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Unreal Future

By Guardian
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Chapter 6: Chapter six: Explanations…sort of.

Link laid down on the bed in his private room. He sat up and looked around the room. The room had only the basics a bed, bathroom, shower, mirror and one lonely lightbulb on the ceiling which was bright enough for him to walk around without running into things. It was pretty barren now that he looked around. Link recalled what the whole place looked like from outside. It was a butte surrounded with mountains and beyond the mountains was a wide plateau and in the distance more mountains. He considered going outside and walking but quickly discarded that idea. He didn’t want people to see him cause people would flood him with questions. The only people that know about him were of course the Sarge, the Chief and the three other marines that saw him from the beginning Jenkins, Bisenti, and Mendoza.

Jenkins was all right guy. He gave Link respect from the beginning he met him unlike the other two. The only problem with him is he only talks negative stuff. He hates the war; he hates seeing death in the face all the time and watching friends around him die. And since landing where they where at with no backup from anywhere else Jenkins considers they’re going to die eventually. Not by the enemy since that’s not the only problem they have. They’re eventually going to use up all the supplies they got and one by one they’ll die. Link didn’t want to hear that. Like he has problems already.

Bisenti is the crazy one. He loves guns and explosives, every type of weapon they have he’s in love with it. To him it’s a tool to blow something’s head off. He talks positive though. He likes to relax a lot. In the battlefield he’s serious. It seems Bisenti fears nothing. Except everyone has to fear something right? And its bugs. It’s laughable after facing down any enemy he fights gets done in by bugs. Probably since he had a bad encounter with one. The bug was poisonous so you probably know what happened.

Mendoza is the quiet one. He hardly talks to people only his friends. Mendoza can speak a different language that everyone says is Spanish. He can speak in English if its someone that doesn’t understand it. He’s full of mystery.

There was a knock at the door. Link stiffened. He didn’t know who it was and if it was a stranger what was he going to do? He opened the door a crack too see who it was. It was Jenkins to his surprise.

“Hey Link, the Major wants to see you about something.” Jenkins said. Jenkins started to walk away, paused, turned around then added, “Put your helmet on so nobody can see your ears if you want. Your choice.”

Link sighed “Alright, so where is he? Is he at his office?”

“Yeah, just down the hall and the first door to your left.” He answered, “be careful the Major seems pissed off about something.”

Link nodded then walked to his bed and picked up his helmet then donned his headgear. He walked out the door and down the hall. Every person he passed didn’t bother him at all. They probably thinking that he’s another soldier or they know who he is but just don’t care. He entered the Major’s office and saluted. He wasn’t used to everything so he felt uncomfortable about saluting.

Major Silva sat in his chair and said “at ease” and gestured to an empty chair. Link moved and sat down.

Major Silva was one hard-core marine based on what he heard about him. He was a good leader who cared about the soldiers under his command. For some reason though he despised the Chief. He had black hair that was shaved short on the top and sides, brown eyes, white skin, straight nose, and a frustrated, but calm look on his face.

“Take your helmet off.” Silva said.

Link took his helmet off and expected a hundred questions coming at him. But there wasn’t. Silva just stared. “Hmm, so that armored freak wasn’t lying to me after all.” Silva said, “okay let’s skip the formalities, so what’s your story? How did you end up here?”

Link shrugged “ I don’t know, the only thing I remember was a bright light. Then I end up here.”

Major Silva seemed lost in thought for a while until stood up from his desk and walked to the door. “Alright we’ll talk later private. In the meantime I want you ready at 0400 hours for recon. That is all.” And walked out the room.

Not much of a talker are you? He thought. Link got up from the chair, put his helmet on and left the office. On the way he saw Bisenti and he seemed excited about something. He was talking to someone. And Bisenti just happened to look in his direction and saw him.

“Hey Link, come over here I want to show you something!” He yelled, “Its awesome!”

Link walked over to him and he was holding something. It was long that had a nozzle at the end and some liquid in a container in the back part with a tube inside of it. Bisenti looked proud holding it with a grin on his face. The person next to him had brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes.

“Link I present to you the flame-thrower.” Bisenti said his face beaming, “I made it myself with parts I had in the room. Isn’t it beautiful? Oh, and that’s Fitzgerald if you wanted to know.” He pointed at him and Fitzgerald nodded. Bisenti looked down the empty hallway and grinned. He pointed the flame-thrower down the hallway.

“Bisenti, don’t even think about it.” Fitzgerald said.

“I never do,” he said, “fire it the hole!” he yelled and pulled the trigger. A stream of flame erupted from the tip of the nozzle and down the hall. Six feet the flame covered. The fire was straight and spread like a cone. Bisenti released his finger from the trigger and the flame burned out. He looked back at Fitzgerald his face still grinning. “I can’t wait to use this thing against the Covenant. Roast them like marshmallows.” He said proudly.

“Bisenti! What the hell you doing?” A voice barked. All three marines spun around to see Sergeant Johnson glaring at them. “Bisenti you could have killed someone you dumbass. Don’t you use your brain? Oh yeah I forgot you don’t have one! Get your ass over here!” He pointed right in front of him.

Bisenti walked over to him slowly. A little too slowly probably. He was trying to buy him some time to think of something to say to him. He stopped right in front of him and saluted. “Sir! Just testing my new weapon! Sir!” He barked.

“I could see that private. You in my office now!” Johnson growled. And they both walked away. Leaving Link and Fitzgerald by themselves.

“I guess, I’ll see you later.” Fitzgerald said and walked away.

Link turned the opposite direction and walked to his room to grab his gun, which was lying on the table. It was an assault rifle; each magazine can hold sixty armor-piercing rounds that can deliver an impressive fifteen bullets per second if you hold the trigger. He grabbed the gun and left for the docking bay.

When he found it he looked around. The room was big and there were five dropships or ‘pelicans’ some called them were on landing pads. He found his designated ship codeword Alpha 325 that was printed on the left side of the boarding ramp and jumped in followed by five more marines and one of them happened to be Fitzgerald who nodded to him and sat down in his chair. There were fifteen seats on both sides, which was a total of thirty seats.

The pelican rumbled and rose in the air. The loading ramp closed shut and red lights illuminated the inside of the ship. The ship accelerated and flew away from the safety of the base and to they’re assigned area.

I can’t wait to get this over with, he thought. Little did he know he was going to find a surprise during this mission.