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Inu in Clocktown

By linksbestfriend001
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Chapter 2: A tour of Clocktown

"This is Clocktown!" Link said holding out his arms.

Inuyasha looked around, "Hmm, I'v seen better.."he says finally.

"Im sorry," Kagome apologized. "He is just angry that we are not back yet."

"Ah, don't worry about it." Link assured her.

Kagome was sure that InuYasha was going to be rude to the next person who walked by...and she was right.

A girl around Links age bumped into InuYasha.

"Oh! I'm sorry, please excuse me." The girl said.

"Whatever! Just get out of my way!" InuYasha replied.

The girl looked surprised at first, then she just went on walking.

Soon, she saw Link, "Oh, hey Link!" She shouted.

"Hey, Allisa." Link said with a smile on his face.

"Guys, this is Allisa, she is a singer, here to perform at the Milk Bar." Link told them, excitedly.

Allisa had long, wavy, blond hair and dark brown eyes.

"Hello! nice to meet you all!" Allisa said, cheerfully.

All of them (except InuYasha) greeted her.

Link told Allisa they were on a tour of Clocktown and asked her if she wanted to come.

Allisa smiled and said "Sure."

Next, they were headed to East Cocktown.

While on the way there Kagome watched the happy people talk and sing and laugh. She seemed to like Clocktown verry much.

"Okay guys, here we are!" Link said.

Link then gave them a tour of East Clocktown.

Next they saw something in the sky, but it was to big to be a bird.

It's screech was louder than ever!

A loud scream followed the screech, and when they all looked around, they saw that Allisa was gone.

Comments on this chapter

Koroks Rock says:

Much better. A few small typos, but nothing to get worked up about.

It feels like you cut the connection between Link and Kagome very short- this may be my own personal expiriences talking, but when someone finds someone they like or even love, it's a slow process. I'd say that putting another page of interaction between the two would make the story better.

linksbestfriend001 says:

well, i have just changed it, so maybe this is better.

Prince_Ganon says:

This a great story but will you make another chapter. Oh yeah what about Shippo and Kirara

linksbestfriend001 says:

ya, i will make another chapter, and saddly, kirara and shippo are not in this fic.

LinkFan says:

I love crossovers! So far so good! keep it up and I'll keep reading!

linksbestfriend001 says:

thanks! ^-^

Kavi_Darkwolf says:

Hey! This is deffinatly better!

Prince_Ganon says:

I like Inuyasha and LoZ (obviously) but never would have thought about putting them together.

dragondemonangel says:

I like it,but I'd just like to suggest to add a little more detail,for those who don't know who InuYasha and his company are.Just sayin'. Other then that,cool story!

linksdaughter says:

why does inuyasha have a bad attiude? i mean she said she was sorry.