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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 7: Chapter 6: Everyone knows it's Windy

A/N: Tetra's about to discover there's more to life than sailing, while Link remembers why he so dislikes miniblins

Chapter Six:
Everyone knows it's Windy

Tetra sat unmoving for a while, then shook her head and said, "Well, that was unsettling." Nagori looked up at her and appeared to have regained her former humor.

"I am sorry Princess," she said as she floated over to the small box on the desk. "I am young and very emotional."

"You're apologizing to me?"

"Yes, it was not my intention to make you sad," Nagori said and started working at the latch on the box. After a few tries she looked back at Tetra and sighed. "It was a disturbing memory though," She said and returned her attention to the latch.

"Well perhaps I deserved that sadness," Tetra said, and reached to assist the little fairy. "I have behaved rather poorly lately with little regret for my words. That just underscored how I got here in the first place."

"What is in this box that is closed so tight?" Nagori asked while she tugged at the latch.

Tetra thought for a moment, "Ummm... I don't know." Suddenly, the ship lurched and the box slid off the desk, hitting the floor on its side. Nagori would have gone over too if Tetra hadn't snatched her before she tipped off her chair. "What the hell is going on? Gonzo!" Tetra struggled to get up and almost fell over when the ship lurched again.

Nudge appeared in her doorway. "Miss Tetra, we need you topside." The boat listed and they both held on until the ship righted. "We have a problem." Nudge didn't wait for a reply but turned and headed out.

"Hold on Nagori," Tetra said as she took the chain out. The fairy grabbed hold and held on tight. Tetra bounded out of her cabin and up stairs as quickly as she could. She threw open the door and stopped abruptly as she found herself facing another Octo. "Damn it! Someone find Niko!"

The wind picked up. Someone ran past her and disappeared below. "Watch those lines, Gonzo!" she said as she headed up to the helm. Just below her Niko appeared on deck. "Man that gun! We're low on.... oh never mind! Just go!" She just waved him on and watched him for a moment, as he turned aft toward the waiting cannon. She turned to Senza and added, "Keep her steady." She then dropped down to middeck and headed for the cannon. How many bombs did they have? She reached the stern just as the first shot was fired.


She looked furiously at the Octo she still did not believe was there. At least, she thought, it was still only a six-eye.

BOOM! BOOM! Three down, three to go. Three more shots and the Octo went down.

"Good job Niko," she said, but her smile faded. "Do me a favor, get Senza, Gonzo, Nudge, Mako and Zuko and head to my cabin. We need to figure out what in the hell went wrong now."

Tetra came into her cabin and set Nagori on the desk. She turned back and looked at the faces of these men who had been with her since before her mother's untimely death. They were the closest thing to a family she'd ever known and followed her orders without question since she was eleven years old. Tetra was determined now more than ever to find a way out of the mess she'd led them into. "Can anyone explain what happened?" she asked, and sat in a nearby chair.

"I don't think we got turned around," Senza replied. "The helm was steady all day. Of course, we weren't moving too fast, cause of the wind, but I think I would have noticed if we'd changed tack. It's like, it followed us."

"Well isn't that a pleasant thought. Obviously, going back the way we came is not an option. Well time to move on to plan b, anybody got a plan b?" No one answered. "All right then, Niko, what do you have to report?"

"Ummm..." Niko shifted a little uneasily and started pulling various folded pieces of paper out of his pockets. Carefully unfolding each, he spread them out on the desk.

"Could you speed it up a little?" Gonzo asked. Niko looked around the room nervously then cleared his throat a few times.

"That's all right." Tetra said picking up the papers, "I'll take it from here." She scanned the first page and noted Niko's handwriting was surprisingly neat. Then she read aloud:

6:00 am: Senza turned the ship.
Zuko climbed up to the crows nest.
6:30 am: Gonzo went below.
Mako sharpened his knife
6:45 am: Gonzo came back topside (he was very red)
7:00 am: Started laundry (yuck)
9:30 am: Finished laundry (yay)
9:45 am: Mako sits near cannon to read.
10:30am: Jasper comes aboard sits on Mako's book. (poops)

Tetra looked up from the page, "Jasper's back?"

"Yeah," Gonzo said suddenly, "I think she's on deck sleeping, she looked mighty tired."

"I hadn't even noticed she was back," Senza said

Tetra turned to Nudge, "Do we have any bait? Or better yet a Hoi Pear?"

"I'll go check." he said and headed out the door.

"Anything else Niko?"

"No, the Octo attacked about then so we were all busy with that."

"Princess?" Tetra looked back over at the desk, she heard a few snickers from those still in the room but ignored them. "You didn't read this letter."

"What letter?" Nagori pushed at the envelope, Tetra reached over the desk and picked it up. "Gonzo come here for a sec." She held up the envelope, "This was blank a few hours ago, right?" He nodded. "Then what happened?"

"That's Aryll's handwriting," He offered.

She turned the letter over; sealed with a small bit of wax and an impression of tiny seagull. Carefully, she opened it and unfolded the letter inside. Only two words written on the page:

<div align='center'>OUTSET CYCLOS</div>

What's that supposed to mean? She pondered for a moment, then said the words aloud. "Outset and Cyclos?" Gonzo gasped, "What is it?"

"The writing," he said, eyes wide as he pointed at the letter, "it''s changed..."

"What are you talking about?" She looked back at the letter and clearly in her own handwriting it said:

<div align='center'>OUTSET CYCLOS</div>

That word cyclos nagged at her memory. There was something important about it that she couldn't remember. "Cyclos?" as she spoke the word, the ship for the second time that day lurched and threw everyone in her cabin off balance. "Sweet Nayru, what's going on now!"

Nudge appeared in the doorway. "Miss Tetra, we need you topside." The boat listed and everybody held on until the ship righted, "We have a new problem." Nudge didn't wait for a reply but turned and headed out.


"Hold on Nagori," Tetra said as she took the chain out. The fairy grabbed hold and held on tight. Tetra bounded out of her cabin and up stairs as quickly as she could. Throwing open the door she stopped abruptly as she found herself facing...a cloud? And it was laughing. "Damn it! Someone bring me Link's bow, I've had enough!"

The wind picked up. Someone ran past her and disappeared below. "Watch those lines, Gonzo!" she said as she headed up to the helm. Just below her Niko appeared with the bow. "Thanks!" she said and turned to Senza. "Keep her steady." She dropped down to middeck and pulled an arrow out of the quiver. 'Just what the hell should I shoot?'

"Princess, aim for the center of the cloud!" Nagori cried.

Tetra raised and eyebrow, but figured the fairy must know something she did not. So she took aim and let it fly. In the distance, above sound of the wind, she heard a surprised yell. "Ha!" Tetra shouted as she shook her free hand at the cloud.

"Two more Princess! You'll have to hit him two more times!"

Hit him? "What ever you say." She let loose another arrow but this one was a little off to the left. She adjusted her aim for the quickening winds and sent off another. This one caught its mark, with growing confidence she pulled another arrow out, took careful aim and let it fly.

Loud laughter filled the air as the seas around the ship calmed quite suddenly. She watched in fascination, as the cloud she had been aiming for dropped down right in front of her. On it sat a shockingly bright orange.... frog?

"Excellent shooting Princess. How may I be of service to you?"


"Tell him you want to go to Outset."

"There's something about this you're not telling me isn't there." Nagori only giggled and crawled into a vacant vest pocket. Tetra returned her attention to frog. "We need to get to Outset Island. Can you help us?"

"That Princess is my specialty." He looked around the deck. "But you might want to tie down anything you don't want lost."


"Do what he says," The tiny voice in her pocket chirped.

"Okay...." Tetra started giving orders to either tie it down or take below. It was full dark and nearly midnight when they got it all stowed. Cyclos seemed content to play Six Guns with Mako and Zuko.

"We must stay to guide." Nagori yawned, it seems she had napped though it all. Gonzo was not pleased and said so. Tetra tried to reassure him but he made it a point to personally secured her to the wheel. He hesitated a moment or two before heading below with the others. Tetra smiled and winked as he shut the door.

With everyone below the frog came nearer to her, he was much bigger that close up. His proximity jogged loose the knowledge of what the frog in front of her was. "You're Cyclos the God of Cyclones."

The Wind God seemed pleased she recognized him. "Princess, you'll need to hold that wheel steady. It's gonna be one heck of a ride!" Laughing he rose off the deck and threw his hands wide, clapped them together and in a booming voice that sounded like distant thunder said, "TO OUTSET MY CHILDREN!"

At first, nothing at all seemed to happen. Tetra looked around, more than a little nervous, when from all around she heard the sounds of the wind. Cyclones began to appear; some large, some small. They came together above the ship until they formed one massive tornado. Nagori squealed with delight and buried herself into one of Tetra's deeper pockets.

"I'm glad one of us is enjoying this," she muttered to herself. She gripped the Wheel harder as the wind grew in intensity and the ship start to spin. It rotated slowly at first then picked up speed as the winds wrapped more tightly around her ship. She felt herself leaving the deck, straining the knots Gonzo had so carefully tied; it was a little like flying.

In moments, the ship caught up with her. "Whoa!!!!" Everything spun faster and faster until the ship was spinning so fast she couldn't tell up from down. Tetra held on to the wheel and struggled to keep the image of Outset Island in focus. She expected a rough landing but was surprised when the ship set down gently and slowly spun to a halt. Tetra shook her head, Nagori still in her pocket and giggled like crazy. Tetra smiled as she looked across the water, she could just make out the lights of Link's Grandma's house.


Al sat awake most of the night, he knew he’d heard something earlier, and it was always better to prepare for the worst. Link still slept nearby seemingly unaffected by the damp chill in the air.


"Yes, Saimon."

(You should be sleeping)

"I'm not tired."

(You are lying.)

"You think so?"

(After forty some odd years, I can tell old man, you should sleep.)


(I will watch the tree.)

"It's not the tree I'm worried about."

(I will watch for that too. If anything happens, I will wake you. Go to sleep.)

"You're unusually concerned for my welfare today. What brought this on?"

There was a pause (If you die on me now, I will be stuck like this forever, and forever is a long time to be invisible.)

Al chuckled, "Well even if I do suddenly pop off, I'm sure Venus will come up with a solution to your problem."

(Not if she cannot even see me.) Pause (Why are you still awake? Go to sleep)

"Very well, but wake me if you see or hear anything okay?"

(Got it.)

Al sat awake a little longer. His thoughts drifted and the sounds of a familiar melody ran through his head, he probably couldn't have told you when he nodded off, but he did.

....... as he watched the scene honed in. A young couple and a pair of small children came out of a small house on a perfect summer day. The children ran out into the knee-high grass that waved idly in the warm summer breeze. An older man and woman followed the younger pair. The younger couple looked to be ready for a move. A great brown mare stood, hitched to a wagon filled with the everyday lives of the little family. Tearful hugs were exchanged by the older and younger, the children were called back from the field and then they set off heading north up the mountain.

Al looked back over to the house; it had faded and was replaced by another, rougher home. The lamps were lit and it was raining outside. The young couple was not as young as before, the children were older and looking a little thin as they slept. The woman placed a hand on the window, looked out at the rain, and cried silent tears. Al heard the sea behind him; smell the salt and rain mixing churning up the earth as it rained harder and harder. Slowly the darkness and rain faded to show the family again. This time there was a small celebration going on outside. The oldest of the children was having a mock battle with his sister, he waved his wooden sword and chased after her. She ran, always just ahead of him, turning every now and again to attack or defend with the long pole she carried. Trailing after them was a pair of identical looking boys, running and mimicking the actions of their older siblings.

They all ran until one of the children noticed a man sitting quietly watching them from the rock face above them. "You children shouldn't play here it's not safe." He said. "There are things living in this part of the forest you don't want to meet." From behind them, a woman's voice called and the children turned and ran back the way they had come.

Al started awake; he looked out over the ocean. What had brought that on? He wondered. How odd to have that memory surface after all these years. "How very odd indeed," he said to himself. Al, lost in his thoughts did not notice that Link was awake and watching him.

Morning came and in the gloom of the dawn, they got ready to head into the cave.

Link fidgeted with the ties of his pack. He looked over at Al and wondered. "Al?"


"How old are you?"

Al gave him a questioning look. “How old?"

"Yeah, I had a strange dream last night, but not the regular sort. The odd kind, the kind that is trying to tell you something."

"Tell me."

"I think you already know." but he went ahead and told him anyway.

At first, Al said nothing. He just stared at him as if he had said something completely unexpected.

"You are a very curious person, Link," Al said, paused and seemed to be listening then shook his head. "What you saw was not a dream but a memory. One of mine, I think. Something I've not thought of for a very long time."

"You think?" Link held up his hand to stop him. "No don't answer that, I have a feeling I won't like the answer. Besides how could I dream one of your memories?"

"I'm not sure, but it's obviously information you need. Why would it surface now?" Al pulled off his hat and waved it at the air beside him.

Link watched him for a minute and asked, "Do you two fight all the time?"

Al looked at Link blankly for a moment, then realized what he was doing and plopped his hat back on his head. Changing the subject he said, "Do you know it's said that individuals with pointed ears can hear the whispers of the goddesses?"

"Okay..." Link said, as he finished packing, "My grandma said something about that once, Aryll was kidnapped because she had them ears. More of a nuisance than anything else if you asked me, but Grandma brought us up with those stories and heck, she thinks we're descendants of the Hero of Time."

"And what makes you believe you're not?"

"Right, that's funny Al." Link noticed he was still waiting for an answer. "Aside from the fact that all the stories say that after his battle with Ganon he just disappeared. Nothing I've ever found anywhere says he stayed or that he had any children."

"I suppose you're right about that." Al paused for a moment and asked, "Link do you know anything else about this person who's been asking around about you?"

"No, but Aryll said there was someone on Windfall asking around about me there."

"Do you know when that was?"

"No, but I'm guessing it was after I left Windfall to go home for a few days and just before I found Tetra's ship in the cave."

"Do you think he found out what he wanted to know?"

"Windfall is gossip central and probably, like my sister says, I am very well known on that island." Al's look of concern stared to spook him a little. "What is it you're really worried about?"


"A shadow soul?"

"You've heard of him then?"

"No, I've read about it though."

"He's not an 'it' Link, he's darkness, evil wrapped up in a malevolent soul." Al shuddered. "He'll kill you if he can, and if he can't do that, he'll kill or destroy those that you love instead."

Link said nothing, just looked at Al as a pained expression came over him. Whatever he was thinking about, Al was speaking from personal experience. He picked up his pack and got ready to go. Al lingered staring at the sea, a deep frown distorting his features. "Ready?" Al only nodded.

They headed into the cave but something made Link stop short. "Wait here a second." Heading deeper into the cave, he could feel his hair stand on end. Something was in there, something that shouldn't be. Turning back in the dark he all but tripped over Al who it seemed had followed him anyway. "How do you do that?" Link whispered. He couldn't see Al too well in the darkness but Al didn't answer he only shrugged.

"We've got company," Link said and pulled out his sword. "Got any weapons?" Al shook his head. "Well then take this." He handed Al his boomerang. The old man started to protest, his voice sounded raspy as he whispered. Link just sighed and said, "If anything comes near you pretend it's an apple." Al looked dubiously at Link then the boomerang and nodded. "Right, let's go." As they entered the larger cavern, a large door slammed down behind them, heavy metal bars thudded into place. "Great," Link said with a quick glance back.

He scanned the half lit cavern, but could see nothing moving. The air was filled with a rustling sound, kind of like the sound dry leaves make when you pile them up in the fall. He edged his way over to a crack in the northern most side of the cavern wall where a small sliver of light made a bright patch in the sand. He pulled out his shield and reflected the light to the ceiling above. The cavern walls seemed to be moving and then he heard it.

"Ne, ne, neh, ne, ne". He groaned and wished he hadn't lent his bow to Tetra, he shouted, "Heads up!" and pointed his sword toward the ceiling. Al looked up and squinted. Miniblins started to drop from the ceiling and climb off the walls in alarming numbers.

The air soon filled with their calls Ne, ne, neh, ne, ne, neh...

"Stupid Ne Nes," Link cursed as he swung his sword in a broad arc that hit five or six at a time. Miniblins were not smart, but they always attacked in numbers that could easily overwhelm. He started taking a mental count of the number of small explosions he heard. Twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three.... Link looked around for Al in between sword strokes.

The old man stood without moving near the door, the Miniblins seemed to be focused on Link so he moved a little further away from where Al was standing, "Apples, Al just apples!" Al jolted into action as he hefted the boomerang for a moment then let it fly. Link saw it coming and dropped to the ground just as the boomerang cut a small patch out of the pesky creatures. He got up quickly but the murderous little rats prodded him with their weapons, laughing and singing; ne ne neh ne ne.

Link needed more room, finding a small open area in the sea of miniblins, he held out his sword as if the strike again. They backed away, a little wary as his sword started to crackle with green energy. When he let the magic go he spun, sword extended wiping out dozens with each turn. He came to a halt and staggered a little.

Once he got his bearings, he heard the boomerang again. With no time to get out of the way, Link raised his shield just a little too late and took a glancing hit to his head. He wobbled a little then sank to his knees. He looked back at the old man he realized something wasn't right; either Al had changed his clothes or that wasn't him. The miniblins backed away from him, parting as the older man moved closer to him and grinned fiendishly, boomerang clutched in pasty white fingers.

"All too easy."

Link struggled to stay conscious and stared at the old man memorizing his features as he tried to resist the overwhelming urge to take a nap. 'Naps are good,' he thought fuzzily. His already unsteady gaze wandered past Mr. Pasty face to see the real Al open the sealed door and come into the cavern. "How'd he do that?" Link wondered aloud and returned his hazy attention back to the other just in time to see the quick gesture to someone or something behind him.

The second blow did what the first could not and everything went blissfully dark.