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Inter-dimensional relaps

By Niko the ninja
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Chapter 1: A new Evil Rising

In the land of Hyrule, a mysterious shadow leapt into the Temple of Time and stealthily snuck past anyone protecting it. Strangely, he looked at them before proceeding and licked his lips.

"Flesh…" He murmured, "But I have more important things to do."

The shadow quietly crept into the temple and leapt down from the ceiling. A guard there got a good look at him and ordered him to halt. The shadow simply swiped him and left five gashes across his face.

“Scum.” The figure said as it trudged off, licking the blood off his fingers with the injured guard unconscious behind him.

The Door of Time was in the way, but he had no problem handling this. He took out a small sphere and threw it down on the ground. In a puff of black smoke, he vanished and reappeared behind the door. He strode up to the pedestal of time with the Master Sword in it and got to work..

"Maju, Maju, Maju." Murmured the figure while opening a bottle and sprinkling the contents on the Master sword.

"If my plan is to succeed," Said the shadow, "I'll need this blade."

The shadow slowly brought up the Master sword, which was covered with a black aura, and made a slash in the air with it. An unusual portal opened up and the shadow started cackling like a raven.

"Soon all will kneel," Said the figure, throwing off a cloak, "Before me, Lord Concolor!"

This “Concolor” appeared to be a man. But this “man” had reddish-silver hair like a cougar. His fingernails were long and pointed so that they looked like claws. His teeth were also slightly longer than yours or mine. Therefore, they looked like fangs. His eyes were yellow and his ears were pointed, making him even look like a cougar.

Suddenly the mysterious portal closed and the person called Concolor gave off a defeated "No" as he put the now aura-less Master sword back into the pedestal. Concolor turned tail and stalked away. His plan had failed so he would try again later.

“Great! Now, chaos will begin.” Concolor cursed, stepping on the unconscious guard.

Miles away, Link woke with a start. He was gasping for breath and sweating like he emerged from a desert.

"It was just a nightmare," he thought to himself, "Just a nightmare."

That morning, he went to a tower to talk with Rauru.

"Hmm..." Said the Sage of Light, "Premonitions, you say? Exactly, what are the contents of your dreams?"

"Some cat-like guy, said his name was Concolor. The Master sword, only it was covered with a black aura. And a multi-colored portal." Link continued.

"Hmm..." Said Rauru, with closed eyes. "My best guess is that something terrible is about to happen to this mythic blade. As for reasons, I don't know."

Link turned to leave, but the Light Sage stopped him.

"I have something for you." Rauru said as rummaged through his pocket.

He handed Link an unusual object, it kind of looked like a protracter, but it had numbers and an unusual thing that looked like a hand from a clock. Link began to inspect it when Rauru spoke again.

"This is called a Dimensional Scale. It will tell you whenever someone or something is coming from a world other than Hyrule." Rauru explained in his usual wise tone.

"Alright," Link answered, pocketing the Scale, "I'll try to look out for anything strange."

Then he left the tower, not knowing what was to come.

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Koroks Rock says:

Of the stories you've submitted, this is pretty well written, and it looks a bit more interesting. If you really want me to approve the other story, i can, but i would prefer it if you just work on one story at a time, and definately not three. Finish this and your other before moving on to something else.

On another note, you have some tense issues (past vs present) and dialogue is clumsy. As i've said before, try reading what you write alout, to see if it flows well. The best way to proofread your writing is to have a friend read it aloud, and listen to what they have to say about it.

Niko the ninja says:


Niko the ninja says:

I'm a newbie, ya' can't blame me. I've only been here for two or three days.

Link_Dream says:

this looks pretty cool.

Prince_Ganon says:

I know how you feel Niko, I got here Dec. 16, 05. So you are not alone. Awesome story by the way.

Zeldas Shadow says:

Cool! I love it!happy.gif

ganon rulez says:

how many chapters!!!! im reading this its the longest story ive seen on a fanfic.
great story by the way.