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Dimension Merging

By Niko the ninja
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Chapter 1: Prologue

Long ago, there was a realm in one place you could never imagine: the center of the universe. In that realm, a whole menagerie of dragon-like creatures thrived. Then one day, the gods punished them and they vanished without a trace, but not before making an imprint on the world around them. One of those markings existed in the realm of animals in a place called the Water Shrine. Then, everything changed.

There was a great dragon demon called "Ryu" and he only had one intention: break free of his universal prison and purge the dimensions of life. He had started to gather followers, either controlling them by magic or threatening their lives to do so.

"Finally..." A demonic voice hissed, "After fifty millennia, I can break free with my army. The dimensions are going to be mine!"

A smaller dragon demon slunk up to the shadow and seemed to salute like a soldier.

"Ryu, my troops are ready for the breakthrough." It informed him.

"Not yet, captain. We still have to wait for THIS to take effect." Ryu commanded.

In one movement, he raised a hand into the air and fired a huge beam as thick as a tree. The beam shot high into the air and then split into several parts.

Ryu grinned a very evil smile and spoke in a more patient tone.

"It is almost time. Go, captain. Gather the faithful. As soon as the dimensions merge, we will be FREE." Ryu barked.

"Yes sir" The captain said as he ran off to gather more troops.

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Comments on this chapter

linkiala says:

l;happy.gif Good job Niko I like his so far.
Hoping for new chapters.
Merging dimensions won't that unravle space and time itself?
Or am I wrong? ??? l;dizzy.gif

linkiala says:

l;happy.gif Good job Niko on your new story.
I wonder why there aren't more comments here.
I hope Link uses his other masks he got in Termina.
I have a feeling something really bad is going to happen.
I bet if Ryu merges the dimensions caos will commes.
I hope Majora's Mask will be in this one.
Yes I have a long comment.
Don't sue me.
I have a lot to say.
Well I bet Shadow will be happy to see Zelda.
Will Spongebob be in this one?
I hope Ash is in this one.

Niko the ninja says:

Yes. Shadow will see Zelda again.

No. Spongebob won't be in here or Ash or Majora's Mask.

linkiala says:

l;happy.gif Thanks I was just wondering.
I was just kidding on the spongebob one.
Can't wait for new chapters.
I'm glad Majora's Mask isn't cause well you know.
Things are strange in crossovers.
See it soon.

Niko the ninja says:

One is underway.

LinksLove says:

Hmm. Interesting (though short) start.

linkscopy says:

interesting indeed.XD