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The Legend Of Tetra

By Dragon Warrior
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Chapter 10: The Prophecy

Tetra blinked as the girl stepped forward and introduced herself. So familiar but she had never met the girl before.


The girl nodded and took a seat next to Tetra’s bed. Tetra looked at Impa, then Saria still slightly confused.


Navi sat on Faras’ shoulder and looked at Saria.

“This is my sister. When she heard of your coming here, she was quick to accept the challenge of joining you.”

Fara smiled warmly and pulled Navi off her shoulder and began to play with her. Tetras’ eyes however fell onto the small pendant the girl wore. It was bright green and possessed a symbol she had seen before. It was the symbol of Farore, the goddess of courage.

“Your pendant…it’s very beautiful. Where’d you get it?”

Uh oh!

“Um…Uh…After Saria became the Forest Sage, I uh got a message from her and with it she gave me this pendant for safe keeping. It’s said it has powerful magic embedded in it but I’ve yet to discover any.” Said Fara, holding the delicate pendant in her hand.

“Cool, I also have something like that.” Tetra said reaching into her shirt. She pulled out a golden pendant that shone brightly as the sun hit it. It had a small version of the triforce attached to it. “This was a birthday gift from my father. He said, ‘Keep this close to you always like the goddesses watch us closely.’.”

Closer than you think

Impa put a smile on her face and went to Tetra’s bed side.

“Now you need to rest.” Said Impa forcing Tetra back down.

Tetra nodded and closed her eyes. She was still very tired and before she knew it she was sleeping, quietly. Fara, Impa, Navi and Saria slipped out onto the veranda and paused.

“My lady, you don’t have to do this.” Said Saria placing a hand on Faras shoulder.

Fara blinked and her eyes change to blank green ones.

“I need to. For Hyrules’ sake.”

“You don’t have to…”

Fara smiled as Link appeared standing behind Impa and Saria. He was transparent again but Fara could see him.

“Hero of Time, it is an honor to meet you.” She said bowing her head.

“Thank you, Farore, my Lady.”

He bowed and turned around to see Saria staring at him with wide eyes. She went to feel his face. She wanted to touch him, to feel him. Her hand where about to pass through his when her hand felt his cheek.

“Link…is it you?”

He nodded as tears of happiness filled his eyes. He felt her hand brush his cheek and wondered how he was solid. He looked around to see Faras’ eyes glowing green. He smiled and wanted to hold Saria, he reached out his hands…

“Hero, I am sorry but the spell only works for Saria. You cannot hold or touch anything, like when you were transparent.” Said Fara sadly, staring out to the Great Deku Meadow.

He shrugged it of and looked into Saria’s eyes. She was smiling, smiling like she had when he still lived in Kokiri Woods. He turned to face Impa as his body slowly became transparent again.

“Where to now Impa?”

“Saria and I will return to our temples for the time being. The Hero of Destiny must complete the last two tasks alone.”

“And they are?”

“One will take place at Zoras’ Domain; through pain and suffering, thy shall gain new magic and a new ally. And the last is on Death Mountain; though steep and mountainous, you shall climb to the top to find ones destiny. Through which one shall meet a familiar foe.”

“You’re kiddin’! They have to be the most difficult, and I have a bad feeling about the last one. I know who it’ll be.” He shouted, waving his hands in the air. “She’s in danger and-“

He cut of and began looking around as though surrounded by something. His eyes widened in shock and pain and their once luster blue turned slowly pale and grey. He fell to the ground in pain.

“Link!? Link! Are you okay, Link?” asked Saria frantically, kneeling beside him. She went to feel his face again and it was solid as before. “Link?”

He groaned slightly and opened his eyes. They were still pale and grey but were still full of his love and his compassion. Navi flew down next to Link and looked into his eyes.


“Saria, it’s no good he can’t see. He’s blind.”

“Navi!? Is that you?”

“Yes.” She replied flitting by his ears.

He smiled weakly and looked around. Impa and Fara were now knelling next him. Saria began stroking his hair softly.

“Listen to me. I’m growing weaker, I can’t hold of his magic forever. You can now see the effects they’re having. Just do one thing for me…”

“Yes?” asked Impa.

“Take care of Tetra. She will eventually win the fight against evil but I’m not sure if I’ll be along for that long.” He said closing his eyes.

Saria let out a small sob and continued to stroke his hair.

“My Lady, can’t you help him?”

Fara wasn’t listening but had a dreamy look in her eyes.

“My Lady…?”

Fara opened her mouth but her warm voice had changed to a harsh one as though in a trance.

“Evil’s descendant is here.
Though with evil in her veins, she fights for good,
She helps those who wish for freedom, seven years from now,
The Hero of Destiny will arise with evils descendant with her there by her side,

Together they shall bring down the King of Evil with the three creators of Hyrule,
Though the Hero mourns for her loved one, she fights on,
Through Trial and error, ones love is so strong that it unravels death itself.

Hyrule will be free of evils grasp and flourish,
The Hero of Destiny will return home to start a new journey with new allies,
Courage and Wisdom will grow stronger but Power will remain with evil’s descendant used for good.

A new land, new adventures.”

Fara slumped to the floor with exhaustion but quickly recovered soon after.

“Whoa, that was very strong.”

“What was that?” asked Saria curiously.

“A prophecy?” asked Link.

Fara nodded and closed her eyes. She held her hands over Link body and a faint green light covered him. His eyes turned blue once again and soon after he stood up flexing his arms.

“As long as you hold my power hero, you will never lose the fight with evil.”

He smiled and began to disappear.

“Thank you…See ya Navi! Nice seeing ya again!”

The wind whistled shrilly as he disappeared all together.

“It is time…”

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