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Highway to Jigoku

By stacioneal121889
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Chapter 2: dutch elm disease

Jaami ran to west clock town cluching what felt like a ventriloquist's dummy in her arms. She threw open the door and screamed out:

"Get me a bottle of potion and make it quick! This is an emergency!

"Do you want a bag for that or anything?" the night clerk responded in his typical faux courteus way. Jaami had not even left the store when she proceeded to pour the life giving liquid (notes of kool-aid with a sugar watery finish.) Down limnas' tree knothole throat. Limnas then unconcious, opened his glowing red orange eyes, choked on the stuff for a few seconds and swallowed.

"I can't possibly thank you enough times." said limnas.

"What were you doing in the field at night anyway?" inquired Jaami.

"You were in the field at night." countered Limnas. The next morning Limnas returned to the swamp. But she couldn't get him out of her head. Every time she saw the word "him" or "his" in the text of a book, she thought of Limnas. After She saved him Limnas told her a little about Himself. He was very funny, like Jaami. Never took much seriously. He was also very into the idea that the races of Termina should be less segregated and more united. And last but not least he heavily into skynyrd, mettalica and ac/dc!

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Comments on this chapter

Koroks Rock says:

I'll let you reformat this as I did to the one before. Until this chapter is right, don't expect me to approve the next chapter.

star_breaker says:

OK, much too short and it's been rushed, and it shows. Try and slow things down a little; more speech between the characters, more description... you won't get much readers by rushing your Fic.

firehexer says:

The story itself isn't so bad, but try to make longer chaps.

And AC/DC rules!