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By Milo_Thunderbird
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Chapter 1: Life in the castle

Dolen stood before his adoptive father. His face was bright red. After Dolen was freed from his fathers influence, the king of Hyrule himself took him in as his son. Daphne Nohansen Hyrule glared at his son. Dolendorf was now on trial. Family trial that is!

It’s not fair. Dolen thought, I was only trying to have some fun. Dolen had recently stolen a bow from the castle barracks, hence the trial. His father stood, starting the trial. “Dolen Gregory Hyrule, you are on family trial for the act of theft.” He said in his commanding voice. Dolen looked up, outraged. “It was only for target practice! You never allow me to have my own bow!” he argued. “It is not WHY you did it, but WHAT you did!” the king said angrily. “You are sentenced to… YOUR ROOM!!!!” He bellowed.

Dolen spent his time pacing. As soon as he was free, he planned to go see Link and Zelda. He looked angrily at his guards. They looked blankly back.

A bell rang out and signaled the end of the month. Freedom! Sweet freedom! Dolen thought happily as he rushed towards the courtyard. He planned to meet his friends there. As he had hoped, there they stood. He ran up to greet them. “Hey Link! Hey sis!” He called out. Dolen was still not used to calling Zelda that.

They spent the day fooling around in the castle, until Dolen stopped them. “I am going to leave this place for a while. I can’t stand the rules, or the quietness! Are you two with me?” he asked. That left Link and Zelda with blank looks. Could Dolen really mean this?

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Comments on this chapter

Milo_Thunderbird says:

Well, here you are. How long does everyone want it to be?

Koroks Rock says:

longer than the last one smile.gif i'd like to get to know Dolen a lot better

Milo_Thunderbird says:

Ok. Updates will be far between due to me trying my hardest.

Link_Dream says:

All right! Dolen is cool!

Milo_Thunderbird says:

Okay, they will be far apart on account of my lazeyness!

star_breaker says:

I liked the family trial part and the bit about being sentanced to his room. It was funny!