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Unreal Future

By Guardian
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Chapter 1: Unfortunate Day

Editors note: I wrote this story cause I was bored and had nothing to do. I wrote this from my two favorite games and the following chapters are from the other game and book. (If you read it.) Please take nothing personal from this story I still like the Legend of Zelda best!

As the morning sun rose on the horizon a boy in a green tunic awoke from in a castle from which he now lived. The castle was none other than Hyrule Castle where he has been for two years now with princess Zelda. The boy's name was Link and he was 18 years old, with blonde hair, and blue eyes which glowed when the sun rays hit them. Link looked out the window in his room to stare at the Market where few people were out going to work, but he knew that soon everyone will be out doing what they needed to do for the day. He then walked to his closet grabbed his hat and exited the room.

He went straight to Zelda's room peeked through the room to see if she was awake. Zelda was still asleep and Link couldn't help but admire her beauty. Link has been wanting to ask her hand in marriage for a long time now, but for some reason he didn't. He carefully closed her door not trying to wake her and walked outside from the castle to Hyrule field for a walk around to wake himself fully.

He like other soldiers was strong so he didn't want to lose them, and speed that he needed for fights just in case something happened. So Link practiced with his blade he made himself, swam around in Lake Hylia, and other exercises that helped him. After he finished his exercises Link jumped in Lake Hylia to clean himself.

As Link got out of the lake he saw something in the sky and continued to stare at it in wonder. As he stared at it he thought " what on earth is that?" It looked like a thin strip of blue light zooming across the sky. To his disbelief ot started to turn. Link then gasped when it went straight for him. When the beam hit him everything got incredibly white that he had to close his eyes. When the beam disappeared so did he.

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Comments on this chapter

Koroks Rock says:

Your choice of words makes me suspect you're not a native English speaker- "strong with muscles that he didn't want to lose" is a redundant phrase in English, and would make more sense as "strong, which he did not want to lose". It could then have better word choice, which would make it "physically strong, an asset that he did not want to squander".

Ask around and see if someone would be willing to help you out with your phrases and word choice. The little differences make a lot of difference in chapters this short. Good luck!

Guardian says:

Thanks for the advice. I'm having some trouble with my computer so everything I try to put in isn't coming out right which is annoying me right now. I'll also try to make it longer. I still have a lot to learn though.

Koroks Rock says:

That's life, you learn and develope. It's pretty awesome to watch people's writing get better over time, it's why I am like like I am.

Guardian says:

I hope I develope those skills pretty fast. I'm usually not a writer, but when i write stories sheesh I write stuff that are in my mind. Thats been happening a lot lately.

star_breaker says:

Grammar was a bit wonky, but if you're not native-english, that's understandable. There's a good plot though. Great start!