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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 41: Chapter 40: Choices

You know when I was backing up this monster - I managed to delete this chapter...Lucky for me I am anal and had one (yup only one) unedited copy of it on another site...Just remember Pie is good.

To KR - I'm not sure, why I included them as I did...I did plan on explaining that at some point , I just wasn't sure how I was going to do that when I first wrote them into the fic...It was an interesting way to fill that huge plot hole I'd created though and even I was surprised by how well the chapter fit into the overall picture. One other thing, the kagenmi is something else I wrote in from the beginning but I had no idea how I would ultimately use was a prop at first that ended up being a very important piece to the overall puzzle. And that I suppose is the best way to describe how I write...pieces of it float around in my head until I find the proper spot for them...(o.0) is crazy i know.

Okay I've rambled on way too long and I know a lot has happened…if you thought things were happening quickly before 0.o you're in for a nasty surprise as Link and Tetra’s world is about to spin radically out of control.

Anyway there's too much to cover here, if you have a question - feel free to ask and I suppose at this point, I had best start explaining a few things...but when I said Link & Tetra were in each other’s heads I wasn’t kidding, and once again off we go...

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Chapter 40:

"Destiny is really nothing more than the sum of our choices ... only problem is some are harder to bear than others..."

Kotori looked up, the dust tapered off and she reached out very carefully with her senses. Whatever happened, she could no longer feel her brother, Jake or the shadow's presence on the island. With a sigh, she dispelled her shield. The crystals remained suspended above, but only one held her attention. The white bird within her, heard the call of the Rito Prince, but she could not leave here until the Princess returned.

Using a kagenmi was dangerous enough, but especially so if you used strong magic to open one. Kotori placed a hand on Tetra's forehead and wondered why she felt such a strong resonance of the hero. A second woman's voice that was not Tetra's startled her and Aryll identified the familiarity of it; "Grandma?"

Kotori never liked the unexpected and she growled at the sleeping Princess, "You'd better have some answers when you wake up."

She mentally felt Aryll's laughter at her irritation with Tetra. ‘And what do you suggest?' Aryll's answer amused her enough that she laughed aloud, ‘Just say: Shirking again little miss?' Aryll did not elaborate but her amusement was catchy and the Guardian found herself grinning. Well it's worth a try, she thought.

Though Aryll was by far the youngest incarnation Kotori ever assumed, the Guardian was ever surprised by the girl's strength of heart. She loved her brother so much she allowed this change to happen and like her brother, she was willing to put the needs of others before her own. This again, brought to mind the pirate captain and she asked Aryll why thoughts of him brought out feelings of grief. The answer surprised Kotori, but she should have realized Aryll's fondness for the pirate was more than just a young girls infatuation.

Again, unexpectedly she heard the voice of Aryll's grandmother and Kotori listened as the old woman told her story. A face flashed through her mind and at first, Kotori thought him the hero but his golden eyes brought out a different name and she remembered that one. The Guardian was a little startled to realize that memory had not been there before. He'd freed her shortly after the shadow's capture but he never explained how he'd found her.

All he said was, "There will always be four."

She wondered at the memory now, that one held the power of the guardians, but there was something else about him that was different. In that time, Kotori knew she was no longer needed; the shadow's advance had been halted, so she remained in her bird form. She even trailed after him and the two small children with whom he traveled. Just to be sure their progress was unimpeded. Kotori wondered then of Keapora, she'd not seen him since that day so long ago, when the shadow had tricked them both.

When Tetra began whispering something, Kotori leaned closer to listen. She knew the prophecy of which the Princess spoke and wondered what would make Tetra say, "They can't ask me to do this," Tetra's voice sounded shaky, "Anything else...It's not right... Isn't there some other way? I just...I can't." Kotori felt a chill when she heard Aryll's grandmother respond, "Then Hitokage will win, the Guardians will be lost and my Grandson will be doomed to shadow."


Tetra watched as a shy smile crept onto Chiyuu's face. The little boy, known in this time as Jasper, regarded her with amber eyes filled with expectation. Tetra blinked as that familiar feeling swept over her. This little boy knew her and was so different from the older child or even the young man Tetra met in the watchtower. Tetra caught hold of one of Link's passing thoughts and the weird familiarity she'd felt whenever she looked into those eyes, now had a name. Tetra decided she was completely dense not to have seen just how much he resembled like his father.

When Chiyuu crawled up in her lap and rested his head on her shoulder, Tetra felt tear slip down her cheek. The realization of just who Chiyuu and Jinchi really were left Tetra speechless, she'd done it, or would soon. She wanted to change something about all this, but the bearers in her head whispered to her that this was as it should be. As she hugged her son, she felt his echoed memories. They bounced back and forth, threatening to overwhelm her and something told Tetra, her own recollections of this child were not destined to remain with her.

From the moment Link used the Wind Waker to open the kagenmi, there was no going back, but it was the why of it, that escaped her. Tetra felt an odd sense of apprehension as the knowledge of how she did this slipped quietly into place. As the name she was destined to bear settled itself along with that knowledge, a painful ache took hold of her and Tetra reached out to the only person knew would understand her sadness.

I know you're listening
This is just wrong
Yup, it is and I know you don't want to do this-
That's right I don't
-but you will because you know how this is gonna end if...
It doesn't have to
Doesn't it?
That's just wishful thinking, you know, we need the time
...How can you be so damn calm?
Am I? I don't feel calm...but you know that...Just do it
It'll be alright
No, it won't
Have a little faith
She knows what she's doing
How can you say that?
Because I believe in her
Oooo... that was so not fair
Nothing about any of this, is fair
Even if you don't trust her, do you trust me?
Then do it, it'll be alright
You don't know that
It will, in time
You're not allowed to be that vague
No...What if she's wrong and...
She's not. Don't worry
You got more confidence in her than me
She'll bring back to light one wish forgotten...well her and three random fairies
That's why it'll all work out
Since I have no idea what the hell you're talking about...
You will
Whatever, it's still not right
Nope, never is
I hate you for this
Again? You really need to settle on one
Shut up... you're sure he'll take them?
He already did
But are you sure?
Look in front of you
... I still think this is wrong
What's wrong is remembering things I haven't done yet
Those aren't memories, they feel more like premonitions...I get that a lot
So it's all a big maybe then...
I don't know...
Because the longer I sit here, the more real it becomes
It'll be alright, I'll be with you the whole time
Don't remind me
So how do I find my way back?
Speck will lead you back
Okay, I'll keep an eye out for him
Do you think they'll forgive us?
...Don't know, I hope so
Me too. Be careful, be ready
Do you think they'll ever let us be?
I doubt it Princess

Tetra snapped out of her thoughts when Chiyuu said in a whisper, "Nous pu latta jehen hoame?"

Tetra sat staring and all she could think to say was, "Anche mancha, anche." Grandma Namaki was gone and now Lady Natsumi stared at her wide-eyed from the other side of the table.

"Mui'ju biende," Tetra said quietly, "Mui tuyo pochi de'ichi envijo." and she set Chiyuu down and finished her tea in silence. Her eyes wandered around the room until they settled on the cradle. Tetra looked at the small child there, he was awake, and his little arms fussed with his blankets.

"Is it alright if I pick him up?" Tetra asked and the Lady nodded. Tetra lifted the baby from the cradle and was surprised at how big Jinchi had gotten in so short a time. She sat back on the bed nearby and Chiyuu bounced on his heels in front of her and said as he poked the baby's chest, "Mui geiso Jinchi."

"Qui'je?" Tetra asked and smiled when the baby regarded her with curiosity.

"That language you speak...where did you learn it?" The Lady asked but her voice trailed off and Tetra realized what she'd done. She fumbled for the right words but found herself at a loss. How could she explain a language even older that the one spoken by these people? The bearer in her head were full of suggestions and Tetra shut them out long enough to set the baby back in his cradle. Her already chaotic thoughts were further interrupted when she heard a very familiar voice say firmly, "Shirking again little Miss?"

Tetra's eye flew open. She took a deep breath and turned her head this way and that. As she took in her surroundings, she wondered why was it so dark. When she sat up, she thought she was back in the basement of Hyrule Castle.

"What the hell?"

A moment later, she realized this place may look remarkably like it but the broken stone figures were not the same. She surveyed the damage all around her. What a mess, she thought as she looked back up at the remains of the statues. Each held a sparkling gem that hung precariously overhead.

While Tetra half expected to see Link come out from behind one of them, she jumped when she saw Aryll instead. Link was missing. She sighed and murmured, "When have you gone my fairy boy?" Tetra looked at the girl in front of her and knew something was different.

"You're not Aryll."

The girl who had been Aryll said nothing but the barest wisp of a smile played on her features. "That's why Jake and Jasper were always so interested in you...her," Tetra shook her head as her thoughts were assaulted by the bearers in head. They all said one name, Kotori. Tetra looked at the other and said, "You were the first's...Guardian...of Spirit. Patron of lost sailors...Legendary White Bird of the Rito peoples."

The histories were all meshing together and Tetra knew she was rambling but did not care. She felt sick as she leaned back on the dais. "Gods, I hate when they do that," Tetra muttered and to the Guardian she said, "So, I suppose I can assume things have gone from bad to really bad?"

"Don't over think it, Princess," Kotori said with a wry smile. "While it is true, that I rarely take on human form, it's not all bleak. You and the Hero have done well. The bindings that held the shadow's world together have been undone while your own have been strengthened. The extreme nature of Hito's actions shows his desperation"

"You'll excuse me if I don't seem overjoyed. Where the hell am I anyway?"

"We are below what remains of the Mapmaker's Tower."

Remains? Mapmaker? "You mean Tingle?" Tetra asked and Kotori nodded. "Great, I'm awake but entombed." Tetra paced in a short line. "Do you know where Link is?"

"I only know the Hero is no longer on the island," and Kotori added after a pause, "I am not sure but there is another presence, perhaps it's the mapmaker, but I do not recognize it. Before Hito arrived, Jake went to collect my brother. I don't know if he was successful in keeping him hidden from Hito. The destruction of this tower is a direct result of the shadow looking for you two.

Tetra noticed both packs on the ground at Kotori's feet and frowned. Not good. Link would need that if only for the Wind Waker and that mirror. She smiled and thought how ironic it was that Hito trapped her on her nineteenth birthday. Any other day but that one and he might have succeeded. It did not however make her happy. She knew what lengths she would go to, to stop his advance into her world. Link knew, damn him, but she also knew he loved her in spite of that.

He was well aware of what was at stake and was ready even now to risk everything including their future to put things right. She focused on that part of her brain where Link's persona had taken up residence. It was a dull place all white and foggy, Too weird but as she thought this the image modified and she recognized it at once. Damn Garden.

You called?
You're there...
Where else... would I be?
I don't know, but you're not here
Here being?
Where I am.
That narrows it down...still haven't seen Speck.
Well, do not to leave that garden
… …
Don't tell me
Okay, I won't
Great, can't you sit still for twenty minutes?
Is that...a rhetorical question?
No, it's a valid one
Where are you?
I'm under Tingle's Tower.
Under? You're not hurt right?
No, I'm fine actually
Well that explains that
What are you talking about?
While you were chatting with my...Grandma, I'm still in denial...about that by the way... I ran into a bit of trouble.
I had to use...the Wind Waker again, Geez!
Do I want to know why?
Yeah... but it can wait
The Shadow took Jinchi
What? How did that happen?
Long story short... he made himself up to look like me... and Hito took the bait
Why would he do that?
Martyr complex... I think he gets it... from his mother
I'm sure you think you're quite witty
Well you know I only do that... to impress the girls
You're only figuring... that out now?
No, but like you said, ‘We're doomed'
You heard that?
No, you're thinking it now
Heh, so I am
So where the hell are you, Namaki?
Dunno know for sure...Tingle is with me, not here... but there
Tingle? He's not on the island?
No, Jinchi sent him... with nappy me... somewhere
Any guesses where?
At the moment...not a clue...I'll think about it
Great, one more complication I don't need
I'm assuming...there's a reason... you're shouting in my head?
I have your pack
I thought you might
How could you know that?
The mirror, son of a-I'm kind of busy at the moment...
What the hell is going on?
The usual.
You don't have time for that, quit messing around and get back here!
Yes your Highness... right away your worshipfulness.
Grrrr...One of these days Namaki, I'm gonna knock you flat
Promises, promises

Link fought alone in the darkness, he'd left the garden to have a quick look around. Had to do something while he was stuck waiting for Speck to come back from wherever the hell he'd gone off to. Just a leisurely walk along the riverbank, or at least that was how it started. He was a little surprised at how quickly the day went and when the sun went down, he found himself beset by a small group of miniature stalphos.

On the upside, it gave him some much-needed practice with the staff. As he continued to work on the Flight of Gulls form, he found it worked well with the magic that worked through the staff. If he focused on any one of them, it would be the only one to activate. Each seemed to work just a little better and faster when he incorporated the basic patterns of the form.

The quake symbol proved ineffective unless he thrust the staff into the ground. The ice symbol would only fully charge if he spun the staff a full rotation while focusing magic into it. The last he noticed only pulled magic when he held the staff in front of in both hands and focused on it directly. Earth, ice and the third he was sure invoked some sort of magic dealing with fire or possibly wind. He still had no idea how he had managed to set off all three at once but at least figured out how to stop and retrieve the magic he already focused into it. Information that would have been very useful back on Outset a few days ago.

This was not something he expected to be doing, but he thought, first things first, and swung the staff in a backward arc that knocked back the skeletal creature behind him. He did not spare it a glance as two more of the creatures crawled out of the ground in front of him. He turned the staff behind himself and caught it with his other hand. He spun it past his neck and knocked the skulls from the two in front of him while he let the momentum of it catch the other still behind him hard enough to knock it into the river. Not surprisingly, the headless ones continued forward.

Though he'd never encountered monsters like these, they were not too bad, as monsters went. While he moved to the left out of their unsteady path, he struck out with a broad stroke and caught the pair of monsters at the hips. Both collapsed in a fiery pile of bones. There was only a short pause as three more struggled up out of the ground to replace the ones he'd just dispatched.

He'd been at this now for close to an hour and he let out a sigh. While entertaining he needed to get a move on, so he pulled out the fairy boomerang mentally targeted all of them and let it go. It thwacked all three at the base of the spine and they too collapsed just as their predecessors. He was only mildly irritated when the new group appeared.

These skeletons were not near as large as the stalphos he'd fought in the past. They looked a lot like kid-sized versions of them and the name stahlkid popped into his head. He decided that was an appropriate name for them but could also tell fighting them pointless. No matter how many he got rid of, more appeared to take their place.

His eye caught on a rocky outcrop that was a little higher than the attacking monsters. He put away the boomerang and pulled out the hook shot. He aimed it at the small tree that clung to the ledge and let the weapon drag him up. He turned around and watched the three stahlkids mill around in the moonlight, but had to take a step back from the edge when one jumped at it. He'd guessed right, the little skeletons could not climb up to where he was, but now he was stuck here as two more pulled themselves free of the riverbank and joined the others.

Link glanced up to see if there was another way off when he noticed a pair of golden eyes watching him. The rest of the figure remained cloaked in the shadows and Link decided if it were dangerous, it would have attacked him way before now. So, he put away his weapons and sat back against the cliff to wait for his missing Speck to find him.

Kotori noticed the faraway look in the young woman's blue eyes. "Tetra?" When she did not respond, Kotori called, "Princess?" This time Tetra blinked and looked back at the Guardian. "What are you planning?"

"Planning? What makes you think I have a plan?"

"You have the look of one trying to decide between something bad and something worse."

Tetra smirked and said, "You read people well. That was always something Aryll was good at."

"Those chosen for this task have always been extraordinary people. I do have a question for you though."

"Okay, what is it."

"What was Aryll's relationship with your brother?"

From her surprised expression Kotori could tell it was not the question she was expecting. Tetra frowned, as she seemed to realize something and said very quietly to herself, "That letter." After a short pause she said, "They were very good friends."

"Is that all?"

"I honestly don't know. I do know that Gonzo cared for Aryll a great deal."

The hum of one of the crystals above interrupted their conversation. Both looked up as Kotori heard the song that pulled at her senses and she could barely restrain the urge to fly off. She looked at the scruffy young pirate in front of her, though her appearance hadn't changed at all, Kotori knew Tetra had come to terms with the Princesses that dwelt within her. Tetra whispered softly in a language Kotori had not heard spoken since the ancients sealed the Temple of Time and wondered.

Tetra called to the four glittering jewels, which responded by loosing themselves from their statues and floating slowly down to her. They hung there suspended within the Princess's magic and she collected them. Tetra handed them to the Guardian and said, "Go to the Tower. I can see that you're anxious to respond to the Rito Prince's call. Look after Medli and Makar for me."

"You're leaving?"

Tetra smiled and flipped open Link's pack. She pulled out a large green book and a small hand mirror. When she took out he Wind Waker, she stared at it for moment after which she replaced it in its original position, and after closing it up she handed it to the Guardian.

"Take this and give it to Jasper. He'll know what to do with it."

Confused, Kotori blinked as the young woman smiled a quirky half smile. Tetra looked up and as a brilliant golden glow surrounded her, Kotori shielded her eyes. The Guardian shook her head and felt her panic rise when the Princess flickered.

"Keep Sarith busy as long as you can, I don't want anything to happen to Jake. Don't worry about me or Link. We can take care of ourselves now thanks to you four. We'll be there when you need us." The Princess's smile faded and she flickered again. "There's something I have to take care of. Oh, and one other thing, when you see my brother tell him thank you for the ‘I told you so'."

"What? Wait, how will I get out of here?" Kotori asked.

Tetra did not respond as she whispered something Kotori did not quite hear. Alarmed, the Guardian threw up a shield and backed away when the ceiling just above them rumbled. Kotori heard the sound of stone cracking and backed further away as a very large piece of the ceiling broke loose and crushed the dais. A rush of cool night air followed and Kotori shivered when her shield dropped.

"What the hell is happening?"

Tetra winked as she pointed to the opening and disappeared completely.


It was time to go. With her course set, the pirate captain, Tetra Shukkon looked out at the world for the last time and smiled. With a sigh, she fixed her destination in her head but paused when she heard a rustle from a bush behind her. Tetra didn't look back, but said, "You can come out now little one." From behind a lilac bush, a fist-sized ball of lavender light floated up to greet her.

"Are you ready, Senkyoku?"

"Yes, Princess."

A pair of wayward travelers appear on the other side of the island and she thought, ‘You two have no idea what you're about to get yourselves into.' Tetra waved a hand to the fairy and said, "Come one, let's get this over with."

"Yes, Princess."

Say that again
Okay woman, what was that all about?
Just a bit of drama, I'm better now
But try not to forget me, okay?
That is not likely
You say that now
Yes I do
Oh and about Aryll--
No, don't explain it, it'll just depress me more
They took Gonzo too
...You're sure?
Yes... still no Speck?
No, but Saimon is here. Seems he's been in my hat for the past half hour
You never pay enough attention to non-enemy types, but its good that he made it back
Do you think they'll be alright with the daemon?
For a while
So, how long do we have?
If we go far enough back, about three, maybe four years
Will that be enough time?
It'll have to be
Where are we going?
...Why are we going there?
You'll see
That's what scares me. Care to enlighten me on how Saimon got here?
Not really, you'll have to ask him
Fine I will, later. I thought you said no more secrets
Red-haired girl...
I'm starting to regret this
Admit it, you like it
What's your point? Anyway, that only counts if you can explain...this
Hmmm, I'd forgotten about that, alright then even exchange
...oh my
...that was just...wrong
At least I didn't fall asleep
... ...
... ...
Should you really do that with pie?
Would you like to find out?
Yes, actually
Then quit yapping and memorize those stars in that empty head of yours
If it gets me some pie...
Oh I'll give you pie alright

Random Translations:
"Nous pu latta jehen hoame?” Can we come home now?
“Anche mancha, anche.” Soon, little one, soon.
“Mui’ju biende,” Thank you
“Mui tuyo pochi de’ichi envijo” I know what I came to find out.”
“Mui geiso Jinchi.” I woke up Jinchi
”Qui’je?” Did you?

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Koroks Rock says:

Very difficult to keep track of the "internal" dialog, I found myself greening Link's comments so I could keep track of what was being said. As always, the fic pounds forwards relentlessly, dragging me along with more questions than I knew WW could spawn.

quite a feat, quite a feat indeed.

(oh, and stahl? with an H? did they change the spelling for WW or is there some other reason?)

madiboo says:

Very interesting, if I do say so myself. I feel bad though, but not all stories have happy endings. If you didn't understand that that's ok, because, in a way, I guss I don't want many people to. Any way great story, great chapter. Keep going!