galley, I'll follow shortly."

"Aye." and he turned and left.

Gonzo waited for a few minutes to be sure he wouldn't run into them he left the cabin and went out on deck. He looked down the beach and sure enough, the Aryll's house was missing from view. He looked up at the bridge, and found it cut, but the islanders were busy pulling it back together. When his gaze followed it to the fairy wood he thought he caught a glimpse of something shining within the trees. He watched for a few moments longer and saw it again; he quickly pulled out his telescope and focused on the area. There it was again. He waved the telescope over his head once and turned to head back below.

Before he entered the galley, Gonzo looked at the boy who sat with his back to him. He was wore a green tunic, hat and the whole hero get up. That had to be Zill; he hadn't really laid eyes on the boy in several months and was surprised by how tall he had gotten in that short time. Zill sat quietly with a seagull beside him on the bench and that made Gonzo wonder. Why would that one be wandering around with a seagull? He could see the boy was nervous in these unfamiliar surroundings and squirmed in his seat. Zill leaned closer to the gull and asked, "What do you think of this, hey?" The bird squawked at him quietly and the boy nodded. "I know what you mean," he whispered back.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when Gonzo said, "You're a brave one, tell me boy, what did you need to talk to the Captain about?"

Zill stood up quickly and asked almost as fast, "You're the Captain?" He didn't wait for an answer as he continued, "You see sir, Captain, umm, I was asked to give you a message," and he held out a letter.

Gonzo took the envelope and when he saw the handwriting, he paused. It was from Aryll.

"Where did you get this, boy?"

"Grandmother Namaki."

"I heard she was missing. You've seen her then?"

He shrugged, "Well no, not since she and Master Orca left." Zill looked at the seagull that tugged at his tunic. The boy nodded to it.

"You said left, you saw them leave?"

"Well sure, I was feeding Neville and I saw them as they went up the path to the cliffs."

"Were there two pirates with them, one would be a little taller than you and the other would be carrying a book."

"Yeah, they were with them, they weren't moving too fast though, Grandma Namaki moves pretty slow."

"Can I ask where you found your friend?" Gonzo asked pointing at the bird.

"I didn't actually find him, I was asked to take him to Sue Belle."

"Asked, you say. By whom?" Gonzo asked as he sat down across from the boy.


"Isn't Jake a seagull?"

"Well yeah, but he can talk!" the boy said and smiled at the memory. "I helped him bury his chicks, they were all burnt up, it was really gross. That's when he asked me to take him," and he pointed to the gull on the table, "to Sue Belle."

"That's quite a transport business you have going there, deliver anything else lately?"

"Only a package for Link, he was here too for a bit, and that girl pirate was here, but I don't know how she got here. Wasn't she the Captain? Did you know she's a Princess?" he paused only long enough to take another breath. "Anyway, the really awesome stuff happened before that," and Zill leaned across the table and said slyly, "I got turned into bokoblin!"

"Really?" Gonzo said leaning too. "What else happened?"

From there, Zill recounted his tale of the previous day events and his early morning adventures. Gonzo said nothing as the boy spoke. The seagull on the other hand seemed quite miffed about still being there. Zill's tale was long and when he was finished, the boy looked very tired.

"Zill, when would you say Jake left the island?"

"Right about dawn I guess," the bird made a low sound in its throat that caught the boy's attention for a moment. Zill looked back at Gonzo with a look of awe and asked, "Do you know how to turn into a seagull too?"

"What did you say?"

The seagull squawked so loud that both of them jumped. It kept up its tirade until the boy, whose face had turned very red, said in a rush, "I have to go now, my mom will be looking for me and it's been a really long day." He grabbed the loudly squawking gull and scooted quickly out the door.

Gonzo decided it wouldn't be worth the effort of chasing him down so instead he just sat at the table and stared at the letter in his hands. He ran his finger over the little wax seagull pressed into the back. He remembered when he gave her that seal and he sighed to himself as his grief returned and decided he just couldn't open it now.


Jasper landed on the post box of Tingle Island. After a moment, the seagull hopped down and walked cautiously around the island. Everything was quiet and a young man walked over and looked at the two still forms that lay next to one another on the grass.

He shook his head. "I leef ju two alone for ten minutes and look what happens," he said. Jasper sighed and looked up to see a small hidden access door at the base of the tower open, "Ju took jour time coming down here," the other just shrugged, "Let's get zem inside before zee rain comes." The other nodded and together they moved the pair into the tower.

The room at the base of Tingle's tower was sparsely decorated with only a few pieces of furniture. Deep shelves covered the walls and stacked haphazardly upon them were a myriad of odd items. Including, charts, books, and maps of all shapes and sizes.

After they placed Link and Tetra on the bed with their packs at their feet, Jasper looked at them and laughed to himself. He glanced at the other and said, "I weel take zee first watch, but ju well need to return at nightfall. I need to catch up with a beeg fish." Jasper switched back to his seagull form and hopped up on the bed. Once nestled between the packs she watched quietly and listened to the wind for any signs of the shadow’s approach.

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I like this chapter, it's reallyneat. I also liked the fact that you talked a little about Aryll\Kotori. Nice work!