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A New Life in a Pack

By LinksLove
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Chapter 1: Fall Homecoming

Disclaimer: I don’t own Zelda.
Note: This is my first real fanfic, so if it sucks, blame it on my lack of experience!

Link took a deep breath, savoring the scent of early fall. [ i ]It’s good to be back.[ /i ] He turned turned to his companion, Epona.

“Well girl, I guess you can go home now, if you want to.”

Epona snorted. Link smiled.

“Don’t worry girl. I’ll be ok. I know where we are now.” He said as he patted Epona’s nose. ”Besides, Malon probably misses you!”

Epona licked Link’s face, and then took off. Link waved after her until he couldn’t see her anymore.

Link walked along the road, soon spotting something up ahead. He didn’t have to walk far to see that the thing was a roadside stand. As he approached it, he could smell a pleasant scent that was coming from the stand. He soon could tell that the smell was that of a variety of plants. Upon arriving at the stand, a fairly young woman, who appeared to be running the stand, promptly said, “I’ll be right with you!”

While the woman was busy, Link looked at the many kinds of medicinal, herbal and floral plants, amazed that one little stand could have such a wide variety. The woman turned around.

“How can I… Oh! I bet you’re here for that order…”

Before Link had a chance to explain that he wasn’t here for an order, the woman disappeared back behind the stand. [ i ]What the crap… Sigh… I guess I’ll have to wait to tell her that I’m just browsing. I wonder why she assumed that I was-[ /i ]

“Sorry to keep you waiting!” the woman’s cheery voice pierced Link’s thoughts, “I didn’t expect one of you to be here so soon!”

She had just placed a box in front of Link when the phone suddenly rang. As the woman answered it, Link reached for his wallet. Out of the corner of her eye, the woman saw him and hissed, “Don’t worry! It’s already been paid for!”

“Oh, uh, ok.” Link replied. [ i ]I guess I’ll run this errand. The address is on the box, so I should be able to find the place where this is supposed to go. Let’s see… 01 Okami Village? Great. Where is Okami Village?[ /i ] Link consulted his map. Okami Village was located North-West of Zora’s Fountain and not far from Link’s current location.[ i ] Alright, that’s good. I’ll be able to deliver this before sundown.[ /i ] Link walked along the road until he reached a fork. One way led further down the road, the other led down a narrow dirt path into the woods.

“Ok, which way do I need to go?” Link said as he checked his map. It was hard to tell, but Link figured out that he needed to take the dirt path into the woods.

As Link walked along the trail, he heard a lot of howling. [ i ]I guess there are wolves around here. I wonder if I’ll see one…[ /i ]

After walking for about an hour, Link heard some rustling nearby. Expecting an enemy, he drew his sword and stood in a defensive position. Then he felt something wet on the back of his leg. He whirled around and came face to face with a young wolf. It had a beautiful face, with intricate markings and bright, sapphire blue eyes, not unlike Link’s.
[ i ]That is the prettiest wolf I’ve ever seen![ /i ] Link bent down to get a better look. They stared at each other for a moment, and then the wolf licked Link’s face.

Then the wolf nosed at the box that Link was holding. [ i ]Oh! Right. The order. I almost forgot…[ /i ] Link stood up and began to walk away, when he felt a tug on his tunic.

“I’m sorry. I’ve got to go, little guy. I have to deliver this box.”

The wolf nodded in reply and ran ahead, then stopped in the middle of the trail and stared at Link.

“Yeah, I need to go down that trail. I don’t want to trip over you, so could you maybe move?”

The wolf ran behind Link, butted him forward, and then ran ahead of him again, stopping in the middle of the trail. [ i [Is it possible…?[ /i ]

“Do… do you know where I need to go?” The wolf nodded.

So, Link followed the wolf. After a while, the wolf stopped in the middle of the trail and began to sniff around.

“Something wrong? Hey… you didn’t get us lost, did you!?”

The wolf jumped behind the bushes, apparently ignoring Link.

“Oh. I see. Ok, hurry up!” Link turned around, assuming that the wolf had some private business to take care of. Then Link heard loud rustling behind him. Startled by the sudden loud noise, Link whipped around to find that the bushes had parted, revealing a new path, with the wolf sitting in the middle of it. [ i ]A secret path? I wonder… is this a… shortcut? [ /i ]

After walking down the path for a short time, Link found himself and the wolf in front of a large gate, guarded by two young, female guards, who bowed as he and the wolf passed through.

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Comments on this chapter

LinksLove says:

Ohhhhhhh noooooooo.......... How the hell are you supposed to do italics!? OMG........ How am I supposed to fix this!? Oh crap......... Not good. Not good.............

torso says:

I'm more familiar with html than bbcode, but I think that you are not supposed to put a space between your brackets. Barring that, you may use another symbol (_italics_ or *bold*) to indicate emphasis, or you can try to exercise writing without italics at all.

Your story is a little too straightforward for my taste. For example, Link hears howling, wonders if he'll see a wolf, and then in the following paragraph--bam! he sees a wolf. So, maybe you could either stretch the timing out, or you could omit some of the thoughts/one-sided dialogue since they are not always necessary (advice that I myself should take). While the latter is a perfectly acceptable kind of description, it could still be sprinkled with more action.

Otherwise, it's very good for a beginner! smile.gif Much better than my (and many others') first efforts.

LinksLove says:

Mmmm... stretching it? I have to admit, the story is a bit quick. Maybe a little unnecessary diologue couldn't hurt... Yeah, I'll try that in short, boring chapters.

Koroks Rock says:

ja, no spaces between the brackets and the letter i. Sorry if that was unclear on the BBcode page, it's hard to illustrate such things without actually using them.

LinksLove says:

-Sighs.- That figures. I don't suppose the description explaining how to use bbcode said anything about NOT using the spaces, did it? Oh well. I'm new to posting stories on this site. I'll try using bbcode again when I post chapter 3.

achitka says:

They have phones in Hyrule? While a bit incongruent to the Zelda world - is cool...certainly will make it easier to get in touch with the princess. The other intangibles were covered by others so I won't add to that.

So on to chapter two

LinksLove says:

There are phones in Link's Awakening, if anyone remembers. At any rate, there will be other very modern technologies in my story, as you will find out.

madiboo says:

Wow. Modern tecnology in Zelda. Cool.