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By Naya
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Chapter 1: the little kitten

Kasha is the daughter of the chief, chief Komali, right before he got his scale from the Great Valoo he had met the new hero. Kasha thought maybe something exciting would happen for her too. Then she scaled the mountain and saw the Great Valoo he gave her a scale from his chest and Kasha knew that had to mean something.

Kasha awoke with a start "huh?"
"Its time for you to wake up" Said her father.
"Oh, do i have to?" kasha asked, "Whats so important today anyway?"
"Nothing special." Replied her father.
"Fine I'll get up, just point me to the food so i can get my energy back." Kasha said and got up off her bed.
"Alright," Said her father, "the food is on the balcony where some of the rito's take off to deliver the mail."
"Ok see you later father." Said kasha and she left the room.

Kasha found a bottle of lon-lon milk and a bowl of soup waiting for her. She ate it and watched some of the early rising ritos go off and deliver mail. She had never left the island before and she thought about flying over to the nearest island just for a half hour or so. But she knew she shouldn't not today but she could at least fly around the island for a little while.
Kasha took off, she wasnt a bad flier for only having her wings for a little over a day. She soared with the sea gulls and flew higher than them and circled the rito island.
After about twenty minutes of this she decided to go inside and see what everybody was up to. When she got inside she saw something that had never happened before.
Her father had thrown her a party to cellebrate her new wings. She couldnt believe it. There were streamers and a big sign that said congratulations on it. Some of the rito postman had gotten her presents from other islands. She got flowers, fish bait, seagull pears, some bottles, and some other stuff too.
Her father walked up to her and said "Hello Kasha I hope you enjoy your party, but here this is for you it is given to every rito when they get their wings." Then her father handed her a delivery bag.

After the party Kasha walked around the island and went to see the old wind god shrine, as she was walking she saw something move. She turned her head and looked in the direction she saw movement from. It was little and tan in color it had pointed ears and deep green eyes. It had whiskers and a little tail. Kasha thought it was the cutist thing in the world. Then she went over to pick it up.

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Comments on this chapter

achitka says:

Kittens!!!! what's not to love about kittens? I can honestly say I have no Idea what will happen...none at all.

firehexer says:

Good Idea. I like the subject.

Naya says:

Yeah i know lon lon milk isn't in wind waker but it was the only other thing i knew of that is food in the zelda games... Thanks for the reviews i wasnst sure if it would actually go through. so yeah i dont know when im going to write the next chapter probably when i actually have the time when my family isnt on because they like to be on a lot.

If anyone would like to give me some ideas too that would be great