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Unreal Future

By Guardian
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Chapter 7: Rookies have all the Bad Luck

The Pelican flew away from Alpha base towards they’re objective. It flew over grass plains, forests, and acres of dirt. The area seemed peaceful and pretty, if anyone could see from a good spot, or if the marines had a window.

Link sat in his seat by the ramp at the back of the ship facing away from the others. There were five other marines in the pelican. Including Fitzgerald who sat seats away from him. The others he couldn’t tell because it was dark inside with only a flashing revolving red light. Link was nervous as hell. This was different from Hyrule when he was used to have a sword and shield. He leaned back in his seat and sighed. He felt something in his back pocket; Link reached in his back pocket and pulled it out.

It was his Golden Gauntlets from the Gerudo Temple. He completely forgot about these. He had it with him when he was teleported. He used it when someone needed help moving anything heavy.

He put it away for now. He probably would need it later. Link wondered what was going on in Hyrule, and anyone knew he was missing. He tried to imagine what Zelda was doing and how she was…

“Heads up people we got enemy anti-aircraft fire incoming! Strap yourselves in people we’re going in hard!” The pilot yelled in his intercom. The pilot took evasive maneuver’s trying to avoid the incoming plasma shots. Moments later the back ramp exploded blowing off the ramp. Sharp wind began to rip at everyone’s clothes.

Link heard a snap. He looked his harness was breaking away. He quickly tried to grab hold on the harness next to him…but it was too late. It snapped away and Link flew out the ship and fell towards the earth below him. He heard Fitzgerald yelling his name as he fell.

Everything was spinning so fast he got really dizzy. Then he remembered he had a parachute in his pack. The ground came up fast towards him. Link pulled the lever and the chute deployed. The backpack yanked him up and bit into his shoulders. His velocity slowed dramatically, and he approached the ground slowly. He braced himself and bent his knees a little to absorb the impact. He landed hard and rolled a little then he stopped himself.

Link ripped off the parachute and threw it on the ground. His heart was beating quickly, and he was breathing deeply. He slowed his breathing, and his heart rate slowed down to normal. He took a deep breath and looked around.

He was in an open field with a couple trees here and there, and patches of grass, and the rest dirt. Still, he was in the open and he needed to get in contact with the rest of his team.

He heard static in his helmet. Then he heard a voice that was really deep.

“Private Link are you okay? Do you read? Respond now. This is Sergeant Haverson. Respond.”

Link clicked his COM and answered back, “This is Link. I’m fine right now.”

Haverson responded back, “Glad to know your fine. We’ve landed about two kilometers from your position. I suggest you regroup at our location.”
“Roger that,” Link said. Then on his helmet an arrow popped up on a view screen on his right eye. Link quickly checked his gear and grabbed his assault rifle, and started hiking towards his team’s position.

Two kilometers was far on foot and in a half an hour he was only halfway there. He comes upon a forest with boulders scattered around the area. Link listened for anything from his team, and the surrounding area. Five minutes later he heard explosions, then all of a sudden he heard chatter from someone in the squad.

“Sergeant this is Alpha one I’m getting some big signals up ahead. Alpha two get back here!” There was an another explosion and there was screaming and bones breaking sounding in his intercom.

“What the hell is THAT!?! Sarge! Alpha two is dead man! Let’s get out here!” Then another explosion sounded, and more screaming, then Haverson broke through. “Marines fall back now! Now! Damn it! Now! Fitzgerald, Josh move it!”

Link started running now towards the commotion. He halted at a pile of rocks in his way. He quickly put on his gauntlets and picked up two of them and threw them out of his way. He sprinted towards the surviving teammates.

In the distance he saw three marines running towards him, and behind them where two huge silhouettes. As they got closer he could make out their features. Both were two meters tall, had a giant shield on its right arm, and a big gun on its left. They had dark blue armor and patches of orange exposed skin in the middle and neck, and slits where their eyes should be, and on its back were antenna-like spines sticking straight out.

They are Hunters. Hunters were practically walking tanks. Their armor and shield can take a tremendous amount of punishment, and the fuel rod gun can obliterate any object. Worse, they will never stop coming until their enemies are dead, or they were dead themselves.

Fitzgerald was running, shooting at them as he ran. The bullets bounced off its armor leaving no marks on it. Link waved them over behind some rocks. All three ran towards him and hid behind the rocks.

They all where panting like dogs on a hot day. Fitzgerald peeked out to look for the Hunters. The two of them stopped running and raised their guns. The guns glowed bright green and shot a big blob of green at the rocks. The bolts hit the rocks and blew a quarter of it away.

Link looked at the surrounding area and found a spot where he can sneak up on the Hunters. He turned to Fitzgerald and said, “Distract them for a second I’m going to flank them.” Fitzgerald looked at Link like he was crazy. Link reassured him, “Trust me.” Fitzgerald frowned, but nodded.

Link crouched at the side of the rock and nodded at Fitzgerald. He nodded back, and he primed a grenade and threw it at the Hunters. The grenade detonated and blew up mounds of dirt in the air. Link ran from tree to tree until he was right behind them.

If bullets can’t hurt them, then lets try this, Link thought. He grabbed the tree behind him and ripped it off the ground. Thanks to the gauntlets the tree wasn’t even heavy. Fitzgerald looked at Link with his mouth opened with surprise. Link whistled at the Hunters, and they both turned as one at him. They did a double take for a second, apparently they never seen someone rip a tree from its roots.
Link grinned, and swing the tree at the closest Hunter. The tree connected and the tree broke in half. The first Hunter flew and slammed on a nearby rock, making an indention in the rock. Link dropped the tree and pulled out his gun and shot the Hunter in the stomach. Bullet holes appeared and orange blood gushed out, and the Hunter was dead.

The second Hunter roared a vengeful war cry and charged at Link. Link watched it approach him and threw his gun away. The Hunter lowered it shoulder and was intending to smash Link with its shield. Link put his hands out and grabbed its shield and picked the Hunter up over his head. The alien was completely surprised right now. The alien was heavy, even with the gauntlets. Link grunted and slammed the Hunter on the ground. The alien was dazed, and Link didn’t let it recover. He pulled out his pistol from his left pocket, and shot it in the back three times. The Hunter twitched once then died.

Link took a deep breath and exhaled. He wiped sweat from his forehead and turned toward the marines. All three of them were staring all wide-eyed at him. Fitzgerald shook his head and slowly said, “What just happened? How did you do that?” Link just shrugged at him.

Josh regained his composure, and said, “Dude, I recorded all that. I am sure as hell going to show everyone back at base.”

Haverson just stood there. He was quiet and still. He then shook himself together. “Alright people, lets call in a pelican, and then we'll talk to Hercules back at base.”

“Yes sir!” Everyone responded back.

Little did they know that an Elite was watching them in his active camouflaged armor. He recorded everything also, but it wasn’t happy at all. He quietly slipped away and took off back to camp to report everything.

The pelican came and picked up the marines and returned to base. While Link was hiking towards the marines, Haverson completed their objective. Therefore, he found information on the capture of their commanding officer Captain Keyes. And they were going to get him back.

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