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Highway to Jigoku

By stacioneal121889
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Chapter 1: Haven't you had enough!?

"Sorry, you don't have enough rupees." replied Mr. Barten after Jaami asked for another chateau romani (bubbly and not too creamy).

"Aw, damn it can't you just put it on a tab?" said Jaami.

"You know I don't do that kind of thing. I do have bills to pay."

"Fine. I'll just get my bow and kill some monsters in the field, get some rupees off them and come back."

"Ok by me" said Barten. Jaami usually indulged in the vintage milk after her band monan was finished playing, their show usually consisted of covers of the Indigo-Go's and Lynyrd Skynyrd with a few original songs. Due to her favorite drink's 200 rupee price it ate up most of her income leaving not much to contribute to her household. She lived with her father, one of Mutoh's workers.

She marched to her house and as soon as she went in the door her Dad bellowed at her "Where have you been!? It's nearly 2:00 AM!!!"

"At work." answered Jaami. "I am a grown-ass woman so why does it matter!?"

Jaami's father had been fiercely overprotective of her since her mother died when she was 12. She went to her room, got her bow and headed for the door.

"Where are you going now!?" demanded her dad.

"To the field to get some money."

"I'll be damned if I'll allow you to get eaten by those monsters!"

"How can a chuchu eat me? Would you be scared of a jar of jelly? JELLY! JELLY!" Jaami screamed at dad as she was holding a jar of strawberry preserves at his face to make her point.

She stormed out of the house checked with the guard and entered the field. Except she didn't turn south to shoot chuchus, Jaami turned north towards snowhead to shoot dodongos, they usually dropped 50 rupees when you shot them. She set up her sniper's nest on the ledge above the entance to the mountains and trained an arrow on one of the giant lizard's tails. Jaami drew back her bow, and...

"MEE-EEP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" a deku scrub came running out of nowhere, leaves shaking wildly, screaming bloody murder. A second later Jaami saw why he was screaming. A dodongo came chasing after him blowing flames. The dodongo Jaami was aiming at joined in on the chase pinning their prey to a rock. Jaami quickly decided not to just stand there and sent an arrow into each dodongo's tail. She sent two more into their tails injuring them more, and finally killing them with another two.

Jaami ran down the ramp to the scrub. "Thank you, human lady, you saved me."

"Don't think anything of it." Jaami replied "Oh, my giants your wood is burned." She scooped him up and said "I'll get you to town and get you a potion. By the way what's your name?"

"Limnas." The injured scrub answered.

"Mine's Jaami."

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Koroks Rock says:

Um. OK, seeing as you're new, I'll fix this for you, but in the future, be sure to put a blank line *between* each paragraph, with each new speaker getting their own dialogue. I'm not sure how/why you put all the blank lines after your single gigantic paragraph, but I fixed it for you.

I also enriched your word choice a bit- avoid using "said" every time someone speaks, and try to use words like "demanded" "replied" and "asked", etc. Finally, I fixed some punctuation errors, like using two hyphens instead of quotes (' instead of "), and not capitalizing the first letter in sentences.

Try running your chapters through Word's Spelling and Grammar check before posting them here, so they look more professional and finished.

star_breaker says:

Nice chapter! A little short, but nice.