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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 8: Chapter 7: That's a Problem

Chapter 7: That's a Problem

As the door went up Al saw Link as he wavered on his knees. The boy looked over at him with a questioning look, then back at the figure in front of him. An angry gesture from the other brought a nasty blow from one of the miniblins behind Link and he fell over unconscious. Al winced; he knew Link probably had a health fairy or two with him, but why didn't they come out? He didn't move when he heard the door slam shut behind him he simply shifted his stance.

Miniblins jumped haphazardly in his direction; sure, they had an easy target. He pulled out a four and a half foot pole from thin air and made very short work of the first group. After he cut a swath through the next group, he picked off several more that came within range. He did not move from his spot in front of the door, he simply stood; ready and waiting for the next unlucky group. Other miniblins who noticed him were suddenly unsure of what to do next. They milled about periodically coming within range.

The caverns other occupant still looked at Link and said, "Well Mei, it has been a while, but I've found you at last." Looking back at Al the other asked, "How did you manage to lose your tag? I thought you liked being stuck with that pest."

(Kei cannot see me either!)

"Perhaps he got bored with the conversation and wandered away."

(I will go check on Link, try to keep Kei talking)

"I see you no longer have Senkyoku with you."

"Oh, she's still here," Kei said in a mocking tone. "Let's just say…I've got her under wraps." The other pulled out a small crystal pendent that glowed with an eerie light.

"Gods!" Al gasped and took a small step closer.

"Ah, ah, ah..." Kei said and raised the boomerang, "Wouldn't want me to finish what I've started, now would you?"

Al stared silently for a moment and shook his head. "Kei, why are you still doing this, can't you just let the past go?"

"How can you?" the other asked with a sneer. When Al did not reply Kei snarled, "You know as well as I that those two were sent to spy on us."

"They've never done us any harm."

"I don’t like being watched all the time..." Kei said, left eye twitching.

Dalkin removed another group of mini's that wandered too close and said, "Could you at least call off the miniblins, it's difficult to have a conversation like this."

A wisp of a smile played on the others lips, then sneered and said, "No Mei, I think we'll just let them stay where they are. Wouldn't want you to play any magic tricks on me now would I? Besides you have to come with me if we're going to put an end to this."

"I'll come with you if you promise to leave the boy here." Al lowered his stance a little. "You know you can't force me to come, so what do you say?"

"He comes," Kei hissed, eyes narrowing.

(The fairies are asleep, under some kind of spell they cannot come out of their bottles)

"You know I won't allow you to hurt him." Al struck out again, this time removing more than a dozen minis.

"He shouldn't even be alive..." Kei said, looking down at Link.

"But he is."

"You know what he is..." Kei said almost in a whisper, "What he'll become."

"No Kei, that was then; he is not the one you remember. He bears the mark of the true hero, the Goddesses surely would not allow an undeserving soul to bear such a mark."

(Do not go Dalkin, Kei means to kill you.)

Al lowered his head hiding his face behind the brim of his wide hat and said to Saimon, "No, Kei will not kill me. Stay with Link, I'll be alright."

(But you need me...)

Al smiled at his friend, "Yes, but he will need you more, don't worry just do this for me."

(Alright, but how can I help him if he cannot even see me?)

"You'll find a way. You always do." Al raised his head again and said to the other, "Either the boy stays or we have it out here and now. Do you think you're ready?"

Kei looked at him, left eye twitching almost constantly now and in a trance like voice that was not the other’s own said, "The time is not right, I will come back for him once I'm through with you and the best part is you will aid in his destruction." Kei snapped back into focus and followed this by a bit of maniacal laughter. Dalkin almost recognized the voice that left Kei’s mouth…the memory was so close. The only thing he was sure of was that he hadn't heard it in over forty years, but it still made him shudder. Al sighed and slowly lowered his guard. He offered no resistance as the miniblins swarmed in to force him further into the cavern. He turned only once and watched as Kei took one last look at the unconscious boy and dropped the boomerang. Al turned then and followed Kei's little army into the darkness.


Saimon watched as Dalkin disappeared into the cave. He tried to be still as stone as Kei looked right through him with sunken gray eyes as they glared at Link and whispered, "It will all be over soon. No fairies will interfere this time." And dropped the boomerang. Before Kei turned away Saimon got a closer look at Senkyoku's crystal prison and shuddered to think what it must be like inside. For though a dim light could be seen, it must be Din damn dark in there.

Kei stumbled away then toward the waiting darkness and Saimon turned his attention back to Link. After a bit of a struggle he managed to get himself all the way into Link's pack. There has to something in here that would help.... Near the bottom he came across the ocarina, it glowed as he neared it as it reflected the fairy magic trapped inside. With luck, he should be able to get inside and from there, get a message to someone to help Link.


Tetra looked out over the bay and tried to puzzle out the letter while undoing the ropes. If Aryll sent the letter it would help explain Jasper's reappearance, but the sudden change in handwriting, that was just weird. "Nagori?"

"Yes Princess?"

"How did you know?" Tetra asked as she removed the last of the knots.

"Everyone knows about Cyclos."

"No, not him I was talking about the letter." She held up the little fairy in her hand, raised an eyebrow. "Did you get taller?"

"Yes. I am not yet full grown."

"Fairies grow?"

"Of course we do, silly Princess."

"Are you going to tell me about the letter?"

"It is on your desk."

"Yes, but... oh never mind." Tetra said as she yawned and Nagori made her way to her shoulder. Tetra rubbed her eyes and yawned again. My goodness I am tired, she thought.

"Princess, listen," Nagori said as she cocked her head slightly, "You must hide your ship before the magic finds you again."

"Finds us, then we aren't out?"

"We have escaped the main," Nagori said, "but we still remain trapped within the original cycle of days."

"Are you sure?"

"The moon is still full."

Tetra looked up and realized the little fairy was right. "So what now?"

"You must break the magic."

The door to the lower decks opened and Gonzo held Jasper in the crook of his arm as Senza held up a hand to forestall anyone else for coming up. After shutting the door, they approached her looking a little shaken.

"Are you alright Miss?" Gonzo asked looking her up and down. He continued to gently stroke the gull, who also looked a little dizzy.

"I'm fine guys," Tetra said waving them off. "Unfortunately Nagori says were not quite out of the woods yet. "

"What do we need to do?" Senza asked.

"Hide the ship."

"Hide the ship?"

"Yes, hide the ship." She leaned back against the wheel and felt even more tired, "Well there's only one likely spot for that." She looked over at the island and she yawned again as she pointed. "Jabun's Cave."

"We best get started then," Gonzo said, "we'll get things underway. You look exhausted. Maybe you should rest a while."

"No, no I'll be alright," but even as she said it, she could feel another yawn coming on.

"Miss, you should go below and rest," Senza said, "We'll wake you when we reach the other side of the island."

"Okay, yeah," Tetra said after a blank moment and frowned as she yawned yet again. "I think I will lay down for a bit." She walked away feeling a little unsteady and Senza opened the door for her. "Hi, everyone make it okay?" Tetra asked the rest of her crew as they waited for her to go by. She was really dragging now.

"Come on you lot, we got work to do," Gonzo called.

Tetra walked the short distance to her cabin, now even more tired, she felt like she had just fought a bunch moblins with her bare hands. She lay back on her bed and Nagori hummed that sweet melody, it sounded so much like a lullaby that Tetra was out before her head hit the pillow.


And a cookie to anyone who guesses what happens next tongue.gif

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Kavi_Darkwolf says:

Ummm...somehow Tetra gets captured, maybe by Kei or whatever, and this were Link finds her ship. I'm not sure, so don't kill me if I guess wrong.

Kavi_Darkwolf says:

Anyway, awesome story! You've definately captured my attention!
Now I know who Nigori, Saimon and Senyoku is. smile.gif

achitka says:

Yes, my happy fairies three...Keep in mind, in my fan ficcy world a faries name is governed by it's true purpose... oh my