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Unreal Future

By Guardian
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Chapter 5: The Training

Link wished they would have told him some of the changes. Cause one of those changes was to cut is hair real short like the other marines. He didn't like his hair short he prefered it the way it was before. Another change was the way he dressed. He had to wear the same uniform the marines had also. Even though it wasen't that bad but it was kind of hard to tell who was who, well besides the Chief he was the only one that had green armor. Even with the changes he still stood out. It was his ears that made him stand out.

The training though Link didn't expect it would hard. Well as soon as he started he changed his mind quick. The training was something different than he ever had before. He thought they would teach him just to use a gun but no. He had to do drills like crawl under wiring with people shooting over his head, jumping over fences they made, hand-to-hand combat just in case he ran out of ammo, and other things.

Sargeant Johnson personally trained him and gave Link no respite no matter what. Johnson alway's shouted if Link is tired "DO YOU THINK THE COVENANT IS GOING LET YOU REST!! HELL NO THEY'LL KILL YOU RIGHT ON THE SPOT WITH NO HESITATION!! SO GET MOVING SOLDIER! PROVE TO ME THAT YOU CAN DO IT!!!"

The sarge didn't do hand-to-hand combat training though the Master Chief did. The Chief was far worse than Johnson and he too gave Link no respite. The Spartan didn't wear his armor though cause his armor doubled his strength and he might have accidently killed Link. When Link saw the Chief without his armor he was shocked his skin was pure white cause it never came in contact with the sun.

When they started the training the Master Chief with no hesitation would knock Link down hard so he had to block every throw the Chief threw at him which was hard cause the Spartan was faster than anyone. One day the Chief broke Link's arm and threw him down. He was in so much pain he stayed on the ground which was his fatal error cause the Chief just walked over and kicked him the stomach. Link yelled in pain and laid on his back for a while. The Master Chief said to him while Link was on the ground "What I did to you was nothing compared to what the Covenant do. They'll break every bone in your body and you and torture you until you beg for death." And he forced Link to continue until he took him to the doctor.

The doctor wasen't surprised when he heard the Spartan broke Link's arm. The doctor told him the Chief broke another marines arm and leg during training cause the leatherneck made fun of the Chief cause of his skin was so white and he was instantly got his bones snapped. Link was shocked when he heard that. He couldn't believe the Spartan would do that to another person. His arm was fixed in just minutes. They had a machine that can repair broken bones, it was painful but worth it.

Cortana handled the next training. Link was surprised when he first saw Cortana. She taught Link everything that he needed like his enemies, weapons, vehicles, and his allies. Cortana also taught him history from when Earth was the only planet we lived on, and the present. It was a lot to learn but in time he got everything down.

Link soon became a official marine.

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star_breaker says:

Nice, but yet again, very short. You could have included a little more detail on Link's training; for instance, where was he living, what were the other Marines like, their attitudes towards him, etc.

Guardian says:

Really? You like my story? I'm starting to doubt my story is good. The next chapter will tell you where he is at and everyones attitude to him.