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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 6: Chapter 5: Harmony

Chapter 5: Harmony

Al watched Link as he watched him, waiting for him to retch no doubt. The boat's motion was making Al more than a little ill, but he was determined not to slow down. Better to think of something else. He closed his eyes, fought back the queasiness, and tried to concentrate on the problem. The trap's design focused on the intended victim's need for extreme vengeance, emphasis on the word extreme. The spell, hypothetically, would then use their life energy to power the gate. As long as the victim remained unaware of the cycling of days, eventually they'd be trapped forever.

While bearers of the Triforce of Courage might find themselves in such a situation, he never in his long life imagined it would snare a Princess of Hyrule. The Triforce of Wisdom should have helped her see the folly of such a course. What happened that would cause the girl to become that bitter? Still, the nagging feeling that something else that was not quite right would not go away.

Al looked up at the moon, though still partially hidden by the clouds; he could see that it was a little less than half full. Good, he had a little more time than he thought. Link, he remembered, said Tetra’s crew was missing as well. He still was not sure if that would slow down the process or speed it up. It all depended on the Princess and what she did next. If she continued to fight her octo battle and expended the energy of not just herself but that of the crew she could, in theory, close the gate sooner than expected. Too many variables. He almost wished there was a way they could get a message to her.

A message. Link's other dream held some possibility, but without knowing what had triggered that meeting it wasn't likely he would be able to repeat the process. Was it the Triforce, Tetra's fear or Link's 'wishful thinking' that had brought them together? Link said she did not recognize him at first and that she tried to hide from him. That was not a good sign. If she forgot enough she might not even recognize help when it did arrive. In addition, when Link said he was not even sure he'd been sleeping. So, what was the element that was missing?

(Hey!) Yelled a small voice that pulled him out of his musing, (When are you going fix me?)

"You're not broken, and..." Dalkin said, as he carefully opened his eyes. "I've already told you, I don't know how. I haven't had enough time to think about it. There was nothing to indicate that the spell wouldn't take us both." Al looked up to see if Link still watched him. He was.

(He is going think you are crazy old man.)

"I'm sure he already does."

(Dalkin, I think I am going to shake apart.)

"The vibration is getting worse?" he said, brow crinkling.


"Hmmm," Al said, as he looked closer, "you do look a little frazzled around the edges. Still got that ringing in your ears?"

(Yes, and it is giving me a headache.)

"I will try harder, be patient, one crisis at a time." He closed his eyes again as he fought down another wave of nausea.

(Well, alright,) pause (Are you sure you did not do this on purpose?)

"If I had done it on purpose," Al said quietly to himself, "I definitely would have made sure I couldn't hear you."

------------------------- Memories

With all the other letters blank, Tetra sent Gonzo out to check on the rest of the crew. He looked very relieved to escape further scrutiny and exited quickly. Nagori who was still on the desk, seemed more interested in the pens and other baubles she had than anything else in the room. Having grabbed the nearest pen she began to wave it around her as if it was some sort of weapon. Tetra watched the little fairy with great amusement.


"Yes Princess?" the fairy continued to wave the pen about, became overbalanced and plopped forward on her face.

"I thought you were going to call me Tetra."

"Yes Princess," the fairy said as she recovered and made a fresh dash at Tetra’s logbook.

"You don't want me to forget again, do you."

"No Princess, " Nagori said and tired of her pen adventure. Dropping her weapon, she floated closer to the edge of the desk. Nagori’s face turned serious as she tilted her head and frowned. "I have something I must return to you," the fairy said, all trace of humor gone from her voice. "It will not be pleasant." The fairy sang once more; this time though it was not the pleasant melody Tetra had become accustom to, it was that angry harmony.....

Coming down to her cabin, Tetra found Link sitting on the floor rummaging through his pack. "Why are you here? I thought we had an agreement."

He didn't say anything, just continued to sift. She hated when he ignored her like that. At nineteen, Link had grown taller than even Gonzo, and Tetra's on again, off again relationship with the scruffy Hero of the Winds had been fun at first, but now she'd just as soon see him at the bottom of the ocean. Didn't she have enough to do without dealing with him? He still did not answer her and continued his search for whatever it was he needed out of that damn pack.

"Excuse me? But I have things to do..." He paused for a moment; Tetra heard a sigh followed by more rummaging. 'I'll kill him.' she thought and kicked the bottom of is foot and asked, "What the hell are you looking for?"

"A box," he said still not looking up.

"Well could you do it a little faster? I'm kind of in a hurry." She was amazed at how calm she sounded. Normally she'd be shouting at him by now. "That sloop can't be more than half a nights sail ahead of us."

"Well," he said and reached down further, "that's partly why I'm here." He stuck his face inside the pack and she heard a muffled, "There you are." Link smiled and pulled a small wooden box out of his pack. Tetra’s irritation deepened at the sight of it. More than anything she hated it when he smiled. That stupid smile was going to end up causing her nothing but trouble. He used that smile on her on Windfall during the Winter Solstice Festival and like an idiot she'd fallen for it.

When he looked up at her, his smile faded and he cleared his throat and said, "You can't sail tonight." Link hefted the box in his right hand and closed up his pack with the other.

"What? Are you nuts?"

"Obviously, why else would I be here?" Link stopped looked away for a moment. She could tell he wanted to say something else but instead he repeated his earlier statement, "Just don't sail tonight."

He's hiding something. "Is that was what you came to tell me?" More than a little irritated she stepped past him and snapped, "and why is that?"

"Something else is out there, waiting.... I'm not sure what, but the Great Fairy on Outset said I should warn you too."

"Warn me? Why?"

"You're the Princess, remember?" Link groaned, as too late he realized this was exactly the wrong thing to say. "Look, Tetra," and he took a deep breath, "I don't want to start an argument." She could tell from his tone he did, he was always arguing with her and was only half listening when he said, "I'm just her to deliver a message. Don't sail in this area when the moon was full-"

She laughed as she interrupted him. "Is this really the best you could come up with?"


"Link, you've been after me for months to take a break."

"Goddesses, I knew this was a mistake," he muttered to himself through clenched teeth. He shook his head in disgust, set the box on the floor and stood up. "No, sorry Princess, I've pretty much given up on that. You can sail yourself to oblivion for all I care. I'm only here because I was asked to deliver a message."

"Oh right, so now the fairies are getting into the act?" Tetra rolled her eyes and threw her hands up in frustration. "There's nothing out there Link! Honestly, you'll believe anything."

"Those fairies have saved my life on more than one occasion," he growled evenly, "and Princess, at least they don't lie."

"Oh, and I do?" she asked with mock sweetness.

"If the slipper fits Princess. Gods know I would NOT be here if I didn't think it was important!"

"I'm sorry," she said sarcastically, "Did the words" 'I and think' escape your mouth in a sentence?"

He closed his eyes and his jaw set, he ran his hands through his hair in frustration and shouted, "Bloody hell woman! Why are you being so damnably stubborn about this? It's just one stupid ship! It's been seven damn years already, just let it go!"

Her eyes narrowed at the comment and she shouted back, "You freak of a fairy boy, what the hell would you know about it anyway?" She didn't give him a chance to answer, "We've been tracking that ship for almost a month, I won’t stop now!"

"You don't have to stop long! Just one day! Surely you can control your wanton need for revenge for just one freaking day!"

She turned away and stood there silently, anger simmering. Behind her, she heard him let out a long sigh, "Please," he said his tone softening, "don't sail tonight," he stepped closer to her and gently put his hands on her shoulders. He turned her around so she would have to look him in the eye, "just wait a day or two at the most. Just until the full moon passes and then it won't matter."

As she looked up at him, she saw the worry there and almost relented. Almost, but her anger had her now and she lashed out before she could stop herself, "I don't remember you whining this much when you were fighting Ganondorf." His grip on her shoulders tightened just a little and she knew this time she'd gone too far. He let go of her and made her take an involuntary step back. She had never once in seven years feared him, but the angry look on his face was making her reconsider this. He simply stared at her for a long moment, hands clenched into fists at his sides, then something unexpected changed in his demeanor. He held up his hands in mock surrender and she suddenly realized he was giving up.
"Whatever you say Princess," he growled as he picked up his things and stalked off.

Tetra was dumbfounded; Link never left an argument unfinished. While part of her wanted to make him stop, tell him she was sorry, a bigger part of her was glad he was leaving. He was just getting in the way lately anyway she told herself. Resentment helped keep her rooted in place and when she could find it in herself to move again, she went out to the rail above decks. He had already left the ship and was just a small dot on the horizon.


Tetra looked around, the crew, which had been preparing to sail, stood motionless around her. Realizing why they had all stopped she growled angrily, "What are you all looking at?" Everyone starting working all at once, she looked around until she spotted Gonzo, and waved for him to come closer. From the look he gave her, she could see he was reluctant to do so, but he made his way through.

"Is everything alright?" he asked.

"Do me a favor, the next time you see fairy boy toss him off my ship."

"Fairy boy?" Gonzo blinked in surprise when he realized she must have been talking about Link, then nodded. She took her answer and stalked off to her cabin. Opening the door, she stubbed her toe on something hard on the floor. She picked up the errant item and tossed it on her bed.


Nagori stopped her song mid note and Tetra snapped back out of her memory only to realize why the little fairy had broken off her song. A tear ran down the tiny face and Tetra wondered idly what place in the nine hells the Goddesses reserved for those who made the fairies cry.

----------------------------- Great Fish

Link looked to the west and noticed they were making good time. Having just past the Islet of Steel, Great Fish was probably only a little while off. He had considered calling a cyclone to take them to Great Fish, but from the way Al was reacting to calm seas, spinning in a vortex would probably knock him unconscious. The sun had come up and the seagulls were flying out to meet them. One seagull in particular caught Link's eye and he immediately dropped the sail and let the boat come to a halt.

"What's wrong?" Al asked looking around, "Are we being attacked?"

"No," Link said pointing up. "I'm waiting for Jasper."

"Who's Jasper?"

"Aryll's friend." He rummaged in his pack and pulled out a hoi pear, stood up and plopped the juicy fruit on top of his head. A lone seagull dove out of the flock and snatched the pear. Link went a little glassy eyed then sat back down. "Yes!" Link said as he held up a letter.

"The mail is delivered by seagulls?" Al asked incredulously.

"Not exactly," Link said absently while he looked at the letter. His eyes went wide, "This is the same letter I got yesterday!" Link reached into his pocket. The letter from Gonzo was not there. "Where's Gonzo's letter?"

"Link are you saying you got a letter from the pirates?"

"Yes, but it was over two week old." he checked his other pockets and said, "Jasper is usually a lot more efficient.... Unless…"

"Jasper was on the pirate ship when the trap was set off." Al finished for him.

"But how would she have gotten out?"

"I don't know, but the gate's not all the way shut."

"Well, that doesn't sound very efficient."

"Magic never is. That's why you're here."

"Lucky me."

"It really is a devious sort of trap. Just the amount of anger required to set it off...still why would the girl be that angry?"

"Tetra? If you knew her you wouldn't ask that question, though lately all I have to do is talk to her to make her angry."

"Hmph, interesting," Al looked at the water for a moment then said, "Link, the trap's magic is set to the moon's cycle. It can only be set off for a short period of time each year. It starts with the second full moon after either a winter or summer solstice. It works to make the victim think they are doing something new, but at the end of each cycle, it uses the life energy of the victim to send them backward in time to the day when the trap was set off. As the life force and the magic expends itself the number of days grows shorter. This way, as long as the victim doesn't realize they are reliving the same few days, the gate can close. But, in this case, something must have changed."

"Like what?" but even as he said it, Link recalled what the Great Fairy on Outset said. Somehow, Tetra was now aware of the danger. While it might explain the letter he received from Gonzo, it did not explain why his Triforce piece had resonated on her ship. That only happened when any of the three pieces came into close contact with one another. Link looked back at Al when he said he didn't know what changed. Since Al was feeling suddenly talkative, Link changed tactics and asked "Then why so big?"

"The one it was meant to trap can sense those sorts of things. If it were too small, the concentrated magic would stick out like a bon fire, too easy to avoid. I guess it was hoped that if it covered a wide enough area the intended victim would be trapped inside before they realized it."

"That's seems a bit hazardous to leave laying around." Link said as he redid the rigging.

"It was a long shot even then." Al gripped the side of the small boat when Link got it moving again.

They sailed along in silence and Link turned the new pieces of the puzzle around in his head. He knew Tetra well enough to know that she wouldn't sit still for long if she thought her crew was in danger. That might have something to do with how her ship ended up in the cave on Outset. He looked over at Al, who wasn't looking too good. To distract him from the motion sickness a little he asked, "What was in this area before?"

"Before?" Al said leaning back.

"Yes, before," Link said a little more angrily than he intended, "it's pretty damn obvious you're not from around here."

Al seemed to be listening to his invisible companion again then shook his head. He sat thoughtfully a moment longer and said, "It was a vast wasteland."

Link sighed when it became obvious he was not going to get any further information. When he spotted Great Fish up ahead on the horizon and pointed it out and Al turned to look. His already gray pallor improved some and he appeared relieved at the prospect that he would be on dry land again soon.

Even though Great Fish Island still bore the scars of Ganondorf's attack of seven years prior some of the greenery returned. The island was still uninhabited; the harrowing stories told by the survivors of that assault guaranteed it would remain so. Once on the island, Link set up a small camp. It was almost evening, and he'd been awake all night. After a quick trip around the island, it was obvious that no one had been there for weeks.

"I think we should see Jabun in the morning," Link said while he looked at the entrance to a nearby cave.


"Water Deity, Keeper of Nayru's Pearl and a really great fish. If anybody knows what's happening around here it's him."

"Do we have to wait until morning?"

"Nope, you're welcome to head down anytime you like," Link said as he waved a hand at the entrance. "Me? I'm taking a nap. I'm beat. I haven't had much sleep lately and I really need some rest. Besides at least I'll be able to understand him better."

"Why is that?"

"He only speaks an ancient form of Hylian."

Al raised an eyebrow and chuckled, "Am I really that transparent?"

"I told you I hate guessing."

"Alright, may I see the letter from the pirate?"

"Sure." Link pulled the letter out and handed it off to Al with a small pack of rations then lay down with his pack under his head and promptly fell asleep. Al could see he wasn't kidding; he'd never seen anyone fall asleep that fast in his life.

"I wish I could do that," Al said.



(Read the letter old man. Hurry up!)

"Aren't we feeling feisty?"

(Just open it!)

"In a moment," Al looked up at a tree that was atop a nearby hill. "I thought I heard something up there." He watched the tree for a moment or two longer. When nothing happened, he shrugged and returned his attention to the letter he was holding. He opened it and read through it carefully. Something had changed, either the Princess was actively trying to escape or the magic was starting to unravel. Maybe both. That feeling that something just wasn't right came back to him as he read the letter again, "Hito...I don't like the sound of that..."

(Do you think it is him? It has been over two hundred years after all.)

Al looked up at the tree again then back at Link, he shivered as the sunset cast a gloom across the camp. "What's a few hundred years to a shadow?"

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