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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 39: Chapter 38: Unbinding

If you’re wondering, yes things have slowed up a bit…hey I have a life…well sort of – anyway – the real reason is you’ve caught up with my editing, so now each chapter is getting a thorough going over…this chapter – also one of my favorites - and got a serious work over…believe me it needed it. I cleaned up the dialogue and added a toch o drama...I have no idea if I succeded with that...

So with all my incoherent rambling out of the way ... Remember the last line of this chapter is not's just theoretically unlikely... or something like that.

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Chapter 38:

"This garden is really starting to creep me out, Link." Tetra said and let go of Link's arm to look around. Tetra noticed Speck started to fly a little erratically until the fairy paused mid-flight and zipped back into Link's hat. Whatever that song was, it was still pulling him forward, toward whatever. She smiled when his tiny head poked out from under the brim. Link never noticed the fairy's coming and goings.

She looked back at him when he didn’t answer and she noted he let out a big yawn. He looks so tired, she thought. "Have you slept recently?"

He shrugged. "Not really, but this place, creepy though it may be, seems safe enough. Mind if I catch a few winks?"

"Be my guest," Tetra said and started when she realized her tone was far more sarcastic than she intended. Tetra took a few steps closer to the water but and found with each step she took she needed to concentrate harder to keep her voice even when she said, "But we'll have to get moving again soon."

"Okay, just a short nap will be good," Link said.

A random thought popped into Tetra’s head and she asked, "Link, aren't you hungry? Shouldn’t you have some soup or something?" Again, Tetra noticed her acrid tone, but why?

"Not really hungry right now," she heard Link reply from behind her.

"Liar," Tetra said and stood there with her mouth open for a moment. She hadn’t meant to say that out loud and when she turned back around, she noted Link wore a puzzled expression and when he answered her this time, his voice held a cautious note that surprised her.

“Tetra, I’m really not hungry right now…”

"Just humor me, okay Fairy boy?"

It was out of her mouth before she could stop it and Tetra’s eyes went wide as Link answered in true fairy boy fashion, "Yes, of course, Your Highness. Is there anything else to please Your Worshipfulness?" His voice was laced with sarcasm and he bent himself in half, mocking her with an exaggerated bow. When he straightened, he had that cocky grin plastered on his face and Tetra fumed.

Why does he have to do that? Gods, what an idiot! How could I be so stupid!

No, no, no! she thought, please not now. Tetra struggled furiously to keep her anger in check but she was finding it harder to squelch the angry thoughts. Her irritation was getting the best of her and Tetra ground her teeth as the unbinding surged across her thoughts. It reared its ugly little head from the shadowy places of her mind where it had been lurking. Waiting for the right moment to disrupt her thoughts and forcing her to say the worst possible things at the worst possible moments and Tetra found she couldn’t stop it this time.

Her mind raced further scattering her thoughts. She knew she was near the end of the current cycle, but Tetra was determined to hold it off as long as possible. With an effort she pushed back the anger long enough to make herself return Link’s smile. He cocked an eyebrow and his expression turned thoughtful. I need a counter spell…where the hell am I going to find that? Tetra thought then of the kagenmi and the notes Link was messing around with earlier. He said it looked like an extended version of the Command Melody. Link learned that song deep within the Tower of the Gods as part of his test of Courage. It let him take physical control of a person or object. If that was true; then she might be able to use the notes carved into the kagenmi as the counter spell she needed.

When Tetra put a hand on Link’s arm, she was surprised to notice that her anger lessened considerably. Her thoughts became clearer and Tetra gave herself a moment to catch her breath. It wasn’t as simple as just being able to get along with Link, she needed to strengthen the binding between them. While she was confident this was the answer, Tetra was very apprehensive and wondered whether Link would ever agree to it. Only one way to know, she thought. She dropped her forced grin and said with care, "I noticed as I was falling asleep…you were there, just for a moment in my head."

"Ah, you noticed that,” Link said and fidgeted with his pack straps not looking in her direction anymore. “Yeah, I'm actually really sorry about that, I was thinking about those notes, and it just sort of…happened." He looked down at her and said, "You don't have to worry though, because that will never happen again."

"Why not?" Tetra snapped.

"Because Tetra, if I can set the magic in motion just running the notes through my head, I'm not sure I'll be able to undo it once it's done. If you'll recall the last time you asked me to do something like this it didn't turn out well."

She did remember, and she smiled a little at the memory, "I’m sure that was just a fluke."

"No.” and he said it with enough conviction that Tetra felt a moment of dread.

“Please,” she said, trying not to sound desperate. It didn’t work and she stifled the urge to smack him and said, “I don’t think I can completely overcome the effects of this unbinding otherwise.”

Link frowned. “The unbinding? I thought you said it was broken?”

“I said I thought it was broken, I wasn’t sure.”

His frown deepened and Link said, “That means the time loop is getting ready to reset itself.”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Then we're running out of time…”

“So it would seem,” her impatience was growing and Tetra knew she wouldn’t be able to stop something really nasty coming out if she didn’t convince him soon. “Link, please can’t you just conduct those notes with the Wind Waker?"

He just looked at her and said flatly, "No. Forget it. That song is some sort of variation of the Command Melody and I don’t like invoking magic when I have no idea what will happen."

"Since when?" she asked.

He sighed and stared off at nothing as he weighed his words, "You’re still leaving out details, Tetra."


"I told you before, I’m starting to feel just a little overwhelmed…this is all just too much too fast. When I left the last time, I meant it to be the last time. I swore to myself I’d never let you do that to me again. I still mean to keep that promise.”

Tetra stared at the ground, and wondered if there was anything she could possibly say to fix the rift, she worked so hard to put between them. She couldn't change the past and now she worried she might not be able to save their future.

“I know, but please do it, I haven’t left anything out…lately, and I’ve told you everything I know.”

“Really?” Link said as he crossed his arms. “Then tell me Princess, just when were you going to get around to telling me there's more than one?"

Still with the Princess crap? "More than one what?” Tetra shouted in frustration.

She turned away from him as she felt a sharp pain in her belly. The strain of the past few days was starting to take its toll on her and Tetra felt of wave of nausea that actually frightened her. She felt unsteady and must have wavered a bit, because Link moved closer and steadied her as he gently turned her around.

“Yes that, and can we stop talking about this like they’re loaves of bread or something?”

Again, his proximity lent her respite and Tetra said, "I suppose. I know I haven’t really been very forthcoming on that whole subject."

"No actually, you haven't," Link said and he let one of his arms drop. "And to be honest I'm not sure how I feel about it."

"While I'm not surprised would you care to tell me why?"

“Not really,” Link said as he moved away from her.

“Then how can I …” she paused as the magic grabbed hold of her again and Tetra was barely able to suppress the urge to shout, “Please just tell me what’s on your mind.”

The angry expression that replaced Link’s frown made Tetra think he was preparing himself for some great battle and she realized this was just how it always went. Stuck in the routine of all the bad habits they’d concocted because of their bickering and she thought, Goddesses help me, what have I done.

“Should I start with the obvious? I have no idea where I stand in all this. One minute you're trying your damnedest make me go away, then even more mysteriously you’re...not. Unbinding or no, Tetra, you’ve strung me along like a toy boat for years. Pulling me in to play when it suited you…but I blame myself for that, since I knew what was happening and still let it go on for as long as it did. When I finally did decide to let it go, just imagine my surprise when I find out about…this, and oh, by the way, you were just kidding and can we do this whole relationship thing again?” Tetra cringed at his tone. Everything Link was saying was true, and just when she thought it could get worse, it did when he said, “And while I’d love to be wrong, Tetra, I know if none of this happened, you wouldn’t have told me about them at all.”

She met his gaze and though she hadn’t really given it any thought, she knew he was right, she wouldn’t have. She’d gotten very good at taking him for granted.

Link moved closer to her and lifted her chin. “I just don't know what to think anymore. You said it yourself; the unbinding spell wouldn’t have worked half as well as it did if you hadn't already decided we were done. I’m sorry, but I can’t help feeling like I’m being used Tetra and even though you say it, I just don’t know if I can believe it.” He let his hand stray to her hair and he added quietly, “or more rightly, if I even want to take the chance, again.”

Another wave of nausea hit her and Tetra sagged as the weight of Link’s words and the unbinding’s magic hit her all at once. Not wanting to faint, Tetra sat down where she was and eased herself on the soft grass. Her lack of response irritated Link enough that he let out an exasperated growl. Tetra’s anger vanished and she realized the very tenuous ties she had with Link were weakening. Its purpose accomplished, the magic released her, but it was her own guilt that kept her silent. Link sighed as he pulled his hat off and ran a hand through his hair. His doubts were clearly written on his face as he closed his eyes in frustration. It made her uneasy and she felt that pain in her stomach again and winced.

"Please, Link, we might as well get this out now," Tetra said, and failed to stifle a grimace. Link tried to hide his concern as his look of frustration turned to worry. Link hesitated a moment longer and plopped wearily down next to her.

"Not that you'll ever been interested in my opinion on the subject, but you need to take better care of yourself," Link said as he poked at he grass in front of him.

"Yes I do," Tetra said wearily. She smirked at his expression; he was obviously expecting an argument from her. "I am sorry I didn’t mention all that before. I’ve been a little distracted. You can believe they're never far from my thoughts. "

“A little distracted, is that what they’re calling it now?” Link asked as looked at her with a slight frown. "You scare me woman."

"I don't want to.

"So, there really are two?"


"You're sure?"

Tetra looked at him and said matter of factly, "As sure as I can be, anyway if you think about it, one, two? What difference does it make in the end?"

"None I guess."

“All I really want is for you to conduct those notes." Tetra took a very deep breath and said more to herself than him, "There's nothing here to be afraid of, nothing at all."

"Yeah? Well you probably have twenty generations of Wisdom bearers stuffed in that head of yours. Don't you think it's already crowded enough?"

"Please do it,” she said, “I need to keep track of where you are."

Link thought about that for a minute or two, and Tetra sighed and he raised an eyebrow and said, "I'm still thinking about it. In the mean time I want you to have a look at this." Link reached back and came up with a package wrapped in brown rice paper and string. "That wasn't what I meant to get…"

"What is that?" Tetra asked and felt a funny shift in the air. Link wore a faraway look on his face and Tetra poked him to get his attention. Whatever just happened ended and Link continued on as if he hadn’t blanked out on her at all. She remembered he’d done the same thing outside of Hyrule Castle, but set aside the mystery when Link said;

"A package Zill gave me. I forgot about it."

"What is it?"

"Don't know, it's from my Grandma though," Link said and gingerly set it down on the ground. After he undid the string that bound the small package, he picked it up. "Well this is interesting," Link said holding it out for her to look at.

Tetra took the fragile looking object from him. "A mirror?"

"Yeah, where have I seen that before?"

"It has to be your Grandmother's," she said and Tetra caught a glimpse of her reflection in moonlight. She really did look as tired as she felt.

"Yeah but, why would she give it to me?" Link asked.

"Good question."

Link reached back again and pulled out a book. The moon was setting and Link pulled out an arrow and set it alight. He flipped through the pages until he found one page in particular. "Look at this," he said and pointed to the weathered writing. Tetra leaned into him and found his proximity helped to bolster her waning strength. She read the carefully written words then flipped back a few pages and noticed everything was written in common, but there was no way those entries could be recent.

"Where did you get this?" Tetra asked as she turned back more pages.

"It's the book Master Sturgeon was reading when…"

"Oh," Tetra said as she flipped to the cover and read the gold lettering. "A History of Hyrule." She traced the Triforce symbol inscribed there and felt an odd tingle from her own piece. ‘That’s weird’ she thought and opened it to the title page. She read the brief inscription aloud:

“Seekers of knowledge,
Thy truth is held within these pages."

They were definitely seeking and Tetra noted it was signed.

Rajish Mudora, Chief Chronicler of the Court of Hyrule.

"Link," Tetra said in disbelief, "do you know what this is?"

"Should I?"

"This is a Book of Mudora."

"Okay," he said slowly, "how is that helping?"

The bearers in her head all started chattering at once and Tetra mentally had to ask them all to keep quiet. She picked up the mirror again and ran a finger around the rim of it. Its silver gilded edge shone white in the pale moonlight and Tetra focused on that as she opened the book. The page she turned to held a drawing of the very same mirror.

"How'd you do that?" Link asked as he looked at the book over her shoulder.

"It's how this magic works, you have to focus on what information you need and open it," Tetra said. She yawned and blinked. She was really tired now and let herself lean back a little and was a surprised when Link immediately shifted to support her.

"That's a pretty damn useful spell," Link said.

"Yeah, as I understand it, it's bound into pages of the book itself. Mudora wrote three in all. One to honor of each of the Goddesses, and if this one survived all these years then it's possible the others did as well." Tetra read through the entry and looked up at him and noticed his grin. "What are you grinning about?"

"I was just thinking that maybe this is the treasure you were looking for, that you used to tell me about all the time. A treasure trove of knowledge."

She cocked an eyebrow at him and asked, “Do you know where your grandmother got this?”

“No, it's always been around. Just one of those things of Grandma’s we weren’t allowed to touch. She kept it in her dresser in a box, so I never really thought about it.”


“Well, maybe once or twice….”

“Ever look into it?”

“Ummmm…well actually...”

“So you did.”

He shrugged, “It was a long time ago Tetra, at least seven or eight years….” He stopped at the look on her face, “What?”

“Nothing, I guess,” Tetra said as she reread the page. "So, have you made up you mind yet?" she asked to take her mind off that subject. She needed to rest, but this needed to be settled for good this time, one way or the other.

The light of the arrow went out and everything got very dark. As Tetra's eyes adjusted to the waning moonlight, Link got up and paced around. Minutes slipped by in silence and Tetra realized just how much damage the unbinding, and her callous attitude had done. She was doomed and felt a moment of intense loss and found herself thankful for the darkness, for it at least hid the tears his words brought to her eyes.

"I know my duty, Tetra. You are the Crown Princess of Hyrule and I am bound by its tradition to protect you with my life if needs be. I told you before and I meant it, anything you need me to do, I’ll do it…except this. If this melody does what I think it will…you'll be stuck with me in your head all the time and vice versa…I guess I’m afraid of what I’ll find in there, because I’ll know exactly what you think of me, and that my dear Princess is a very frightening proposition.”

Tetra felt the tiniest of flutters within herself as her anxiety heightened. She had to do something and she ignored her exhaustion as she got to her feet. Link stood a few feet away, arms crossed and Tetra wrapped her arms around him. She closed her eyes and thought again of their unplanned meeting on Windfall. The strangeness of it still mystified her. Tetra remembered the she’d spent most of that day getting supplies for the ship, the whole time Gonzo whined at her to leave off and go have some fun and after much cajoling and pestering she took his advice. The last thing she expected was to run into Link. She remembered being surprised that he didn’t just walk the other way. That was what usually happened, or she would…this time though, it didn’t and she had no idea why.

The only thing Tetra was sure of at this point was she needed him to conduct those notes. . “I know why you don’t want to do this, but if …” The unbinding flared and Tetra felt her grip tighten. It wanted her to deny the truth of her heart. She was losing this battle…soon but she wasn’t going to go down without a fight. “Link, I can’t break the magic by myself, I thought that I could, but I was wrong…” Tetra faltered and discovered she couldn’t get the words out of her mouth. The magic clamped down on her thoughts. It now owned her so completely now that only a broken sob was able to escape.

Link shifted at the sound and he lifted her chin. Seeing her tears, he brushed them her cheeks and whispered, "Tetra, please don't cry. You know it's not fair if you cry." But she was now, overtired and emotion running high, Tetra for once did not stop herself. Unable to speak, it was all she had left. Link pulled her back to him and as he rested his chin on her head. She heard him take a deep breath, which he let out very slowly.

He whispered something to the sky which she did not hear and said, "Alright woman, you win, just gods please, please, please don’t make me live to regret this."

His voice, though gentle, held that note of doubt and after one last hesitation, Link reached back pulled out the Wind Waker. With one arm still wrapped around her, Link held her tighter as he conducted the melody. Maybe it was his proximity, but the notes sounded loud to her ears and Tetra recognized it immediately. The same song had called her out of her troubled dreams. It was the one Link played for her when he first found her in this garden. The one Nagori sung to her in her cabin. She realized that every time she’d heard that song, it somehow managed to pull her back toward the things that she needed. Tetra felt an incredible release as Link’s consciousness mingled with hers and all the anger and sadness that gripped her so tightly, washed away with its passing.

Just as it had been on Outset during his battle, she saw his memories and feelings laid out before her. This time though, she left them alone and knew that he was seeing the same. She felt herself relax and in the moment of time before the notes began to fade Tetra heard that familiar voice, it spoke of a prophecy she only known a few lines of.

Ere winter's solstice
relations lost
remembered pain
the promise
of one day to return
journey into time's murky fold
condemned to hell by one command
darkness pierced with light
sent by true love's hand
shining above all
needs reflected
a life
as times sage
will free the memory
bound by departed hope
to protect the future
rescue expectation
pass the test
of loss,
and sacrifice
returning to life
a thought
by magic
bindings are broken
bringing back to light
one wish forgotten
to surrender
the gull and
speed the ravens flight
whispered once to kindle hope
from childlike hands
it is granted
as spoken

When the moment passed, Tetra blinked and everything was back as it should be, except in a little corner of her mind was Link's unmistakable presence. The joy she felt gave her strength and she decided there really was only one way to give him what he wanted. So before Link could protest, Tetra kissed him. But this time she let go of her fear and let her desire lead the way and was pleased when her reluctant hero allowed himself, just one more time, to be strung along by a pirate captain of questionable upbringing. Tetra knew he saw then just what she thought of him and though she wanted more Tetra wavered a little where she stood, not from the kiss. She was genuinely tired and reluctantly ended it.

Link steadied her. "You are sure you’re okay?" he asked her in a cautious tone.

"Yes, thank you," she said as she rested her head on his chest and asked, “Did you hear that voice too?”

“Yes, and I’m sure I’ll be having nightmares about that soon enough. Wasn’t that a really long version of what you wrote to me before?” he asked and held her a little tighter when she nodded. The fairy vacated his hat and flew in lazy circles over their heads. “Perfect. It’s the last part that worries me, though. I still don’t know what the other hero wished for…I’m starting to get the feeling it the reason all of this is happening.”

Tetra was more worried about the beginning; the darkness pierced by light…whose true love? Not wanting to reflect on that, Tetra decided she really was too tired to think straight anymore and said, "At least I know why you had to conduct the notes," and she realized he did as well.

Link picked up the mirror and the book, put them back into his pack and said as he led her over to a nearby tree, "It's weird having you in my head."

"It certainly cuts down my having to explain things."

"Good, because we’ve yakked enough for one night. I can also tell, you’re a lot more tired than you’re claiming. Hey Speck," Link said and looked up at the fairy as he landed on the brim his hat, "You think it's safe to sleep?"

Kage went into the hat and poked his head back out and said, “Yes," he said and disappeared back into the hat.

"It's settled then," Link said and sat down, cross-legged near the tree and pulled out the staff and set it nearby. Tetra knew he only slept with his weapons out when he expected trouble. His guard was up and if the trap reset while she slept she knew they’d most likely be separated again. However, they were still within the kagenmi, and she had no idea how that would effect the remnants of the magic that still held her. One more time she hoped as she settled next to him.

The unbinding was gone; replaced by a stronger binding. The one that was always between them, and though she’d strained it almost to its limit, it never broke. With her head resting on his leg she looked at up at Link. He was already asleep, his thoughts here calm, and peaceful, though she still wondered how he could sleep sitting up like that. She turned her head and noticed the fairy was now hovering in front of her.


"Yes, Princess?"

"It's time for you to return to your mother."

"No, Princess, I cannot leave you."

"You'll have to, but only for a short time, I expect you to come back and help Link find his way back to me."

"Yes Princess…"

"Oh, Speck, one more thing, did you ever remember the younger's name?"

"Yes, it is Sarith."

"Thanks, Speck."

"You are welcome, Princess," the fairy said and flew off in the direction he almost took earlier. Tetra noticed that Kage’s glow was returning as he headed over the hedge and out of the garden. She smiled to herself as she was finally able to relax and promptly fell asleep.

When Tetra woke, she felt much better. Well enough, that she pulled out two sets of rations. One she left in front of Link and the other she ate while the sky slowly brightened. In the distance, she heard the song that brought them to this place. She stood up and walked in the direction of the sound and closed her eyes and listened to it very carefully, so familiar. Something brushed her leg and when Tetra opened her eyes and looked down, she was startled to see a pair of amber eyes staring up at her. The small boy to whom they were attached had a shock of white hair and he smiled up at her as he glomped onto her leg and asked, "Nous pu latta jehen hoame?”

Chiyuu? She remembered then that Link said Jinchi and Chiyuu were the son’s of the Guardian, so that also meant the Lady Natsumi must be near.

"Nous pu latta jehen hoame?” he asked again and Tetra blinked when a memory, she was sure was not her own flickered through her head. She looked at Chiyuu boy again, so familiar. Tetra did a quick double take as she realized that not only was she in her full Princess look, the sun was out. She looked back near the tree where she and Link slept. He was absent, but Tetra breathed a sigh of relief when she still felt his presence in her head and she could tell he was still asleep. Perfect she thought, the trap must have finally reset and she'd just have to figure out the mystery behind her missing Link later. She returned her attention to the boy as she carefully undid the boy's grip on her leg and knelt down.

"Well aren't you a cute little guy?" Tetra asked as she looked around but there didn't seem to be anyone else around. The boy was pretty calm so his mother must be nearby. "Why don’t we go find your mommy?"

"Mamma," he cried and grabbed her hand and dragged her in the direction of a nearby stand of trees toward the pond. As they skirted closer to the waters edge the boy veered suddenly as if being guided by an unseen hand. Tetra felt her clothing return to ‘normal’ and caught the unmistakable scent of lye being boiled, Someone's making soap, she thought, and saw a small house just beyond the clearing.

Without warning Tetra found herself dangling off the ground, not only could she not turn, she was having a hard time moving at all. She examined the flows of the magic that held her in place as the boy continued forward. He stopped when he realized that she no longer followed him and he laughed as he turned back to her and ran behind her.

"Who are you?" she heard a woman's voice say.

"My name is Tetra Shukkon, I meant no harm."

"How did you get into this garden?"

"That's kind of a long story…"

"I have time."

"Okay…" so Tetra told an edited and extremely shortened version of the past week.

"That is not a very believable story, little miss."

"I'm beg your pardon, what did you say?"

The woman walked around in front of her and Tetra's eyes felt like they were going to pop out of her head, "Captain?"

The woman raised an eyebrow and looked her over. "You still haven’t explained how you got in this garden," she said arms crossed.

I don’t have time for this, Tetra thought. Irritated she said, "Look, I was traveling with a friend, minding my own business, when your son, attached himself to my leg."

The woman’s eyes flicked to the boy for a moment, he smiled as he pointed at Tetra and said, “Zelda.”

The woman looked at Tetra again with curiosity and Tetra felt the flows surrounding her hand move, making it stick out in front of her. The woman examined the Triforce mark on her hand, and after a moment, Tetra felt the flows collapse and she dropped to the ground.

"I apologize bearer,” the woman said, “I did not recognize you at first. Though Jasper seems to know who you are."

"It's okay, can you teach me to do that?" Tetra said as she got up. "Lady Natsumi, I'm guessing?"

"Please call me Natsu,” she said as she picked up her son, “You don’t seem like the guessing kind."

“No, not usually, but right now I’m kind of in a hurry.”

“You look so like my sister, no wonder Jasper was confused.”

“I met her, but she said she’d only met your boys once.”

“My little Chiyuu is an unusual boy,” Natsu said as she turned and waved for Tetra to follow her toward the house. Tetra wondered if they Lady realized she’d called the boy Chiyuu. Tetra was pulled out of her thoughts when the Lady asked, “How old are you, bearer?”

“I’ll be nineteen…oh no, I forgot I am nineteen.”

“Is Tetra the name you’ve chosen for yourself?”

“No, my name has always been Tetra. Why is that important?”

“You are the Princess of Hyrule, no?”

“Yes, but I only found that out seven years ago,” Tetra could tell the Lady was changing the subject on purpose and she decided to blunt. “I’m not sure how much time I have left her and I really need to ask you some questions.”

Natsu closed the door to the small house. Everything was neat and tidy, with one bed and a smaller bed nearby. A cradle in between revealed a second child sound asleep. She set Jasper down and he instantly ran to the table and clamored up on one of the rough-hewn chairs. The Lady shook a lamp and it came to life. Fireflies that lived inside were startled awake and cast a glow that was bright enough to see by.

“Then how may I be of service, Your Highness?” she asked filling a kettle with water.

“Why can’t I remember you?” Tetra asked as she sat in one of the other chairs.

Natsumi set the kettle on the already warm stove and said sounding perplexed, “I don’t understand.”

“Well, all the other Wisdom bearers, including your sister, are here, in my head and I can feel each of them. I know their names and can see their pasts as clearly as I can see my own. However, you are not in there anywhere. How can that be?”

“I don’t really know. For as you say, I recall a similar experience when I held the relic, though that has changed since I left it in my sister’s care.”

“Why did you do that?”

“It was the only way to mask her from the shadow. It is still hunting for her and may find her still.” She handed Tetra some tea and sat at the table, “Our mother was able to break the shadow’s spell once, but I was afraid that when I left the castle, she would be in danger again.”

Tetra mulled the information over in her head, as her gaze wandered around the room. Her eye caught on something shiny near the window and she rose from the table. As she neared the object, she recognized the gilded edges of the mirror almost immediately and she realized why she could not in fact remember Lady Natsumi. It was not the fact that she no longer held the Triforce. The answer was so simple Tetra wondered that she’d not seen it sooner. She wasn’t dead.

Tetra turned back to the Lady and was going to ask one more question just to be sure, when she heard another voice nearby say, “It’s never a good thing to know to much about one’s own future.”

Tetra knew that voice, and when she turned to look at the speaker, she took an involuntary step back.

“You always were an intelligent girl, Tetra. But it just wouldn’t do for my past self to learn too much, too soon.”

Tetra knew her mouth was hanging open but all she could do was stand and stare …this was just too unbelievable.

“I can see this is quite a shock for you, and a woman in your condition doesn’t need any extra shocks.”

Tetra shut her mouth with an audible click and nodded as she slowly sat back in the chair. She took a long drink from her tea and immediately felt refreshed, Yep, Tetra thought, that’s Grandma Namaki’s tea alright. All Tetra managed to get out was, “How is this…”

“Possible?” the old woman asked finishing her sentence. “Everything, Princess, is possible with time, and I’ve had more than most.”

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