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Told in the Shadows

By atamari 101
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Chapter 1: In a bustlin' world

I, as then a normal,anonmyous girl, lives in this little bustlin' world with no taste or time to take a sit. I as myself lived in a city that is crowded with people and for sure or no worse bad crime comminments were made down there and I was one of them...

"Belonging to one of those good for nothing people never help our lives making it better." One of my friend said while we were walking down on a sidewalk street lane.

"Quit complaing, Joe, I knew this before you say it." Gabby said

"Would you guys get along on one day?" I said

They bored ignored and turned away.

I myself has no attention for these two. They had this problem since I moved here. Drug situation, gangs, and all that on top of list. i just can't stand this so much wickedness in this world.

I wish there's a person out there who is carrying the light.

With wisdom and courage to make me speak up.

Taking a few acid wasn't enough for me.

And now....

One of my friends are inviting me over for a party going in downtown were adults are only allowed to go of one of the bars and it's illeagal for a minor to go to one that's all.

"No, no this is a different one. You get to drink all you want up and get drunk in the high up stairs abandon apartments." Gabby said

But then with a thought, I heard rumors is when few people got shot up stairs and that was tragic coming all the way.

"So are you gonna come?" Joe looked at me with a question

"Sure" I said with my final answer.

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Koroks Rock says:

You really, really need to find a better translation program, or spend some more time translating this yourself. This is very difficult to read, which will drive away readers and makes your story seem childish. I would offer to help you with your writing, but it's simple too big a task for my limited time. Ask around and see if a native English-speaker is willing to help edit your story.

Be sure that this story is Zelda based- from your introductory chapter and story description, I have my doubts. I have very limited time and resources to help you with.