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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 46: Chapter 45: A Link from the Past

Hello yesh, the mess hath returned…Oh I figured someone is reading this – A friend mentioned once that this particular chapter title might be pushin it a bit - yeah I just can't resist a bit o cheese - but anyway this chapter is for the most part its completely new. A good portion was meant to be in the next chapter, but I decided to merge the two parts to hold the timeline together and - again to limit confusion and make the ending a little more obvious.

(Still not owing anything Zelda… is almost depressing that.)
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Chapter 45:
A Link from the Past

"What do ju mean we can't go back jet?" Jinchi shouted at Saimon.

"You have to tell us which where!" Saimon shouted back.

"Zat ees eensane! I told ju wees could note trust zees two!"

Jinchi snatched Saimon out of the air and growled at the fairy. Saimon's glow went yellow and Senkyoku flew squarely into the Guardian's head making his head tip. His brother's show of temper was unusual, but Chiyuu knew that once it had the better of him Jinchi could be relentless. Still he watched with amusement his brother's attempts to catch hold of the other fairy and pondered what Saimon said.

They were within the mirai of the kagenmi and that should mean that anything they see here was only a could be from the moment that he opened it. Still Chiyuu felt the strangest feelings of foreboding. Something bad was coming; he just didn't know what and it left him feeling a little nervous.

"Jinchi, wait," Chiyuu said taking hold of his brother's arm. "Zee fairies obviously lack zees information, zo we weel haf to figure eet out. Let Saimon go."

Jinchi growled at the fairy again and released him. When Saimon returned to his normal bluish tinge Chiyuu asked, "Saimon what did ju mean when ju said wheech where? What ees eet we need to cho ju?"

"When," the fairy responded.


"The kagenmi did as you asked, but there is a block in place and unlike last time we do not know to which when the Princess sent you," Senkyoku answered.

"A bloke? Zat esplains Venus's warning," Chiyuu said, "Zen zat means zere ees no one to call us back."
"That is true, Guardian. You are on your own here."

"But why place such a ting witheen zee kagenmi?"

This time Saimon answered, "It is because of what the Hero learned from the Book of Mudora. There are scores of prophecies and secrets that reside within its pages, however, the book also holds a warning. It is why the Hero carved the kagenmi using a spell from the Book and the Princess sealed it to make sure only the Wind Waker would open magic within."

"What sort of warning?" Chiyuu asked.

Both fairies turned an alarming red-orange color followed by a strange ‘pop' of the air and the fairies disappeared.

"Junge fassan," Jinchi muttered.

The sky flickered and both Guardians looked up. Why would it do that? Chiyuu wondered. His attention went back to his brother when Jinchi pulled on his sleeve. Chiyuu turned in the direction his brother pointed. The half finished castle was gone and in its place, a twisted tower clawed its way into an angry red sky.

Chiyuu grabbed his temples and felt a sharp pain burning in his head. The pain only got worse as the wave of darkness swirled around them then surged forward. Everywhere it touched, changed drastically. The peaceful village transformed itself into a hellish slave camp and Chiyuu felt an odd shift in his thoughts. He looked back at his brother and noticed he too was struggling with some sort of pain, but Chiyuu went still when Jinchi opened his eyes. No longer blue, his brother's eyes were red as blood and Jinchi's face appeared frozen in an angry mask. It was then Chiyuu realized his own body was just as see through as the buildings were when they arrived.

"Zis can't be good," Chiyuu said. His voice sounded hollow to his ears and the Guardian scanned the area around them for the fairies but noticed when he spoke his brother's eye twitched. "Now what could be causink zat..." Chiyuu trailed off when the scene flickered again. Nothing appeared to have changed and the Guardian thought again of the pictures he'd been shown in the cabana. Somewhere in the midst of all that chaos, lay the answer and Chiyuu remembered the letter he'd stuffed in his pocket earlier. Pulling it out he smoothed it and saw the notes on the envelope were gone and in their place was his name.

"Now zat ees odd," Chiyuu said turning the letter over in his hands. The Guardian shrugged and carefully opened the letter. There was a tiny puff of magic released that Chiyuu assumed was the seal and read:

Hello Son,

Long time no see. Sorry about the kagenmi, but you really should be more careful with unknown magic - especially magic you think friendly. Anyway, if you're reading this, it means you've opened this while you're in the mirai of the kagenmi. The magic you felt when you opened the letter is the cause and you've now stepped outside the magic of the mirai. The effect is temporary, but you'll discover soon enough why it's necessary.

Still don't believe it? Have a look around.

Chiyuu looked up from the letter and took in his surrounding. He was standing in a small glade. The sunshine broke through the surrounding tree dappling the grass and the fragrant flowers appeared brighter than any he'd ever seen in the past. There was a small pond off to his right and he realized this was the garden near the home of the Lien and Natsumi Namaki. Jinchi remained with him but his younger brother stood stone still next to him. The pair of fairy lights were suspended, frozen over his brother's head. Chiyuu looked at his still semi-transparent hand a got that sinking feeling again. That was twice he'd been led into activating some sort of random magic. Chiyuu paused in his thoughts and realized that none of this magic was random. It was planned. More than a little unnerved now, Chiyuu returned his attention to the letter.

There are things you and your brother need to know and if you find them out in the normal course of things...Let's just say, that would be bad. Think of it as one step forward, two back.

I'm sure you've noticed, you two are now stuck in each other's heads - The reason for that is actually my fault. It's a side effect of a binding I created with the Wind Waker. It is a variation of the command melody that I used as a counter-spell to the shadow's unbinding that was cast on your mother. Since she was still carrying you two at the time, for you, it's always existed. But, most likely you never noticed it until the seals your mother placed on your memories of us became undone. (I'll hopefully explain that some other time.)

Anyway, there are things about this kagenmi that make it more dangerous than others. Since you used the Wind Waker to activate the magic, you'll have to be very careful of what you say. While you're within the mirai, the magic will take whatever you say literally and will try to show you the answer your questions - believe me when I tell you - you are more ‘there' than you think. I also apologize for the vagueness but you'll have to take my word for it that this needs be, though I am hopeful Saimon and Senkyoku will be able to fill in the gaps for you.

If they cannot and it works out that we don't get a chance to speak before all the fun starts, your mother and I want you both to know how much we both regret not being able keep you with us. We'd give anything the Goddesses asked in a second for it to be different but we are very proud of the men you grew up to be.

Good Luck Son, and remember Chiyuu, one-step forward, two back.


Chiyuu refolded the letter and returned it to his pocket. "One step..." Chiyuu said a little perplexed as he moved forward then without turning around took a step back. The Guardian froze where he stood. What would happen, or not happen if he didn't take the second step? He already knew Saimon and Senkyoku were unable to give him the answers he needed, so perhaps this was the only way to get them. He would never know if he didn't take the step. Like opening the kagenmi, he had a sense this was a one shot deal.

Either do it or don't. So he did.

"Hello Jasper."

Chiyuu nearly jumped out of his skin as he whirled around to face the speaker. A man in his mid-thirties leaned casually against one of the trees near the edge of the glade and Chiyuu blinked as he realized this wasn't Link, it was Lien Namaki.

"How are ju here?" Chiyuu asked when he finally found his voice.

"I'm guessing the same way you are," Lien replied holding up a letter. "What an amazing fellow he is. He told me you'd come, but I'll tell you honestly, I didn't really believe it."

Lien appeared to Chiyuu just as he last remembered the golden-eyed Guardian. The familiar smile that crept onto his adoptive father's face, made Chiyuu smile back as more memories of this man filtered through the haze in which they'd been trapped. Glancing back at the fairies over his brother's head, Chiyuu realized what Lien's connection was with Saimon, Senkyoku, and the fairy he'd found waiting for him at the Tower. This made him think of his older brother and sister. He still did not understand why Link Namaki would go to such lengths to keep him, his brother, and the fairies away from the Tower. While he and his brother wandered the Kagenmi, Dalkin and Delia were without the calming influence of their fairy companions. Both, Chiyuu was sure, were becoming even more unstable as each hour passed.

Reading the unspoken question on his face Lien said, "I can see you're curious as to why this was necessary. The long and short of it is; there are a couple of things you need to be aware of and your father was worried that you might head to the Tower of the Gods before he'd be able to locate you and your brother."

"Jes, he moost know wees haf to be at zee Tower."

"That is true, Jasper, but there are things that even the Guardians, with the exception of Kotori, are unaware of," Lien answered as he move in front of Jinchi. His adoptive father gave his brother an appraising stare as he said, "My goodness, he's gotten as tall as your father." When Lien's eyes strayed to the fairies he cocked an eyebrow, but his eyes did not linger on the pair. Instead, he turned back to Chiyuu and said, "There are many closely held secrets of the Royal Family of which you need to be made aware. As you know, your mother and the Hero have returned to their normal present and you and your brother have left it. You may even know your mother cannot bring you back and your father won't know when she sent you so he cannot call you."

Chiyuu nodded.

"I thought as much. When you do return, it's important you and your brother don't go anywhere near that Tower until you find a boy named Zill Namaki." When Chiyuu tilted his head in confusion his adoptive father smiled and asked, "Already met him?"

Again, Chiyuu only nodded.

"Good, he has a very important part in all this so there's a good chance he's trying to reach the Tower on his own and it'll be up to you two to find him. Like the Hero, this boy Zill is also of the Knight's Line but I understand he lacks the training he needs to protect himself. Since he's heard the call, it is unlikely this will stop him from trying. You and Jake need to look after him. There is also a chance that someone named Tingle will be with him. Either way once you reach the Tower you'll find a package within the bell waiting for Zill, it'll be up to the boy to figure out what's needed from there."

"Bring heem to zee Tower, but zat means..."

"What it means Jasper, is that your father, the Hero of the Winds, knows exactly what he's doing. More importantly, now that your mother has awakened as the Sage of Time, you, and your brother's very existence puts all of Hyrule in danger. It's why you are both here."

"What do ju mean?" Chiyuu asked.

"There is a danger when the blood of the Sages and that of the Knight's Line mix, Jasper. My brother cannot know you are not my sons."

"But wee are jour sons."

"In name, it is what's kept you and your brother safe all this time. That will change if Hito learns the truth too soon."

Chiyuu remembered how Jinchi's eyes changed color while he himself became almost ghost-like. While he was a little firmer, he still didn't feel solid. Chiyuu circled around in front of his brother and stopped. The expression of anger was gone, but his brother's eyes were still that awful red.

"History is in danger of repeating itself, Jasper," Lien said behind him, "This shadow soul is more dangerous when confronted. He exists soley to serve his master and destroy the hero. You must avoid direct combat with my brother; it will only make him stronger. The Hero knows this and has prepared, but whatever else happens, you must not interfere with the Sages, they will do what needs be."

There was another ‘pop' in the air as the heavens flickered again. Chiyuu did not need to look around to know Lien was no longer there when the half finished castle returned and the fairies were gone again.

"What do ju tink zose two deed?" Jinchi asked, still looking for the missing fairy folk. Chiyuu looked at his hand and realized he was solid again. Jinchi was back to normal and unaware of his momentary change. Chiyuu's mind raced with possibilities, but reigned in his thoughts as he wondered, Is this only what could be, or what will be?

"Zis is not zee fairies doing. It ees zee kagenmi," Chiyuu said.

"Do ju think Saimon and Senkyoku are in danger of becoming Tekuragari again," Jinchi asked.

"No, zat cannote be eet. I opened zee kagenmi, but only to find ju. I forgot zee nature of zee box. What we see here ees only relevant to me."

"But zen why would zey disappear?"

"I ham note chure, but eef zee fairies cannote tell us when eet ees..."

The kagenmi's effect erupted again and Chiyuu mentally berated himself when he realized he'd voiced another question. The changes happened now with even greater frequency but things were happening in reverse. It was dizzying to watch people continue to flash in and out of view, until at last, there was a break in the sequence and it settled back to the village scene. Now, there were fewer homes and an empty valley in front of them.

The brothers looked at one another and Chiyuu said, "Let's see eef we can find zee house we first saw Zill in."

Jinchi nodded.

The kagenmi's magic now affected the terrain as well, and the brothers halted when they turned back to see no trace of the village remained. They'd returned to the empty field where they first arrived. Again, darkness descended and the tall grass wilted as it shrank back from it. Jinchi suggested they change to their avian forms to get a better view of things. Chiyuu agreed and the pair took off, not as gulls but a shape more natural to the Guardians. The eagle and hawk flew higher into the sky and their sharp eyes surveyed the devastation.

There were few living things left on the field, so both were surprised to find two cloaked figures sitting on the crest of a hill below a dying oak tree. The Guardians landed and watched an unusual scene unfold beneath them.

"So how lonk do ju tink zees one weel take?" the first asked. From the voice, Chiyuu knew the man under the cloak was his brother. So was not surprised when he heard his own voice answer.

"Ju designed zis test, why are ju askink me..." The Chiyuu on the ground paused and pulled the cloak from his head. He looked up and though his gaze passed over the two birds in the tree, it did not stop. "Odd..." he said as he picked up a stick that lay nearby and poked at the barren patch of dirt in front of him. "Our job is to train heem. He weel be fine. He only needs to drop off zat mirror, what could go wrong?"

"Off zee top off my head, about three hundred tings."

"Ju are such a mother hen and ju worry too much."

"Ju do note worry enough."

Both quieted as a peal of thunder rolled across the sky. Neither moved from their chosen positions as a steady rain began to fall, from then on the pair sat in silence. Time was passing quickly, the Guardian thought as he watched them from his perch in the tree. He could feel it and his sharp eyes noted the clouds were moving at an unusually fast pace across the sky.

When night fell, the rain stopped. Chiyuu used his sharp hawk eyes to look up into the now cloudless sky and noted the positions of the stars. He had been a Guardian a little over two hundred and seventy five years now, and would have lost track of that if not for the ever-constant heavens. Night passed just as quickly as the day had and the pair below kept up their silent vigil of the empty field in front of them.

The Chiyuu on the ground continued to poke the still damp clay-like dirt in front of him with his stick. Occasionally he looked up then back at the mud in front of him. Once or twice, he smoothed a portion of it then continued with his prodding.

"What are ju doing?" The cloaked Jinchi asked.

"Reminding myself of somesing."

The pair fell back into silence. The sun rose higher into the sky, though it did little to dispel the gloom of the lifeless fields. The Guardians in the tree looked at one another when they heard that odd ‘pop' in the air again. The landscape altered as the gloom lifted to a brighter sunny day and the tree they were in sprouted a full compliment of leaves and made it difficult to see below.

Chiyuu heard both men under the tree let out audible sighs as a teenage boy with bright red hair, dressed in a green tunic appeared next to them from a portal of bluish light. A fist-sized ball of green light followed after the boy and periodically disappeared into his long conical hat.

Both men stood and greeted the teenager with exaggerated pats on the back and much ruffling of hair. The trio moved away from the trees and as they headed down the hill, the boy said, "So which one of you two thought it would be a good idea to stick that bokoblin in a pot? Honestly, it nearly scared me half to death when..."

The teen's voice was lost under the laughter of the men and the Guardians still in the tree both let out a cry when the tree they were in abruptly disappeared. The hilltop remained, so both returned to their true forms and scanned the area around them.

"Hey!" Saimon's voice called out, "Where did you two go?"

Jinchi scratched his head, looked at his brother, who shrugged. Chiyuu glanced down and noticed the reminder the cloaked Chiyuu drew was still visible. He studied it and circle around it to look at it from another angle. After a moment, he looked up to the heavens and back at the ground. Chiyuu tugged on Jinchi's sleeve as he pointed to the markings on the ground and smiled.

"What een zee world ees zat mess?" his brother asked.

"Our when."

Eyes squeezed shut; Zill struggled to hold onto the rigging he'd been thrown into. Below him, he heard the pirate Senza continue to bark orders at the crew. He didn't understand what was being said though, the wind was so loud around his ears. Zill felt himself slipping again; he was just too tired to hold on any longer. As he drifted toward unconsciousness, he heard a tiny voice urge him to hold on just a little longer.

"Too tired..." the boy whispered to the voice. "I need to sleep."

Again, the voice pulled him back and insisted help was coming, he just needed to hold on a little longer. Zill's sighed. "Just a little longer?" He sent a prayer to Din for strength and redoubled his efforts to tighten his grip on the rigging. "Okay, okay...but tell them to hurry up."

He didn't have to wait long, soon strong hands untangled his death grip on the rigging and brought him down to the deck. All was quiet and Zill become conscious that the wind, so fierce a moment before, had calmed. The rain tapered off and the boy managed to open one eye. A small green light hovered near his face and he smiled. That must be where the voice came from, he thought.

"Th-th-thank you, M-M-Mr. Fairy," Zill managed to get out through chattering teeth. Shivering and exhausted, Zill closed his eyes and relaxed as he felt himself transferred to another set of arms that wrapped him tightly in a woolen blanket. Unable to remain awake longer the boy promptly fell asleep.

Senza just stood and stared with his mouth open at these two men who just moments before dropped from the sky and pulled a boy, the pirate didn't even know was there out of the rigging.

"Was a goot when brother," the taller of the two said as he took the boy from the smaller man's arms and headed below followed by what Senza thought might be three fairy lights. Senza blinked, not one other crewmember on deck noticed the pair. Not sure what was happening Senza asked after a moment, "Link?"

The man still on deck wore a look of mild surprise when he realized Senza was speaking to him and he cocked an eyebrow but shook his head.

"Then who the hell are you, if you don't mind me asking." Senza said as his hand shifted to his sword and with a fluid motion pulled it out and leveled it on the man. The pirate took a step back and gasped when the man in front of him switched briefly to a twelve-year-old boy.

"Jasper?" Senza asked lowering his weapon.

"Jes," the Guardian answered.

"But where is Gonzo? You left Outset together, has something happened to him?"

"Not zat I know of," Jasper said.

"Then that other man must be Jake. Who's the boy? No wait, isn't that Zill?" Senza paused when he noticed Jasper was frowning at the fallen mast and said with a sigh, "With the mast down I'm afraid we're all but dead in the water until it can be repaired."

"How lonk weel zat take?"

"We actually got lucky with that," Senza said stroking his beard. "It broke right at the hinge, so it's only a matter of standing it back up and welding it back together. But the way it's fallen will make it a chore to right again. Sail might be a problem but I don't think it caught on anything on the way down, so probably no more than a day."

"Zat ees too lonk," Jasper said to himself.

"What ess too lonk?" Jake asked as he walked up to the pair.

"To feex zee mast."

"Well the biggest problem is getting it upright, the welding will only take a few hours."

"Ess that all," Jake said with a snort. "Go find jour welder, We weel-"

A scream below decks ended any further conversation as all three men hurried below. As they followed Jake toward the nearest cabin, they met two of the fairy lights Senza noticed earlier. Both lights were flashing furiously and the two men, Senza decided were the Guardians of Legend, paused as if listening.

Once the fairies settled back into a less frantic state the shorter Guardian said, "One of oos weel haf to stay wees heem, ju deal wees zee mast, I weel keep an eye on zee boy."

Jake nodded and looked back at the pirate. "Find jour welder, I weel right zee mast. Wees need to move quickly."