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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 37: Chapter 36: The Fourth

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Chapter 36
The Fourth

Al and Delia worked on the counter spell for the daemon all morning and into the afternoon, but it was not going at all the way Al wanted. Delia was holding back. Something was not right and he worried that she really was taken with the shadow. He pulled out one of the remaining biscuits he saved from Link's sea ration and munched on it as he tried to sort out his conflicted emotions.

It was obvious that some element of Kei, found its way into Delia’s everyday self. Her magic mixed with confused affection could end up being deadly for him, and possibly everyone else. Al frowned as he listened to Mei cackle with delight just below his stream of consciousness. He hoped he was wrong, really hoped. Link, Saimon told him, went to see the Fairy Queen, but really couldn’t tell him anything beyond the breaking, as he referred to it. It was still a mystery to him why or even how the boy managed to break the fairy’s bindings. However, it worked out better than Al would have thought.

When Saimon told him about the song that Link omitted from his telling of his meeting with the Princess, Al was surprised. Even Link seemed to realize this was more about the Princess than him. Link could work some magic, but not on the scale the Princess could. While Al hoped Hito did not catch up with the Princess soon, it did surprise him when he learned it was Tetra and not Link that set off the magic trap. What a delightfully reckless pair she and the hero made and that thought gave him hope. They were apt to do just about anything to stop the shadow. Al also hoped they’d have enough time to work out the puzzle and lock Hito away in the Nether realm where he belonged. This assumed, of course, Delia could be relied upon.

Al pulled Saimon out of his pocket, "So, do you think she'll be alright?"

“Who?” the doll asked.

“Delia, you irritating scrap of straw.”

"Oh her, it is difficult to tell and Senkyoku says she feels that Delia is torn. We were gone for a very long time, and she says that Sarith may not have been who we thought he was.”

"What do you mean by that?"

"I am not sure, Senkyoku will not tell me more. It may be that Delia's memories of Sarith have become jumbled with those of the Shadow. Hito must know this and is using it to his advantage with Kei.” Saimon was quiet for a moment. “Dalkin, I have a very bad feeling about this, if Senkyoku is also holding back, you may be in greater danger than you first thought. No matter what Kei may say, she cares for that one and in her way so does Delia."

Al stared out over the ocean and asked the doll quietly, "Do you think it will be necessary to fix the problem?"

Saimon did not answer right away, but just as quietly answered, "She is too dangerous and unstable otherwise."

Al did not want to do it, but he knew that if Kei and Delia’s memories became too intertwined, then one of them would have to be eliminated, but that would leave him open to Mei. Al was not sure which would be worse. A bloodthirsty shadow daemon or crazy old man with the ability to wipe his victims memories clean away. Al also knew he could never control Mei without Saimon, and he felt unsure if Saimon in his current state would be enough to stem the tide of Mei's consciousness once Al set him loose. Helping his sister after an event with Hito was one thing, but to completely remove a part of someone's personality was a whole different kettle of fish. Al took a very long and very deep breath that he let out very slowly.

Now Al focused on Sarith, what was it about his brother-in-law that was so out of place? Al never cared for the man, Sarith was a vain and egotistical, but Al seemed to be the only one who saw that about him and was never fooled by the man’s easy way with people. It was strange because Al knew the only reason he noticed it at all, was because this was exactly the way he was. There was something he was overlooking, something obvious and it disturbed him when he realized he could not remember what Sarith looked like. Why would that be, Al wondered. He closed his eyes and ran through some of he newly awakened memories. Nothing, the man was a complete blank. There was only one other face he could not recall and that memory was wrapped up within a fairy named Nagori, what was she? He no longer believed she was just a fairy. She’d gotten here without having been seen or sensed by himself or Kei and was probably the one responsible for the on again, off again melodies.

Al tried to question Saimon on the subject, but the former fairy wasn't very helpful in this. That was the problem with fairies; sometimes they were just too literal. If you didn’t ask the right question, you were not like to get any extra information.

"Do you think Senkyoku will be able to help her? And if you ask who, I'll set you on fire myself," Al said to the doll still in his hand.

The doll smiled at him, "I do not know, the loss of the fairies essence has limited our abilities."

Al looked out at the water and when he saw the wall in front of him flicker in the waning sunlight, he wondered anew at the Tower. It was not nearly as solid as he first thought. If fact, there were parts that didn’t seem exist. If they were outside of regular time here that would explain why no one knew of Hito’s presence before now, but this of course did not explain how the shadow managed to use it.

It was possible that Hito held some remnant of an attachment to Ganon's dark magic. Thoughts of the Gerudo cause Al’s thoughts to wander and he realized that Kage had yet to appear. Thoughts of the tekuragari brought up memories of a boy so selfish and grim, he betrayed everyone and everything for a little more power, a little more notoriety.

Al knew that he was by all accounts he was a tainted soul and if he and his sister had been left to their own devices, they would have grown to be just as twisted as Hito could have wished for. He frowned when he recalled how effortlessly Kage and Kageri turned them from the light. How easily they accepted the shadow into their world. How quickly Mei had been able to box him up. All because Al believed the lies told by those two.

The sound of the distant crash of breaking glass made him sigh. The voices and random noises had always been a part of he and Delia’s lives, but it wasn’t until after they agreed to do what the tekuragari asked that they became louder and more difficult to ignore. It was why they searched so diligently for that child, or so he first believed. It was ironic that even after all the evil they’d done she found them instead.

Even now, he only vaguely remembered a second brush with the shadow after Hito’s entrapment. Parts of those memories remained obscured but he was sure the incident happened just before Saimon and Senkyoku made their appearance. Too much information was still missing from his head, and Al wondered again about the tekuragari's whereabouts. Just what sort of mischief were they up to, he held the doll Saimon up and asked, "You said before that Kage was coming here, but he's yet to arrive, is he dead?"

"I do not believe that one is dead, though I am not sure where he has gone for I can no longer sense him and Sen can no longer feel Kageri."

Al looked up again and noticed the darkness that was gathering to the north. Hito would return soon, but the mystery of the missing tekuragari still held his attention.

“Odd...” he said to himself as he slipped the doll back into his pocket and leaned forward on the wall, "I wonder..." The implications were that either Kage had slipped back to the twilight, which was unlikely, or he was missing from this dimension. Al took another bite of his biscuit and puzzled on that some more, but his thoughts were interrupted when he heard Delia say behind him, "Al?" He turned to look at his sister.

"I'm sorry this isn't going well, I am trying, but it's just all wrong."

As he looked at her he thought, 'It's always been wrong, we just never knew how wrong.' He finished chewing and said, "Tell me Delia, why did you really call me here?"

"What do you mean?"

"Whose idea was it to come here from the past, yours or Kei's?"

She hesitated and seemed confused by the question. "Why it was me of course," she said brow furrowed. Though her hesitation only lasted for a moment, Al had a good idea of what it meant.

"Of course," Al agreed as he nodded and took the last bite. That small doubt was all Mei needed and he began to press outward in an attempt to get Al to let him fix his sister. Al ignored him.

"Why would you ask that?” She shifted nervously under his gaze, she better than anyone could see in his face when Mei wanted control and asked, “Don't you trust me?"

Al closed his eyes for a moment as he listened to Mei's maniacally laughter and insane chatter. When he opened them, Al struggled with Mei's anticipation. It was palpable but the old man only allowed a small smile to cross his lips. Mei wanted her. He’d always wanted her. To distract himself Al pulled out his last biscuit and handed it to Delia. She took it after a moment and frowned. Al gently wrapped an arm around her and guided her away from the wall. DO IT NOW! Mei screamed in his head and with a mental snap Al forced Mei down and said to her in whisper, "Always."

"Four chosen by Farore
To aid Hyrule in times of need..."

Gonzo took a few steps back to avoid Mako's mad rush, but realized after a moment that he didn’t need to. He wasn’t his smaller crewmate’s intended target. Mako was after the fairy and Gonzo heard Nazo's tiny scream as she flew up and away from the smaller pirate. Gonzo’s attention went back to the door just as Zuko, his other missing crewmember, came crashing through it with obviously the same thought. Bottle in hand Zuko too, set out after Nazo and Gonzo watched the pair as they chased after the fairy and he shook his head. They’d never catch her, Gonzo knew it, but it appeared those two didn't. He watched with amusement until they raced past him a third time and Gonzo reached out and caught the pair by their shirts, and stopped them.

"Hey now," Gonzo said as he lifted them off the ground. "Just what's all this about, eh?"

"Let us go!" Mako said angrily, "We have to kill the daemon spawn!"

"Daemon spawn, is it?" he asked and watched Nazo as she flew by his head.

"Yes!" Mako cried still struggling to get loose.

"That may be, but she may have some information I need, so if you two don’t mind I'll keep this one around for awhile."

"We were sent out here to take care of the traitorous daemon filth. Captain, have you gone crazy?"

"I'm starting to think so," he said and Gonzo dropped the pair forcefully to the ground. "I'm more interested right now in finding Grandma Namaki, is she in the house?"

"Yeah," Mako grumbled as he adjusted his glasses. "But be prepared, she doesn’t look the same as when we left."

Gonzo raised an eyebrow, “Is that so…” he said thoughtfully.

The fairy was nowhere in sight and Gonzo heard Zuko mumble something. Mako nodded and said, "Yeah, so don’t say we didn’t warn ya."

Gonzo grunted and looked back through the doorway, so close…he turned to start toward the door and heard Nazo cry out, "Wait!"

The fairy now hovered between him and the doorway. It was obvious she was spooked, and Gonzo looked past her at the open door. All his answers were so close now, still something nagged at him, so when he took a second step in the direction of the house, Nazo cried out again and he stopped again.

"Why?" he asked the fairy and when his question was met with silence, Gonzo said, "Alright then.”

He took a step closer toward his goal only to stop short when the fairy, clearly frantic cried, "No! You must not, it is too dangerous!" Now the former tekuragari fluttered just in front of his nose and asked, "Do you not feel it Captain?"

"Feel what?" Gonzo asked uneasily, the fairy never let herself get this close to him.

"The cold."


True Believer

Senza looked at the fountain from behind a stand of trees with a sense of dismay. They located Mako and Zuko as well as Link’s Grandmother, but when he returned to the fountain he discover his way blocked. The kargaroks they spotted circling the area earlier swooped down and dropped several moblins in their wake. Now the overgrown pigs blocked his access to the fairy fountain. He’d have to wait it out. It wasn’t full dark yet and Senza watched the fountain and worried, since he knew he couldn’t do anything until the sun went all the way down. He heard the heated cries of the battle in the distance. Somewhere on the other side of the Fairy Wood the rest of the pirates and villagers up on the cliffs waged a furious battle. He only hoped the villagers below were safe, their party was cut off from the cave that led to the bridge and if things were half as crazy in the village as they were here...well, he really didn't want to think about it.


Trapped in the bushes, Zill could only watch in horror as monsters started to pop up everywhere from thin air. They were bigger than the bokoblins that invaded the island before. These monsters were like giant pigs in armor and brandished long spears, tipped with a crescent shaped spearhead. Zill saw see his father as he fought along with the other islanders and Zill wondered how Link found the courage to face these kinds of monsters. All he was able to do was hide because he was too frightened to come out of a bush. Zill wished that Link were here, he could help them, Zill was sure of it.

When his father was hit in the head with the butt end of a spear and crumpled to the ground, Zill forgot his fear and leapt to his feet in a shower of leaves and twigs. The boy cried out and the monster's attention turned from the limp form of his father to him. Zill swallowed hard at the sight of the monsters blood red eyes, it snarled as it approached him, weapon raised and even though Zill wanted to run, he found his legs wouldn't move. When he was almost within reach of the creature, still unable to move or look away, Zill sent a fervent prayer to Goddess Nayru to shelter his family.

Something obscured his vision, and Zill fell backward when he found himself able to move again. He scrambled out of the bush and up the hill toward his home but when he looked back to see if the creature followed him, he skidded to a halt. His father was still back there and when he saw a man standing in the bushes he just left, his curiosity got the better of him and the boy dropped to the ground to watch.

It was the same man he that took Aryll away. The held a longbow at the ready as acrid purple smoke dissipated around him. Zill's eyes went wide as the man began to loose arrows and an incredible pace. He didn’t even seem aim, yet each found its mark in the neck of one of the creatures that still rampaged across the island and he did not stop until all of them were hit.

Dazed, the islanders who moments ago were fighting for their lives, looked around in disbelief as their foes exploded into clouds of foul smelling smoke. There was a hush and after a brief moment, they looked around. While it was clear that the group of men were unsure of what or whom delivered them all from certain doom, Zill noticed several stood with their weapons outstretched before them with their heads bowed.

Now with the monsters gone, they began the grim task of cleaning up the aftermath. Still Zill found it odd that no one gave the man any notice and that’s when Zill realized he must be the only one who could see him. The man, still in the bushes, stood quietly and as he slung his bow behind him. Zill tried to duck closer to the ground when the man turned to look in his direction and after a moment Zill cautiously looked up and at first thought it might be Jake, but realized it couldn’t be. He wasn't a boy.

The man jumped straight up and out of the bush and went over to Zill’s father, who still lay very still on the ground. Afraid for his father, Zill scrambled to his feet and rushed back down the hill to where the two were. He stopped just short and watched the man reach behind him and pull out a small bottle of yellowy liquid. After he put a few drops on the large gash on his father's head Zill was amazed, as the wound got smaller and faded into a nasty purple bump.

"Will he be okay?" Zill asked the man nervously.

The man turned and Zill blinked as the man regarded him with amber eyes that almost glowed in the darkness and Zill thought he heard the man murmur, "Such strong belifs in one so jung,” then louder the man said, “Jes, he weel survive thanks to ju."

"Thanks to me?" the boy snorted, "I’m the reason he was down here and I didn’t do anything…I was too scared to move."

"Zat may be, but even faced wees death, as ju were, ju still thought of jour family’s safety above all else. Zees is why jour prayer to the Goddess waz note unheard."

Zill blinked as he struggled to comprehend the man's weird accent, but he at least understood him better than Jake. More questions than answers started to pop into Zill’s head as the pieces fell together and he said, "I met Jake today, well not first time met, but I’ve never seen him all humany and stuff, and you do look a lot like him.” Zill absently scratched his chin and added, “You talk like him too..."When Zill noticed that he garnered a gentle smile from the man he decided he’d better ask his questions while he had the chance.

“Are you a Guardian too? Is that why no one can see you? Are you Jake’s brother? Do you know where he went? Will he be coming back? Where did you take Aryll? Is she okay? What's your name? Can you turn into a seagull too?"

The smile never left the man’s face though he did raise an eyebrow at Zill’s onslaught of questions. His father’s groan snapped Zill out of his reverie and he knelt down next his father where he still lay on the ground. All his guilt at being out past curfew brought tears to Zill’s eyes and he said quietly, head bowed, “I need to thank you, I wasn’t supposed to be out, and my dad came looking for me…" Zill choked up and his expression took on a strangle look as he said, "My mom’s probably having a heart attack right now, and when my dad wakes up he’s gonna let me have it for sure. I am such a dolt.”

“Ju are a good sone, Zill,” the man said as he patted him on the back. Zill didn’t feel like a very good son. There was a moment of calm when the man stood up and he cocked his head. Zill followed the man’s gaze and was sure he heard the sound of more fighting and both looked back at Zill’s father who stirred again on the ground.

The squawks of a gull made both turn their attention toward it and Zill recognized it as the same one he’d left with Sue Belle earlier. It hopped up to the man and launched into a long series of calls and Zill tried to understand the bird but was still so wound up he could only catch a few words, like; 'fourth', 'snared', 'cliff', ‘fountain’, it was very frustrating, but Zill planned to learn all the gull’s words one day. The man listened to the bird without comment and when the seagull was finished, he looked up at the cliffs and whispered, "Gaebora..." then to the gull he asked, "Ju are certain?" The gull bobbed it gray head and the man looked at the cliffs and frowned.

"As for ju," the man said as he turned back to Zill, “Do note fear, jour parents weel forgive ju for jour willfulness. But for now eet would be best eef ju helped jour father back to jour home.” The man turned to leave but stopped and said, “One more ting. Jes, jes, jes, no, possibly, to a safer place, I cannote say, Ju may call me as ju haf always done, and…" he paused as he held up one finger. "Watch."

So saying the young man leapt into the air. Zill let out an astonished, “Awesome!” as the only other seagull he’d known his whole life flew toward the cliffs of Outset.


"Tested by Din's Trial
Ever-true companions..."

Now that Nazo mentioned it, Gonzo could feel it. Why cold though? He pulled one of the bottles from his pocket and threw it toward the door. It froze almost instantly.

"Nice," Gonzo muttered as he took a few slow steps backward. "Thank you Nazo," and gawked as the cozy home in front of him, melted away leaving no sign that it was ever there.

"You must be more careful Captain. Master Hito failed with the third, and the shadow has somehow been made aware of you presence."

Gonzo took a few more steps back, glanced at the fairy and said, "I'll keep that in mind. But why would he be interested in me?"

"It is not completed," she said.

"What's not?"

"Your trial. He seeks to keep you trapped here until he can come. You are a danger to him now."

A danger? Whatever the hell was going on Gonzo was very sure he wasn’t going to like it. He turned go back the way he’d come, but stopped short when he realized not only were Mako and Zuko gone, but so was the glade. It was dark again and he was back on the ship, in the crow's nest to be exact.

“Well this is an interesting turn of events. Why do I get the feeling I’m gonna wish I stayed in bed?”

"Be wary, Captain," the fairy told him.

"Right," Gonzo said and was about to climb down to the deck when a familiar voice stopped him.

"Hey there big guy, where you going?"

Gonzo heaved a huge sigh of relief, it hadn't been thirty six hours yet, but then, nothing seemed to be going the way he thought it should.

"Miss Tetra, how did you get..."

Tetra sat precariously on the edge of the nest and asked, "So you ready to be first mate again? I’ve decided being a princess just isn’t for me. I mean who needs all the hassles.”

“What about Link?”

“What about him? You might as well know, I've decided to give up on the Hero too, he's just too high maintenance."

"Is that so?" Gonzo asked. Tetra never referred to Link as the Hero…never. Unsure now of just what was in front of him, Gonzo remembered Nazo's warning and said, “You’re back early, I wasn’t expecting you for a few more days,” Gonzo took a step back when she shrugged and hopped off the edge. When Tetra moved closer to him Gonzo asked, "and what about the, um...other?"

"The other? Oh, I don’t care about that anymore. I'm sure I would have forgiven you sooner or later. So why not sooner?"

"Really?" he asked keeping his voice even, he knew whoever this was it was not Miss Tetra. "Well that's good news," he said playing along. "When do you want to shove off?"

"Immediately, if not sooner."

"Alright, lets get the charts," he said and they headed to the main deck. Gonzo hung back a bit as Tetra stopped at the door where a burly sailor eyed her suspiciously. He was new to the crew and without thinking asked for the password.

Tetra stared at the man and said, "Get outta the way swabbie."

"That's not it," the pirate said and crossed his large arms and stood firmly in front of the door.

Gonzo smiled, but managed to school his features as the phony Tetra looked at he and said, "Tell this idiot to get out of the way."

"Sorry, no can do, the last crew member that let you through with out the password ended up on galley duty for six months. You're the one that made that rule if you want to go down you have to give it to him, the password, I mean. And since you're the one who made up all the passwords..."

If looks could kill, Gonzo would have dropped dead on the spot.

"So," Tetra said as she turned toward him. She flashed a wicked grin that made his skin crawl and started toward him. Nothing moved or made a sound, even the wind stopped blowing. "You're not a complete idiot, that's a refreshing change. At least this will be interesting." With each step she took closer, her voice mixed with another and then another until his head was fairly ringing with it. They were all speaking to him furiously trying to get him to listen. He shook his head in an effort to clear it. It wasn’t helping. "You can't be so clueless that you don’t know why I'm here."

Gonzo struggled to keep his eyes open against the ever increasing shrillness of the voices, he had the feeling something bad would happen if he lost track of this one and shouted, "What do you want!"

"Your help of course," the woman said calmly, "Don't you want to remain the Captain? If you help me, all this can be yours forever. You'll never have to take orders from that little harpy again."

"What? Look you, I don’t know who you are, but you won't get what you want from me!" he shouted and finally shut his eyes and gritted his teeth against the pain.

"Then die with the rest of them!" The now furious woman yelled as she came at him with her short sword.

"Watch out Captain!" shouted Nazo from the top of his head.

Gonzo, pried his eyes open and struggled to focus on her and barely managed avoid her initial attack. He fumbled with his belt and he pulled his own sword out. He backed away and managed to block the next feint, but he knew he could be in trouble if she fought as well as Tetra. As they clashed across the deck, he wondered why this was happening. Nazo said something about a trial, but Gonzo couldn’t focus as the shrieking voice in his head drowned out all his thoughts.

Gonzo started when a familiar voice said, "you are the last…", that was Aryll’s voice and he focused on that and the shrill voices stopped so suddenly and he blinked. At least he could track the imposter without having his head wracked with pain, he thought. Why was this happening? "there will always be four" Four what? Gonzo simply hadn't had enough time to figure it out and made for a hell of a distraction and he struggled to pay attention to the hostile woman in front of him. She back off for a moment, breathing heavily closed her eyes and lifted her hand. Gonzo's eyes went wide as the magic hit him...

He stood there for a moment and stared at the sword in his hand. Why was he fighting with Miss Tetra? He looked over at her and she smiled and said, "That was a good practice Gonzo, lets go below so we can get the charts..." and she began to walk toward to the doorway, she pause and asked, "what's the passwords by the way?"

Why would she need that, she made it up...something wasn’t right, "Sure, sure...okay," he said and still felt very confused and started to put his sword away when a tiny face appeared in front of his. A fairy? Why didn’t she glow? He put up his hand and the fairy landed and said, "Do not be fooled Captain, it is not the Princess. If you go through the door now you will be lost."

"Lost? Why would I...” his eyes narrowed when he suddenly recognized her, “Nazo?"

The fairy nodded, "Captain, there is only one way to kill a shriker, watch where I fly, you will have to hit it there to destroy it."

He nodded, and was still confused, but he watched her as she flew closer to Tetra. The fairy stayed low to the deck and with a burst of speed, hovered near Tetra’s neck, and gestured with a chopping motion.

"Get away from me, you traitor," the look alike spat when she noticed the fairy and swatted her away from herself. "I'll deal with you soon enough." She returned her full attention to him and snarled, "You can't have her back you know."

Gonzo shook his head, have who back? The fairy? What the hell was she talking about?

"You've never be a match for me," she said with a wicked grin, "You always were and idiot, Keapora, and I'll get rid of you, just like I did last time."

How did she know that name? No one knew it, not even Tetra, he was sure of that. More confused than ever, he growled. He never took well to being called an idiot.

"Idiot now, am I?" The voices began to build back up to their fevered pitch, but Gonzo was angry now and launched himself back into the fight with renewed vigor. Somewhat startled by the force of his assault the shriker was forced to back up. She screamed her frustration in unison with the voices that continued to shriek for his attention until he thought his head would split. ‘You’re wrong, I am Tetra!’ Gonzo struggled to ignore them, and while part of him knew she was not Tetra, the resonance from the earlier magic assault left him doubting. Stay on target he thought, You are not wrong, that is NOT Miss Tetra. But the longer he hesitated the stronger the doubt became and when he finally leapt at her to bring home the last blow he stopped when she said, "Gonzo, please, you don’t want to do this. Can't you take a joke?"

Gonzo faltered, she looked so like Tetra and her voice was spot on. He felt completely rattled now and took a hesitant step back. He stood unmoving before her and when she used the opportunity to launch herself into a new attack, his face darkened. He easily blocked the attack and said as his sword cleaved through her neck.



Big Brother

A pair of exhausted seagulls landed on Tingle Island and paused as a young man with golden eyes looked at the white gull and said, "Ju can do zees Kotori, ju just need to remember her."

The white one cocked her head, and quite abruptly the girl who had been Aryll looked around the island.

"Ju see, it eez not so hard."

"This form still feels weird, just what the hell has been happening? She's so young," and Kotori gave a little shudder and asked, "Remind me again why are we here?" Jake pointed to the water and Kotori looked and saw the outline of the King of Red Lions. "Nohansen? Oh my, so the Hero and the Princess are here?"

"Jes," he replied and as he spoke the small access door at the base of the Tower opened and the figure in the doorway waved to them. "Let's go inside."

Kotori nodded and started after him but paused when something on the wind caught her attention. She looked to the southwest and closed her eyes for a moment. It’s started then she thought and sent a calming notion or two in that direction. Kotori sighed and followed Jake into the tower.

She smiled and thought, Something’s just never change and she looked around at the mass of maps, books and other oddities scattered about the little room. Crazy little guy. Her gaze settled on the bed and she walked closer and set a hand on the baseboard. They look so tranquil, she thought. While both faces were familiar to Kotori, the young man especially was. She rounded the bed and sat next to him. Kotori examined his features but still couldn’t place him though she was sure she’d seen him before.

Puzzled she looked back at Jake and asked, "Jake, why does this Hero look so familiar to me?" Kotori turned back to the sleeping young man and said, "I feel like I should know him..."

"Ju know heem, Kotori. He ees jour brosser."

Strange images filled her head then, Kotori knew they were all Aryll's but they still seemed out of place. "My brother?" she asked eyes never leaving his face.

"Jes, jour brosser, Leenk."

"Link…" Even as the name crossed her lips, just as before, everything began to fall back into place. "Big Brother," she whispered, then to Jake she said as she rubbed her temples. "Remind me again why I keep forgetting everything?"

"Ayreell, had a broosh wees zee tekuragari, and she had zees problem before, when I called her back."

"No wonder I'm here so soon. How long do you think this is gonna last?"

"Note too long."

Kotori looked in wonder at the young man in front of her and lightly touched his face; in all her incarnations she never once had a sibling. Fickle Goddesses she thought, and she pushed some errant hairs out of his face; I don’t want to forget anymore. Kotori glanced over at the young woman asleep next to him, her features held an expression of guilt and worry, it would wear her down if she held on to it too long.

"Do not worry Princess," Kotori said quietly, "let it go, you'll find the answers you need and everything will come around in time." She gave the sleeping young woman’s hand a squeeze. "Just remember you'll always be loved, no matter what."

"She cannote hear ju."

"You think?" Kotori asked as she looked back at him. She knew better, but chose not to correct the other Guardian. She looked at her brother again and images of them playing together brought a smile to her face. "Well it looks like you and your Princess finally made up, huh? "

"We must hurry Kotori," Jinchi said behind her. She heard a note of impatience in his voice that was uncharacteristic for him and sighed.

"Okay, okay keep your feathers on," she said and rose from the bed but noticed they both the Hero and the Princess had the barest wisp of smiles on their faces. "Which one first?"

"Zee Preencess, of course, she has fewer defenses."

Kotori snorted and grabbed the packs at the foot of the bed. "Obviously, you've never been on her ship in the morning."

"Ju can see how unprepared she ees, and she ees too willful," Jake said as he lifted Tetra off the bed.

“And your point?” Kotori asked. Jake did not respond, obviously perplexed.

"Eef she were more like a preencess, she would note be in zo much trooble now.”

“That has to be one the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard come out of your mouth. Just what have you been doing for the past, what almost three hundred years? Laying eggs?"

"What are ju saying?"

"I’m saying, I don't think my brother is the only one around here with focusing issues." And from the look he gave her she knew she wasn't too far off the mark. "You know Jake,” Kotori said poking him in the shoulder, “you really shouldn't underestimate what the Princess is capable of, and if I were you, I'd be careful not to say something like that around her when she's awake. This Princess was never was one to wake up in a good mood. It's so going to be hard for me to explain to the others why you have one of your swords stuffed down your throat."

He grunted and headed toward a set of stairs that led to a lower chamber.

"I'm serious Jake, you caught her off guard last time; I doubt she'll let that happen again. I'll bet she's already learned your true name and I'm guessing Chiyuu's as well?" When Jake shrugged, Kotori shook her head. "She may have been behind before, but she's playing a pretty good game of catch up." They left the staircase and headed down a short hallway and Jinchi paused when Kotori added for fun, "Besides of the two, I think she’s always been more dangerous than my brother."

He turned and said, "But jour brosser ees..." Jake stopped when he looked at her face and realized he’d entered dangerous territory.

"My brosser ees what?" Kotori asked as she copied his accent.

"Zee hero..."

"And? She's a Pirate Captain."

Jake rolled his eyes and pushed the big door open with his foot. They entered a large room with four very large statues surrounding and empty dais. Each held a crystal of a different color.

"Don't get me wrong," Kotori said as she trailed after him with the packs. "Link's real smart and an amazing fighter but he can be so easily distracted sometimes. I'm amazed he hasn’t gotten himself killed."

Jake turned again and just looked at her with that confused expression. Kotori let out an exasperated sigh, “Oh for Din damn sake, come on let’s get this over with,” and Kotori brushed past him as she muttered on her way to the dais, “Men folk, always thinking with your swords.”

The Call
”Chosen to hear Nayru's call
To serve, to aid, to complete the course…

Jasper flew through the trees to avoid the kargarok still circling overhead, she paused and as she landed on a branch she once again looked at the world through Jasper’s eyes. He paused only long enough to pull out his bow and dispatch the monsters still attacking the pirates and islanders. They all looked around in with the same confused looks their counterparts below. Satisfied with his work, he changed again and now her made her way to the fairy fountain. As she approached the entrance, she changed again and the boy who was Chiyuu dropped in to the hole with out either of the two moblins that stood nearby noticing. He landed gently and walked slowly toward the fountain. When he found the man frozen in place he began to worry. It wasn't until he got closer that he noticed the headless shriker near the frozen man’s feet. Jasper smiled, so Keapora was back, this was good news. Better than he’d expected, but Guardian knew he’d have to be patient as the one named Gonzo still struggled to decide what his fate would be. Jasper settled in a corner of the fountain to wait and help if needed.

Gonzo stared at the headless body at his feet. The force of the blow sent the head sailing over the rail. He frowned, even without the head it looked like Tetra. There was still no sound or movement other than his own and he looked around for Nazo. He put away his sword and moved closer to the rail. He hoped she hadn't gone over with the head, but found her near a coil of rope and gently lifted her from the deck. She was so still he began to wonder if it were possible to kill a fairy like her. He’d been taught they were nigh on indestructible. Amazingly even after being flung across the deck, her wings were intact.

The fairy felt unusually cold in his hands, so he placed her in an inside pocket to help warm her up. He looked around at his unmoving crew and walked to door. Just like the cottage, things began to melt away, but this time it was only the people that disappeared. The ship remained so he guessed it was safe enough to go through the door.

He went first to his own cabin and pulled out a large trunk. He sifted through the items until he found what he looking for. A letter, given to him by his father the day he came on as a crewman. It was weather beaten and was crumpled in several places but he'd never opened it, in fact though he’d looked at it several times since then, but something would always keep him from actually reading it. More magic he thought, but there was nothing to distract him from it now. So he took a really deep breath, shut his eyes and holding it a little away from himself, broke the seal.

He heard a little puff, like air being let out of a paper bag and waited a minute before he carefully opened one eye, then the other. No surprises there, he thought, and unfolded the letter. It was written in an old form of Hylian. He could tell by the accents used on some of the letters. As he read it he felt Nazo stir in his pocket so he set the letter down and fished her out. She opened her tiny eyes and looked around quickly as if suddenly remembering something important.

"You alright?" Gonzo asked.

"I believe I am uninjured," the fairy said.

"Good, I was worried for a bit there," Gonzo said as he placed her on top of the trunk. "Now, I have a few questions that I need real answers for and I have a feeling you may know."


"What exactly did you mean by trial?"

"You do not know? But you are a friend of Kotori, did she not tell you?

"I don’t know anyone by that name."

"You do," Kageri said matter-o-factly, "I am sure she was on your ship while I was still in the crystal."[/i]

"But the only girl on my ship was..." Gonzo grabbed the letter and headed out the door and made his way quickly to Tetra cabin. He gasped when he saw Aryll's body was gone. Kageri, though flying a little erratically followed him inside. "Where is she?"

"The Guardian has taken her. His shadow is still in this room."

Gonzo looked around, but had no idea what the fairy was talking about. So, he looked again at the letter in his hand. He began to read it, but it was a slow going, and he hoped it wouldn't take too long.

To the bearer of this letter,
This letter was written to help you understand why you were chosen. Though you may not be aware of it, you are of the bloodline of a great Hylian Sage known in his time as Keapora Gaebora...

Gonzo kept reading but really didn't believe it, he knew about the Guardians, but part of him never really believed it was true. But if he were 'chosen' as the letter said, why all the fuss?


"Yes Captain?"

"Do you know which of the Guardians was here?"

"I am not sure, but it was not the big one or the white bird."

"The big one?"

"Yes, he is of the ones who remembers, the white one called him Jake."

Gonzo sat on the bed. "Alright little miss, I need you to tell me everything you know about this. Seems I have a decision to make."

The fairy flew to him and sat in his hand, she told him in as few words as possible about her time as a tekuragari, how she and Kage were tricked into helping the one called Hito. Of the boy named Sarith, whose jealousy was used by the shadow to kill the boy who should have one day been the Hero. How she and her brother helped the shrikers trap three of the Guardians in the past. Of Mei and Kei, the Shadow Daemon and their part in its creation.

When Gonzo asked her about her time before that, Kageri could only say that her memories of those times were no longer with her. With her tale finished the fairy looked depressed. Gonzo held her up and asked, "So you wished away your essence at a chance at a new start?"

"No Captain, I was hoping for oblivion," the fairy said andher wings twitched. "I wanted to fade with the twilight of the day, but the white one would not allow it."

"The white gull you spoke of before…why she would do that? Who is she?"

"She was known as Kotori, she is the oldest of all the Guardian Spirits. She is also said to be the most wise. She was thought to have loved Keapora; It may be the truth for it was how my brother and I helped the shriker trap her," Nazo turned then toward the window. "Perhaps that is why she sent me to you. I do not know. She did not explain," the fairy cocked her head then. "He has returned Captain."


"The one who brought me to your ship, the one called Jasper."

Gonzo looked around but didn’t see anyone or anything, but did hear something though. Whispered voices, lots of them, each told him he must choose, each one giving him a chance to say no without rebuke. But, under it all was a feeling of yearning, he couldn’t explain. A feeling of intense cold startled him and the fairy disappeared from view. His only relief came when he closed his eyes to listen more closely to the sound. Something came back to him then, the dream…the dream of being able to fly. The voices lured him closer to the dream with their serene melody, all intertwined into one voice, and he opened his eyes and saw a form in front of him. It looked female but did not possess a face that he could see and it spoke with the three voices that were one.

Know that you were chosen by Farore, tested true by Din and we know that you are hesitant to accept Nayru's call. Your help is needed, Child of Keapora, but you must accept this gift with a free heart, though you must know there can be no turning back once you set yourself on this path.

"But what will happen to me?

You shall become a part of those who have accepted and shall remain forever within them.

"And if I choose not to?" There was no reply, and Gonzo leaned back against the wall. His eye caught on the bottle that still lay near the pillow. Aryll went…so why not? Still he wondered why.

As if to answer the voices said; We promised hope for the future, we have not forgotten that promise.

Gonzo picked up the bottle and stared at it for a long moment and he thought of the oath he gave his father to protect his sister. His father also told him that while it was possible to ignore a call, it was impossible to escape. Gonzo smiled and thought, It was right under your nose all along. He hoped Senza and the others would be alright as he stood and spoke the words as the letter instructed:

"Great Goddesses of Light and Life, I accept this burden with a free heart. It will be my honor to serve you for as long as I am needed."

Jasper watched the frozen man very intently and smiled when the ice began to snap and crackle and its trapped occupant struggled to find his way back into the world. Taking his bow off his back Jasper pulled out only one arrow, and as he drew it back; its tip began to glow with that curious light. When it was at it's brightest Jasper let it fly at the figure. It came into contact with the ice, shattering it and scattered fragments all around the fountain. The formerly frozen occupant turned to him and said, "Thank you Jasper." And shook off the remainder of the ice. "It has been a very long time."

"Jes, but note forever."

The other smiled then looked around, "Nazo!" The fairy having been freed with the man flew up and asked the Guardian in a shaky voice, "You will not forget the Captain?"

"No, little one, I will never forget any of them."