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Welcome to High School

By dragondemonangel
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Chapter 1: The New Girl

The lukewarm air swept about the boy as he tiredly trudged down the street to his high school. Or the prison that had the words High School on it.He wore dark blue jeans and a green T-shirt.His hair was a dirty blond and his skin was barely tanned.He rolled his blue eyes in annoyance and he walked up the stairs to the front door.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked up to see one of his best friends,Darunia. Darunia was darkly tanned and his hair brown. He wore a black shirt that said 'How to Escape Your Ex-girlfriend:Run,Hide,Leave Town'. Next to him was Ruto,his other best friend. She had hair that was black as midnight with blue and aqua-green highlights in a high ponytail and she wore a black shirt that had a green alligator and underneath it,it read 'I Bite'

A red-headed girl passed by and Link's eyes followed her. She wore a white skirt that fell just past her knees and a pink shirt with a a red rose on the front. She was laughing with her friends and turned a coner and vanished from sight.

The three friends went to first period Scoial Studies.

"Honestly,I don't know what you see in a girl like Malon,Link."Ruto said. Link stared at her,but of course,Darunia HAD to have his say.

"I can name five good things to see."he said,holding up five fingerrs.

Link sighed."Put your hand down,Darunia before I put it down for you. Permanently."he said with a knowing look. Darunia,scowling,put his hand down.

Meanwhile,Ruto looked for something to hit Darunia with. Finding nothing,she settled with whacking him in the back of his head with her hand. Rubbing the back of his head,Darunia looked up and asked,"Hey,who's that?Is she new?"

The other two looked up.
Zelda swallowed nervously. She hated changing schools and could never get used to it. She wore jeans with sequined butterflies on the left thigh. On her black and gray shirt was a lavender Chinese dragon with a few sequins here and there. Her golden hair fell gently around her shoulders and her cerulean eyes were more then a little nervous.

Ruto stood up and went up to her.

"Hi.",Ruto said,smiling,holding out her hand,"I'm Ruto Daliot."

"Zelda Tayijin."Zelda said,shaking her hand.

Link and Darunia came over."This is Link Takahashi. He's got a bit of an attitude problem,but he's a good guy. And this is Darunia Hintaru.He can be perv sometimes,but hes okay. Don't be afraid to hit him when he gets perverted."Ruto introduced.

"Hey!"Darunia protested while Zelda broke out in a fit of giggles.

"All,right. Sit down."the teacher ordered.

For the next half hour,they tried their hardest to stay awake,but that was hard. What was this guy droning on about anyway? Whatever. The bell would ring in

The ringing echoed htrough the halls as Link got up and he was going to find Malon to see if she would go out with him. HE found her,but he didn't like it.

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Comments on this chapter

Koroks Rock says:

OK, we'll just assume that "Show, Don't Tell" is a dead project? I've been waiting for you to do something with that fic (officially end it or ask me to remove it, something), because we do have a rule around here which states that no author can have more than two fics going on simultaneously.

Link_Dream says:

This is a pretty cool fic, but the only thing in it that seems reletivly Link-related is the names.....

LinksLove says:

Not bad. Where did you get the last names? Takahashi sounds familiar, and I definately heard it in an anime show once. Couple of suggestions, though. Spellcheck, and one space after a comma or period. What I do is have my older brother, who is somewhat experienced in the field of writing, read over my story and check for errors, or areas where the wording is hard to understand.
Again, nice story. I'll keep an eye out for updates.

star_breaker says:

This is a really cool story. I've always wondered what it would be like for Link and everyone to go to ordianary school in modern times, and now it's happened! You've handled it really well. Is Mido going to be in this? He'd make a great bully boy! Once again, great job on your fic! biggrin.gif

dragondemonangel says:

Koroks Rock,srry about this. I tried ending Show,Don't Tell several time. I thought it worked.Srry.

Everyone else:Thanx for advice and comments!!Oh,and star_breaker,Mido's probably gonna be in it.I got Takahashi from the author of the InuYasha manga's last name. I kinda made up Zelda's last name,I got Daliot from one of my friend's last nams,(with her permission of course!)and I got Hintaru from a list of Japanese names that my brother had lying around.

linkmaster377 says:

zelda tayijin!?

dragondemonangel says:

*shrugs*Thats what happens when yiu got a writers' block for names.

star_breaker says:

Yay! I can't wait to see what he'll be like!

Ch!b!Z3ld@^^ says: