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Calling of the Master Sword

By midnightkey267
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Chapter 1: Prologue: The Birth

the legend lives on...

The Legend of Zelda: The Calling of the Master Sword
By: midnightkey267

Prologue: The birth...

Before life began, before the world had form, three golden goddesses descended upon the chaotic land of Hyrule. They were Din, the Goddess of Power, Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom, and Farore, the Goddess of Courage.

Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the earth. Nayru, poured her wisdom onto the earth to give the spirit of law to the world. Farore, with her rich soul created all life forms who would uphold this law.

These three great goddesses returned to the heavens, leaving behind the golden sacred Triforce. Since then, the Triforce has become the basis for Hyrule's providence. Where the Triforce stood became the Sacred Realm, Golden Land of the Goddesses.

At the exact point where the three goddesses left Hyrule and entered the heavens, they left behind the three mystical golden triangles. Together these three triangles came to be known as the holy Triforce. The three essential parts of the Triforce are the Triforce of Power, the Triforce of Wisdom, and the Triforce of Courage. As a whole, the Triforce has the power to grant the wishes of the one who touches it. However, the means of how the Triforce grants these wishes are based on the reflection of that one’s heart. If one pure of heart touches it with all three essences in balance, the world would enter a golden age. If one with an evil heart touches it without all three in balance, disaster will strike. So when Ganon finally seized control over the Triforce, it reflected what was in his heart and turned the Golden Land into the Dark World...


Tonight was not a normal, quiet one for Link and Zelda. This night was a bit different from the new lifestyle they had grown accustom to. At Hyrule Castle, stronghold of the Elves she lied there in labor, Zelda was about to give birth to another child, however, Link was not there to support her at that very moment and she was becoming very frustrated. The entire time she was constantly thinking... Link, where in all of damnation are you! “Oh dear Goddesses, I think he’s coming,” the pain filled queen expressed.

“Okay Zel... just...push and breath, come on,” said Krysal who had grown to be one of Zelda’s heartfelt friends.

“Thank some...other people who shall not be named,” Zelda stressed in between breathes.

“Where could Link be? And to think you’d expect him to be here-” she was cut off by Zelda grabbing her hand and squeezing it... tightly. “...Ow...” Krysal finally let out “,” she muttered under her breath.


Off somewhere in Hyrule Field a company of six riders could be spotted racing across the flat terrain and not much farther behind them a pack of Wolfos were hot on pursuit. There won’t enough time to raise the drawbridge without leading those Wolfos into the city, the lead rider thought to himself. He then came up with an idea. “Okay men at about 1200 feet reverse into uni-delta position and stead fast, when the enemy is about 600 feet away, ride head-on drawing your sword to your left and as the enemy rides near bring your sword upright killing it instantly!” The leader yelled, as if he were a sergeant. “Immediately after riding past the pack, withdraw from your horse and kill the rest, leave none alive!!” And with that the crew of men did just as they were told and readied themselves for position. As the pack of infuriated Wolfos gained speed the six riders began to ride head on with the pack. “Watch your legs, that is what they will aim for!” The lead rider said, telling his men to check there greaves, even though he wore no armor, only a green tunic and some black boots. They kept heading onward Ready... 3, 2, 1 “Attack!!!” were the leader’s word as they clashed violently with the Wolfos. All six riders brought their swords upward with a strong thrust. After riding past the pack which had been cut in half, the six men got off their horses and ran toward the rest of the pack. Each knight took on one of the six Wolfos and after two had fallen, the remaining four tried to flee, when all six of the men circled around them and pinned them with their swords. Closing in on the Wolfos, it looked like they would die easily when one of the Wolfos ducked and slashed at the leaders’ legs, the leader managed to get one leg out of the way but the other was not spared. He fell on the ground and dropped his sword.

“Link!” yelled one of the knights named Scot. Scot was your typical Hylian, brown hair, green eyes; he had the same build as Link just a bit taller. With this opportunity the Wolfos broke free out of the concealing circle and scattered. Scot tried to get to Link, but a Wolfos prevented him form getting any further. He began to work at killing the fiend. Over back to Link, while on the ground one of his fellow knights tried to aid him when a fifth Wolfos jumped out of nowhere and pounced on the knight, knocking him out. Three more Wolfos came running down the field toward the party of knights.

“They have reinforcements!” Link yelled sitting up on the ground. He shouldn’t have done this, because now he had brought attention to himself. Oh shit he thought to himself. Then one of the sprinting Wolfos stopped and pinned down Link, gnarling in his face. “Woo,” he remarked “that doesn’t smell all that great” he joked, but Link was notorious for laughing in the face of death. Just then Scot threw his sword at the fiend’s back. Even though he killed it, it fell on top of Link, forcing him to stay down.

“Your welcome!” Scot yelled, fist fighting with a nearby Wolfos.

“I wasn’t going to say thank you!” Link joked, trying to get the dead Wolfos off him, when another came over to him and tried to bite his face. Link countered and socked it hard in the nose, and in the next second broke its neck. It also toppled on Link making the weight increase. Link moaned in pain, and was forced to smell the god-awful stench of both Wolfos. “Well, I guess none of you bathe then,”

While Scott was fighting one of the Wolfos with his fists, he was scanning the field for a sword. It’s a good thing I wore those brass knuckles today, he said to himself as he ducked a slash from the Wolfos and gave it an uppercut to the gut. After stunning the beast he grabbed the sword that was lying next to the unconscious knight and he and the other three knights began hacking at the rest of the Wolfos.

After Scot had slain the last of the Wolfos, he went over to Link and got the dead fiends off him. “If you had taken any longer-” Link got cut off by Scot.

“Shut up, shut up,” Scot shot back. “We have to get Fargén back to the castle and we have to see your baby boy,”

“How do you think it’s going to be a boy?”

“Well all your others are boys so I thought...”

“Yeah well I hope it’s a girl this time...” Link
started “Well either way as long as the baby’s healthy,”

“You’re right. Oh by the way which one will be the heir to the throne, I mean I’m pretty sure which ever kid it is they’re all going to be blasting at each other,”

“I think this baby will be. Either future King or Queen of Hyrule,”

“Why this baby?”

“Because this baby won’t have any ‘magical’ enhancements, so I thought it would be fair. Zelda didn’t almost drown or get burned or get crushed by a boulder or read minds or any other crazy stuff when pregnant with this child.” Link answered. He remembered that thoroughly, when Zelda was pregnant with their son Onua. He must have been thinking something and she got offended and didn’t talk to him for a week.

“Ohh” Scot replied. “Well let’s hurry up and get there... you sure your leg’s okay?”

“Yeah it just needs some bandaging,”


Back at the castle Zelda was sitting there pushing, moaning and breathing still cursing a blue streak at Link when Malon walked in. The red head still looked the same as when she was seventeen, except her hair was pulled back, almost like Zelda’s but her hair was out not up it a bun. “I went to the watch-tower and Link and the others are headed here now. They just had an encounter with a pack of Wolfos,” she told them.

“Where?” the queen asked gritting though her teeth, almost in anger.

“Just some yards outside the castle gates,” she replied.

“Was anyone hurt... like Link?” Zelda asked still breathing in and out.

“Yeah he got slashed at and he cut his leg, and another soldier was knocked uncon-” Malon was cut off.

“Ha! Serves him right for not being here,” Zelda interrupted, now squeezing Krystal’s hand even harder.

“Uh.... Zelda?” Krystal hissed.

“Not now Krystal,” Zelda said.

“You should be breathing,” Krystal said through her shut teeth trying not to lose it.

“A-T-H-M,” Malon expressed very clearly.

“Oh... you were saying?” Zelda asked.

“Yes, someone was knocked unconscious...” Malon said finishing her sentence.

“Oh... who?” Zelda asked concerned.

“I dunno, but they’re all on their way now,” Malon responded.
Just then a man clad in green burst through the doors, it was Link. “Why hello your highness,” Malon said sarcastically.

“Ha ha... you’re not funny; your boyfriend’s waiting for you outside,” Link said.

“Whatever fairy boy,” Malon replied, referring to their childhood days when they first met. She walked out into the hall and greeted Scot with a long passionate kiss knowing everyone could see them thought the window.

“Get-a-room!” Link said jokily through the glass to the two love birds as he limped over to his wife.

“Okay I’ll talk to you after all this is over Zel... I’d say you two need to talk,” Krystal said giving Zelda a smile and walking away. As for Link she didn’t give him such a welcoming look.

“Hi... Krystal?” he said nervously as she glared at him.
She gave him no response, just showing him her red numbing hand. “I’ll get you for this,” she hissed, and Link, knowing her since they were kids, knew she meant it.

“Nice to see you too Krystal...” he said gently. He turned toward his wife. “Zel?” he said cautiously.

“And you weren’t here for what reason?” she asked him.

“You don’t see my current situation?” he asked her.

“And you don’t see mine!” she yelled at him.
There was a long silence and they both stared into each other’s royal blue eyes.

“I love you Zel...” Link said breaking the silence.

“I love you too Link,” she said forgiving him.
“You know, I’ve been trying to come up with some names...”

“I don’t think we should name the baby until we see him,”

“You think it’ll be a boy too?”

“I’d be surprised if it wasn-” she started breathing deeply again and took Link hand and squeezed it. Link curled up his face in pain and understood why Krystal was so mad at him. And through the window to the hall, Malon and Scot had their faces pressed against the glass and Krystal was laughing hysterically at Link’s face. “This is it, this baby’s coming out... NOW!!!” she screamed. Just then the doctor came to Zelda’s aid and began the procedure.

“Okay Zelda now push,” the doctor said. Zelda did so and as she did the chandelier hanging from the ceiling began to glow and it became a great ball of light. Link and all the others except Zelda and the doctor began staring it, it was almost hypnotizing. “Alright Zelda now one big push!” the doctor yelled.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Zelda screamed and the great ball of light moved outward until it disappeared. The doctor took the newborn boy, cut the cord and cleaned him up and gave him to his mother. Zelda let go of Link’s hand and he shook it out... with Krystal laughing again at his misfortune. Link sat on the bed next to his wife and newborn son.

“Another boy,” he said laughing “Well that makes I believe eight, eight little rascals,” Zelda moved her son’s dirty blonde hair away from his crying face. Scot, Malon and Krystal ran in to see the baby.

“Oh he’s so cute!” Krystal said in a baby voice.

“He looks just like you Link,” Scot replied.

“Yes, he does doesn’t he?” Malon cut in.
Just then the little baby boy opened his eyes and shocked Zelda “Look at his eyes... they’re cerulean,” she said attracting everyone else’s attention.

“Well what are you going to name him?” Link said asking the obvious question. There was a long silence when finally, Zelda broke it.

“I’ve got it!” she exclaimed “We shall name him after one of Hyrule’s greatest rulers... since he too will be a great ruler,”

“Who... Me?”

“No not you Link... sometimes you’re too conceded. His name will be...

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Comments on this chapter

Koroks Rock says:

Ehh. Approved, but it could stand a lot of work. The dialogue is very chunky, you stole a bit from The Two Towers, and as a whole the dynamics of the characters are pretty poor. Sit down with some friends and see if they can help you make it flow better.

Oh, and be sure to put a blank line between each paragraph, it makes it much easier to read. Italics for a character's thoughts wouldn't hurt either.

Kavi_Darkwolf says:

And you could do with going over it and reading it after your done. Also put some commas after the thought. Anyway, good action. I kinda like it. Work on it, and it could become good.

midnightkey267 says:

thanks for the constructive critism... i didn't realize until after i posted the chapter that italics could be put in. I tried modifying it the best i could to my microsoft word version, but when i posted it i was frustrated with the format and just let it go. plus this was written about 3 years back, but i just never bothered posting it or proofreading it. however you will see a big improvment in the coming chapter and especially in the sequel.

thanx... i'm making modifications as i write this.