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Inu in Clocktown

By linksbestfriend001
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Chapter 1: On the Way There

InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, and Songo popped out of the well.

"Hmm....I thought we were supposed to be in the feudal era." Kagome said.

"Ya, how did we end up here?" Songo asked.

"Wait were are we?" InuYahsa asked.

They walked a little farther, and came to a sign. "We appear to be at... Termina fields." Miroku said.

Soon, a young man wearing a green tunic and a pair of brown boots rode by on a dark brown horse. "Yo, kid, where is the nearest town?" Inuyasha asked.

"Its that way" the boy answered while pointing north. "And Iím not a kid Iím nearly eighteen."

"Ya, Ya..." Inuyasha said, annoyed.

"Maybe I should lead you there," the boy said.

"That would be great! Thank you." Kagome said.

They had only followed the boy for 2 minutes until the boy said, "By the way, my name is Link."

Kagome replied, "This is Inuyasha, Song, Miroku and I am Kagome."

"Well, here we are!" Link said with a smile, they came to a big door.

"And where are we?" Inuyasha asked.

"Clock town." Link answered.

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Comments on this chapter

Koroks Rock says:

Whoa. Next chapter needs to follow the basic rules of grammar:
-Whenever someone speaks, they get their own paragraph.
-The beginning of each sentence has a capital letter, and sentences are seperated with spaces.
-Sentences end with periods, while ideas are seperated with commas.
-Where and while both have a H in them, and Termina is not spelled Termania.
-And finally, people don't speak in numbers, we use words- when you write a stroy you spell eighteen out, not just type 18.

Basically, you're going to have to proofread your next fic for second grade errors. I hate to be mean, but this was an embarrassment.

linksbestfriend001 says:

sorry, im new to this

linksbestfriend001 says:

whatever u say dude, just quit freakin out on me

Koroks Rock says:

I'm not freaking out- I'm trying to improve your writing. I spend considerable time each day editing literary works, both on this site and in real life, and my expirience has been that a straightforward list of errors gets the point across the fastest. The same thing applies to art and mapping, which i also work with every day. In each one of the fields I help in, the best way to get people to improve is to lay there errors bare in front of them without any hesitation.

linksbestfriend001 says:

sorry, dude! had a bad day, you know how it is!