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Unreal Future

By Guardian
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Chapter 2: The Meeting

When Link appeared he took a moment to look around his surroundings. He saw patches of green grass, with boulders that were bigger then Link was, and a waterfall that fell over the side of the mountain. He looked down the montain see how far up he was. Link was miles up a mountain that seemed to compete with mt. Everest. Link let out a long whistle and said "I don't think I'm in Hyrule anymore" and decided to walk around and find somebody.

As he was walking up a hill Link heard a constant pattern of BANG BANG and ROOSH ROOSH (Couldn't think of anything else) so he started to become cautious. When he looked around a corner he saw what Link believed was Hylians using some bizarre thing which made the noise he heard. Then what he looked at next confused him even more.

Link saw monsters he never seen before. Five was short with orange and red armor that looked like there was a horn coming out of it's back, (Grunts) and two humanoid creatures that had blue and cobalt armor with a split lip. (Elites) . Link thought "Were am I what are they?" Link decided to get closer, but not to be seen. When he got closer he started hearing screaming from the "Hylians" and the creatures.

When Link looked again he saw flashes of blue,and green light from weapons the monsters had and the flashes of yellow light that lasted for about a fraction of a second and disappeared constantly from the "Hylians" weapons. One person said " Here's a present from the Human race bitches!!" and threw what looked like a rock, but when it landed it blew up throwing three Grunts in the air screaming their heads off. Another person said " Look at the bastards fly ha ha!!" Link then thought " The Human race? Is that what they people are?"

Then a blue armored Elite started retreating towards him and hid behind a tree just feet to where Link was hiding from. The Elite looked around saw him and roared for a challenge and tried to shoot him, but the gun seemed to be dead and decided to try something else. It appeared to laughed and a sword flashed in its hand. Unlike a regular sword it had two points instead of one that was inches apart. Link knew that meant trouble for him. So he looked for something to fight back found nothing and decided to use speed instead of strength.

The creature charged sword held high and did a vertical slice that Link easily dodged and a horizontal slice which Link avoided again. The Elite seemed to get agitated so it began to swing faster. Link still dodged every single slice it threw at him. It roared in anger did another slice, but when Link dodged it did a straight kick that caught Link offguard. Link fell on his back and tried to get up, but the Elite put its foot on Link's chest to keep him down. The creature chuckled raised the glowing blade in the air and began to stab Link in the chest. Link quickly kicked the Elite's hand to try to knock it away. The sword moved a little bit, but not much as it continued to fall. Link then felt a pain so intense he yelled out loud it burned. He looked down, only one tip stabbed his stomach not both it burned badly worse pain than he ever felt before. It didn't matter the Elite realized this and drew out the glowing sword slowly trying to cause more pain which it did. Link howled in agony and anguish. The Elite laughed at this until suddenly its head blew off. Purple blood rained down from its headless body fell to the ground. The last thing he saw was someone in green armor standing above him before everything faded to black.

Comments on this chapter

Koroks Rock says:

Lots of tense problems; "appeared to laughed", "from its headless body fell to the ground", "Five was short with orange", etc. You appear to have mostly confused past/present tenses, and also just lost words when you typed.

Also, I moved this story to the "Crossover" section. It's a better fit for the story.

Guardian says:

I need to get better at this. I got another chapter ready tell me if there is anything wrong with it. (You probably will in just seconds)

star_breaker says:

Again, wonky grammar. I'm a little confused about this, but nice fight description.