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Inu in Clocktown

By linksbestfriend001
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Chapter 4: Catching the Bombers

As Link run after the Bombers, he was thinking about Allisa, but that made it harder to catch the Bombers so he stopped thinking and started concentrating.

He saw a a small kid who was dressed just like the other one so he snuck up on him and caght him.

"AH! How did you know where I was?! The confused little boy asked.

"Its called instinct.....also it was pretty obvious, concidering you all wear the same clothes." Link told the boy with a smile spread across his face.

~Inu's point of view~

InuYasha sit messing with a rock that lay on the ground, wondering what to do. He was bored.

Kagome sit on a box and started to play with her hair. "Hey, lets wonder around Clocktown!" Kagome said while jumping off the box. "It'll be fun! We could meet new people, and we could look for Allisa while we're at it!"

InuYasha got up and started to walk "Fine, but while we're there i want to get lunch." He said in an annoyed tone.

They went on, to explore Clocktown.

~Links point of view~

He had caught the last bomber.He started to question their little leader.

"Where did they go?" He asked. the boy didn't answer. "Tell me." Link said.

The boy pointed to the gate which leaded to Termina Fields. The boy had a frown on his face.

Link thanked the boys, and went off to tell InuYasha, Kagome, Songo and Miroku where he was going.

Comments on this chapter

Prince_Ganon says:

I've read this whole story already and still can't stop reading it.

Kavi_Darkwolf says:

Isn't InuYasha from a computer game?

Prince_Ganon says:

No. He is from an anime called InuYasha. It is about a dog demon who tries to kill his older brother Sesshomaru.

Prince_Ganon says:

Hey LBF001. whens the next chapter. I am dying to see how this story goes.

LinkFan says:

Interesting. I'd say you got the characters down pretty well. The story is good, but it moves kinda fast. I had a story like this a while back (never typed it up) but it was the other way around. I though it would be easier to take Link into feaudal Japan instead of taking the entire InuYasha group to Hyrule, but I like what you did with it. Very nice.

linksbestfriend001 says:

Thanks people!!! sorry about the delay, but i will keep typingif you keep commenting! happy.gif

linksbestfriend001 says:

please tell me which genre i should make my next fan fic! :-)

Zeldas Shadow says:

Somthing with romance, i'd love a good romantic story!!happy.gif

Naya says:

This is a great story i like the fact that Inuyasha and the group end up where link is thats cool um but i think it does kinda go fast and the chapters are kind of short but im not too picky to begin with.

linksbestfriend001 says:

sorry, i am just stressed right now, with my fanfics, fanarts, and the fact that my sis and I are starting our own cartoon. we are going to write it and see if we can find someone to put it in the newspaper, or internet. And, I will probably do a romance story, even if i dont like romance and stuff like that, but if thats what you guys like, then i guess i can write one! so thanks ppl!!

linksbestfriend001 says:

i just typed a chapter three days ago, i guess its taking a long time to come on

linkscopy says:

I think it's cool! But Naya's got a point. They do go a little bit to fast. l;n_n.gif