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By Gori
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Chapter 1: Chapter 1:Meeting of a new kind.

Link got back from sword training in clock town.So he went back to hyrule to call it a day.Link hears a sound in the sky.
Link:What is that?
Suddenly,he saw a light that gets larger every second.Fact told,it was getting closer.
Link:This is going to hurt..............................
Link got out of the way despite what he said.Then the object hit the ground.It looked like a spaceship,but to Link he had no idea what it was. The pod opened,and out came an pink,round,creature.He looked dizzy from the crash.Link gave him some time to recover,then the crash victim was looking around.sorry ill edit it later.

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  • Chapter 1: Chapter 1:Meeting of a new kind.

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Koroks Rock says:

Did you try to break all these rules? Because you virtually did. Seriously, this needs so much work it pains me to put it in the calendar.

I will absolutely refuse to approve any more chapters until this one has been cleaned up to these standards.

ganon rulez says:

i dont get why ppl end it at 1 chapter

w00t link says:


Gannondorf 1 says:

Way too short.