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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 42: Chapter 41: Living on Borrowed Time

I now understand why it takes KR so long to update his stories...ack! And here's hoping I didn't screw up the coding this time...

Back in the day lots of people thought I’d given up on this. Since it took me almost 4 months for me to get around to finishing this chapter. You could never get that lucky. Part of what took so long was making up a whole other language - gah! I have no idea what possessed me to think that was a good idea.

I would also like to thank everyone who helped me with that ie; Vacumgod; Linda, Tom, Nami and my baby sister, you all made that part go much quicker than if I’d been doing it alone. While I don't feel translations are necessary - since I think it's understandable without them - I've added them at the end in case you're just uber curious.

So moving along we discover things really are not what you think you thought you saw…why? @&@^$%$#

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Chapter 41
Living on Borrowed Time

The cyclone released the King of Red Lions and it slowly spun to a halt leaving Tingle feeling seriously ill. He wondered how Mr. Fairy was able to travel that way all the time and struggled to sit up as he shivered at the cold. When he got out of the boat and pushed it to the shore, Tingle looked around and noticed that, within an ice pillar in the middle of the fountain was creature unlike any he’d ever seen. Oh, he’d read of her, but to actually see the Fairy Queen.

Tingle pulled out and smoothed a small piece of parchment. He’d saved this little piece of paper for over thirty years waiting for this opportunity. All his hopes and dreams encompassed in three words. Tingle cleared his throat before he read them aloud.

“Junge fassa povos…” Tingle stated in a loud, clear voice. The mapmaker almost jumped out of his makeshift fairy clothes when he heard behind him, “Who’s stupid?”

Tingle turned in time to see Link sit up. He shook his head and doing so dislodged a ball of light from his hat. The ball of light drifted sideways and looked a little unsteady.

"Mr. Fairy, you're awake! Tingle is pleased you are well."

“Thanks Tingle,” Link said. “I hope you aren’t charging your usual rates, I’m a little tapped right now. How bout I leave Saimon with you instead?”

To Tingle’s delight the soft blue ball of light that circled Mr. Fairy flew over and landed on his head. Tingle went still as stone in an effort to keep the light on his head. Link got up out of the boat and looked at the frozen fairy queen.

"Tingle, I need a favor."

"Oh, Mr. Fairy, it would be wonderful to work with you again.”

“I don’t think you understand, I not the one that needs your help, but I do have a job for you."

"Oh? But I thought..."

“Saimon will explain it, Tingle. I’ll be leaving here shortly, there’s something important I have to take care of,” Link said and he looked back over at the frozen Fairy Queen and smiled as he pointed to the Ice. "I need you to find a way to get her out of there."

"But, but..." Tingle stammered.

“Don’t worry Tingle, I know you can do this.”

“How will I possibly get the things I need?”

When Link returned his attention to the mapmaker he said, “Do you have your tuner with you?"

"Yes, Mr. Fairy, but I don't think it will work with my tower in ruins."

"Don’t worry, it'll work, at least, that’s what Saimon says."

"I'm not sure how you'll manage it," a new voice said and they both turned to see a young woman. Tingle recognized her face but could not place her name. She was stunning and even dressed as she was in clothing similar to Link's. A second fairy flew out from behind her and immediately flew over to Tingle. "And Senkyoku will also remain to help you anyway she can, but, Tingle, you’ll have to do it by sundown tomorrow."

"Sundown, tomorrow?”

“Yes, anytime after that will be to late, so we’re counting on you,” Link said.

Very well… Mr. Fairy and Miss..."

"Mrs. Fairy actually."

Link’s eyebrow shot up and he looked at the woman with an expression that was a mix of mild surprise and Tingle thought possibly fear.

“Is that so?” Link asked never taking his eyes off her.

“For as long as I am allowed.”


The woman shook her head as she took his hand. She did not look back at Tingle when she said, "Good Luck to you, Tingle, we're counting on you to get her out of there." Link continued to smile and nervous laugh escaped. The young woman’s smile broadly as she caught up Link’s other hand. Tingle raised an arm to shield his eyes from a curious golden light that now surrounded the couple. The woman said a few words Tingle did not understand and the pair promptly disappeared.

Left alone in the Fairy Queens fountain Tingle leapt for joy and then remembered he had a job to do, others were actually depending on him. It was not something the mapmaker was used to, but he decided, if it got him closer to what he wanted, he was all for it. Tingle looked up at the two fairies that floated serenely overhead and asked, "Any suggestions?"

Are you ready yet?
For what?
For lack of a better term, your lesson
Yes, we have to blend in
No one will even know we’re here
Just in case, besides we’ll need to buy some supplies
…I guess. Just how is this supposed to work?
Well, since were connected now, you should be able to use the memories in my head
To speak a whole other language?
It’s not another language; it’s just an older version of what you’re speaking now
I don’t know, seems like there would be a better way
There is, but since you are so unwilling to talk the menagerie of hero types in your own, you’ll just have to deal the bearers stuck in mine
sigh Fine, where am I looking
Hey, she’s kind of cute!
Just shut up and pay attention
… ….
Well what?
Say something
…You know what I mean
Okay, okay Donacheve…hey, that rhymed
Goddesses give me strength
So tell me Princess, does this effect wear off?
Don’t ask me, you’re the one with the baton
No, not the connection thing, I know how to deal with that. It’s the language part
Dunno, I suppose at worst you’ll end up with an unusual accent

Jasper followed along behind the larger owl when she felt something within herself change. She squawked loudly, spun once in the air as she abruptly lost control of her seagull form and switched to the guardian’s true form. The man who had been Jasper struggled to right himself, but strange images of a once known man and woman crowded out his efforts.

Memories of things long past flickered through his head, of a time even before the people he thought of as his parents, became his parents. The Guardian wondered at the long dormant images. They filled his consciousness and Jasper quickly realized there was little he could do to stop it. So Jasper ended his efforts to resist them and could only hope it would not last too long as he fell, helpless, toward the ocean below.

A young woman muttered to herself as she paced angrily around the small clearing. Her short blonde hair, framed her face making her striking blue eye stand out all the more.

Ese iste junge. Idge fassa povos.” She growled, “Masa mi pochi tempa, sequi?”

As the small boy listened to her, he shifted quietly nearby as he poked at his infant brother. The baby did not stir,but Chiyuu wasn’t worried, the baby never did. The woman continued to pace and said without turning, “Chiyuu, sonche ve’.”

Chiyuu stopped and poked at the ground instead. He looked at his brother, secured in a makeshift backpack made by their father, he was propped against a tree. Chiyuu noticed then the woman looked at the pair with a smile. Her smile faded though when Chiyuu asked, “Sie noi Jinchi geisen haajen?”

Anche mancha, anche,” she replied.

Chiyuu frowned, that was the same answer she always gave. Chiyuu tensed when the woman cocked her head and with a small gesture caused even the wind around them to still. She listened intently, and Chiyuu looked around a little nervous, but he heard nothing. The woman sighed and muttered to herself, “Junge fassa povos.” A sudden rustle overhead made her curse and she pulled out a sword and leapt away from the man who dropped in front of them from the trees.

The man landed almost without a sound and the staff he held seemed to glow as he said, “Jou reltmenta dei virklic antes dia manches.”

The woman’s eyes narrowed at the comment and she said, “Questiu dei von tages, Namaki.”

Moleh, moleh, Donacheve.”

Chiyuu now stood behind the woman and clung lightly to her leg as he looked past her at the man. He seemed impossibly tall from the boy’s vantage point. Chiyuu ducked back a little further, when the man looked at him and a disturbing smile crossed the man’s face. When the man rushed forward, he made a feint to the woman’s left. She shifted also to block his attempt to seize the smaller child. The woman cursed again, when, at the last possible moment, the man used his staff to twist himself in a way one would never have thought possible and land in front of the now exposed older boy. Chiyuu giggled as the man lifted him from the ground and said to the woman with a broad smile, “Jous vui.”

Chiyuu felt a thrill as the man leapt back into the trees, all the while the boy in his arms laughed at the new game. The world passed by in a flash until they stopped to rest on a tree branch not far from where they started. The boy laughed, and the man smiled as he shushed him saying, “Jinge mancha.”

Chiyuu stopped laughing and responded quite seriously, “Aprie bade, Papa.”

As Chiyuu looked around, he noticed the woman was right above them with his brother. She winked at him as she smiled and motioned to him to try to back away. Not quite understanding, Chiyuu instead tugged at the man’s collar and said, “Mama, fesand nui.”

The man smiled. “Bon povos menino, Chiyuu.” and they were off again.

The realization of who he was not left the Guardian curious as to where that man and woman had gone. So much continued to pass through his mind, that Jasper, still was lost in the memories, continued to plummet toward the sea.

Chiyuu jumped once again from bed to chair and back again. He was supposed to be napping, but he wasn’t sleepy so he jumped again. It really was more fun to make the baby bounce. His next leap to the bed caused the infant asleep there to start awake and when the baby began to cry, the older boy fell off the bed.

He peered cautiously up over the edge and watched in fascination; the baby had never done that before. He climbed carefully back up next to his brother and looked at him. Chiyuu was uncertain, whether this one being so noisy was a good thing and tried to soothe him by singing his favorite song. The woman always sang it when he was afraid or unhappy.

Once the baby settled down his little arms flailed and his legs kicked about, but his eyes were open now. Chiyuu noticed they were the same color as the woman’s and was about to poke the baby to get him to open them more, when the door opened.

Chiyuu, sonche ve’,” the woman said as she entered the small room. She looked from one boy to the other as she came over to the bed and sat down. She stared at the baby for a long moment as she brushed some of his pale blonde hair away from his eyes.

With a smirk Chiyuu said, “Mui geiso Jinchi.”

The woman smiled at him and patted his back, “Jes, Chiyuu. Del tassa des vui Papa.”

The boy hopped from the bed and scooted out the door. The man was not in that room, so he headed outside. As he exited, he heard sounds of wood being cut and ran around to the back of the house and shouted all way, “Jinchi’s geise, Papa! Jinchi’s geisen!"

The man paused in his work and set down his axe as the boy launched himself at him. The man caught him easily, and the boy said breathlessly one last time, “Jinchi geisen.”

Iste bon de?” the man asked as he carried the boy back toward the house.

Jes,” Chiyuu said proudly, “mui geiso Jinchi.”

The man slowed when the woman met him at the door. Something passed between them but the boy, still excited, did not see the look of sadness on the woman’s face.

Vreimant ente trie ani gia?” the woman asked as she moved from the entrance into the house. Baby to her shoulder, she looked back at the man and unhappy sigh escaped her.

The man held Chiyuu a little tighter and wrapped his other arm around the woman. She rested her head on the man’s chest and sighed again. The boy felt the man’s embrace tighten just a little more and he whispered something Chiyuu did not hear.

He felt the tension between them and so did the baby, who now started to cry. Chiyuu wondered what could have changed? The woman looked at the man and said as she soothed the baby, “Timpe’ dui.”

Chiyuu felt it then, it was the end of something. He was not sure of what, but he knew it was something special.

Jasper remembered this happened to him once before, when he was still very young. But, like all his memories of that time they were shrouded and he found it strange that he could not clearly remember their faces but could remember the day they left him and his brother in the care of Guardian and his wife.

The woman stood a ways away with Chiyuu and his brother while the man talked with another man. Chiyuu stared at this new person with great curiosity. He looked very much like the man that brought him here except the new one had golden eyes.

The baby burped and Chiyuu glanced at his brother as he poked the baby to see if he would do it again. He didn’t, instead Jinchi let out a squawk. All the adults turned to look at the baby, the boy noticed the woman’s frown and sat down on the spot. Chiyuu wondered why the baby was awake all the time now. At least, that was the way it seemed to him and the woman spent a lot more time doing things for him.

Bored now, Chiyuu focused on the conversation between the two men. He couldn’t understand any of it since they were not speaking words he knew, but he listened anyway.

You see my dilemma, Lien?”

I do, but they are your children…”

They are and if there was a way to keep them with us I wouldn’t ask this, but I won’t be able to do what’s needed and keep them safe.”

But, my wife…”

She will accept them, if you do.”

And your wife?”

Will most likely kill me first chance she gets.”

That garnered a smile from the Guardian, “Bit of a temper?”

That doesn’t cover the half of it.”

Still, I cannot take her children from her.”

Lien, this is her idea.”

The man with the golden eyes, looked at the woman who only nodded in reply.

Before I decide you must at least tell me what could be so dangerous that you would do this?”

The other man looked back at the woman who again only nodded. He took a really deep breath, looked back at the golden-eyed man and said, “Sarith.”

The Guardian looked back at the other with disbelief and asked, “My brother?”

Yes, and right now he’s causing a great deal of mischief.”

If my brother is involved, then surely it is more than just ‘mischief’. I had hoped not to cross paths with him again, but I see that our fates will always been bound to one another.” The golden-eyed man looked at the other and said, “Do you feel it too? The ending of this world.”

But a new one will begin.”

Then you are who I sensed you to be.” His voice held a note of awe, “And if that is so, then you must also know who I am not.”

That doesn’t matter, because I also know what you are.”

Link?” Both men turned back to the woman, “We have to go soon.” Jinchi was back in his pack and slumbered peacefully. Chiyuu noted that only one nodded. Still unsure of what was happening he said to the woman, “Nous pu lata hoame?”

The woman knelt down and gathered him up. She softly hummed his favorite song and the boy smiled. The man called Link, looked back at the one named Lien.

“You are the last of the four. If anything, the burdens placed on you were far more difficult than anything I’ve had to face. You are my best hope for a peaceful ending to all this.” Link sighed as he ran a hand through his hair and frowned. “The only one I would consider leaving my children with.” The Guardian looked at the man called Link as he thought about his words. In a worried voice Link said, “Maybe I’ve said too much…”

No, but I understand now why this must be. The Knight’s Line must be protected.” The Guardian wore a curious faraway expression and said as he came back to himself, “She’s always wanted children.”

Chiyuu heard nothing else as the woman began include words to her song. They were not the ones he was used to hearing but they fit well and he listened very carefully.

Questa esdojiho por Farore
Daj’udar Hyrule diajes de basoin.
Questa Essayé verda Din’s du ensa
jamais compajon vrais
Questa ourvir daj’mada Nayru’s entendre
Daj’seveir, daj’udar,
Daj’antes curso
L’este daj’eranza antes vija y luce
Jelando ansiandio se retendi ante escaudio
Vua ante portan des jinchi ceje vie les

While Chiyuu listened, he heard within her song, a farewell. He felt tired and though he tried to resist her magic, he knew would sleep, just as his brother had for so long. He felt a change as she gently cut the bindings between them. Still Chiyuu resisted her efforts and managed to mask his last connection to her and the man. He would not forget them, and to make sure he decided then to teach his brother their words, so he could remember them too.

Chiyuu’s eyes drooped as the woman bent to kiss his forehead and he felt the man’s hand run through his hair. A smile crept onto his face, just a nap then, for they always did these things when he went to sleep. It would be good, he thought dreamily, safe and secure that when he woke, everything would be just as it had always been.

Chiyuu’s eyes snapped open as he continued his rapid decent. He felt able to shift his form but knew he really was too close to the water for that, Well zees ees inconvenient. he thought. A shadow from above overtook him and he relaxed as he found himself within the claws of the Great Owl. Together they landed on Southern Triangle Island.

When the owl released him, Chiyuu found his legs wouldn’t hold him and he collapsed to the ground. Kaepora landed nearby and the former pirate captain came over to him. As he helped him sit up, Kaepora asked, “What’s the matter Jasper? What happened?”

“I cannot esplain, but there ees somesink I mus do.”

“You don’t look like you’re able to do much of anything at the moment.”

“Eet weel pass.”

“Do you think…Jasper what’s happened to your eyes?”

“My eyez?”

“Yes, they’ve changed color.”

Curious now the smaller guardian stood up and his legs wobbled as he walked closer to the statue. Chiyuu blinked when he saw his eyes reflected in the pearl held by the statue. The dark green eyes of his father looked back at him and the Guardian smiled.

They had returned. The ones who taught him the language of the ancients, the guiding force so strong, he had left his family behind to become the Guardian he was today. Chiyuu looked over the water to the southeast and an image of the hero hung limply from a rope came to him. He and Jinchi expended a great deal of effort to keep the Hero out of the Shadow’s path and knew it was his brother and not Link suspended above that accursed rock.

He had no idea how he seemed to know where his brother was or how he knew he was in trouble, he just knew. The Guardian frowned and realized the shadow only required the blood of the hero to set Ganon free and it did not necessarily have to be Link’s own blood. His son’s would do just fine.

“Ju must go to zee Tower now, Jake dos note know eet jet but he weel need jour help very soon. I weel meet ju and Kotori there.”

“I thought Jake and Kotori were still on Tingle’s island.”

“No, Jake is at zee tower. Kotori follows.”

“How do you know all this?”

Chiyuu stopped and looked at the other Guardian, “I haf no idea.”

“Do you think it wise to just take off on a whim?”

Chiyuu thought about this for a moment, “No, but zen I haf never been accused of behink wise.” He added when he saw the other’s look of uncertainty, “Kaepora, the only think I am chure of, ees zee Sage of Time has awakened.”

“Sage of Time? Well that does change things a bit then.”

Chiyuu nodded and finally feeling more like himself said, “Ees lonk storie, I weel esplain later when there ees more time.”

“Very well old friend,” Kaepora said with a nod, “I’ll meet you at the Tower, but hurry it along, all of us will need to be there to stop that shadow.” So saying the great owl reappeared and took off.

Left alone on the island, the Guardian looked at the statue of Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom. She stood as a silent reminder of the old world Chiyuu smiled and said, “Vouis des kinabaku antes pas padria, neh?” The Guardian bowed to her likeness and let himself shift into that of the great albatross. Skipping across the waves, Chiyuu found himself aloft again following the sounds of a gentle lullaby that pulled at him as he banked southward.


Jake opened one eye and looked at the scene below him. He could do little beyond watch, as Hito viciously attacked the woman on the floor below him. The old man that helped Hito he knew to be his older brother Dalkin, but Jake could see from his manic expression, that Dalkin wasn’t right. The monster that Jake always sensed within his brother was free and Jake was surprised to see his older sister Delia, had somehow managed to wrest control of herself from Kei.

There was a ripple in the air that wasn’t caused by the brisk wind that blew over the tower and Jake felt it as something very basic within himself changed. A great deal of temporal magic had unbound itself and the Guardian took a deep breath. Eyes closed, he searched for his twin…twin? Chiyuu was older than him by at least three and a half years…Chiyuu?

“What in the nine hells was going on,” Jake growled to himself and winced when images from his brother came to him so forcefully his head spun.

Chiyuu was falling and could do nothing to stop it. Jinchi felt himself sway in the wind, all the while memories hidden from his brother gushed out from behind the walls where they’d been carefully placed. Jinchi felt suddenly very cold, his arms and legs bound by some spell, he couldn’t shift from the shape he’d last taken. He was stuck and he looked down at the rock over which he’d been placed and realized this was the last place he should be.


A/N: And thats it for today; When I originally finished this it was father's day and now Link's a daddy heh - below are the translations of everything above; should be in the same order as they appear in the fic. Again thank you all for taking the time to read, I do hope you enjoyed it.

“Junge fassa povos…” Stupid Fairy boy
“Ese iste junge.” This is stupid.
“Idge fassa povo masa mui pochi tempa, sequi?” Idiot fairy boy wasting what time I have left for what?
“Chiyuu, sonche ve’.” Chiyuu, stop that.
“Sie noi Jinchi geisen haajen?” When will Jinchi wake up?
“Anche mancha, anche.” Soon, little one, soon.
“Jou reltmenta dei virklic antes dia manches.” You really shouldn’t talk like that in front of the children.
“Questiu dei von tages, Namaki…” One of these days Namaki…
“Moleh, moleh Donacheve.” Promises, promise Princess.
“Jous vui.” You’re it.
“jinge’ mancha” quiet little one
“Junge fassa povos.” Stupid fairy boy.
“Aprie bade papa” okay dad
“Mama, faand nui.” Mom found us
“Bon povos menino, Chiyuu” - That’s my boy, Chiyuu
“Mui geiso Jinchi.” I woke up Jinchi
“Jes, Chiyuu. Del tassa des vui Papa.” Yes, Chiyuu, go get your dad.
“Jinchi’s geisen” - Jinchi’s awake
“Iste bon de?” Is that so?
“Timpe’ dui” Times up.
“Vreimant ente trie ani gia?” Has it really been over three years already?
Lien - Link (in french – crazy French peoples)
“Nous pu lata hoame?” Can we go home now?
“Vouis des kinabaku antes pas padria, neh?” You were the binding she could not cut, no?
Questa esdojiho por Farore - Four chosen by Farore
Daj’udar Hyrule diajes de basoin. - To aid Hyrule in time of need.
Questa Essayé verdanero Din’s du Ensayo - Four tested true by Din’s Trial,
jamais compajon vrais - Ever-true companions
Questa ourvir daj’mada Nayru’s entendre - Four chosen to hear Nayru’s call
Daj’seveir, daj’udar, daj’antes curso - To serve, to aid, to complete the course
L’este daj’eranza antes vija y luce - called to guard the hope of life and light,
Jelando ansiandio se retendi ante escaudio - yearning answered will hold back the darkness,
Vua ante portan des jinchi ceje vie les - until the bearers of knowledge and life release them

Let me know if any of that is out of place ! Thanks again - Achitka