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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 4: Chapter 3: Fairy Crossing

A/N: Things really are going to get a little more complicated from here on out so I am hopeful you can stick with it for a bit. I apologize in advance for anything here that may confuse or befuddle the reader. But like those voices keep saying: Two wrongs are really only the beginning.

So little Miss Tetra discovers she has a problem, and you may also discover; my math skills are just not what they used to be...
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Chapter Three: Fairy Crossings

Tetra looked cautiously down at her hand, no more glow, whatever set it off seemed to be gone now. As she looked up she was struck by the sheer height of the crater she was in, the only way out appeared to be straight up and with no apparent handholds; she was not going anywhere any time soon. She sat down where she was and groaned, she hoped Gonzo and the others weren't freaking out too badly. She closed her eyes reviewed the morning's events. Other than the Octo attack, nothing too unusual, what was it that distracted her? That dream.

The details came back to her at first only in bits and snatches. She'd had some powerfully strange dreams in her life but always had been able to put them into some kind of perspective. She felt she was missing something important. "Ugh! This was so frustrating!" She struggled to come up with the missing piece. Something so obvious that she'd over looked it.

'Calm down Tetra' she thought to herself, 'You will never figure it out like this.' She sat up straight and arranged herself cross-legged on the grass beneath a tree, pulled her mother's chain from around her neck. She held it up and looked at it in the bright morning sunshine. 'I really wish you were here' she thought. Wrapping it around her wrist, she tried to clear her mind, empty it of everything. She slowed her breathing.

Quietly it flowed in on a waiting breeze, just out of range as if needing an invitation to be heard. Drifting in it felt strange, lilting, sad and sweet all at once. A melody that drew her out of bed and into the garden of...... ???? Okay no help there. Right, then we'll just move forward a bit, she thought, there was a pool, no more of a pond. The sun was very bright and warm, but that probably was just because of dress she'd been wearing. Dress? Do I even own a dress? Moreover, what in the world brought Link there. That was him, right?

Tetra rubbed her forehead, she could feel the beginning of a headache, but why him? He did not play any instruments that she knew of but then he always was full of surprises. No, she thought, she'd seen it before...damn. His reaction made it seem like he'd been looking for her, like she was lost or something. Did he forget he had her pirate's charm? All he had to do was call her. Way to many unanswered questions.

Gonzo said it'd been a week since Link's last letter. Now that she thought about it, she hadn't seen a Rito postman or Aryll's gulls for a while. To make matters worse she realized then that she'd not even recognized Link when she first saw him. Not a good sign, how could she possibly have forgotten the most irritating man on the ocean? Arrogant little fairy boy, messes with her life and then just sails off. She paused mid thought, what had they argued over? She could not seem to remember. It didn't matter anyway, at least she didn't have to put up with his constant nagging anymore. Still, why would he be there? As angry as he was, she couldn't figure our why he would bother, now she was starting to worry.

"Blast it all!" Frustrated she smacked the ground, something squeaked and rustled off into the taller grass nearby and sent up a small dust cloud. A quick burst of wind pushed the dirt up into her face making her sneeze and cough. "Perfect." She said to herself as she stood and rubbed her eyes to remove the last of the dust.

When she opened her eyes, she was confronted with a small face floating a few inches in front of her nose. Startled she tried to hurriedly back away only to lose her balance and topple into a nearby stream. She heard laughter as she landed hard on her backside momentarily knocking the wind out of herself. She groaned and opened one eye cautiously. The small face was back but upside down, she opened her other eye and said, "Have we met?" Childish laughter again filled the air around her and the form floated up and away from her.

"Welcome Princess."

"Please don't call me that," she said reflexively. "My name is Tetra."

"Of course it is silly child."

Tetra stood up in the stream and took another look around. Link told her the story of how he gained the ability to enchant his arrows to utilize fire and ice. This, she realized, was the interior of Mother and Child Island. She'd only seen the islands from her ship at a distance. So there really was no way out except up because there certainly was not any way in by sea. She wondered briefly how Link managed to get in here.

As she stepped up onto the small sandy bank, she stretched a little and winced. She rubbed her elbow a bit, as she looked at the floating figure before her. "You must be the Queen of the Fairies." She put her hand on her hips "Why do you look like a little kid?" The child laughed and floated a little closer to her.

"You are very observant princess."

"Don't call me that," she said again absently, "did you bring me here?"

"No, Only one other visitor has come to my Island since the Hero came to me, our meeting was great fun and he was quite adorable. Don't you think?"

"Let's not bring Link into this, okay?"

"I can see you think so too." She laughed some more. "I wonder how much longer you will be able to from more than just your true name princess."

"Look, can you please stop calling me that, do you know how I got here, or better yet how I get the hell out."

"Those who visit my island seldom do so by accident. All the bearers if the Triforce of Wisdom since before the great flood have come to me at some point in their lives. That includes the last bearer, your mother."

My Mother? What does she have to do with any of this? Tetra tried to watch as the Fairy Queen spun herself around in gentle circles around her. In her hands she swung, what could only be described, as a rag doll that looked surprisingly like the Great Fairies of the ocean. As she floated by Tetra noticed whenever the sunlight hit her she glowed a slightly different color. "Can you please stop doing that you're making me dizzy." The child laughed once again, but stopped floating in circles. Instead, she floated gently back and forth just out of reach with her doll hanging limply in her left hand.

"Her spirit is never far from you. She watches over you and prays to the Goddesses on your behalf."

"That still doesn't explain how I got here."

"Maybe it was the power that dwells within you trying to get your attention." She stopped moving then and floated a little closer. "Why do you deny that part of yourself?"

"It's not that simple and you know that."

"It is not that difficult either."

"Whatever." Tetra responded sullenly.

"Listen well, Princess of Hyrule," the child-like voice took on a scolding quality, "A message was sent and yet you chose to ignore my daughter's warning. Even now you do not even realize that you are now in great danger." She floated in very close as if to bring home her point "It is time you awoke from your vengeful dream."

"Dream?" Tetra took a small step back.

"Following your anger, you have set off a trap set long ago to snare another."

"Trap?" Tetra's eyes narrowed as the Fairy Queen spoke, but she bit back on her tart reply.

"You are in great danger, if you do not recognize the bars of your self made prison soon, you will perish. Your escape path continues to get narrower as each day passes."

"But I'm not in a trap..." again laughter filled the air around her mocking her stubbornness.

"Then tell me Princess, what did you do yesterday?" Tetra remembered her previous troubles trying to remember earlier in the day. She got a nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach as more of the infectious laughter filled the air. "I like you, please allow me to give you a gift to remember our meeting."

The child held the doll out in front of here, and it started to get smaller and smaller until it was no larger than a baby's hand. It floated over to Tetra and attached itself to the chain she still had draped around her wrist. She unwrapped the chain and held the tiny doll up to the sunlight. Four sets of tiny fingers grasped the gold chain. She gave it a little shake. It wobbled at the end but did not come off. She held it up close to her face her eyes widened when the little face smiled and winked.

"That's just creepy," she said as she pulled the chain over her head. The little fairy doll giggled when she got caught in her hair. Tetra let out a mild curse and after she managed to untangle it, she bowed absently and said, "Thank you, I think. What am I supposed to do with this? Will it stay on this chain forever?"

"She will find her own purpose eventually," the child said, "but for now she will help you if she can, and will not leave you as long as you have need of her. Goodbye Princess. May you awaken soon." With that the child began to fade away.

"Hey wait! I have more questions," she remembered suddenly the man in the cell. "Before I came here I saw a prison, and a man, I think it was a man, well whoever it was they were a mess..." Tetra stopped as the whole area was engulfed in brilliant light. When she opened her eyes again this time she lying down, back on her ship in her cabin, and it was just before dawn.

"Miss Tetra...wake up Miss...." A shadowy figure stood in the doorway outlined by the lamps that were only at half-light.

"Hmmm?" she sat up, "Oh.... where?" she scanned the darkness. "Wait..." The shape in the doorway shifted slightly.

"Are you all right Miss Tetra?" She did not answer only nodded. Was any of that real or just a dream? As she rose from her bed, something clunked onto the floor. She looked down at it briefly but it really was too dark to see clearly, "Senza, what time is it?

"Half past four Miss. You asked me to wake you if we caught up with that sloop."

"Yes I did, didn't I," she replied absently. She looked up again and said "Thanks Senza I'll be up shortly."

"Yes Miss." he said as he turned and closed the door to her cabin. As she turned to start dressing, her hand caught on the chain around her neck. She pulled at the chain and realized there was an unusual weight to it. Lighting the small lamp over the desk she stifled a cry of surprise.

"Good morning Princess." said the tiny rag doll fairy hanging from her chain."I am Nagori."

As the little fairy spoke, she began to remember all the odd happenings of the past few weeks. How she seemed to be repeating the same few days over and over. The words of the Fairy Queen were ringing in her head.

"Listen well Princess of Hyrule, It is time you awoke from your vengeful dream."
"If you do not recognize the bars of your self made prison soon, you will perish."

Shaken she sat back on her bed and realized she'd no idea how to begin to extricate herself from her confinement. She was not even sure how she'd gotten in. Looking out the cabin window, she caught sight of the full moon. Is this the same as yesterday she wondered? She whispered a prayer to the Goddesses for guidance and felt the little fairy let go of the chain and climb up onto her shoulder, "Nagori?"

"Yes Princess?"

"Call me Tetra from now on ok?"

"Yes Princess."

"Thanks," Tetra finished dressing and picked up the box that had fallen off her bed earlier. 'This was new.' she thought as she placed it on the desk. She headed topside. Whatever else was happening today, it was not going to be an Octo fight.


Link took Al to his boat, which he left next to the pirate ship. Al was suitably impressed with the King of the Red Lions and marveled at the craftsmanship. They boarded and he maneuvered the small craft slowly around the pirate ship and out of the cave. He pulled out his sea chart, unfolded it and laid it out for quick look for the locations of rocks he knew were just under the surface around here. Peering over his shoulder, Al asked, "Where are we now?"

"Here," Link said while pointing to Outset Island. "My home, we'll be heading north about four sectors. But first we'll be stopping on the other side of the island for a bit, for supplies."

"How long will we be staying?" Al asked.

"Not long," Link replied handing him the chart. "I need to check in on my Grandma, she worries if I don't let her know when I'm off "adventuring" as she calls it."

"Very well," Al said sounding concerned, "Remember though our time is limited."

"My Grandma makes the best soup," Link said while rigging up the sail. "Believe me you'll be glad we did."

"We're staying for dinner?"

"You betcha! It's really only lunch time." Link tied off the last part of the sail and added, "We'll leave before evening."

"Show me on this chart where you last saw Tetra." He pointed to an area just west of Great Fish Island. Al pulled a map of his own out from one of his many pockets and laid it next to his map. Al studied both map with great intent. Link looked over both maps quickly and noted the islands on his chart seemed to correspond roughly with the mountainous areas on Al's map. He may not know where Al was from exactly, but he was getting the feeling that maybe he should be asking from when.

Link also noticed some areas circled in red, others in green and a few in blue. The red and green circles reminded him of something, but he couldn't quite remember what it was so he filed it away in the back of his head. There were also three areas marked with tiny skulls. One was nearGreat Fish Island. Al interrupted his train of thought when he asked, "How long will it take us to get the here?" He said pointing to the area near Great Fish that he'd indicated before.


"Well, walking is definitely out of the question."

"About a day, possibly a day and a half."

"That long?"

"Big ocean." Link said with a smile. The wind was blowing briskly to the east so Link didn't need to change its direction. As he let out the sail, the wind caught it and they took off at a pretty good speed. Al caught off guard by the sudden acceleration almost lost both charts in the water. "Sorry!" he shouted over the noise of the surf. As they headed north around the island, Link made a wide turn to avoid the rocks near the cliff, and after a bit the northeastern shore of Outset came into view.

The fishing boats were out so not many people would be around, so he headed in straight for the beach. On the porch of the last house a figure familiar to him waved. He smiled and waved in return as his boat slid up onto the beach. He undid a piece of the rigging and the entire sail folded up and disappeared below. Grabbing his pack and hopped into the shallows. Looking back at Al he noticed the old man did not look too good. "You alright?"

Al was silent for a moment, and then said cautiously, "I've never actually sailed on a boat of this size before." The old man swallowed hard. "Who could imagine it would be so unsettling."

"Ooo...sorry, still hungry?" Link asked with a mischievous grin.

Al winced, then nodded. Link helped him out of the boat and onto shore. The figure on the porch came bounding over and skidded to a halt in front of him. "Hey big brother!!!" Aryll said while giving him a hug.

"Hey Aryll!" Link said trying to keep his balance. "When did you get home? Weren't you supposed to stay on Windfall for at least another three weeks?"

"It's nice to see you too, lunkhead," she said while waving a fist threateningly. Without missing a beat she turned and asked, "Who's your friend?"

"Oh right, Al please meet my sister, Aryll. "

"Nice to meet you Al." She said bowing. Al did not move or even seem to realize he'd been spoken to. He stood there still as stone, staring, pale as if he'd seen a ghost.

"Al?" Link leaned a little closer "You alright?" he asked while he waved a hand in front of Al's face. No response. Link leaned back over to his sister and whispered "Aryll I think our boat ride has left Al feeling a little more out of sorts than I thought. Let's get him into the house." Link moved around Al and gently moved the old man in the direction of the house.

"Sure..." she said moving to Al's other side to help. Once in the house they settled him into the rocker and Link pulled a bottle out of his pack, he filled a glass with some sticky red juice and offered it to Al. Still nothing. He pulled Aryll back over to the door.

"It's like someone blew out a candle. Where's Grandma?" Link whispered as he led her to the door.

"She's at Orca's." Aryll answered quietly. "I'll go get her."

"Thanks." Link watched for a moment as his sister headed down the porch to the old warriors house turning back he picked up the glass off the table and came up short. The old man was gone. Link looked at all the beds the heard the sounds of a muffled conversation coming from the loft. No way he thought. How could he have gotten up there so fast and without him noticing? Link headed up the ladder as quietly as he could. The talk turned angry and Link worried that maybe he'd made a serious mistake trusting the old man. At the top of the ladder, Link paused and listened.

"....That is irrelevant and you know it." Al listened to the reply that only he could hear, "You are sure about this?" His shoulders seemed to sag a bit as he acquiesced himself to whatever answer he'd received. "Very well..." Link went down a couple of rungs then started back up as noisily as he could without seeming to. When he reached the top Al was already up and near the ladder.

"You're probably wondering..."

"Yeah I am, but like you said, I'll just have to trust you. You should know though you're making that very difficult." Al sighed as Link dropped off the ladder and waited for him to climb down. "Should I ask how you got up there so fast or who it is you seem to be talking to all the time?" Al sat back down, smiled weakly and drank some of the sticky juice but did not answer the question. Link was paced uneasily back and forth, "Will you ever be able to tell me or am I just going to have to keep guessing? I really hate guessing."

"As soon as I can I will tell you everything I know."

Link paused at this, then sat on the nearby bed. He laid back and covered his eyes with one of his arms and said "Yeah, well the last time someone told me that I ended up at the bottom of the ocean."


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