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Unreal Future

By Guardian
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Chapter 4: New Things To Try Out

Link woke up and saw nothing but the blue sky. He quickly realized something looked around the side of the pillars and started looking up. He was on ring that had patches of land surrounded by water throughout the whole ring. The only thing he thought was " OK now where the HELL am I? I didn't see that before." Link tried to sit up, but he felt pain course through his stomach. He then remembered what happened. He looked down and felt were the wound was. Someone put bandages were he got stabbed at.

His thoughts were interuppted when he heard the familiar sounds of fighting again. Link crawled over to the side of the building and found the same people fighting the creatures he saw earlier, plus a pair of other creatures he didn't see before. They looked like birds, but without wings, had hooves, and blood red eyes that seemed like it seen hell. (Jackals.) They carried glowing blue shields and plasma pistols.

Link then heard a screamed turned in time to see a man fall on his back. He then saw another Elite this time in cobalt armor. The Elite walked up to the man raised a gun and shot the man's head.

"NOOOO, YOU BASTARD!!!" Link looked and saw another man raise his gun and shot the Elite until it wilted and got torn apart with purple blood flying in the air. He walked over and shot its head. " f***er, didn't know who the hell they were messing with." The guy said in anger.

"MARINES LISTEN UP!!" A black skinned man said and the rest of the people looked at him. "We got ourselves a dropship coming to pick us in five minutes so let's get ready. First look for survivors so we don't leave anyone behind." And all he heard was "Yes sir" from everyone else.

Link decided to look also and walked down the stairs to help out. He stopped when he saw the man that was shot in the head was at. Walked over to where his at and found his gun. Link picked it up and examined it. It was weird, but must pack quite a punch if it took that Elite out.

He heard a roar right behind him and turned to were the sound was. It was another cobalt armored Elite and it looked pissed off. Link on instinct whirled the gun around and pulled the trigger and watched the Elite die right in front of him. Purple blood began to blanket it's body.

Johnson saw the incident and grinned looked at the Chief and said "Looks like sleeping beauty got skills." The Master Chief just nodded and they both walked over to Link.

Link looked at both of them and said "Nice toys you got here guys."

Johnson laughed and said "Is it fun kid? Whoa whoa don't point that thing over here you'll poke somebodies eye out. We can teach you everything we got and there toys also." He pointed to the dead creatures.

Link replied "OK teach me everything you know."

Johnson then said "Well there will be some changes for you kid."

Link answered "My name is Link."

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star_breaker says:

Nice chapter, but short. Things seem to be making a little more sense, but you still have grammar problems. Try running your story through MW, Spell Check should deal with problems there. Nice work!