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Nagori, Saimon and Senkyoku - A Wind Waker Tale

By achitka
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Chapter 9: Chapter 8: Saimon Says

Chapter 8: Saimon Says

Upon waking Tetra realized two things, one: she was back in that garden and two: she was not alone. She glanced at the unmoving form just a few feet away and growled, "Oh gods, why you?" He made no reply and was quite still. "Link?" She sat up and moved closer. She pushed his shoulder, but he still didn't move, Well that’s just weird.

She pushed a little harder, Link mumbled something that sounded like "stupid ne ne's..." groaned and rolled over on his side.

"Well," she said, irked with him now, "you're alive anyway. Where the hell is this place?" Everything appeared just as it was before, a gentle breeze blew through the trees, and brought with it that melody she knew, but could not quite remember why she knew.

Tetra looked at Link again. Her restored memory of their last encounter only added to her irritation with the Hero of the Winds. What set her aback was the sheer intensity of it. Idiot or no, it just didn't make sense for her to be this angry with him. Still, there it was and she yanked on his ponytail as she said a little louder, "Hey! Fairy boy, it's time to get up!" Still nothing. "Oh For Din's sake," she muttered. "Fine sleep, maybe I'll get lucky for a change and figure a way out of here before you wake up." Of course, she had no idea how she'd gotten here in the first place.

Tetra sat back against the nearby tree, rubbed her eyes as she mulled over her day. Traps, fairies, magic and cyclones all that was left to do now was figure out how the break the magic and *poof* everything would be fine.


Tetra almost jumped out of her skin, that voice had been close. She looked around but couldn't see anyone nearby.


Perfect, she thought, now I'm hearing things.

(Link is in trouble!)

"Link's asleep...again, but you wouldn't know it though, he sleeps like the dead," Tetra said answering the voice.

(Not sleeping; unconscious)

"Ha, idiot probably got drunk and fell out of bed, right?"

(No, he is injured.)

"So he hit his head on the way down," Tetra added with a snort as she sat up. "How is this my problem? Did you bring me here?"

(You are very angry, perhaps the magic made a mistake.)

"So you did bring me here. I don't have time for this right now." She looked around in an attempt to locate the source of the sound. "Who are you?"


The voice came from a different side this time, "Okay Saimon, you can just send me back, fairy boy can look after himself and why can't I see you?"

(I am trapped by a spell)

"You too?" Tetra closed her eyes and tried to focus on the shifting voice. "Well isn't that a coincidence."

(You are Tetra?)

"Who wants to know?" She asked and opened one eye.

(Why do you have blood on your face? Are you injured also?)

"Blood on my...?" She touched her face then looked down at her hands. There was blood on one of them, but where did that come from? Tetra looked over at Link's still form when she realized that was the hand she used to tug on his hair. Tetra crawled back over to him and examined him more closely. There on his head just above his temple was an inch long wound. "What the hell? How did you manage this?" she muttered as she pulled the red bandana from around her neck. "Of course nothing bleeds like a head wound."

She went to the pond and wet the cloth. After she yanked off his pack, she propped his head in her lap. When she pressed the cloth firmly over the cut, Link brought up his hand causing their Triforce pieces to resonate loudly. Tetra gasped and pulled her hand back for a moment, she had never gotten used to that for some reason.

(Do not fear the power you possess Princess, it only seeks to enhance the abilities you already have.)

"So I keep being reminded. Any chance I can get you to call me Tetra?"

(Are you not the princess?)

"Never you at least know what happened to him?"

(Boomerang, I think)

"You don't know?"

(I did not see the first blow; I was outside the chamber with Dalkin)

"Who's Dalkin?"

(My traveling companion.)

"And where is he now?"

(With Kei.)

"Okay, stop there. This is starting to get way too complicated." Link tried to move his head and she held it still. She looked down at him and wondered at the mixed bag of feelings that always ran through her head whenever he was around, everything from anger to angst. She squelched her growing irritation, sighed and said, "What have you gotten yourself mixed up in now?"

(He was looking for you.)

Oh, she thought, now this is my fault too? She looked in the direction she last heard the voice and asked, "Do you know how long?"

(Almost three weeks.)

"And I'm down to three days." She sat quietly for a long time, and wondered if Nagori knew about this place. Probably, that little fairy knew a lot more than she let on about. She lifted the cloth and grimaced, that cut just doesn't want to stop bleeding. "Saimon?"

(Yes, Princess?)

"Do you know if Link had any soup in those bottles of his?"

(Yes, his Grandmother gave him some when he left home)

Tetra shifted him off her lap, pulled his pack from the bottom and upended it onto the grass. Several items including four bottles tumbled out. "More fairies? What's wrong with these little ladies? They look like they're sleeping."

(I think Kei did something to them, that one does not like fairy kind)

Tetra picked up one and held it up in the moonlight. She started to tug on the stopper.



(It would be best if you waited until we knew what is wrong with them. Unknown magic can be lethal)

"Good point." She set the bottle down and picked up the one filled to the brim with a deep golden liquid and pulled out the stopper. She pulled open Link's mouth and dumped some in. He choked a bit at first then swallowed it down. She waited then checked his head. The bleeding had finally stopped but he was still out. She gave him more, a little at a time, until almost half the bottle was down. He opened his eyes and looked up at her with an odd puzzled look.

"How are you feeling?" she asked him. He just stared at her. A small smile crept on to his face that turned to a grimace when he sat up still looking a little unsteady.

"Woozy," he said while he rubbed his head. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." She pushed the stopper back into the bottle and set it in his pile. "But you should really be thanking Saimon."


"He says he's someone named Dalkin's traveling companion?"

"Al? Geez, my head hurts."

"Still? Usually your grandma's soup will clear up anything."

He looked at his hands, noticed the blood, and went to the pond to wash it off. "Did Saimon say what happened?"

"You got smacked in the head by your own boomerang apparently and this Dalkin guy left with someone named Kei." She looked at him a little worried. "Any of this sounding familiar?"

(He cannot see or hear me, It is the spell Dalkin used to bring us here. Kei created it and this is a side effect of that spell.)

"Well that's not good."

(Kei does not like fairy folk)

"Yes I remember."

"Tetra, who are you talking to?" Link asked as he sat back down near her.

"Saimon, who it seems is a very talkative little fairy," she said and paused when Link looked at questioningly. "Don't ask. It's been a horrifyingly long day. Anyway as long as you're here, I should probably apologize for, well for a lot of things actually."

"You don't really need to do that."

"No really, I do." She held up a hand to stop him from protesting further. "I can't even seem to control it anymore. It's like the sound of your voice makes me want to kill you."

"This is an apology?"

"Take what you can get fairy boy." She sighed. "You see? It just comes out all wrong. I didn't mean that by the way."

"Yes you did," he said with a laugh.

"Fine, I did, but I'm still having a hard time dealing with the fact I would purposely hurt you. When did things go so wrong between us? As if I didn't put you through enough grief seven years ago." She shook her head in disgust. "Goddesses, Link, I am so sorry for the last six months... "


"Oh sure, make it better... "

"Tetra... "


She looked at the Triforce mark on her hand, it glowed faintly and she thought, I am so not the right person for this. You'd think the Goddesses would have learned by now.

"Anyway," she said, "I'm am sorry, just don't make me say it again."

"You were never that bad."

"Let's face it Link, I was."

He shrugged. "You may have wounded my pride a bit, but it was never life threatening. You and I both have survived worse."

"'re not mad?"

"Well, I was at first but..." Whatever he was going to say, he stopped himself, and said instead; "Let's just say I've been reminded recently of a few of my own shortcomings. Beside I've never been very good at being angry with you for any length of time. Short attention span." He pointed at his head.

She smiled at that.

"And if we're gonna spill our guts on the subject," he continued, "I never actually thought too hard about what it must have been like for you being stuck in that basement, waiting around while I was out looking for those Triforce pieces. The goddesses only know what was going on in Ganondorf's head when I finally caught up with you both in that tower."

Her smile faded as she drifted back in her memories. "I know," she whispered, "and it still gives me nightmares." She tried to hide the distress she felt but knew he was watching as she struggled with the memory.

"I probably could have tried to be a little more understanding, I guess." He reached over and touched her hand. "You know what though?"

"What?" she said without looking at him.

"I could never have beaten Ganondorf without your help. I was so seriously out-matched in that fight."

She looked at him and asked, "What the hell is wrong with you Namaki, how can you be so nice?"

He shrugged and said, "Inbreeding." She stared at him for a second the burst out laughing until he asked, "Did you open your present yet?"

"What present?"

"The box I think I left on your ship before your birthday."

"But my birthday's not until tomorrow..."


"HOLD ON A SECOND!" Tetra shouted at the voice. Link raised an eyebrow when she looked at him and she added, "Not you, Saimon wants...something...and what are you laughing at?" Link, she noted, was having a difficult time hiding his amusement at her current situation. "You really can't hear that?" He shook his head and fell over he was laughing so hard. "Nice, this must be the Fairy Queen's revenge for calling you fairy boy."


Link watched with great amusement as Tetra struggled with her new found popularity with the fairy kind. In fact, he laughed so hard he fell over which made his still throbbing head hurt all the more. Carefully he sat up and thought about what he'd heard.

So, Al did have a guiding fairy with him. He'd already guessed that was why he always seemed to be shooing something out of his face. But fairies like those hadn't been seen around for well over a hundred years, and if he couldn't see or hear him how could Al? One more question to add to the list.

"Okay Saimon, what?" Tetra sounded more than a little flustered. She had turned her head, he guessed, in the direction the voice had been coming from.

"He says, I should tell you Dalkin is in trouble."

"What kind of trouble?"

"We already know that, why is that bad though?" she closed her eyes again. It was obviously hard for her to focus on the sound.

"Can't you see him?" She shook her head. "Ask him what part of Hyrule he's from."

"You just did. Seems he can hear you just fine."

"Oh, sorry."

"It's okay, I'm just trying to get used to his voice jumping all over the place." She paused and listened again. She shook her head. "He just keeps repeating Dalkin is in trouble and Kei is very angry," she sighed. "Whoever this Kei person is, they have this little guy seriously stressed out." She shook her head again. "Saimon you need to slow down, repeat what you just said ---" Her brow furrowed. "He says Kei and Mei will come together to destroy the shadow."

"Who's Mei?"

"Dalkin is Mei," she paused. "Or was..."

"Well, what can I do?"

"Break the magic." Surprised, Tetra she looked over at him. "That's exactly what Nagori said."

"Who's Nagori?" Link was starting to feel left behind.

Tetra sighed and said, "Oh, didn't I mention her? She's sort of a fairy too."

"Another one?"

"I ran into an old friend of yours on Mother and Child Island." Link was surprised Tetra managed to suppress her obvious urge to smack him when he smiled. Instead, Tetra said, "I told you it's been a long day."

"Do you know why you can't see him?"

"Saimon says it has something to do with the spell they used to get here, hold on..." She was listening again. "He says he feels like he's being shaken all the time. Some sort of vibration or resonance, Link he sounds exhausted and like he's in pain. This Kei person created the spell they used and now Saimon is invisible and silent to everyone but Dalkin."

"And you."

"Exactly." Tetra paused again. "He says he's communicating through your ocarina?"

Link smacked his head and immediately wished he hadn't. His headache viciously reminded him it was not quite gone. "I am such a dolt," he said and picked through his things. Link pulled out one of his bottled fairies, the fairy inside looked to be asleep. "Any idea what's wrong with them?" he asked as he set them carefully aside.

"No idea, and Saimon says we shouldn't open them. He thinks it's something Kei did before you went into the cavern with the miniblins." Tetra paused again. "Dalkin got worried when you didn't come back so they went to check on you and found the door sealed."

"I should probably take them back to a fountain." Link picked up the ocarina and he remembered the Great Fairy's instructions to slow down those moving too fast to be seen. Closing his eyes, he tried to recall the notes she had taught him. Link picked out the tune in his head and when he was sure he had all the notes, he played the Song of Quickening through.

Link heard Tetra's gasp and opened his eyes. There floating a few inches in front of her nose was tiny ball of light. It’s glow intensified to a bright green for a moment then winked out. As the light disappeared the fairy dropped to the ground, wings twitching.

"What did you do?"

Link set the ocarina down and looked closer at the tiny figure, "I think I broke his magic."


"The vibration. Al must have used an instrument or something of that sort to get them here. Saimon must have gotten caught in the vibrations left behind by the music." Tetra carefully scooped the fragile looking fairy off the grass.

"I hope he's alright." She said and she carefully tucked back the fairy's wings.

"He was probably working so hard at holding himself together that when the vibration stopped, it was quite a shock." Link took the little guy and placed him in his shirt pocket. "I think I'm about to get sidetracked again, will you be alright on your own?"

"I've been on my own for years, Link."

"Yeah, I know, but you're not alone."

She smiled. "Look out for Jasper."

"Right," he said as her image started to flicker. "Tetra, where are you by the way?"


Link nodded and watched as Tetra faded from view. He piled his things into his pack being extra careful not to jostle the sleeping fairies anymore than necessary. There were no fairy fountains on Great Fish that he knew of, but there was one nearby. As Link looked up he noticed the moon was now only half full. Saimon must have pulled out all the stops to get him and Tetra here, though he was sure the other fairy, Nagori, had had something to do with it.

All and all it was an obvious sign that Al was in serious trouble. Since he didn't seem to be going anywhere, he went to the pond and washed the rest of the blood out of his hair. That done Link stretched out on the grass; he would just have to wait for Saimon to wake up.


A/N: Ah, true love, ain't it grand? Now if I can just keep them from killing each other, their world will be a much happier place.

This is not High Fantasy by any stretch of my imagination and you should keep in mind, there is an odd little time loop that affects the characters in this story. If you're lost between the timestreams, don't feel bad. I am too. The timeloop is actually explained over several chapters and I don't expect you to see that without reading the others. If this causes confusion, the author chick apologizes in advance as she knows this is unavoidable.

Besides it really is funner that way.

As always thanks for reading, hope you had fun.

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